Half Immortal Chapter 31

Half Immortal Chapter 31: Ankang ancient town (10)

As soon as the voice fell, Yan Mingguang’s always indifferent expression changed slightly.

Looking back, the happy house in the aura is perhaps the most impressive place for the skinnless girl. The details are very clear, and the red silk by the bed is very eye-catching.

If they really want to finish the last scene of the girl’s life, they must follow the role, carefully experience and find clues to go out.

——He and Yan Mingguang will not only go to the wedding, but also go seriously.

In this not spacious bedroom, Yan Wei sat on the bed and looked up. Yan Mingguang leaned against the wall and looked down slightly. Their eyes met in mid air.


Yan Wei rarely caught the flickering desire to speak and stop in Yan Mingguang’s black pupil.

“Teacher Yan, we’re going to have a wedding. Don’t you expect it?” Yan Wei said with a smile, “Do you think there will be any cross braziers, peanuts, red dates and brides in such a remote ancient town wedding? I’m sure I can carry you. Don’t worry that it will trigger death. I haven’t experienced the wedding yet. I didn’t expect to have a one-day tour in such a ghost place. If we don’t break the game successfully, we’ll change from partners to desperate lovers -”

The man in front of him bent slightly, lifted the whip handle at his chin, and stopped his voice in the same way.

Yan Wei: ”

In fact, he was just joking. First of all, he believed that he could break the backtracking aura and joke to activate his mood. Second, he was a fag. On the contrary, he didn’t feel much in front of Yan Mingguang, who looked innocent and had little desire. He could also tease Yan Mingguang.

However, the big guy shot too fast and didn’t give him a chance to finish talking.

When Yan Mingguang released his hand, Yan Wei silently turned his eyes and changed the topic: “how do you know the existence of this aura?”

He and Yan Mingguang just had a copy. Many rules of the world in the building were not understood clearly. Yan Mingguang and he came from the first floor together. They knew almost the same things.

He didn’t know the so-called backtracking. Why did Yan Mingguang just say it without pause?

“I knew it long ago.”

“Very early? Before entering the building?” Yan Wei blinked. “Isn’t the world outside the building without these things?”

The man lowered his eyes slightly, as if he had looked at the swallow necklace around his neck and didn’t speak. Yan Wei didn’t know whether it was his own illusion – he thought Yan Mingguang seemed confused.

Suddenly there was a loud noise outside.

The sound came from far to near, but for a moment, the townspeople who had just pushed and pushed them pushed the door in.

This time, some people also brought a long red silk on their hands. One side of the red silk is a flower ball and one side is a knotted buckle, which seems to be used for people to grasp in their hands.

One side of the flower ball was directly stuffed into Yan Wei’s hand, and the other side of the handle was stuffed into Yan Mingguang’s hand.

In the crowded and noisy crowd in the house, the beautiful girl with an umbrella and a skinnless ghost on her back appeared in the crowd again. The villagers didn’t seem to see her, but only Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang who experienced the wedding instead of the girl.

In the noisy voice, the girl with the umbrella bent her eyebrows slightly and looked at them with bright eyes. Her beautiful face was more pleasing to the eyes with a smile.

But the skinnless ghost lying on her back bared his teeth to them, and his bloody face was ferocious.

The townspeople have begun to coax.

“The bridegroom leads the bride!”

“Why are you standing so far? Come closer. Kiss first and then go to take an oath…”

“The bride takes the flower ball, oh, it’s almost falling down! If the red silk falls off, the meaning is not good, the marriage will not be successful! Take it, take it, and let the bridegroom kiss you. After kissing, we can go!”

“There is only light rain today…”


Yan Wei lowered his head in disbelief and took a look at the flower ball in his hand.

The man holding another section of the red silk slightly pulled the red silk. His low and cold voice was actually embellished with a little schadenfreude at the moment: “I will hold it well.”

Yan Wei: ”

“Will not become a desperate mandarin duck.”

Yan Wei: ”

This man ridiculed him with what he just said!!

