Half Immortal Chapter 32

Half Immortal Chapter 32: Ankang ancient town (11)

Yan Mingguang didn’t hide.

Yan Wei stabbed the dagger neatly and quickly. In the blink of an eye, the dagger stabbed Yan Mingguang’s lower abdomen.

At the moment when the dagger completely sank into Yan Mingguang’s belly, the surrounding chaos suddenly stagnated. The torrential rain stopped at this moment. The sound of rain and noise seemed to be swallowed up by something, and everything was quiet.

After the crowd, the young girl with an umbrella and a skinnless ghost on her back had a slight expression, and the original gentle and moving smile slowly dissipated.

She cried. On her back, the ferocious skinnless ghost took back his fierce expression, and his bloody face smiled.

Yan Mingguang’s belly stabbed by the dagger didn’t shed any blood.

The next moment, the prompt sound of the building sounded in their minds.

[congratulations to the player who successfully cracked the ghost’s regret and won a reward: perception 1 and points 1.]

Yan Wei’s mind also sounded an additional prompt sound: [congratulations to the player on getting the copy. Drop the prop: flower ball. Any copy of the permanent prop can be used. The flower ball woven with red silk and satin reposes the last beauty left during the girl’s wedding. It can heal the wound. The healing range is all injuries that do not die instantly. Each copy can only be used twice.]

A strange scene flashed in front of them again. When everything returned to calm, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang opened their eyes again. In front of them, they were already familiar underground caves.

There was still only faint light around, and some cool wind from the underground cave. Yan Mingguang’s place where Yan Wei stabbed him was unscathed. Yan Wei held a shiny dagger in one hand and a long whip wrapped around his wrist in the other.

——They’re out of the back fantasy.

Around them, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou are still there. However, both of them stood in place with their eyes closed, with occasional movements in their hands. Obviously, they were still tracing back to the dreamland.

Yan Wei thought of the scene just now and said in a secret way, sure enough.

During the wedding, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were replaced by the bride, that is, the skinnless girl before her death, and the groom. When they came out with red silk and satin, Yan Wei thought something was wrong.

It takes two people to repeat the clip of a fierce ghost. If Yan Wei didn’t pass this level, when he came to the scene of death, he would experience the same death method as a girl, which is normal, but what about Yan Mingguang?

According to logic, the two of them did not crack the back fantasy. Both of them would die of peeling and bone breaking, but Yan Mingguang’s role is indeed the girl’s newlywed husband. The girl’s retrospective dreamland will not pull an insignificant role in it. Just like those townspeople, insignificant characters are generated in the dreamland and will only repeat what the girl saw in her lifetime.

The newly married husband must be a role related to breaking the game, so he will pull two people in.

From this point of view, it seems that the solution is obvious – that is, continue to complete the wedding despite the obstruction of the villagers and the God woman’s desire to take people back to the temple.

Yan Wei had this idea when he was just stuffed with flower balls and learned that he wanted to finish the wedding with Yan Mingguang.

But when the two came out, the rainstorm began to pour, and the tragedy began to happen, he gradually understood the role of “newly married husband”. Especially at the moment when the villagers in Ankang town gathered around to catch him, he completely affirmed his guess.

No matter what the townspeople said, their attitude towards Yan Wei, or the response of the God mother, it seems that in the eyes of those people, the “girl” – that is, Yan Wei at that time – is enshrined to the mountain god. The only obstacle is that the girl is unwilling. From the beginning to the end, there was no mention of the “girl’s” husband.

An 18-year-old newly married girl was about to be offered a stone by the villagers because of the sudden downpour. Her reaction at that time was unwilling.

If she doesn’t want to die, she won’t really follow the God woman to the mountain temple. She must have tried to escape.

Then she must turn to her new husband for help.

But there was no man in the eyes of the villagers and the God woman. Why not?

Because her husband… Didn’t help her. Maybe not only didn’t help her, but even helped others in the town, personally sent the girl to the rack, so that the girl could accept the fate of being skinned and boned innocently.

Therefore, the beautiful girl always smiles, while the skinnless ghost who symbolizes the appearance of the girl after her death and lies on the girl before her death is ferocious.

She’s been staring at them.

Before her death, she looked forward to the wedding with a smile. After her death, she saw Yan Wei, who represented her before her death, and Yan Mingguang, who represented her new husband before her death. She was vicious and wanted to tear up the red silk that implicated them.

Her regret is not that she failed to live or finish the wedding, but that the husband who pushed her to death did not die together.

Combined with the secrets they learned about the ancient town in the back fantasy, where the strange ancient town of Ankang is, and why the white umbrellas made of the skin and bones of these girls exist, there is a complete logical chain.

