Half Immortal Chapter 29

Half Immortal Chapter 29: Ankang ancient town (8)

The arrow feather missed, and the skin and bone umbrella immediately approached three points.

Lin Zhen immediately converged and pulled Yan Wei sideways back. The close skin and bone umbrella slid in front of him, and the edge of the semi open umbrella cut off several strands of Lin Zhen’s hair. Fortunately, the umbrella was not one of the ones that appeared at the door of their room yesterday. Lin Zhen easily shot back the umbrella again with his next arrow.

He turned to look at Yan Wei. His dark red pupils flashed, which meant that it was difficult to see. He has always been abnormal enough to make others retreat, and has never been eaten by other players – but Yan Wei almost made him play abnormally.

a moment.

“Are you serious? A blow of any leather and bone umbrella will kill you. With your body index, you will die.” Lin Zhen hooked the corner of his mouth and sent out several arrow feathers again.

“Then why don’t we bet again if I die?”

Lin Zhen choked on him again and couldn’t say anything at all.

A skin and bone umbrella became more and more angry with the naked eye.

Sure enough, as Lin Zhen said, hitting these skin and bone umbrellas with violence all the time will not only have no effect, but also deepen the danger step by step.

Yan Wei’s eyes were not on Lin Zhen at all. He looked at these skinny umbrellas that were close to and beaten away by Lin Zhen, and gradually saw something – these umbrellas do not have the same power in all places. When Lin Zhen hit different places, these umbrellas retreat differently.

He made up his mind to observe and quickly said, “hurry up! I’m serious. Since you have props that can escape, you’ll annoy them all and then use the props to go. After you leave, our bet will be invalid.”

Seeing that the new wave of attacks became more terrible and the skin and bone umbrella was about to approach, Lin Zhen just falsely held a long black bow and looked at Yan Wei.

At the critical moment, he had to say, “OK, I’ll admit defeat. I’ll listen to you.”

At the same time, ten black arrow feathers came out of the long bow, like scattered flowers, whispering in the dark and deep cave.

Compared with the previous attacks, the ten arrows sent out at the same time were even more powerful. When they were about to contact the approaching skin and bone umbrella, countless small arrows were scattered again!

Scattered small arrows hit all the skin and bone umbrellas.

At the next moment, more than 100 leather and bone umbrellas emitted a faint white light. The temperature in the cave was more cool again. The unknown killing intention shrouded Yan Wei and Lin Zhen.

Yan Wei can feel this feeling of being locked from beginning to end.

It was as if something gloomy had attached to him and would tear him up when the skin and bone umbrella approached him. In front of him, Lin Zhen took back the long arrow, took a step back, touched the black ring with his fingertips and took out a prop.

Among the skin and bone umbrellas, a skin and bone umbrella with no difference in appearance from other umbrellas quickly turned – Yan Wei didn’t need to look for it. This angry skin and bone umbrella was the one they were asked to look for in the branch mission!

The cave was full of dark wind, and the rustling wind sounded like a ghost crying.

The prop in Lin Zhen’s hand trembled slightly and emitted a faint light. His body became slowly transparent in this light – this is an escape prop that can teleport a certain distance!

The one with the death trigger came towards them, and Lin Zhen’s figure also disappeared at this moment, but the last sentence left by this man was still floating.

“Hey, Yan Wei, tell you a message that you can deal with Jiang Xiu – if you can live.”

“Under the same conditions, the players who lift the building are higher than the ordinary players and higher than the players who drop the building. The ghosts must lock the players who drop the building first.”

With Lin Zhen’s rather uninhibited voice, Yan Wei was the only one left in the whole wide cave. The rapidly rotating skin and bone umbrella also burst out a more cool smell, and came with Yan Wei’s irresistible strength in an instant.

The skin and bone umbrella completely angered by Lin Zhen will be killed at one blow. As long as it is close, it must be fatal. In a moment, the umbrella tip will directly pierce Yan Wei’s head.

But Yan Wei wants this effect!

The undead skill is immune to all fatal injuries. The greater the killing effect of ghosts or these evil things on him, the more he can find clues with ease.