He grabbed the flower ball with a sudden force and pressed a small hole directly on the flower ball. His cheeks and earlobes were instantly red, and his words stuttered: “I, I… They said they wanted to kiss?”

I knew it was him who played the role of bride. He certainly wouldn’t say those words that deserved beating just now!

As they paused, the surrounding residents roared more seriously and laughed to make Yan Mingguang faster. The umbrella girl in the town kept staring at them, but her gentle smile revealed a ghost.

The girl must have been kissed by the bridegroom at the wedding.

If they want to continue to find solutions, they must go through this scene.

Yan Wei knew the truth and knew it was just a scene of fun, but he still couldn’t restrain himself. His neck was red.

In front of him, the man threw the whip in his hand, and the whip body was intertwined with the red silk, connecting them together. He took a step forward: “offended.”

The voices of the villagers were getting louder and faster. The girl with an umbrella and a skinnless ghost on her back looked at them and smiled more and more brightly, but the bloodied eyes of the skinnless ghost on the girl’s back became more and more gloomy. It even made a dumb grinding sound. The grinding sound mixed with the villagers’ smile, which was strange and dark.

In the sight of the townspeople’s expectation, the girl’s happy eyes and the dark gaze of the skinnless ghost, Yan Mingguang’s eyes were slightly lit, his head was slightly lowered, and his lips gently rubbed against the corners of Yan Wei’s lips.

Yan Wei didn’t consciously stop breathing. The astringency brought by never falling in love made him a little flustered, but the sense of crisis in the copy kept him rational, pressed the flustered, and kept paying attention to every detail.

The townspeople roared with deafening laughter.

Then, the villagers began to urge them to follow the process and let Yan Mingguang lead Yan Wei to the hall.

Yan Wei walked behind Yan Mingguang with a flower ball and a whip tail. “Why am I assigned to the role of bride?”

Yan Mingguang, who was walking in front of him, gave a slight but undetectable smile.

Yan Wei: ”

He could only act as if everything had not happened, and his eyes could not stop looking around. Even the skinnless ghost on the umbrella girl’s back looked clearly several times.

This girl is one of the girls who were made into a skin and bone umbrella by the God woman. She is obviously from Ankang ancient town. Before she was skinned and bone extracted into a skin and bone umbrella, her last moment in her life was her wedding in the light rain.

In her last memory, the villagers in Ankang ancient town didn’t have what the cook Hu Ayu said to Yan Wei – “the people in the town have a bad temper”. On the contrary, they seemed to be very friendly and enthusiastic.

Then why was the girl skinned and boned into a skin and bone umbrella in the twinkling of an eye?

They certainly can’t wait to see the scene of death before they start to break the game. If they really come to the scene of death, I’m afraid they will really experience the same way of death as this girl, and it’s too late to break the game.

The so-called breaking the game actually means very simple – that is to let the backtracking Qi field that condenses and does not disperse disappear, that is, to make up for regret.

If they can break this illusion, they should also know why there are skin and bone umbrellas in Ankang ancient town.

How to do it? Which scene in this retrospective dreamland is related to solving the regret of skinnless girls?

Gambling area.

The betting time has expired. Finally, yufeizhou, Jiang Xiu and Ning Yi have the highest betting proportion. Lin Zhen doesn’t dare to bet because he doesn’t play cards according to common sense. The final betting proportion is similar to Yan Mingguang, which is basically the same as that of other ordinary seven tier players.

Only Yan Wei is 0.88% completely out of group, and the probability is surprisingly low.

Now the betting has ended, and the players who still keep them either bet and don’t want to do anything else. They just want to squat here for a result, or they come to learn and analyze this rare copy of the rush answer mode.

Most players’ eyes stay in the projection of fish flying boat and Lin Zhen.

“… Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen have entered the ghost’s retrospective fantasy? This retrospective fantasy is a new couple, so they attract them together at the same time. Yan and the new couple he leads should also enter the same fantasy. I don’t know who can come out first on both sides.”

“It’s not certain whether Yan can come out. Tracing back to the dreamland can’t be solved by violence. Yan also carries a burden… But why can Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen delay so long!? these two abilities can’t get nothing now!”

