Half Immortal Chapter 33

Half Immortal Chapter 33: Settlement of Ankang ancient town (12) rush answer mode

God’s mother is still shouting “mmm mmm mmm”, but it’s a pity that the person who is closely surrounded by Yan Wei is too deep. This old thing has been sobbing for a long time.

Yan Wei was not at all soft hearted – he remembered what the old man was doing just now.

“Thanks to Lin Zhen, you told me before that the priority of players descending the building is the lowest. Now I have a plan to deal with Jiang Xiu, but I need your help.”

He pulled the rope tied to the God woman in one hand and held the handle of the knife in the other hand. The tip of the knife drifted around the God woman’s neck. He also looked at the information panel. At the moment, there were more than eight hours before the end of the immortal state, that is, more than three o’clock in the afternoon.

Those skinnless girls don’t know if they are hiding at the bottom of the well. It will be very troublesome to be here at night. It took them some time to follow the shenpo into the mountains. Now they must start walking back to reach the mountain temple before sunset.

Lin Zhen chuckled: “why should I promise you? I don’t care about rush answer points. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have the best player. I don’t promise. Kill the God woman.”

Yan Wei’s expression didn’t change at all. Hao didn’t talk nonsense: “I’m in a hurry. I just want a promised answer. I know Lin Zhen –”

Yan Wei gave a loud voice and looked at Lin Zhen, who was carefully looking at various tools for making leather and bone umbrellas. Then he said, “you don’t care about the answer points, but the clues don’t just represent the answer points… Have you forgotten that behind each answer point, there are stage rewards for body index, perception and points?”

The fish flying boat was still slowly calming down from the shock. Lin Zhen gave a meal with his hand playing with the blade.

——Just this move, Yan Wei knew that the fish was on the hook again.

He played with the whip tail and rope in his hand, but said, “at that time, Yan Mingguang and I will get the increase of data, close the gap with your strength, and maybe we will easily beat you. Then there are many interesting tricks, such as tying you to the God’s bed, which will not violate the rules of the building -”

“I changed my mind.” Lin Zhen said suddenly.

He put down his knife, turned his head, looked at Yan Wei, hooked the corner of his mouth and said, “OK, I’ll cooperate with you.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and glanced at the fish flying boat.

The fish flying boat frowned slightly, and the warm face appeared confused: “Yan Wei, you used to… Pretend?”

Yan Wei did not continue to cover up. He nodded boldly and asked, “so, have we settled?”

Before the fish flying boat opened its mouth, Lin Zhen raised his arm and carried the fish flying boat on his shoulder. He patted the fish flying boat on the shoulder, smiled and said, “we have settled, and he agreed. Come on, what’s your plan?”

Fish flying boat was stunned: “when did I promise?”

“Just now, I settled it for you.”


Yan Wei turned his head and crossed Yan Mingguang’s line of sight.

[Mr. Yan, please take this old thing out of the well and take it back to the mountain temple. Just don’t hurt or kill it. It’s a good point for living.]

“My plan… It’s actually very simple.”

In the gambling area, the projection of the copy of Ankang ancient town is almost half black.

“How come all six people turn off the projection? The reward feedback of the gambling building is increased according to the bet proportion and the proportion of the time of opening the projection. These seed players don’t care about the reward feedback of the gambling building one by one.”

“Did Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou come out of the retrospective fantasy? They’ve been closed for so long and can’t see anything…”

“They’re afraid we’ll see them kiss. Ha ha ha! There must be a lot of unspeakable scenes at this wedding. These two are seed players with shelves. It’s normal to turn off the projection.”

“What did the four of them do at the bottom of the well? For so long, no new answer points have appeared.”

“Jiang Xiu is fast. He and Zheng Mao have followed the cook to her house.”


Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao followed Hu Ayu to her home in the ancient town.

Along the way, the people of the ancient town they met scattered cast bad eyes – most of them came for Hu Ayu. Zheng Mao pulled Hu a Yu in front of the villagers just now. At the moment, he was wearing a disgusting debuff. These bad eyes had no other impact along the way.

