Half Immortal Chapter 30

Half Immortal Chapter 30: Ankang ancient town (9)

When Yan Wei shouted for help, Lin Zhen was still pulling a long bow and facing the cave behind Yan Wei in case of any sudden danger.

But Yan Wei’s frightened cry for help came out. Lin Zhen’s hand, which could not shake in his life, almost broke the bow string.

The fish flying boat has stepped forward three steps and two steps, bent down and stretched out his hand in a gentle tone: “we are coming back to save you. Don’t be afraid.”

Fish flying boat really has no other ideas.

People like Yan Wei are clean and clear with intelligence. They are the kind of people who can arouse people’s feelings as soon as they meet. It’s either jealousy like hate or closeness like love.

The fish flying boat is powerful and has never been compared with others. There is no jealousy, resentment and hatred. After seeing Yan Wei in this copy, he couldn’t help liking Yan Wei’s rise. What’s more, although Yan Wei didn’t seem to contribute much, he didn’t lag behind. He didn’t make trouble like most newcomers. He was far less wasteful than Jiang xiukou.

He thinks he can understand Yan Mingguang. If he brought Yan Wei in, he would also want to take Yan Wei out safely.

He stretched out his hand to Yan Wei and smiled gently: “get up.”

Yan Wei looked up at him, blinked his eyes and quickly raised his hand.

Yan Wei’s hand was about to catch up with the fish flying boat. A rustling sound of whip waving sounded. The tail of the whip suddenly caught Yan Wei’s wrist. It was sharp but did not pull Yan Wei up too directly.

At the moment Yan Wei was pulled up by the whip, the whip of the long whip rolled around Yan Wei’s waist and directly dragged him to Yan Mingguang. At the moment of landing, the man raised his hand and helped him. The whip body was gently retracted at the same time, which did not bring any pain to Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang moves too fast, and the hand of the fish flying boat still stays in mid air.

He wasn’t angry either. He just withdrew his hand and smiled politely.

Yan Mingguang just left the tail of the whip tied to Yan Wei’s left wrist, and his eyes were light.

Yan Wei knew that he did this so that the two of them could immediately communicate with a whip. Yu Feizhou didn’t know the way. I’m afraid he would think Yan Mingguang was deliberately targeted. The man was not hostile to him. He seemed very friendly. Yan Wei didn’t want to be misunderstood. He still said to the fish flying boat, “thank you.”

Lin Zhen stared at Yan Wei with a light hook at the corner of his mouth: “didn’t you say there was a leather umbrella chasing you behind? Where’s the umbrella?”

“In the back, let’s go quickly. It’s difficult when more than 100 umbrellas come…” Yan Wei lied without changing his face and pointed to the leather and bone umbrella that had been scattered on the ground, “These umbrellas don’t fly very fast. I can barely beat them. Only this one caught up with me just now. I don’t know why this one flies fastest. I thought it would kill me when it flew over me. I didn’t expect to cross me directly… Maybe I felt you. After all, the lives of three people must be worth more than mine. Fortunately, even if you appeared.”

At the same time, Yan Wei clenched the whip leg still wrapped around his hand and said to Yan Mingguang in his heart: [teacher Yan, what did I encounter just now? Go back and tell you. Can you go over and dig out the smallest bone from the scattered bones of this umbrella? It’s a phalanx. You can see it right away when you go over and take it away quietly.]

Yan Mingguang glanced at him quietly, raised his feet and walked to the scattered skin and bone umbrella. He held the whip handle in one hand and gently turned it in the white bone in the other hand, and quickly found the little finger bone.

His indifferent voice sounded: “I can’t see anything special.”

In response to Yan Wei’s just saying “I don’t know why this umbrella flies fastest”, he pretended to explore the difference between this umbrella and others.

He said in silence and put the little finger bone into the prop column of the information panel.

The light in the cave was dim, and Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou didn’t think there would be anything in the umbrella. They didn’t pay much attention. Yan Mingguang’s small movement was very fast, and Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou didn’t find anything wrong.