After Lin Zhen left, he just frowned and looked worried. At the moment when the skin and bone umbrella ran in front of him, he lifted his hands

He hugged his umbrella as if to pierce his skin and bone!

The skin and bone umbrella that they were asked to look for in the branch mission was so enraged that Yan Wei easily held it in his hand.

Under the immortal skill, the young man was unharmed. He held the cool and pale skin and bone umbrella. He showed a satisfied smile and said to the skinny umbrella with a murderous intention in his arms and began to earn: “thank you for your advice, man.”

The gambling building area has exploded at the moment.

Seeing Yan Mingguang leading the fish flying boat to find the appropriate skin and bone umbrella, the people who came here to stare at the progress of the copy for several months at the beginning didn’t look very good. There are people in other organizations who look different and seem to have different plans, while ordinary players have a heated discussion.

“… didn’t Yan trigger the death trigger of the skin and bone umbrella? Why didn’t he die and directly find the skin and bone umbrella required by the branch line!??”

“I don’t know. You see, the fish flying boat has stayed next to Yan. How can I be an ordinary player who sees it through projection?”

“He also got the props in the copy, which looks very important. I thought the fish flying boat would take the lead. I didn’t expect that a novice like Yan could grasp the skin and bone umbrella with his bare hands… He’s really not a mysterious player descending from the top?”

“What do high-level players do on the first floor? They have no points and their body values will be weakened. It’s better to brush more high-level copies at this time.”

“Eh! Yan and the fish flying boat, after the skin and bone umbrella is cleared, the road appears. The five roads under the well bottom seem to be interconnected. Will they definitely meet Lin Zhen if they continue to go down? What else is Yan Wei? Although the projection angle of view is not opened, his angle of view is not over. He has been separated from Yan for so long, and he has not died yet.”

“Jiang Xiu has made considerable progress. He has got a clue.”

“Look, look!!! Lin Zhen!!! Yu Feizhou and Yan meet Lin Zhen who suddenly appears!!”


After Yan Mingguang grabbed the skeleton umbrella directly from the umbrella group, the pieces of skeleton umbrella returned to calm, and the road behind the skeleton umbrella group also appeared.

After Yan Mingguang put away the girl’s finger bones, he didn’t say anything to the fish flying boat, so he raised his feet and walked forward. The fish flying boat took back the protective pearl prop, black ring, and walked behind Yan Mingguang.

Even though Yan Mingguang didn’t speak, Yu Feizhou didn’t seem to have any temper. He smiled gently: “are you anxious to find Yan Wei? My perception is high. I can feel it. Yan Wei’s body index is an ordinary preferred level of three or four players. It’s really dangerous to act here alone.”

Yan Mingguang, who has just played, seems to be getting colder now. His temperament is cold and sharp, and his pace is fast. Footsteps echoed in the once again narrow cave, fast and fast

Yu Feizhou: “Lin Zhen and I have finished reading the records of shenpo hiding in the hall. According to her, no matter where we go under the well, it will be the same in the end. If Yan Wei doesn’t have an accident, we should meet him sooner or later.”

The man walking in the front gave him a handout at this time: “HMM.”

Yufeizhou originally wanted to ask Yan Mingguang how to subdue the skin and bone umbrella just now, but the man in front of him obviously wouldn’t say much, so he chatted: “and he might meet Lin Zhen. Lin Zhen sometimes thinks extremely, but he probably won’t harm Yan Wei. Even if Yan Wei doesn’t do anything, people also want to protect him.”

Yan Mingguang, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped.

He turned around and looked at the fish flying boat. In the dim light, the lens of silver framed glasses blocked most of his eyes. But the fish flying boat could see the man. It seemed that the corner of his mouth was gently hooked. His face, which was originally very light, showed something quite different from his cold character.

Yan Mingguang is mostly expressionless alienation. This fleeting but difficult smile stunned the fish flying boat.

“… clever?” Yan Mingguang repeated the word in a low voice.

The fish flying boat didn’t understand: “what’s the matter? You -”

He gave a deep voice.

In front of them, there was a sudden wave on the end aisle, which was very quiet.

The next moment, Lin Zhen, dressed in black and holding a long black bow in his hand, appeared in front of them.