Jiang Xiu, on the other hand, kept smiling.

He not only got the help of Hu Ayu, but also Zheng Mao to bear the debuff. At the moment, he doesn’t have much pressure at all.

And after everyone looked for clues, only one of the first responders was assigned to the prompt, which is estimated to be Ning Yi or fish flying boat. As for others, at present, it should be one or zero. After he gets the answer score, whether he can kill Yan Mingguang tonight or not, the sharp mouthed little waste followed by Yan Mingguang will always be torn apart by ghosts because of zero.

“Please sit down,” Hu a Yu led them into the house and just poured two glasses of water. “My family is usually empty. I may not have anything good to entertain tourists.”

Jiang Xiu just took the water, but didn’t drink it — even if the cook looked like a harmless girl in front of him, he didn’t dare to touch the things given by NPC in the copy.

The three of them sat down next to an old tea table one after another.

This house is only lived by Hu a Yu. It is very empty, and many places are covered with dust all the way. It should be such a big house. Many places Hu a Yu doesn’t need are not taken care of.

They came in only through the road ahead, and there seemed to be a large area behind the hall. Looking from the outside, the house is three or four times the size of ordinary houses of other townspeople. It looks like a very rich family in the town. It really doesn’t look like a place where people like Hu Ayu will live.

Zheng Mao whispered in Jiang Xiu’s ear, “brother Jiang, it’s a little strange…”

Jiang Xiu naturally found out. He quietly put the water cup aside and asked, “your home looks very big.”

Hu a Yu looked very sad, and Shuiling’s eyes showed some sadness.

She was born very beautiful. Even the NPC in the copy had a very vivid posture and expression, which didn’t have the monotony brought by other NPCs at all. After all, Jiang Xiu is also a man. Looking at such a poor and weak woman, he unconsciously slowed down his tone: “I’m just curious… At breakfast, I remember you said that you came to the mountain temple to help make some money. But I think your house is bigger than many people in the Town, and there seems to be more than one guest room?”

Hu Ayu turned white.

Her voice was very low: “there was an accident at home ten years ago… So the people in town… Don’t like me very much.”

Jiang Xiu has ten layers of experience. As soon as he hears it, he understands that there are a lot of articles here.

They spent some time going down the mountain and observed in the town for a while. Now they have to get the answer quickly and go back. Jiang Xiu couldn’t wait. Just then, his gentle tone suddenly disappeared: “there was an accident? What accident!?”

He asked anxiously, leaned forward, immediately grabbed Hu Ayu’s arm and touched the water cup on the side.

The water cup “jingling clang” knocked on the ground, the white water fainted, and Hu Ayu stepped back in fear.

Her skin was whiter than that of an ordinary woman. At the moment, forced by Jiang Xiu, she seemed to become more pale. She lowered her head and eyes and said, “I know the tourists are curious about some things. The town has received tourists from outside many times. Some people always want to ask if there is something wrong in the town. But they always offended the mountain god and didn’t leave alive. I… I’m willing to tell you, but it’s a little long. I also hope the tourists want to think about whether to listen…”

She paused and said cautiously, “why don’t you stay overnight tonight? I’m really worried that you can’t get out of town alive like the previous travelers…”

Jiang Xiugang opened his mouth to say something. The prompt sound of the building suddenly rang out in his and Zheng Mao’s mind.

[the progress of the replica has been updated, and the player has successfully answered the clues related to the skinny umbrella: the production method of the skinny umbrella. Since the clues currently found are recorded in the props in the relevant replica, this prompt only informs the player of the clues related to the success of the answer, and does not publicize the specific contents.]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

[the progress of the replica has been updated, and the player has successfully answered the clues related to the skinny umbrella: the method to deal with the skinny umbrella. Since the clues currently found are recorded in the props in the relevant replica, this prompt only informs the player of the clues related to the success of the answer, and does not publicize the specific contents.]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

The prompt appears twice in a row. One is the production method of the skin and bone umbrella, and the other is the method to deal with the skin and bone umbrella. Obviously, the same player gets two clues at the same time.