After finishing this, he immediately pulled Yan Wei with a long whip, turned and walked towards another road.

“Ah, how can we go? Don’t we stay and wait for the more than 100 leather and bone umbrellas?” Lin Zhen shouted, “I can’t fight alone. Maybe the three of us can.”

Yan Ming didn’t look back, “help yourself.”

The fish flying boat patted Lin Zhen: “let’s go. We can’t waste time on this danger. It’s dark outside in a while. If we’re still in the well, it’s dangerous.”

Lin Zhen naturally understands this truth.

They went down to the well mainly for the secret behind the shenpo and the skin and bone umbrella. Now they don’t have a point to answer, but time is still passing. No one knows what will happen at night. He is addicted to his mouth and doesn’t really intend to stay in place and do useless work.

He put the long bow back on his back and hissed, “OK, go.”

“It’s time for you to stop watching the excitement.”

“You’d better take away your virgin heart first,” Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows and stared at Yan Wei, who was led away by Yan Mingguang with a whip, as if he were talking to himself. “Compassion should also see who the object is…”

The light source in front has been very dim. I can barely see a road. Occasionally, there will be one or two intersections, which should be mixed with the road to other entrances – after all, there are five random entrances at the bottom of the well, and they have been to two, and there must be another three places with bone umbrellas.

Walking aimlessly will only consume time. As Yan Wei said, “many bone umbrellas are chasing behind”, Lin Zhen is helpless and can only take the responsibility of exploring the way.

The ancestors of the black arrow feather flew forward one step. Did the distant arrow feather insert into the wall hole or never return in the narrow corridor? Several people judged the direction according to the echo from different turnouts and moved forward together calmly for the time being.

The four reached a brief cooperation without words.

Yan Wei told Yan Mingguang what had happened during their separation through a whip.

[you also got a girl’s phalanx? How did you find the umbrella?] Yan Wei asked.

[I have skills,] Yan Mingguang paused and added, [the value doubled during the life and death crisis.]

Yan Wei’s footsteps slowed down subconsciously.

He always knew that Yan Mingguang didn’t mind his style in the open. Obviously, he had some purpose. Maybe he needed such ability like him. But he didn’t expect this person to say it directly, just like Yan Mingguang would give up collecting clues against the clock and look for him first. Yan Wei didn’t think of them In fact, our relationship has not yet reached this stage.

Yan Mingguang, sometimes he can see through each other’s ideas at once, but sometimes he feels confused.

He followed the man, looked at each other’s back, and paused for a while before saying: [I also used my skills to find the finger bones of girls. In addition, I also found the most important thing on the remaining skin and bone Umbrellas – the core of each umbrella is the finger bone of a truncated finger. Now it is basically certain that these umbrellas should be made of people by some evil method. The finger bones of the dead are the power core of the skin and bone umbrella, and the girls we saw last night are skinned A ghost that turns into an umbrella after pulling bones.]

[there are also two kinds of skin and bone umbrellas. One is made of the skin and bones of these girls, which is very powerful. As long as they trigger death, they can even kill an ordinary seven tier player without effort. The other is the dead killed by these girls, men, women, young and old. The umbrella made of their skin and bones is ordinary, and I can break it if I bother.]

[my current guess is that the girl’s skin and bone umbrellas are directly related to the shenpo, either killed by the shenpo, or… The villagers of this ancient town are involved. It may be made by some kind of evil law, or even have any connection with the mountain gods believed in in this ancient town. I don’t believe the villagers are innocent. So many skin and bone umbrellas represent hundreds of people dead, and this small town can’t be nothing Yes. The ordinary dead were killed by ghosts turned into by these murdered girls. Because they weakened a layer of relationship, their power was ordinary.]

[– the Divine Mother or villagers kill girls, and girls kill other ordinary people. There are more and more skin and bone umbrellas. If these skin and bone umbrellas appear around the living person, at night, the person will be skinned and bone pulled to death, and the skin and bone will be made into new skin and bone umbrellas. During the day, both skin and bone umbrellas and ghosts will return to the bottom of the well to hide. The Divine Mother will use skin and bone umbrellas to harm people It’s also good for – we have to go down the well again, drag some skin and bone umbrellas out, and put them at the door of our room or hide them in our room at night.]

