Half Immortal Chapter 3

Half Immortal Chapter 3: The Promenade Hotel (3)

Fortunately, this disgust did not immediately bring other negative effects.

The waiter continued to walk ahead and took them across the corridor to the restaurant.

Yan Wei took out the wet paper towel he usually carried from his windbreaker pocket, violently wiped the graffiti on his face, and returned to the players’ team.

Gao Ming also followed him from a distance. There was a corner in the corridor. When he turned the corner, he had seen what Yan Wei was saying to the waiter.

He thought Yan Wei was being watched by the waiter. Seeing him back, he patted him on the shoulder: “what happened to you just now? The waiter talked to you? I didn’t tell you just now. Stay away from this non-human thing. You’re too close. If he noticed you coming to talk to you, you might die if you said something wrong. Nothing happened?”

Although Yan Wei has just spoken to the dangerous NPC, it is likely that he has been targeted by the NPC, Gao Ming is still a little worried about Yan Wei.

Yan Wei looks very good.

Although Yan Mingguang, who is also a player, also has perfect facial features, Yan Wei feels completely different. Compared with Yan Mingguang’s alienated temperament of resisting people thousands of miles away, Yan Wei’s good-looking is with a sense of closeness, which makes people involuntarily like taking off their guard.

Just from the waiter’s murder, Yan Mingguang remained unchanged from beginning to end, we can see Yan Mingguang’s unusual. But still no one dared to get close to Yan Mingguang for help.

Yan Wei makes people want to get close.

People who look so good that they don’t want to move their eyes and look mild tempered are the objects that everyone likes to make friends in the real world. In such a strange world, they are synonymous with “need to protect” and “fragile”.

If he could, Gao Ming even thought that he would be willing to spare energy to protect Yan Wei in such a world involving life and death, or give some help to the youth in front of him.

“Something happened,” Yan Wei nodded and said something that made Gao Ming stunned, “but it’s all right now.”

Gao Ming was stunned and looked him up and down carefully.

The young man wore a scarf, a windbreaker and comfortable jeans, which made him feel young and energetic. The clothes of the windbreaker move slightly with the young people’s walking, and the whole body is as clean as new. That beautiful face is clean now, with bright eyes and slightly curved eyebrows.

Gao Ming was relieved when he didn’t see any blood. He said, “I’m not hurt. It seems that nothing has happened. You’d better be careful. You really don’t understand. You can ask me, i… I’m a forensic doctor. This kind of thing can still help.”

Yan Wei smiled and didn’t refuse his kindness: “thank you.”

The crowd followed the waiter to the restaurant.

Like the long corridor along the way, the restaurant is also full of oil painting portraits.

“They” are lifelike, smiling or sweet or happy, and their eyes are smart and beautiful.

In the restaurant, there is a round table that has been cleaned up. There are rich Western dishes on it. The dishes have been cold for some time, but Yan Wei can still smell the aroma of the food – it seems very delicious.

There are nine chairs around one side, which are just prepared for nine players.

The waiter stepped forward, moved a chair as if nothing had happened, arranged the remaining eight seats evenly, smiled stiffly, and treated them with great respect “Guests, please take your seats. Dinner is ready. I’ll change my clothes and bring the guests room cards. After dinner, I’ll take you in so that the guests can have a full rest and enjoy the nine day exhibition.”

Then, the waiter had stepped away and left without movement.

He clearly turned and walked into the corridor at the other end of the restaurant, but for a moment, there was no waiter in the corridor.

There are only Yan Wei and the other seven players left in the open restaurant.

The atmosphere was strange and quiet.

Yan Mingguang made the first move, slender legs, moved gently, and walked to the table without hesitation.

He still had a cold face, and his silver framed glasses covered his alienated temperament with a layer of gentleness, but his eyes hidden under the lenses were cold and calm.

Yan Mingguang sat down directly at the table without saying a word.

Gao Ming pushed his glasses and reminded him, “I advise you to sit down first – the waiter just asked us to ‘sit down’ and ‘enjoy dinner’ and wait for him. If he doesn’t see us sit down…”

Needless to say the result.