There were some rainy days outside. With the sky getting darker and darker, the sun that could occasionally appear behind thin dark clouds was completely covered.


It seems that the rain is going to be heavier.

Jiang Xiu’s face sank suddenly.

“Brother Jiang, this…”

Jiang Xiu glanced at Hu Ayu.

The cook in front of him has information in her hand, but it obviously needs him to spend more time digging. He thought he had an hour to deal with hu’a rain before dark, but now it’s going to rain. If he doesn’t go back now, he doesn’t have the courage to walk in the mountains on a Rainstorm Day in a copy related to rain and umbrella.

But if you stay here… Although the copy doesn’t require anything, staying is still an unknown move. It’s safe to go back to the mountain temple.

Information NPCs like Hu a Yu have no combat effectiveness. As long as players find the clue value, no matter how they ask, they can ask.

He made a decision: “Zheng Mao, take the cook away. Let’s go back to the mountain temple before the rainstorm, and then dig one or two points from the woman.”

Zheng Mao directly and roughly grabbed Hu Ayu’s arm: “you go back to the mountain temple with us!”

Jiang Xiu has stepped out.

Hu Anyu obviously didn’t expect that the two people who had just talked well suddenly changed and said, “what are you doing!”

Zheng Mao dragged Hu Ayu behind Jiang Xiu: “just follow us.”

In the sky, another “roar” thunder pierced the eardrum came from the clouds.

Yan Wei and others tied the shenpo. When they first arrived at the mountain temple, they also heard the prompt sound of these two points.

The four men had reached the gate of the mountain temple. After the prompt sound started, they all stepped down.

The God woman was dragged down the mountain by the four non human men. When she reached the mountain temple on the hillside, she was too tired to look like. She didn’t even try to spit out the human skin stuck in her mouth.

Lin Zhen pulled the God woman around him who was almost like a dead fish and said, “Yo, someone took two points at one time. It’s not the four of us.”

“It can’t be Jiang Xiu. I can guess what the clues in the town are. There’s no accident…” Yan Wei pointed to the shenpo. “The old thing in the town knows, not these two clues.”

Yan Mingguang said bluntly, “Ning Yi.”

One of the twelve of them died the first night. Song Yu buried the dead first, and then he may take action to find clues. Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao went down the mountain to the ancient town with great probability. Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou explored the well for a day. After they entered the well, it is possible for the remaining players who can’t get in.

Among those people, Ning Yi, who has not shown the mountain and dew, has the most strength to get two rush answer points at one time.

Lin Zhen was bored playing with the rope in his hand, which made her shake, but he didn’t see the same at all: “does your plan remain the same?”

Yan Wei hooked his lips: “of course not. Do you want to go back?”

“That’s not true,” Lin Zhen turned around, dragged the God woman to the mountain temple and said, “after I heard you finish your plan, I think it’s very fun. I look forward to Jiang Xiu’s expression after your plan is successful. I’ll try to appreciate it closely at that time. Fish flying boat, let’s go.”

Although Yu Feizhou promised to cooperate with Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang at the bottom of the well, he is still in a trance at the moment.

He took a look at Yan Wei, and then looked at the God woman in front of him who was blocked by Yan Wei’s human skin. He didn’t know whether they players were teased by NPC or Yan Wei was teasing NPC.

“What are you doing standing?” Lin Zhen turned back.

The fish flying boat opened the projection angle of the gambling building according to their agreement, raised his feet and walked in with Lin Zhen.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang: “I’ll stay here for a long time. Look at the weather, Jiang Xiu doesn’t dare to stay in the ancient town. It’s estimated that he will be back in a while.”

“Not together?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

“No, once shenpo has explained everything she knows, I will get a rush answer score if I am present. But I have to share it equally with you to ensure that Yan’s name is still on you. I have three points. It’s too difficult to get a rush answer score this time. Anyway, after she has explained everything, Lou will publish clues, and I will still know.”

Yan Wei exchanged a false stone, turned the stone into an in ear wireless headset, stuffed it into one ear and said, “I wear this as if I heard everything through you and what the God mother told me, and got a rush answer score.”