After Yan Wei said these things briefly through the whip and Yan Mingguang, there was no hint of the building in their minds.

This clue must have at least one response score, which is related to the bloody custom of Ankang ancient town for many years, and there may even be more than one response score. But although they saw it on the spot and communicated with each other in their hearts through the whip, the prompt tone of rushing to answer the score still didn’t ring.

But early in the morning, Yan Wei told Yan Mingguang through a whip. Then Yan Mingguang removed the bed board of the dead player, and the answer points were counted on both of them at the same time.

Yan Wei has a concept in his mind.

The calculation of the score of this rush answer must have some practical action – say it or do it. As long as you say it and do it, if two or three people work together, even if there is only one person who says it or does it, the rush answer score will be given to everyone.

However, if all the people who know the clue only know and do not express it, the building will not judge them to get the rush answer score, which is still ownerless.

This score is still there. As long as Yan Wei or Yan Mingguang tells all the inferences just now, you can get the score at any time.

But Yan Wei didn’t.

[I’ll keep the answer score. Mr. Yan, do you have any way to drag these two people out directly?] Yan Wei glanced at Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, [with their strength, it’s only a matter of time to break the game. I don’t want them to take the answer score first…]

[I’ll try whether I can wake up directly. It will be much easier to trace back to the dreamland and crack it from the outside.]

Yan Mingguang just picked up a stone to hit Lin Zhen’s forehead, but Lin Zhen suddenly opened his eyes and said what he didn’t say in the dreamland: “… Hey, you turned off the projection angle, didn’t you? I also turned it off, and you can kiss it quickly. Gee, can’t this dreamland be more violent and bloody? What’s a wedding with quiet years?”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Lin Zhen blinked and confirmed the scene before. The fish flying boat also opened his eyes.

These two people were kicked out by backtracking fantasy.

“Yan Wei? Yan Mingguang?” the fish flying boat frowned slightly. “I just received a hint that this backtracking fantasy was completely cracked and disappeared, and Lin Zhen and I were automatically ejected. Did you break it?”

Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows: “we’re coming out now? It’s a waste. I just did so much psychological construction. How did you come out? Let’s have a look?”

Yan Wei also planned to keep the answer score of this part. He lied and said, “what is the back fantasy? We don’t know why we went to the ancient town, a group of people asked us to have a wedding, and a female ghost kept staring at us. Finally, I kissed Yan Mingguang and we came back.”

His light brown eyes twinkled with sincerity and looked clever and clever.

Lin Zhen frowned: “why did you kiss Yan Mingguang? Why did you all play the role of groom, but I was assigned to the bride?”

On one side, Yan Mingguang just slightly raised his eyes and looked at Yan Wei, but he didn’t expose Yan Wei’s words that contradicted their two roles.

Yu Feizhou smiled: “well, it seems that you may have broken the regret of backtracking illusion by mistake.” he thought Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang didn’t understand, and briefly introduced the existence of backtracking illusion.

Yan Wei pretended to listen as carefully as he did for the first time.

After several people got out of the dreamland, they continued to walk in silently. Yan Wei paid special attention. Just now, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou probably wanted to spend the plot of the bride and groom. They didn’t want other players to see it, so they turned off the projection angle of the gambling building. After that, they didn’t touch the black ring. They should never open it again.

In other words, what will happen at the bottom of the well now, except for the four of them, other players in the world inside the building don’t know.

Lin Zhen’s character is eager to see others eat flat, and there is no hidden danger.

As like as two peas in the world, schemes and intrigues were not enough to see the fish flying boat. At first, he and Yan Mingguang could not see this person. Now, it seems that the fish flying boat seems to be too powerful to think about intrigues and tricks.

It’s not that you can’t see through, but this person really has nothing to see through.

Yan Wei came to the conclusion that there would be no problem for the three people at the bottom of the well except him.

He knew clearly in his heart that he needed to come forward when he found the God woman. The projection of the four people was turned off, and he had nothing to install.

After breaking the illusion of backtracking, they never encountered any danger again, but there were more and more branches. Even with Lin Zhen’s arrow to explore the way, there were too many deep channels, and their short-range detection was not enough.

Yan Wei took a flashlight and shone on the front. There were several branches.

“I can’t try,” Lin Zhen said. “The echoes of the arrows are almost the same.”

Yan Wei bumped Lin Zhen with his elbow: “you use the invitation letter to exchange some insect inducing and insect repellent things in the mall.”

“Why do you want me to change your cleanliness habit? Go to find your Yan Mingguang.”

“I’m not a cleanliness addict,” Yan Wei chuckled. “I’ll find the way. We’ll come up with ideas. Shouldn’t you send out some invitations?”

“Oh, you have a way? Tell me.”