“The villagers asked the bridegroom to kiss the bride. These two people can’t do it, and they don’t know how long to delay this step…”

“This kind of dreamland, the wedding is the last scene before the fierce ghost died. It should be the complete wedding – complete the girl’s last wish?”

“Not necessarily. Maybe it’s breaking the game by escaping death.”

“It seems that the plot is very simple, but it’s actually dangerous, because the wedding doesn’t give any clues at present. Whether the wedding is completed completely, or whether it is completed without skinning and bone removal in the fantasy, there’s no enough supporting evidence. When you go back to the fantasy, the wrong step is death. Do you really think Lin Zhen and Yu Fei The boat was just stuck in the bridegroom’s act of kissing the bride? ”

“Isn’t it?”

“They must have found out that they didn’t kiss and didn’t immediately trigger death, so they took the time here to collect more judgment conditions as much as possible. In this way, they can not only consume props, but also act with more assurance. They both have high strength and cooperate, and they will definitely come out first. As for Yan, he not only fought alone, but also with a burden, in this difficult problem of double clearance I don’t think he can come out alive. ”

In the copy of Ankang ancient town.

According to the custom of these townspeople, newlyweds have to walk around the house. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang have passed most of the corridors in the house. After taking another turn and walking through the last corridor, they will go to the hall for the most formal wedding.

Yan Wei was thinking about the way to break the situation, but he didn’t speak.

They turned a corner one after another and came to the open-air corridor. The house is not big. This is the last way.

The drizzle in the sky stopped long ago when they led the red silk, leaving only a thin layer of dark clouds.

Around the town people attending the wedding, they have been following them, constantly coaxing and congratulating. The beautiful girl holding the umbrella mixed in. The skinnless ghost on his back was particularly conspicuous. He kept his eyes full of blood and stared at Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. His bloody face was ferocious and ferocious.

Yan Wei was staring at him and always felt cold on his back.

“Boom -”

There was a sudden thunder in the sky, and the sky that had been sunny suddenly became dark.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

When the rainstorm poured down, Yan Wei and the surrounding villagers would get wet in an instant. Only the umbrella girl who could not be seen by the townspeople was safe under the rainstorm because of holding the umbrella. The blood of the skinnless ghost lying on her back was left drop by drop, mixed with the strong rain.

The townspeople showed a happy expression.

“It’s raining heavily! It’s raining heavily! The Mountain God cares!”

“This wedding can’t go on. That’s what Mountain God means…”

The villagers closest to Yan Wei came up to Yan Wei, grabbed Yan Wei’s hands and smiled happily: “girl, your wedding is raining heavily! This is the blessing of the mountain god. The Mountain God likes you, and the mountain god doesn’t want you to lose your purity! The wedding can’t go on, can’t go on!”

Yan Wei’s heart clicked.

He asked, “what do you mean? Why not?”

“How can you ask me clearly?” the man seemed really happy and spoke very fast. “Isn’t this the custom of Ankang town? If it rains heavily at the wedding of an 18-year-old married girl, it means that the Mountain God likes it. The mountain god doesn’t like the girl to lose her purity. The mountain god wants this beautiful and simple girl to accompany him.”

“The people of the mountain temple are coming! The God woman is coming. She has come to take the girl to the mountain god.”

“We can hold a new round of sacrifice. With the company of the girl, the mountain god will continue to bless us with good weather, good harvest and good health…”

“Girl, why do you seem unwilling? Isn’t it a happy thing to accompany the mountain god for the sake of the harvest of Ankang town? How can you refuse?”

Seeing that Yan Wei didn’t move, the happy villagers changed their faces one after another – they began to become suspicious, angry and puzzled. The friendly faces of the villagers became more and more terrible under the touch of the rainstorm. Yan Wei didn’t show reluctance, but someone of them took out the rope and slowly approached Yan Wei, obviously trying to tie Yan Wei!

In the rainstorm, shenpo approached slowly with an umbrella.

It seems that this God woman is much younger than the God woman they saw – this happened decades ago.