Lin Zhen obviously didn’t expect to move directly to the fish flying boat and Yan Mingguang in a blink. The two sides had a meal. The fish flying boat took the lead in saying, “Lin Zhen? You used your escape prop? What did you encounter?”

“Eh?” Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Mingguang. “Yan -” he stopped slightly and changed his title, “Yan Mingguang, there you are. I just met your little pet… Oh, yes, we also met pieces of skin and bone umbrellas and the branch task of asking us to find umbrellas. I accidentally annoyed those umbrellas, so I had to leave your little pet and run away.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was the sound of “wheezing” archery in the cave and the rustling sound of the long whip breaking through the air. In a blink of an eye, Yan Mingguang waved the long whip in his hand, and Lin Zhen shot three black arrows at the same time.

The tail of the whip rolled away the black arrow. Yan Mingguang’s voice was low: “where is Yan Wei?”

“Lin Zhen!” the fish flying boat was a little unhappy. “Your blinking prop has a route. You remember the route back and take us to save people.”

Lin Zhen quickly dodged Yan Mingguang’s attack and smiled: “fish flying boat, why are you so happy everywhere? Don’t worry, I didn’t say I wouldn’t take you. I also want to go back and have a look. Whether the little pet is torn or he survived, it must be very beautiful…”

In a cave full of white umbrellas on the other side.

Yan Wei did not avoid holding the leather umbrella, which made these leather umbrellas crazy. The cold wind rustled, and more than 100 leather umbrellas locked their killing intention on him.

His smile is bigger – the more these skin and bone umbrellas kill him, the more effective his skills will be.

He tightly held the skeleton umbrella that he needed to find for the branch line task. He couldn’t hold it. The skeleton umbrella in his arms stopped moving, and the prompt sound in his mind sounded.

[congratulations to the player who successfully found the corresponding skin and bone umbrella and completed the branch task. Completion method: resist the death trigger and complete the reward: body index 2, perception 1 and score 2.]

[player’s current basic value update: body index 15, perception 41, highest level 1, score 21.]

[congratulations on getting the item in the copy dropped by this branch line: girl’s phalanx. This phalanx comes from a girl made into a skinny umbrella and can be used in the copy to resist the associated dangers to a certain extent, including skinnless girl and skinny umbrella.]

The white umbrella in her arms turned into a small girl’s finger bone, and with the cold temperature, it fell steadily in the palm of Yan Wei’s hand.

The surrounding skin and bone umbrellas whirled disorderly. It seemed that they were completely annoyed just now, but did not calm down with the completion of the branch line task. But there was a slight light at the end of the cave, which was completely dark. The light seemed to come from a path.

——That’s a way to go.

Presumably, as long as you can quickly avoid these skin and bone umbrellas and go down here, you can safely hold this potentially useful girl’s phalanx and continue to explore the clues of God’s mother.

But Yan Wei didn’t walk along the path. He even put the girl’s finger bones that could resist the attack of some skin and bone umbrellas into the black ring, put on new gloves and took a step forward – he took the initiative to reach out and grab a skin and bone umbrella that attacked him!

The ordinary leather umbrella is not as powerful as the leather umbrella required by the task. Although it is also earning, Yan Wei can grasp it while being immune to fatal injuries. He grabbed the leather umbrella and, surrounded by a pile of leather umbrellas, exchanged a pair of scissors and other tools from the mall of the information panel.

“Be good,” the young man chuckled and patted the murderous skin and bone umbrella, “let me take it easy.”

Without saying a word, he picked up the scissors and quickly cut open the umbrella surface of the leather and bone umbrella.

Just now, when Lin Zhen was dealing with these leather and bone umbrellas, Yan Wei found that the most difficult place for these leather and bone umbrellas to attack was the umbrella tip. The umbrella floats in mid air with open and whirling. The umbrella surface is the most difficult to hit. The arrow feather is also easy to directly break through the umbrella surface without any blocking effect. Lin Zhen usually hits the umbrella bone of these skin and bone umbrellas. When hitting the umbrella handle or ordinary small umbrella bone, the skinny umbrella will be hit back a lot, but if hitting the part of the umbrella tip, the skinny umbrella will only retreat a step or two, and then fly up again.