[their phalanges must have some function. Now we have two young girl phalanges and 126 ordinary dead phalanges, which must be ahead anyway.]

Yan Mingguang quietly listened to Yan Wei’s analysis and asked him: [don’t rush to answer points?]

Only when you say it can you get a rush answer score. Because there are more than 100 ordinary dead fingerbones, Yan Wei’s amount of information is now significantly higher than that of other players. These clues will have at least one rush answer score.

[of course,] Yan Wei chuckled, [but not now. We just untie the things floating on the top. We don’t know why the skin and bone umbrella exists, nor do we know their relationship with the mountain god, and this mysterious God…]

Yan Mingguang nodded slightly and continued to lead Yan Wei forward with a whip.

The more you go inside, the colder the temperature in the cave becomes. The cool wind blows across Yan Wei’s cheek, like something deep and cold touching him.

The environment has become particularly strange.

The footsteps of the four people echoed in the cave. Lin Zhen seemed to have no feeling for the chilly goose bumps and chattered aside. Yan Wei analyzed the copy with Yan Mingguang, while focusing on two uses of land and communicating with fish flying boats. By the way, he asked a lot of information about the world in the building from the talkative seed player.

“… so in addition to the moon awn, there are organizations such as broken sickle and Xuanniao, which are managed by high-level players on more than 80 floors and more than 90 floors. Other players are attached to the organization, and players in the organization often go upstairs together?” Yan Wei blinked, and pure curiosity flashed in his clear eyes.

Fish flying boat knows everything: “That’s right. In this way, players at higher levels can bring players with lower floors. It’s beneficial to lower or raise floors. Some players will be fixed on some floors and keep lifting and lowering. Although they can’t get points, they can refresh to props. Some props that allow the change of owners will circulate in the organization. News and contacts are intertwined, and organizations check and balance each other, forming an inner world of the building A very stable ecological environment in the world. ”

“Is it encouraging to lift the building?”

“Yes.” a surprise flashed in the fish flying boat’s eyes. “You are very smart. No matter from what point of view, the feedback you get from lifting the building is the greatest. If you and Yan Mingguang lift the building like this, if you can successfully pass the customs, you will reap more than the players who climb from one floor to the seventh floor. But even so, there are always a few people who choose to lift the building – because the mortality rate is too high.”

Yan Wei nodded.

The light ahead suddenly became bright.

It was a strong light that could not appear at the bottom of the ground. It shone miserably into Yan Wei’s eyes, which made his eyesight after being strengthened by the copy unbearable. With one hand, he grasped the whip tied to his wrist, and the other hand consciously lifted it up to cover his eyes.

A moment later, the strong light slowly calmed down, and Yan Wei’s eyes adapted to the light like the day.

He put down his hand and the scene had completely changed in front of him.

Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen are gone. I don’t know if it’s because there has been a whip between Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. They are still standing one after another at the moment.

In front, rows of brick and tile buildings are connected, with drizzle and light wind. Although the sky is covered with a thin layer of dark clouds, the sunlight behind the clouds is still faintly visible.

——It’s not the bottom hole I just saw.

Yan Wei looked around as if it were quiet and peaceful, and muttered, “how did we suddenly get here?”

“Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen know something about the bottom of the well,” Yan Mingguang said slowly. “They haven’t mentioned this situation.”

Yufeizhou and Lin Zhen saw the clues at the bottom of the well in the main hall of the mountain temple, and those clues came from the records of shenpo.

If they do not know that there will be a sudden change of place, it means that this is a situation that shenpo has not recorded and will not encounter, only for their “intruders”.

Accidents can happen at any time under unknown emergencies. Yan Wei thought quickly and said to Yan Mingguang with a whip: [turn off the projection.]