Lin Zhen’s voice is still fading. Yu Feizhou has stretched out his hand and handed out two cans of medicine powder to Yan Wei: “if you have an idea, try it. I just exchanged it without any invitation. It’s useless and doesn’t matter. Lin Zhen didn’t block his words. Don’t take it to heart.”

Yan Wei took the powder: “thank you.”

Without delay, he put on a new pair of gloves, hung a flashlight on the pocket of his windbreaker, squatted down and began to work.

Lin Zhen glanced at the fish flying boat and said, “you’re still talking well?”

“I just think Yan Wei is very good, and he is not stupid.” even in such a deep and treacherous environment, the voice of the fish flying boat is still clear and smooth. “Let him try. If he fails, a few invitations are nothing to me. Yan Wei’s strength is not high, so we can protect it.”

Lin Zhen: ”

He put away his long bow and crossed his hands, which means he didn’t know: “clever?”


“Not stupid?”


“Strength is not high?”



“What the hell do you want to say?” the fish Feizhou was stunned.

Lin Zhen just smiled playfully.

Yan Wei had sprinkled insect inducing powder at several Turnouts on the ground. He slowly got up and said: “The bottom of the well is wet. We saw a lot of insects all the way underground. There will only be more hidden in the rock cracks. There must be a large number of insect nests here. I sprinkled insect inducing powder at each fork in the road, and a large number of insects will come out from all directions.”

He said, having opened the jar of insect repellent powder, he first sprinkled some on Yan Mingguang. The other party didn’t move, so he let him sprinkle it.

After dispersing, Yan Wei looked disgusted and reluctantly began to sprinkle it on himself, and then said, “after they are attracted, they will feel the insect repellent powder on us and disperse, and we can see their track back to the nest.”

Lin Zhen also threw some doubt on himself: “bring them here and drive them away. Do you play with insects?”

“…” Yan Wei gave the insect repellent powder to the fish flying boat, “When they leave, they must return to their nest instinctively. We can roughly see which fork of the road has the least insects – the insect nests hidden in that place must be the least. The insects here have no evil nature, just ordinary insects and are afraid of people. If the God woman often goes back and forth at the bottom of the well, their nests must avoid being built where people often go back and forth.”

The powder sprinkled on the ground to attract insects has attracted many kinds of insects.

The four people have seen ghosts. Such insects that can’t hurt people naturally can’t scare them.

Sure enough, as Yan Wei said, after the insects around crawled out in groups, they were driven back by their insect repellent powder when they got close to the four people. Yan Mingguang took out several matches, lit them, threw them to the place sprinkled with insect attracting powder, and destroyed the powder.

The attracted insects scattered with their instincts, but there was one path where the insects were least visible to the naked eye.

Without saying anything, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang walked forward with a whip.

Yu Feizhou’s expression changed again and again. From the beginning, he just let Yan Wei try. Later, he was surprised to find that Lu really came out. Finally, he smiled: “you’re so smart. Let’s go ahead? If something happens, we can protect you.”

Yan Wei didn’t speak yet. Yan Mingguang, who was walking ahead, seemed to pull the whip faster. He had to speed up his steps and move forward.

They met several forks again, and Yan Wei repeated this method to choose the road. The footsteps of the four people staggered and echoed slightly in the narrow cave, but for a moment, a low and hoarse song came from ahead.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is the mountains and rivers given by God, this is fertile land, this is the blessing of heaven…”

“Rain quickly, rain quickly, the crops will grow up…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”


“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”


——This is the voice of the goddess.

Yan Wei and others didn’t need to communicate at all. They all subconsciously put their steps to the lightest and moved ahead.

This time, they didn’t have to go far at all. The God woman’s singing became louder and louder. They saw that the road ahead was wider and wider, and finally stopped in front of a huge cave.

Yan Wei stood behind Yan Mingguang and saw the situation ahead.

It seems that this is the innermost part of the cave at the bottom of the well. There is no other road except their road. The end of the road is where shenpo is located.

The big cave was decorated like a house, surrounded by a few candles, but perhaps for fear of lack of oxygen, only a few candles were lit, and the candle light shook slightly in the wind at the bottom of the ground.

The place where shenpo stood was in the middle of the cave. In front of her was a case table. Beside the table were neatly arranged knives of different sizes and various tools. In the center of the table

——Those are human skin spread out, and human bones still stained with blood.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”


“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

With a solemn face, the God woman sang this song dedicated to the mountain god. She seemed to be dealing with human skin with some materials in her hand.

[she’s making a skin and bone umbrella. It seems that she’s not just going down the well to drag the skin and bone umbrella out again,] Yan Wei grabs the whip and says to Yan Mingguang in her heart, [she’s still down to make a skin and bone umbrella. This skin and bone… Should be the player who died yesterday.]