Yan Mingguang raised his hand and was about to touch the black ring at his fingertips to open the projection, but he suddenly stopped.

“Protect yourself,” the man said suddenly.

“….” Yan Wei said, “I’m just waiting for Jiang Xiu to come back at the door. Don’t worry. I’m just stabilizing my wasteful dessert in front of the audience of the gambling building. By the way, I’ll have a look at his expression after he was cheated by me. Anyway, he doesn’t dare to kill me in violation of the rules of the building.”

Yan Mingguang stopped talking and turned to enter the mountain temple.

Yan Wei wandered around in boredom at the gate of the mountain temple. The wind before the rainstorm blew the pendulum of his windbreaker, and the wind whispered. He was a little bored. He yawned. He carefully wiped out an open space on the steps at the gate of the mountain temple, sat down leisurely and waited for Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao to appear.

About half an hour later, the sky had gradually darkened. Only the dim and dim sky light and the pouring rain came.

Under the rainstorm, the eaves can’t cover the inclined raindrops. Yan Wei exchanged an umbrella from the shopping mall on the information panel, stood under the eaves with the umbrella and saw Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao walking quickly.

The two people may be worried that there will be problems with holding umbrellas. Even if the heavy rain immediately wetted their whole body, they didn’t hold umbrellas. Hu Ayu was forced by Zheng Mao all the way up the mountain. At the moment, his face was full of fatigue and panic. The rain fell on her white and beautiful face, which set off the pity of this highly ethnic cook.

Yan Wei just took a look and knew that Jiang Xiu wanted to dig out some points from the cook’s mouth.

What a pity

Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao also saw him and stepped down in the rainstorm.

Jiang Xiu sneered, “Why are you here? Why, you flattering Yan thinks you’re useless and drives you here? He dares to hold an umbrella and is not afraid of an accident.”

Yan Wei just glanced at him and Zheng Mao, walked out of the eaves with an umbrella, came to Hu Ayu, the cook, and handed her the umbrella: “hold it.”

Hu a Yu was stunned.

Her wet hands took the umbrella handle and touched Yan Wei’s hand. Maybe she was forced up the mountain and caught in the rain. Her hands were very cold.

Yan Wei exchanged another hand warming thing and paper towel, pretended to take it out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“Thank you… Thank you,” Hu said.

After watching the scene with great interest, Jiang Xiu sneered, “you’re quite carefree and carefree. You have pity on incense and jade. Get out of the way. We’re going in.”

The gate of the mountain temple is not wide. Yan Wei standing here alone has completely blocked the way of Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao.

But he just stepped back, hid under the eaves, looked at the two drowned chickens in front of him, and smiled: “anyway, I’m not helpful. It’s better to see the scenery at the door. What’s the hurry to go back? The scenery on the hillside is so good. It’s raining and foggy. Let’s see the scenery together, two…”

He gave a loud voice and raised his hand. As in the morning, he made a “0” gesture to Jiang xiubi.

Hu a Yu, an ordinary person in the world inside the building, was present. They couldn’t say the existence of breaking through the pass. He just opened his mouth and said silently to Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao, “0 point player.”

Jiang Xiu’s face sank. He glanced at Hu Ayu, who was dragged back by Zheng Mao’s violence, and said Yin: “I’m sure, you are…”

He also compared a “0” and then said, “this kind of thing? Under the rules tonight, Yan can’t hold you. I can’t wait… See you dead.”

Yan Wei stopped talking.

He just took his pocket with both hands and stood at the gate of the mountain temple. Obviously, he didn’t intend to get out of the way.

Jiang Xiu smiled angrily, “OK. I just can’t kill you, it’s not that I can’t do it to you.”

Yan Wei blinked.

——Lin Zhen, they have been in for so long. His plan should have been almost completed.

Sure enough, Jiang Xiugang raised his hand and planned to directly push Yan Wei away. The prompt sound of the building sounded in the minds of the three people present.