Yan Wei’s eyes were frozen. He clenched the whip in his hand in the rainstorm and said to Yan Mingguang through the whip: [Mountain God, sacrifice, accompany… Do you think the same as I do?]


[it turns out that this town has such a peaceful name. Unexpectedly, the customs are so bloody,] Yan Wei raised his hand, wiped the rain off his face and stared at the raindrops sliding through his fingertips. [they believe that the mountain god can bring them protection, harvest and health, and the way they worship the mountain god is the skin and bones of girls…]

An ancient town that lasted for unknown years and was almost isolated from the outside world. They lived near the mountains and rivers. They also found a strange stone near the mountain wall. The shape of the stone was like a man holding an umbrella. The villagers worshipped the stone as a mountain god, believed in rain and regarded the umbrella as a totem.

And what are the things they worship mountain gods?

It’s an umbrella made of girl’s skin and bones.

All the girls in this town should be married at the age of 18. On the day when the girl got married at the age of 18, it rained heavily – it must be pouring rain, which means that the girl was selected by the mountain god to be skinned and bone extracted, skin and bone used as an umbrella and left in the mountain temple to worship the mountain god.

Everyone in Ankang town thinks it’s a glory and a good thing, because it represents the protection of the mountain god.

But for the girls who were “selected”, on the day of their wedding, their long life had just begun, but they were sent to the altar because of an uncontrollable heavy rain, and suffered the pain of peeling and bone removal.

This is the origin of the leather umbrella.

There must be a point here, but Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were not in a hurry to say it.

What Yan Wei needs to do is to control the points and the rush answer points of all players, not just him and Yan Mingguang. He kept all the answers he could get but didn’t say.

What’s more, breaking the game is the top priority now.

The townspeople holding the rope are only a few steps away from Yan Wei.

The surrounding townspeople changed from kindness to ferocity. They urged, dissatisfied and cruelly looked at Yan Wei. The God woman also came to Yan Wei, smiled and said to Yan Wei, “girl, come back to the mountain temple with me. It’s your blessing to be selected by the mountain god.”

[she doesn’t want to die.] Yan Mingguang said.

Whether from the reaction of the villagers or the words of God’s mother’s advice, it can be seen that this skinnless girl must not want to die after being selected.

This is also why she will have great resentment after her death, forming this retrospective fantasy. After being taken back to the mountain temple by the shenpo, this retrospective fantasy will come to the last scene of memory – that is, the scene of peeling and bone removal.

If they don’t solve the girl’s regret before her death and do what she wants to do, the consequences are the same.

[Mr. Yan.]


[her regret… An 18-year-old girl was told that she was going to be skinned and boned alive on the wedding day, and she was indeed personally put to death by the usually kind townspeople and God women. Do you think her regret is that she failed to complete the wedding, marry the man she likes, or did she fail to escape and live?]

In the rainstorm, the only girl holding an umbrella still looked at them with a smile, and her beautiful white face floated a gentle smile.

That might have been the best she had looked in her life – if there were no bloody skinnless ghost lying on her back.

The conversation between them lasted only a few seconds. The townspeople holding the rope had roughly pulled Yan Wei’s hand. They were about to repeat everything before the girl died, bind Yan Wei and send him to the mountain temple.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand, grabbed the Townsman’s wrist and pushed him away neatly.

This act of resistance completely angered all the townspeople.

They shouted and scolded and surrounded them all fiercely.

Yan Wei took a deep breath.

The sound of rainstorm and shouting and swearing were mixed together, and there seemed to be the sound of the leather free ghost grinding teeth on the back of the girl who had been watching. The noise intertwined and knocked Yan Wei’s eardrum.

In the confusion, he glanced at the young girl with an umbrella and a skinnless ghost on her back again.

[Yan Mingguang, do you believe me?] he asked.

Yan Wei dodged the hand of the villager who grabbed him and took out an ordinary sharp dagger from the storage interface of the information panel.

Yan Mingguang just said: [letter.]

I don’t think these two are her regrets

Then Yan Wei grabbed the whip and turned around. He held the dagger in his other hand and stabbed the dagger blade at Yan Mingguang with his backhand!


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