[what are you going to do?] Yan Mingguang asked him.

After going down the well, although they didn’t say anything, Yan Mingguang’s trust in Yan Wei was obviously higher.

He seems to be very relieved of Yan Wei’s behavior, and there is no doubt that Yan Wei must have a plan in mind.

Yan Wei did have a plan in mind.

This is what he began to plan from the moment he knew that the rush answer mode appeared.

On the other side, Lin Zhen stared at shenpo, his dark red pupils full of curiosity – he seemed to be very interested in the process of making umbrellas.

The fish flying boat hid behind the rock wall like Yan Wei. He looked at Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. Although he didn’t speak, his eyes were obviously asking Yan Mingguang whether to take action.

[teacher Yan, I need a living goddess. We have two young girl’s phalanges. Even if there is a death trigger caused by a bone umbrella, we can resist it once or twice. It’s not empty at all.] Yan Wei slightly raised the corner of his mouth and [start, let’s tie the goddess.]

At the next moment, the whip tied to Yan Wei’s left wrist shook and the tail of the whip was taken back. Yan Mingguang grabbed the whip handle, raised his feet and turned over, jumped up and directly threw out the whip!

In the rustling sound of the whip, the tail of the whip fell and waved away the tool in the God woman’s hand accurately.

“Yan, why did you do it so quickly? What if there was a death trigger?” Yu Feizhou immediately ran out, “Yan Wei, you hide behind first, and Lin Zhen and I will help Yan Mingguang -”

His movements jerked.

Just now, he asked the young man who was hiding to move forward quickly without hesitation. He didn’t know where to take out a thick hemp rope. After Yan Mingguang swung shenpo to the ground, Yan Wei Ran to shenpo and tied the rope to shenpo neatly.

The candlelight shook more severely because of the air flow driven by their actions, but the shenpo just looked at them in panic. The old body didn’t have much resistance. Yan Wei easily tied the shenpo completely.

Seeing that the Divine Mother was about to open her mouth, Yan Wei was worried that the old man would open his mouth, so he gave them a rush answer. He grabbed the things at the table and rubbed them quickly. He rubbed them into the Divine Mother’s mouth.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…”

God’s mother was so blocked that she couldn’t speak. Yan Wei saw that the thing he had just kneaded was a piece of human skin stained with blood beside the table.

Yan Wei: ”

Luckily he was wearing gloves.

The fish flying boat looked at Yan Wei with a surprised tone: “Yan Wei, you… How do you…”

Lin Zhen didn’t seem to have a plan to do it from beginning to end. At the moment, he leisurely hugged his chest with both hands and looked down at the tools on the table: “it’s too rude to the old people. I don’t respect the old and love the young at all. Alas, it’s a pity that you interrupted the God, I can’t learn how to make a leather and bone umbrella. It looks quite fun…”

Yan Wei is too lazy to talk to Lin Zhen, a psychopath.

He tightened the body tied to the shenpo and pulled the shenpo from the ground, who was tied and stuffed with human skin.

At this moment, his lovely and docile expression completely faded. His eyes were deep and his tone was determined: “We’ve all explored the bottom of the well. To be honest, I’ve speculated that there are some clues at the bottom. I also know the origin of the skin and bone umbrella in the retrospective fantasy we entered just now. And the God woman should know all the details I speculated, even more. The skin and bone umbrella, the well and Ankang ancient town, which have at least three points…”

He looked at the fish flying boat and Lin Zhen, and vividly interpreted that he turned his face and didn’t recognize people: “you two, if people don’t talk secretly, I’ll not only take her up, but after I go up, I also need you to help me do one thing with her – I’ll take the initiative to deal with Jiang Xiu. You promise that you will share all three points. But if we can’t talk about it now…”

Yan Wei picked up a sharp blade on the table and pointed the tip of the blade directly at the neck artery of shenpo.

He smiled and said, “we can talk about it. All four of us have these three points. If we can’t talk about it, I’ll kill shenpo now, and three points will rush to answer, and Yan Mingguang and I will monopolize it.”

Fish flying boat: “??”

The fish flying boat was completely stunned.

His gentle face was dull at the moment, and his eyes fell on Yan Wei, shocked and confused.

Lin Zhen, who had long expected this scene, took up the tool of the producer’s leather umbrella and played with it, while secretly gloating: “clever?”

Fish flying boat: “…”

“Not stupid?”


“Strength is not high?”




Lin Zhen put down the knife in his hand, turned back and looked at Yan Wei, who was pulling the God woman, and Yan Mingguang, who was protecting him. He also looked at the expression of the fish flying boat, sighed, smiled again and said, “seeing your reaction, my heart is balanced and very happy.”


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