Half Immortal Chapter 28

Half Immortal Chapter 28: Ankang ancient town (7)

Gambling area.

After Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou went down one after another, Lin Zhen’s projection was also closed.

“Why did Lin Zhen turn it off?”

“He often does. He seems to have something he doesn’t want others to see or ability. Generally, when he turns off the projection, it means that he thinks the place he wants to go in is very dangerous. This well should have a great look.”

“What’s the use of having a big look? We can’t see it.”

“Yan Mingguang’s projection is still on, and the projection angle of the fish flying boat is always on! He actually met Yan Mingguang. After they met, they made a point to point hand in hand. After that, they didn’t talk much. They didn’t feel any intention of cooperation.”

“It’s normal. These two people are the kind with strong body index. They are opponents of each other under the rush response mechanism. They don’t fight well. I don’t know how Lin Zhen and Yan Wei, who looks like a waste, won’t meet together? Yan Wei is miserable. Lin Zhen is not the kind of person who can take care of the burden.”

“Ning Yi doesn’t know where he’s gone. Instead, it’s Jiang Xiu. He’s making considerable progress in the ancient town. He feels that he’s about to get the answer points. Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang are too stable. They don’t have the feeling of riding the dust, and too many people bet. It’s not as good as Jiang Xiu. It looks like he has a big chance, it may be cold, and there are many gambling rewards.”

“… it’s impossible to bet on Yan Wei anyway. Just stand behind Yan. From the perspective of other players, he has no contribution to the progress of the replica. I don’t know what the 0.8% bet he won is.”

“Look! Fish flying boat, they are in danger! Yan is a newcomer no matter how powerful he is. This time, fish flying boat should get the answer score under the well.”


Fish flying boat and Yan Mingguang saw the same scene at the moment.

More than 100 leather and bone umbrellas are neatly arranged in the caves in front of us, eerie and frightening in the dark.

The weak light blocked Yan Ming’s indifference on his smooth face, but his whole body exuded a cold but faint temperament, which was even colder than these strange skin and bone umbrellas in front of him. When he saw these skin and bone umbrellas, he didn’t stop. He walked towards these skin and bone umbrellas without fear, as if he wanted to directly cross this skin and bone umbrella.

The fish flying boat hesitated for a moment and said gently, “Yan, I know you want to find Yan Wei, but let’s observe first. There are about 100 skin and bone umbrellas here. It must be not simple -”

He gave a speech.

Before he could finish his words, Yan Mingguang didn’t go to the skin and bone umbrella, and there was a sudden cool wind around him. The cool wind echoed among the caves, like the accompaniment of distant ghosts. In the wind, the sharp and ethereal girl’s song came from nowhere, floating in the wind, tearing the eardrum inch by inch.

A skin and bone umbrella in front of me moved slowly!

Little by little, they spread out and soared up in front of Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat with their songs.

In the next moment, a piece of skin and bone umbrella flew towards them with a heavy killing intention. It was a skin and bone umbrella that killed a player. Yan Mingguang and fish flying boat can feel the natural danger.

The prompt sound of the building sounded unhurriedly in their minds.

[congratulations to players who went deep into the well and found groups of leather umbrellas under the well. Open the branch mission – find the leather umbrellas that appeared at the door of the player’s room last night.]

[there are five entrances in the well. Players entering the well drop different entrances at random. The end of each entrance is a piece of skin and bone umbrella. Among the five skin and bone umbrella groups, there is a skin and bone umbrella that appeared at the door of the player’s room last night. Players need to correctly find the corresponding one in the skin and bone umbrella groups they see, and the skin and bone umbrella will disappear. Players can go to the next step.]

[please note that if a player is attacked by the corresponding leather umbrella before finding the corresponding leather umbrella, the player is determined to cause death trigger and will be directly killed by the leather umbrella.]

[please look carefully and try to survive.]

The sudden task trigger stunned both of them.

The meaning of this rule is that… They must accurately find out which one of the more than 100 skin and bone umbrellas they need to find before being attacked by the skin and bone umbrella they need to find out. Before that, they not only have to find a way to distinguish, but also need to avoid the attack from the skin and bone umbrella group.

Just in a twinkling of an eye, the fish flying boat had taken out a prop like a blue bead, and a layer of blue mask wrapped him. He held the bead in one hand and attached a dagger in the other hand, and he slashed his arm! With this knife, the fish flying boat frowned. Before the blood could flow out, the wound healed under the blue halo. At the same time, the blue halo is also significantly enhanced.

Rao Shiyan Mingguang couldn’t help looking at this way of improving the fighting level with treatment.

But he just glanced and looked again at the leather umbrellas that were close at hand. Instead of stepping back, he took nothing in his hand, but just took a step forward.

“Yan!” the gentle voice of the fish flying boat rose slightly because of surprise. “Are you crazy? Before finding out the skin and bone umbrella, being attacked by the skin and bone umbrella is the trigger of death! We might as well cooperate and observe -”

The voice of the fish flying boat suddenly stopped.

Yan Mingguang didn’t wait for the skinny umbrellas to fly. Instead, he stepped into the groups of skinny umbrellas first.

His pure black eyes were cold and cold in the dark light, his face without fluctuation, and his tall and straight posture was like walking from the cold hell. The skinny umbrellas seem to have discovered the man’s “death” behavior. Originally, they scattered some to fly to the fish boat, but now they all go around Yan Mingguang!

The skin and bone umbrella has surrounded him. It won’t take a moment to tear him to pieces. At the critical moment, the man raised his eyes, and the corners of his mouth evoked an imperceptible arc.

He smiled.

The leather umbrella surged in.