Yan Mingguang quickly turned off the projection and said to him, “it’s not a blink, it’s a fantasy.”

“You also found it…” in the thin rain curtain, Yan Wei looked up, and her light brown eyes reflected the slightly bright sky. He raised his finger to the top of his finger: “the sun is right above, at noon. But when we came in, it was almost noon. After so long, it was almost evening now. We should still be in the well. Maybe it was because we gradually touched the depth of the well, which triggered the illusion. The place of the illusion…”

Yan Wei pointed to the building in front of him. “It’s very similar to the architectural style of the mountain temple. If there’s nothing we don’t know, this should be Ankang ancient town.”

“Hold on to the whip.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Yan, you won’t really treat me as a waste snack? This illusion is quite real -”

He gave a speech.

The pure and clear singing came from a distance, and the children’s voices overlapped together.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is the mountains and rivers given by God, this is fertile land, this is the blessing of heaven…”

“Rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

In front of the town path, on the originally empty street, townspeople dressed in national costumes appeared one after another. They made exquisite umbrellas one after another and walked in the drizzle. The children carried schoolbags, sang songs and accompanied them home with umbrellas.

They seem to like the rain very much. They always subconsciously extend their hands out of the umbrella, pick up a few drops of rain with their palms and smear them on their faces at will.

Yan Wei’s clothes stand out in this ancient town, but the others seem not to care about them and still walk in front of them with a smile.

Only a young girl came from a distance, her eyes fell on them and walked towards them.

Her face is so young that it can be seen just by looking. Her age is no more than twenty. The girl’s body has a very clean temperament. Her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, and her skin is white. Looking down from her face, she looks beautiful all over.

If at ordinary times, such a beauty is close, no matter who it is, there will not be too much tension.

But Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were all moving.

——On this clean and beautiful girl, there is a skinnless, boneless and flesh blurred ghost! At her feet, there was no trace of shadow under the slightly bright sky.

She came to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. Her beautiful face showed a gentle and affectionate smile: “follow me.”

On her back, the lying ghost also showed a gloomy smile to them. The bloody faces were crowded together, and the smelly blood fell to the ground with the smile, melting into one with the intermittent rain.

Yan Wei not only didn’t show a frightened expression, but also raised his chin and showed a standard smile at the ghost on the girl’s back. The ghost didn’t scare Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, but the girl had turned around and walked towards the town with an umbrella.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

“Let’s talk to her.” Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated. “I think… She is one of the girls who make leather and bone umbrellas.”

In the dreamland, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang catch up with the girl carrying a ghost and an umbrella in the Ankang ancient town of the dreamland.

In the real Ankang ancient town, Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao have gradually approached the real information.

After they came to the ancient town, the situation they encountered was as expected what the cook Hu Ayu said – the residents of the town had a particularly bad temper.

Residents are not so bad tempered as they are neurotic as normal people. In front of the houses in the town, there are all kinds of umbrellas, but there are basically no people on the road.

This town, which believes in rainy days, seems to be holding an umbrella to welcome the arrival of mountain god Festival, while being very afraid and frightened of rainy days. In the face of Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao’s inquiry, the villagers quickly walked away and had no patience with these “outsiders”.

They secretly explored the town for a while and found that in addition to the ignorant and very simple children, these townspeople did not expect the arrival of mountain god Festival at all, but were quite afraid and frightened. There was a townsman, but because he was mixed by the threshold when he went out, he talked about something like “offending the mountain god”.

Before long, Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao saw Hu Ayu, the cook who had finished his meal and went down the mountain.

Beautiful women are always more popular wherever they are, but Hu Anyu doesn’t have such treatment. Not only no, the people in the town seem to hate Hu Ayu very much. When they see her, they can’t avoid it.

Under the drizzle, someone hurried past with an umbrella and just hit Hu Ayu who had just come down the mountain. Hu Ayu was knocked down on the ground and his clothes were wet with muddy rain on the ground, but the man stepped back and said, “I heard you went to the mountain temple to cook? The God woman dared to let you go and was not afraid of the mountain god’s anger… You didn’t even hold an umbrella. Bah, bad luck.”