Yan Wei has a general guess – the umbrella tip is the power source of these skin and bone umbrellas!

He quickly tore off the human skin umbrella cover of the skin and bone umbrella, picked up other tools, and in more than 100 murders, it was a fierce demolition of the umbrella.

When the structure of the umbrella bone was completely untied by Yan Wei, something like a finger bone fell out at the tip of the umbrella

——It’s similar to the girl’s phalanx that Yan Wei got just now. This is a tail finger phalanx.

However, the phalanx of the tail finger seems to be thicker than the phalanx of a girl just now, and the length is also longer, like a man’s phalanx.

When Yan Weigang got the finger bone, the prompt sound of building rang out in his mind.

[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a finger bone of an ordinary dead person. The finger bone comes from the dead who is used to make a skin and bone umbrella, and its function is unknown for the time being.]

Unknown role?

That means it works, but it’s not time to explore.

And… “Ordinary dead” is different from the five skinnless girls who appeared. These people who made umbrellas are called ordinary dead, that is, the player who died of skinning and bone removal yesterday… I’m afraid it’s the so-called “ordinary dead”.

These more than 100 leather and bone umbrellas represent more than 100 dead people who were skinned and boned by skinnless girls.

Yan Wei knew that he put his finger bones into the black ring. Instead of immediately saying this guess to get the answer points, he rolled up his sleeves and set his eyes on the other 125 leather and bone umbrellas.

The surface of the leather umbrella is smooth and shiny white. Even in the dark cave, it still reflects the white light slightly, like the pale moon with the smell of death. The cave is also filled with the smell of rotten and bloody. It is strange to interlace with these mysterious skin and bone umbrellas.

But the young man blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and his eyes were happy.

He stepped forward and grabbed another leather umbrella again.

A few minutes later as like as two peas in the head of Yan’s dangerous voice,

[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a finger bone of an ordinary dead person. The finger bone comes from the dead who is used to make a skin and bone umbrella, and its function is unknown for the time being.]

A few minutes later——

[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a finger bone of an ordinary dead person. The finger bone comes from the dead who is used to make a skin and bone umbrella, and its function is unknown for the time being.]


[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a finger bone of an ordinary dead person. The finger bone comes from the dead who is used to make a skin and bone umbrella, and its function is unknown for the time being.]


[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a finger bone of an ordinary dead person. The finger bone comes from the dead who is used to make a skin and bone umbrella, and its function is unknown for the time being.]

Scattered bones on the ground, human skin decayed and turned into nothingness after leaving the umbrella bone. Yan Wei picked up a leather umbrella from a pile of white shins and spines to split it.

At the moment, in his black ring, 125 finger bones from ordinary leather and bone umbrellas have been stacked.

The last leather and bone umbrella seemed to feel the horror of the young man in front of him. It was suspended in the air and trembled. The umbrella surface closed slightly, and flew in the opposite direction to Yan Wei, that is, the path leading to a deeper place behind the cave.

Yan Wei has basically gathered all the finger bones in the cave at the moment. He is short of the one in front of him. How can he be willing to watch the umbrella fly away.

Originally, he wanted to continue on that road. He raised his feet and ran forward. Facing the thoughtless skin and bone umbrella, he said, “don’t run, man, you’re not a living creature anyway. If you dismantle it, you’ll dismantle it.”

Where will the skinny umbrella pay attention to him? When the umbrella surface rotates, the skinny umbrella flies quickly.

Sen Baigu umbrella, which was still bringing psychological shadow to all players last night, is now being chased by a player. The young man in the windbreaker ran after him. The body strengthened by the replica had a speed that ordinary people could not match. Yan Wei was not thrown off by the leather umbrella, but approached the fleeing leather umbrella step by step.

In the gambling area, the betting proportion of players in each copy is displayed in front of the projection of the copy of Ankang ancient town.

The corresponding pictures of the twelve players are quite different. Except for the dead player, the picture has turned gray. Yan Wei and Ning Yi have turned off the projection from beginning to end. The picture has always been black, and all the remaining players have turned on the projection.