Yan Mingguang stood there, raised his hand, turned back and forth, and quickly took the initiative to grasp one skin and bone umbrella after another. Ordinary leather and bone umbrellas left scars on his hands. The tiger mouths of his hands had been stained with blood. Instead of flinching, he took the initiative to contact these leather and bone umbrellas more quickly. Suddenly——

Yan Mingguang’s right hand was sluggish, and the skin and bone umbrella he had just grabbed suddenly trembled, breaking out enough lethality to peel and remove his bones in an instant.

That’s it!

In Yan Mingguang’s mind, the sound of the building sounded.

[the player’s permanent skill “live to death” reaches the trigger condition.]

[living to death: a permanent skill. When the skill owner is in a mortal crisis, the player gains a strength bonus of 30 seconds, and the player’s body index, perception and other abilities related to the body and brain are briefly doubled. The full copy is valid, and can only be used three times in a copy.]

[when the skill is turned on, you also have 30 seconds to use the skill.]

In an instant, Yan Mingguang’s momentum soared at the same time as the leather umbrella, and easily surpassed the leather umbrella!

His eyes were frozen, and his pure black eyes reflected the pale image of the skin and bone umbrella. The skin and bone umbrella trembled more and more in his hand, but he just clenched his hands and held the skin and bone umbrella tightly.

Twenty seconds later, the skinny umbrella seemed to want to kill him, but it was crushed by Yan Mingguang’s suddenly rising strength.

Ten seconds later, the leather umbrella trembled more and more slowly in Yan Mingguang’s hand.

Three seconds later, the skin and bone umbrella calmed down completely.

Then, all the leather and bone umbrellas stopped for a while, and Yan Mingguang’s leather and bone umbrellas calmly flew back to the pile of leather and bone umbrellas from his hands, mixed with those leather and bone umbrellas again, and fell peacefully back to the ground. At the moment when all the leather umbrellas landed, they all disappeared silently, leaving only a dark and empty space in front of them.

[congratulations! Players have successfully found the corresponding skin and bone umbrella and completed the branch task. Completion method: brute force cracking, completion reward: body index 2, perception 1, score 2.]

[player’s current basic value update: body index 43, perception 13, highest level 1, score 15]

[congratulations on getting the item in the copy dropped by this branch line: girl’s phalanx. This phalanx comes from a girl made into a skinny umbrella and can be used in the copy to resist the associated dangers to a certain extent, including skinnless girl and skinny umbrella.]

A girl’s phalanx lay in Yan Mingguang’s bloody hand.

The props of the fish flying boat had no use at all. He looked at Yan Mingguang dumbly: “just now… Is that your ability or props?”

Yan Mingguang just silently put away the girl’s fingerbones.


A black arrow feather came out of thin air from the long bow in Lin Zhen’s hand and accurately shot on the seven skin and bone umbrellas that surged in. After these seven, there were also skin and bone umbrellas flying towards them as if surrounded by them. Lin Zhen just shot seven arrows in a row. He turned sideways and three arrows stopped the three umbrellas that were about to approach Yan Wei.

“Hey, Yan Mingguang’s pet -”

In the chaos of war, Yan Wei hid behind Lin Zhen without psychological burden. There was leisure to interrupt Lin Zhen’s words: “I have a name.”

“OK, Yan Wei, aren’t you very clever? Find a way to find an umbrella. I can only shoot ten arrows at a time,” said Lin Zhen. His elbows kept rising, and the veins on the back of his hands burst up. The sound of “wheezing” arrow feathers sounded with his voice, “Every time I hit the skinny umbrellas, these skinny umbrellas will fly back to the skinny umbrellas and get mixed up. Once again, I can’t judge which ones were hit by my arrows. I can’t judge which one may be the one we’re looking for in this branch mission according to my memory. Moreover, the more I hit these umbrellas directly, the more aggressive they will be next time There will be more. ”

Yan Wei took a flashlight and his thoughtful eyes suddenly lit up. He asked with some expectation, “the more aggressive? How much higher? Can you kill people in an instant?”

Lin Zhen kept pulling the bow in his hand, and he was able to disperse these skin and bone umbrellas outside a certain range.

He said: “I can easily stop them now, but according to the increase of their lethality after being stopped every time, after about four rounds, they will be strong enough to kill with one blow – at least for you, one can kill you instantly. If I say, after four rounds, they rush up, and I can’t resist. I won’t lose my life because of a bet. I’ll take out the way to protect my life at that time I ran away by myself. Gee, I suddenly don’t want to think about how to complete the branch line. I want to see you tortured by a skin and bone umbrella because you can’t think of a way… ”

Lin Zhen’s mouth sparked a playful smile: “well, I completely angered them and left you – I couldn’t beat them at that time, which was not a violation of the gambling agreement. I left here with life-saving props. When this copy is over, I’ll go to the projection record of the gambling building to find you struggling to escape. What do you think?”

Yan Wei’s face was still a little serious. Under Lin Zhen’s words, his thin lips moved, his eyelashes trembled, and a trace of joy flowed between his eyebrows.

He just wanted to know if the 126 umbrellas left were different from the one they were asked to look for in the branch mission. But when the copy was released, it showed that when the crisis was over, although he completed the mission, he had no chance to look for the difference carefully.

But if the attacks of these skin and bone umbrellas become fatal… Can he hold the skin and bone umbrella at will?

He looked at Lin Zhen and blinked. His Adam’s Apple moved gently. His clear voice was particularly clear in such a quiet and strange environment: “I think your idea is very good, otherwise you hurry up?”

Lin Zhen’s bow string trembled and directly shot an arrow.


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