All the players who are still alive have just witnessed the possible end.

Before Gao Ming’s voice fell, Yan Wei went directly to the seat next to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei pays close attention to Yan Mingguang from the moment he arrives at the hotel. It seems that there are no big waves from beginning to end. Even when the waiter kills, Yan Mingguang raises his eyelids. But if this person doesn’t care, Yan Wei can notice that they walk through the corridor from the hotel lobby to the restaurant. Yan Mingguang, like him, has been observing Zhou silently Everything around.

Even when he triggered the death condition, other players walked behind and knew nothing, but Yan Mingguang could find that he was targeted.

Among the eight players, Yan Wei feels that Yan Mingguang is definitely in the forefront. In that case, it must be no harm to be closer to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei pulled out his chair and sat down directly next to Yan Mingguang. Gao Ming and other players also took their seats. Taking advantage of the emptiness, several people carefully analyzed the situation around the table.

Everyone agreed that this copy must have something to do with the painting.

In addition to the painting, Yan Wei feels that the hotel owner mentioned by the waiter must also have something to do with it. In addition, there are still too few clues to draw any conclusion.

Later, they exchanged their basic information. Yan Wei remembered that when he first entered the building, his information column seemed to be very long. He entered the copy before he could finish reading it.

He popped up his basic information, looked at the 4-point body index and 26-point perception he already knew, and slowly scanned the other information columns.

The death trigger he just cracked and a buff and debuff he obtained are listed in the information column.


The bottom column suddenly burst into his eyes.

[permanent skill: half immortal.]

[skill explanation: a player with this skill has the ability to live the next day. As long as he is in the copy, every other day, the player will get a day of immortality, and all lethal damage in the copy will be invalid for the player within that day.]

[Note: skills are divided into skills in the copy, ordinary skills and permanent skills. Skills in the copy can be obtained and used in a specific copy, and the skills will become invalid after leaving the copy; ordinary skills can be obtained through exchange or in the copy, and can be used in different copies for a limited number of times, and the skills will become invalid after using them; the way of permanent skills falling is unknown, and they will become permanent as long as the player is alive Skills are always valid and universal.]

[your permanent skill is always maintained: forever, the total number of people with this skill at present: 1.]

[current state of skill: normal state. The undead state will be turned on after midnight tonight.]

Yan Wei was stunned first.

Both the skill description and the name of the skill reveal how rebellious the skill is. However, he is not happy, but his eyes become more and more serious. His eyes stay on the words “unknown way of falling”.

There is no free lunch in the world, and he doesn’t even know how to fall. Will the skills against the sky be given to him for nothing?

Yan Wei thought it impossible.

He searched the information bar for a long time, but he didn’t find anything about the source of this skill, so he had to give it up temporarily.

When he turned off the information panel, he heard Gao Ming ask him, “Yan Wei, what about you?”


“Your basic data.”

Anyway, the so-called first floor copy is only an initial copy in the introduction of the building, and everyone should be the same. Yan Wei didn’t think there was anything to hide. While picking up the napkin in front of him, he said directly, “my body index is four and my perception is two -”

A player immediately said, “your perception is also 2? Several of us have 2 perception.”

Although Yan Wei didn’t speak much just now, his appearance was naturally clever and docile, his facial features were exquisite and beautiful, and the other people talked to him more or less.

Gao Ming smiled at him kindly: “it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s data is very low. We try to help each other.”

“I don’t know how much the waiter is. He can break people’s necks at once, which is estimated to be dozens of times that of us. I live a good life. Why should I enter this building? How can we live with the basic data of these two and three points?” someone said in a wail.

Yan Wei swallowed the “26” without trace.

“If you don’t come in, you will die…” he said, laying out his napkin very neatly, took out the paper towel he was carrying from his windbreaker pocket, and carefully wiped the knife and fork twice.

Seeing him cut the steak slowly and put it into the mouth, he stood up sharply and blurted out in surprise, “are you going to eat now?”

Yan Wei’s mouth was still stuffed with steak and his cheeks were bulging, “… Huh?”