[the progress of the copy is updated, and some players have successfully answered clues related to the leather and bone umbrella: the customs and truth of Ankang ancient town…………]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

[the progress of the copy has been updated, and some players have successfully answered clues related to the skin and bone umbrella: the secret of the deep mountain and well….]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

[the progress of the copy has been updated, and some players have successfully answered the clues related to the leather umbrella: the origin and secret of the leather umbrella and the girl without leather…………]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

There were three prompt sounds in a row. In addition to blocking the door, Yan Wei, Jiang Xiu and Zheng Maoquan, who looked like “I’m a waste, I’m so bored, I’m idle”, stayed on the spot.

The customs and truth of Ankang ancient town… They have robbed the answer points they think the cook Hu Ayu can bring!

And this prompt sound is three in a row, which is obviously taken away by someone at the same time.

Jiang Xiu’s face was extremely gloomy. He gnashed his teeth and looked at Yan Wei: “get out of the way!” he had to go in and see who had won three points in a row and robbed him of the points he had already won!

The sky roared, and finally the hazy light disappeared, and the endless rain wrapped in the night.

It’s getting dark.

Yan Wei didn’t block the door this time. He leaned over very talkative and made way of the road.

But Jiang Xiu didn’t move.

——Because all the players who are still alive hear the same prompt.

[the time is calculated from the moment the player enters the copy. The first day of the copy has ended. The settlement is in the rush answer mode.]

[answer points are sorted according to the ranking.

First place: Yan Mingguang, 4 points;

Second place: Lin Zhen, 3 points;

Second place: fish flying boat, 3 points;

Second place: Yan Wei, 3 points;

Second place: Song Yu, 3 points;

Second place: LV ya, 3 points;

Second place: you Rui, 3 points;

Second place: Kong Yuwei, 3 points;

Third place: Ning Yi, 2 points;

Fourth place: Jiang Xiu, 0 point;

Fourth place: Jiang Xiu: 0 point.

[if there are no players who violate the rules and trigger death tonight, the last player will become the target of the ghost. Please continue to answer with all your strength the next day and try to survive.]

The rainstorm is still pouring down, the thunder is roaring, and the sound of water and wind are intertwined.

Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao were stunned there directly.

——Yan Mingguang is firmly in the first place. All other players except yuemang are equally divided, and Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao… Are the bottom tonight!

Zheng Mao panicked instantly: “Jiang, brother Jiang, this… We, what shall we do!?”

He even forgot to drag Hu Ayu into the temple. As soon as he let go, the beautiful cook immediately ran into the temple with an umbrella in panic.

Jiang Xiu’s face was unbelievable: “how could this be possible? Even if Yan Mingguang was the first, how could other players all have the same three points? Three points… Three points… The three prompt tones just now…?”

“Boom -”

The rain wet Yan Wei’s windbreaker hem. He exchanged an ordinary umbrella again and held it up.

In fact, he didn’t listen to these three clues, but he knew that the headphones he was wearing in his ears would make the people watching the gambling house speculate that he heard them too.

The time limit of the false stone was approaching. Yan Wei took off his earphone in front of Jiang Xiu, threw it in his hand, and said with a smile, “that’s the three prompt tones for answering.”

He said, “the fox pretends to be the tiger’s power”: “Yan Mingguang told me that you took Zheng Mao down the mountain to the ancient town in order to get the first answer score today, and then use the remaining days to entangle him, prevent him from getting the first answer score and make him the lowest score. In that case, we have to thank you for your inspiration – so he thought of a way to make you the lowest score.”

“I’m sorry, Yan Mingguang tied shenpo back and didn’t intend to compete with you, so he found several other players who are not your yuemang and asked shenpo to tell everyone at once – I heard it through this headset, so many people have three points.”

“Now it’s just you…” he pointed to Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao. “And you… It’s 0? That’s really unfortunate. Fortunately, I got three points without doing anything.”

“You two have been busy all day. I didn’t get a point. I spent a leisurely day and easily got three points. It seems that it’s better to make a waste snack.”

Jiang Xiu clenched his fists in the rainstorm. His face was completely red with anger. His slightly open lips could not help shaking. He was too angry to speak.


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