The man said that, quickly holding an umbrella, bypassed Hu Ayu and left.

The cook fell to the ground and was extremely embarrassed in the rain.

They stood aside and looked at the picture completely. Jiang Xiu sneered: “no wonder she was arranged to cook at the mountain temple. It turned out that she was also an information point. Zheng Mao, go help her up and ask about the situation.”

Zheng Mao smiled awkwardly: “this, brother Jiang…”

The whole town is full of nervous atmosphere. They still don’t know what the words “Mountain God” and “anger” in these people mean. Who knows if the debuff brought by the villagers will be pasted to help Hu a Yu?

Jiang Xiu saw Zheng Mao’s hesitation at a glance. He raised his hand and patted Zheng Mao hard. He directly pushed Zheng Mao forward and said, “if you don’t go, shall I go? You’ve been posted a debuff, and I can save you. If I’ve been posted, I can rely on you for your strength?”

“Brother Jiang, no, I –” Zheng Mao was stared by Jiang Xiu. He swallowed his saliva and said a meal. He really didn’t dare to provoke Jiang Xiu, “I’ll go, I’ll go.”

He walked up to Hu a Yu, stretched out his hand and smiled hypocritically: “girl, I met you again in the town. What a coincidence.”

Hu a Yu glanced at him and whispered, “thank you.” then he grabbed Zheng Mao’s hand and stood up.

The scattered villagers in the street took a look here. Sure enough, Zheng Maogang helped Hu Ayu up, and a debuff of “disgust from the villagers” hung on Zheng Mao.

Zheng Mao gritted his teeth, but now he was hung up and had to rely on Jiang Xiu, so he had to swallow his breath and didn’t speak.

Jiang Xiu walked to Hu a Yu quite comfortably, smiled politely at the beautiful cook and said gently: “Just now I saw other people in the town who don’t seem to have a very good attitude towards you. We passed here on a trip. Thanks to your hospitality and the Divine Mother, I want to thank you. Can you let me know what happened? Maybe I can help you.”

Perhaps it was Zheng maona’s help that made the cook who had no attitude towards Jiang Xiu feel good. Her eyes turned, and she slipped in her clear eyes. She was a little timid and hesitant.

For a moment, she nodded: “OK, you follow me home first, I’ll tell you.”

In the illusion at the bottom of the well.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang followed the girl carrying the skinnless ghost into the town.

They seemed to be brought into the world of illusion by this girl. Gradually, these townspeople seemed to see them, but they couldn’t see the girl with an umbrella and a skinnless ghost on her back.

They had just come to a common house with many red coats. The girl suddenly disappeared. Instead, many people crowded out of the house and pushed them into the house. They kept saying “happy event” and “it’s about to start”, and had to send them to two rooms respectively.

Yan Wei was holding Yan Mingguang’s whip — they just acted according to the circumstances, not separated according to the arrangement of the dreamland.

But these men and women, old and young, didn’t seem to insist. They just laughed and said, “the couple can’t be separated. Let them stay together and wait!”

Then they were pushed into a happily decorated room.

“How do I feel that we are walking in the same plot?” Yan Wei confirmed that there is no danger in the room for the time being, and sat down directly by the bed covered with red bedding. “This illusion seems to be…”

Yan Mingguang rarely made a long crosstalk: “There is a fierce ghost aura, called backtracking. It is the scene before death formed by the condensation of resentment after the tragic death. The backtracking fantasy will continue to repeat the last scene before the ghost is alive, and those who accidentally enter will be forced to enter and experience this fragment – including the last moment before the ghost is alive, that is, the scene of death. If you can’t crack it…”

“When you experience the scene of death, you really die?” Yan Wei raised her eyebrows and pointed to the red silk hanging on the bedstead. “Then I know why two people entered. I’m afraid the last scene of the girl who was made into an umbrella happened to be getting married, and we two…”

He looked rather unnatural: “well, it should be the groom and bride.”


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