“This is the food in the copy. The waiter who prepared this food is not even a living person! Who knows if there is a problem with these food?”

Other players have expressed the same doubts.

Only Yan Mingguang on Yan Wei’s side also picked up the knife and fork and said categorically, “there will be no problem.”

But he was reluctant to write like gold. After saying this, he didn’t explain anything and ate himself.

Yan Wei swallowed the steak in his mouth, and his eyes showed a flash of cunning. Then he said with a trembling tone: “can’t you eat? I didn’t think too much, just think that the waiter said that the painting exhibition we ‘tourists’ want to visit lasted nine days. I can’t eat or drink for nine days. So I ate…”

Gao Ming was stunned: “nine days?”

“Yes, nine days.” Yan Wei pretended to put down his knife and fork. “Can’t you eat this? Well… I won’t eat it?”

He “retreated”, but his eyes lit up and patted his thigh, “no! You eat! I see. I just missed it – no one can live without eating or drinking for nine days.”

“The exhibition lasts nine days, which means that this copy should last nine days at most. It won’t let players eat or drink for nine days – so players will starve to death. There are many ways for the copy to let us die, so there’s no need to beat around the bush. So the food is OK, and it can even be our food security for the next few days – if we can live.”

Gaoming suddenly realized it and explained the reason to everyone carefully.

Players thanked Gao Ming one after another, picked up tableware and ate.

Yan Wei picked up the knife and fork again and ignored the reaction of others. He cut the steak with extremely standard action.

The cuffs of his windbreaker were rolled up slightly, his bony hands held the knife and fork forcefully, and his cutting action was orderly. In such a strange place, Yan Wei actually felt noble and elegant.

He ate so naturally that someone swallowed his saliva and moved his knife and fork.

In the end, only the long skirt woman who almost touched the oil painting and a middle-aged man in a suit had not eaten.

Middle aged men scoff: “As soon as the young man sat down, he was not afraid of death and began to eat. Also, the man with glasses analyzed blindly. How dare you touch the food prepared by something that is not human? Isn’t it all played like that in horror movies? Food is actually something else, maybe dead people’s meat. And this face, maybe dead people’s hair? Anyway, I don’t eat, wife, Don’t eat! ”

The long skirt woman was about to pick up a knife and fork. When she heard the speech, she quickly released her hand. She hesitated and said, “but the waiter just… Didn’t he let us eat?”

“He’s not here now. How can he know if you move the food on the plate? He’s young and has a big heart. You dare to follow him? That’s to say, you look better. You don’t even have judgment.”

“Little young” naturally refers to Yan Wei.

Naturally, the middle-aged man did not dare to mention Yan Mingguang, who was not easy to provoke at a glance, nor did he dare to directly face up to Yan Wei, a “soft persimmon”.

He even leaned back, farther away from the food in front of him: “listen to him. Maybe after the waiter comes back, the things on the table will become corpses, hair and blood… Anyway, I don’t eat.”

What he said was too specific. The other players couldn’t help but associate it with each other, and one even almost vomited out.

Just now, several players who were easy to get close to Yan Wei didn’t talk to him anymore. Even Gao Ming himself hesitated.

Yan Wei didn’t even change his face. He looked very worried. He ate the whole steak in front of him orderly from beginning to end.

He reminded me that it was the end of benevolence and righteousness. What’s more… If someone doesn’t eat and someone eats, we can quickly compare how to deal with the waiter.

A young man with a schoolbag on his back and a college student’s appearance lay on the table dejectedly: “I don’t have any appetite now. How do I pass this copy? Does the waiter know where the stairs are? It’s impossible for us to deal directly with the waiter… He can break a man’s neck at will. How can I beat him.”

“No,” Gao Ming shook his head, “it’s too difficult and too simple. What if all our players are ordinary people with low body index? Then this copy will die for us. What if one of us can deal with the waiter directly…”

Gao Ming glanced at Yan Mingguang and then said, “isn’t that a quick customs clearance? And the waiter appeared in front of us at the beginning. If we deal with him, we can clear the customs. There’s no need to have these things behind. Moreover, the ladder is not necessarily a real ladder. I prefer that it’s a broken abstract concept.”