In Jiang Xiu’s picture, he has had several contacts with the residents of the ancient town and slowly dug out some things about the ancient town. At the bottom of his picture, his bet ratio is also soaring rapidly.

The live pictures of Yan Mingguang, Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen were with him. Under Lin Zhen’s guidance, the three walked along the road deep at the bottom of the well, obviously to find Yan Wei.

The person who pays attention to the copy of yuemang looks a lot better.

——In their view, looking for Yan Wei is equivalent to wasting the time of moving forward and looking for new clues.

On the shenpo side, four people went down the well for so long. Except Yan Mingguang got the girl’s phalanx, there was no progress at all, and no notice of rush to answer points appeared. And they are still looking for Yan Wei together at the moment. Maybe there is no progress in the evening.

Jiang Xiu is very hopeful to get a point.

Seeing that the betting time is coming to an end, there are people betting on Jiang Xiu and people gambling on Ning Yi blindly. Yan Mingguang’s betting ratio began to decline gradually.

“… when we are racing against time in the rush to answer mode, we still waste time looking for a waste? Yan, a potential player, how can he be indecisive about this kind of thing? If he takes it in for entertainment, he will die.”

“Speaking of it, this Yan Wei is not dead yet? Didn’t Lin Zhen tell the fish flying boat that Yan Wei was surrounded by a skin and bone umbrella when he left?”

“Who knows, maybe he was caught by a ghost, but he didn’t start peeling until night.”

The countdown to betting has almost reached the end. Only the last 30 seconds are left. The betting channel of Ankang ancient town will be completely closed.

The watching players have selected the objects they want to bet on. The betting proportion of Jiang Xiu, Ning Yi and Yu Feizhou is high, followed by Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen who doesn’t intend to win at all. Yan Wei’s bet ratio is the bottom of the 11 players still alive: 0.88%.

Gao Mingyin looks at Yan Mingguang’s projection perspective in the crowd, but the betting information on the information panel shows that he has never changed his bet on Yan Wei.

This game attracted most low-level players. The front of the gambling building copy was crowded with people, and the players’ voices were crowded into one place.

“Eh, after Song Yu buried his roommate, the perspective was closed. Does he have any props or abilities that others can’t know?”

“I’m actually curious about Lin Zhen’s ability. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou have raised the building more than three times. Players who have successfully raised the building three times in a row will get the small skills presented by the building. Yu Feizhou is self injury to improve his strength. Lin Zhen turns off the projection every time he uses his ability, and no one knows until now…”

“Wait a minute!! look at the projection! The thing flying in front of the three of them… Is it a leather umbrella?”

“It’s really a skinny umbrella! Aren’t they going in the direction of Yan Wei? All these skinny umbrellas are flying. They must be attacking the three of them. Is Yan Wei more or less bad?”

“No… why is there a man behind this leather umbrella?”

The suddenly flying skin and bone umbrella made Yan Mingguang subconsciously take out their weapons.

Lin Zhen raised his long bow and pulled the bowstring full. The small dagger in the fish flying boat’s hand was thrown out and reached the handle of the leather umbrella with Yan Mingguang’s whip.

Yan Wei ran around the corner after the leather umbrella and appeared in front of the three. Yan Mingguang and others just broke the leather umbrella.

The smile that the young man had just been hanging on the corner of his mouth was instantly restrained, and the cunning in his light brown eyes quickly dispersed.

The skin and bone umbrella crashed to the ground. The oily, white and bright umbrella cover decayed instantly, and the broken bones were scattered. The finger bones at the umbrella tip were also mixed in it. But the fish flying boat and others didn’t know the existence of the dead’s phalanges. They didn’t even look at the broken skin and bone umbrella.

The fish flying boat grabbed the small dagger flying back with its back hand. In the twinkling of an eye, it saw that the bright eyed young man stumbled and tripped over the rocks in the cave. His cheeks were immediately stained with soil, and even a trace of broken skin red was rubbed under the corners of his eyes.

Yan Wei fell to the ground. The faint light shone on his slightly dirty face. He looked panic: “help! There are many leather and bone umbrellas chasing me in the back…”


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