“It should have something to do with the paintings. The waiter specially told us to see the paintings. There are so many paintings on the first floor of this hotel. It must be abnormal.”

“Is it necessary to find a unique one in so many paintings? For example, take off the picture frame and find that there is a mystery behind the picture, maybe it’s a ladder or something.”

“Maybe. Or…”

Yan Wei lowered his head and silently pondered what the waiter had just said on the corridor.

“Yan Wei,” Gao Ming shouted to him when he saw that he had not spoken, “do you have any opinion?”

“Ask him what he’s doing. He hasn’t said anything and doesn’t know anything.”

Yan Wei swallowed the last steak. “I dare not make a conclusion. The ladder may be a literal ladder, or it may be the key to breaking the situation in the abstract sense. The painting… Maybe it’s just something superficial…”

“Of course, painting is something superficial. Aren’t we discussing how we can use painting to crack this copy?” someone sneered. “It’s all said. It’s no use asking him. He hasn’t spoken. Obviously he doesn’t know anything.”

Yan Wei just bowed his head and thought, ignoring the man’s nonsense. People only thought he was really good tempered and didn’t know anything. Then no one asked Yan Wei again.

The clock of the restaurant slowly passed the hour scale.

The middle-aged man didn’t eat from beginning to end. The long skirt woman finally couldn’t stand it. She still drank a few mouthfuls of red wine.

After a while, the waiter finally came back.

He changed into a clean tuxedo, with several room cards in his thin hand and a stiff smile on his face.

“Guests, dinner time is over,” he went up and said with a smile, “I have brought the room card to the guests. I will issue the room card according to the order of your meals -”

The waiter’s voice stopped suddenly.

His standard smile broke down in an instant. His eyes were slightly raised and looked ferociously at the only middle-aged man who didn’t eat anything.

The waiter had a hoarse voice and a gloomy tone: “didn’t you eat the food I prepared?”

The middle-aged man turned pale in an instant.

Obviously, they didn’t expect that the waiter was not present and could know who didn’t eat. They were shocked one after another. A few players who didn’t eat much were also terrified for fear that the waiter would find that they didn’t eat much.

Seeing the waiter quickly walking towards the middle-aged man, the other players hurried away for fear that the waiter would break their necks.

The middle-aged man staggered up from his seat, his legs trembling back.

He opened his mouth in horror, but could not say anything.

But in the blink of an eye, the waiter had come to him and stretched out his thin hands to the middle-aged man.

Yan Wei frowned and looked thoughtfully at the leftover food on the table.

He nudged Yan Mingguang with his elbow and quickly whispered, “man, how are you doing throwing darts?” he pointed to the food on the table. “Can you throw the food directly into people’s mouth?”

Yan Mingguang looked slightly and nodded his head. In an instant, he understood Yan Wei’s meaning.

The next moment, when the waiter’s hand was about to touch the middle-aged man’s neck, Yan Mingguang grabbed a spoon and a cake on the table and threw them forward one after another——

The spoon painlessly hit the waiter on the shoulder, beat back the waiter who was already close to the middle-aged man, and the cake was accurately thrown into the middle-aged man’s mouth at the moment the waiter stepped back!

The waiter’s movements suddenly stopped.

The middle-aged man’s whole mouth was filled with cakes. He was completely stunned and stared at the waiter in front of him. The other players looked at Yan Mingguang with the frightened eyes of the waiter, and were obviously shocked by his just shot.

The waiter and the middle-aged man were like this, one fell to the ground, the other stretched out his hand without further action.

Yan Wei’s guess was confirmed – the waiter could only kill “guests” who did not fully comply with what he said.

And just now in the corridor, his so-called trigger death condition is not what the waiter can do.

——There are other murders in this hotel!

Yan Wei came to a conclusion. Seeing that the middle-aged man was still sitting there, he dared not move. He raised his voice and said, “swallow it!”

The desire for survival made the middle-aged man have no room to think. He completely forgot his attitude when he said Yan Wei was a “young man”. He didn’t even chew, so he swallowed the whole cake directly.

The next moment, the waiter instantly restored his smile.

As soon as his thin face laughed, all the skins were pulled together and piled up terrible folds one after another.

The middle-aged man was so frightened that the cake he had just swallowed choked in his throat, turning his pale face into pig liver color.

He had long ignored what he said before that there might be problems with the food. He grabbed the red wine on the table and poured it down. It took him a while to get angry.

The players were terrified. They were glad to eat some with Yan Wei at the beginning. The middle-aged man for the rest of his life also took a look at Yan Wei. His cheeks were redder because he choked. He didn’t dare to say anything at the moment. He sat on the ground limply with his legs. He was different from when a “little young” mocked Yan Wei just now.

Gao Ming glanced at Yan Mingguang and said, “fortunately, you threw food to him. We didn’t expect this to happen.”

Yan Mingguang did not answer. The man didn’t seem to care much about these things, didn’t care what others thought, and didn’t explain what had just happened.

Yan Wei saw that he didn’t speak, and suddenly realized that Yan Mingguang didn’t care at all. It’s his idea to throw the food just now. It all depends on whether he is willing to say it or not. He now has an inexplicable half immortal skill. If he stands in the most prominent place, it’s OK when the skill is not turned on. When the skill is turned on, others can easily see that he won’t have an accident.

It’s also a good choice to have Yan Mingguang, a strong person, to receive other people’s attention for him.

Yan Wei wants to clear the customs and orifices. He directly allows Gao Ming and others to misunderstand and and doesn’t say anything.

The waiter has stood up straight again and walked back to all the players with his room card.

At this time, Yan Wei suddenly heard the sound of the building in his mind.

[congratulations on getting the reward for dropping!]

[since you are the first player to enjoy the food prepared by the waiter, and help the waiter let all players enjoy the food carefully prepared by him, you have obtained the buff “waiter’s favor”.]

[since the player has gained debuff “waiter’s disgust”, buff and debuff will take effect with 50% probability respectively. Whether the waiter hates the player or likes the player depends on luck.]

Yan Wei: ”

Luck, he’s not good.

He touched the black ring in his hand, and the information panel popped up. The buff / debuff column in the copy, “waiter’s disgust” and “waiter’s favor” were arranged next to each other.

Yan Wei: “……”

The waiter came up to him, took the room card in his hand, smiled and said to him, “you are really the best guest I have served -”

His voice was loud, his smile fell down a degree, and his words suddenly turned: “… In fact, it’s not so good, but also very ugly!”

The waiter said and spread out the four room cards in his hand. The room cards are printed with labels, which are 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

He drew out a room card labeled 2. “I like guests who live up to the food I prepared. I’ll give you the best room -”

The waiter just pulled out the room card labeled 2, stuffed it back and pulled out the room card labeled 5, “but it’s good for ugly people to live in the worst…”

Yan Wei: ”

Then, the waiter took out and put back the room cards labeled 2 and 5, took them out and put them back, looked at them for several times, the waiter reluctantly took out the room card labeled 2 and said, “but the first person to enjoy dinner should live in the best room… But you are really annoying.”

He stuffed the room card labeled 2 back again.

After struggling for a long time, the waiter finally put the room card labeled 5 into Yan Wei’s hand with a grimace: “guest, please put away your room card. The experience of each room is different.”

Yan Wei looked at the transparent information panel in front of him and saw with his own eyes that the two columns of “waiter’s favor” and “waiter’s disgust” were lit up in turn just now. At this moment, he restored calm together and stopped on “waiter’s disgust”.

If you remember correctly, according to what the waiter said just now, the room with label 2 is the best and the room with label 5 is the worst.

Such a place, the so-called good or bad, must have something to do with those unclean things.

He looked at the debuff on the panel in front of him, and didn’t take the room card for the first time.

When the waiter saw that he didn’t move, his hoarse and gloomy voice sounded, “guest, do you have any problem?”

Yan Wei took the room card and muttered, “I have no problem. I just think you have a problem in your brain.”


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