Half Immortal Chapter 36

Half Immortal Chapter 36: Ankang ancient town (15) “it’s quite interesting.”

The footsteps went away again.

Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly frozen, and his eyes stayed on the closed door. He was quite sure that the God woman had been tied up by them, and even if the God woman ran out, the God woman was tied out of the well by them without an umbrella at all.

When the sound was so far away that she couldn’t feel the movement, Yan Wei took a look at her skills. In the last few minutes, Yan Wei got up slowly and walked quietly towards the door.

“I’ll have a look.”

On the first night, they knew it was shenpo. The danger of opening the door was predictable and not high, so Yan Mingguang was more suitable at that time.

But now, Yan Wei thinks it’s better for him to take a quick look at this unknown situation.

He had just taken two steps when someone pulled him hard behind him. The man’s strength didn’t intend to discuss with him at all. As soon as he pulled him back, the man came to the front and said, “no, I see.”

Yan Wei: ”

He blinked: “Oh, no, last time I asked you to see it, you said no. this time I said I would see it, and you said no?”

The man’s face did not change: “well.”

“…” Yan Wei said, “OK, you’ll see the results anyway.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei: “be careful.”

“… well.”

Yan Mingguang walked quietly to the door, stored his strength with a whip in his hand, and opened the door vigilantly.

——As last night, nothing happened.

“How’s it going?” Yan Wei asked.

“As like as two peas last night,” Yan Mingguang said, “five identical skin umbrellas.”

“Jiang Xiu is dead, too.”

Before the projection of Ankang ancient town, I don’t know how long it was quiet. A gentle conclusion suddenly broke the dead silence.

Before that, those who watched and analyzed this copy witnessed that Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao were designed as the lowest score by Yan Mingguang and others. In the evening of the copy, Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao, who were still trying to find a way, turned off the projection one after another.

The players who bet on these two people were still waiting for them to find a counterattack, but it didn’t take long for Zheng Mao’s projection to turn from black to gray after the player died. Soon after Zheng Mao got gray, there was a scolding voice from yuemang organization, but it was only a moment

——Everyone watched Jiang Xiu’s picture turn gray.

The whole audience was quiet.

When Zheng Mao died, yuemang people would gnash their teeth and say something, but when they saw Jiang Xiu dead, they were stunned there.

This is a seven tier copy.

Compared with the players like Lin Zhen fish flying boat, and the players like Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei who have only passed one copy, Jiang Xiu has the highest number of layers among the 12 people in the whole copy. Before, even if some people didn’t choose him when betting, most of them thought Jiang Xiu wouldn’t stick to the best player, and some didn’t think he would fold in this seven tier copy even if they thought Jiang Xiu wouldn’t win.

But that’s what happened.

The seed players cultivated by yuemang are steadily rising up layer by layer. Before, there were often old players of yuemang who took Jiang Xiu’s copy to brush props.

But he almost died in the hands of a novice player who had only passed one level of copy.

For yuemang, this is not only a heavy injury, but also a great humiliation – after this happened, the fresh blood who would have joined yuemang would hesitate. After all, their seed players can be killed by the newcomers.

Yuemang’s old player angrily fell the analysis notebook to the ground and said, “do you still have the face to stay here? Go back.”

Several new players looked at each other and quickly raised their feet to follow.

The scene immediately exploded.

This is not just Jiang Xiu’s death, which means that the newcomer named Yan has the ability to kill players across the ten story gap. He can even easily use the copy rules to fight back in a copy of gambling building level difficulty.

Yan definitely has the potential of seed players, and can even impact middle-level and high-level replicas.

Yuemang is a great humiliation, but other organizations see the opportunity.

“I’m finished. I’m finished. I bet on Jiang Xiu. Before the copy is over, I’m doomed to lose…”

“I’m Jiang Xiu, too. I regret it now!”

“I just bet on whether it will be reversed. I bet on Yan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think this will be the most beautiful bet I’ve won!”

Around the happy player, the player who bet on Jiang Xiu looked at him ruthlessly and said, “don’t be happy too early! Three moonmans went in, two died, and one Ning Yi. Ning Yi may not be able to kill Yan Mingguang.”

“I don’t care about yuemang. I’m just surprised. It’s normal for Yan to pull the fish flying boat alliance, but how did he make psychopaths like Lin Zhen cooperate?”


Gao Ming stood among the players, looked at Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who were still in a black picture, and smiled silently.

He knew that nothing was impossible in front of these two people. They have much more potential than the newcomers touted by the world inside the building. As long as Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang can rush forward, they will reach the top one day.

He is an ordinary world player in the building. Just look at it.

Seeing that his copy buffer period can no longer wait, Gao Ming finally took a look at the copy projection, turned around and planned to leave and return to the apartment for final preparation.

But as soon as he turned around, he suddenly found that there were several people standing in front of him. These people surrounded him from left to right, obviously blocking him.

Gao Ming was stunned: “are you?”

The man standing in the center looked quite feminine, with a gentle and delicate face and deep eyes, as if he couldn’t see the bottom.

He looked at Gao Ming and said meaningfully, “you are the player who… The first copy passes the customs with Yan. What’s his name… Oh, Gao Ming, right?”

Gaoming’s pupil shrinks.

The man in front of him smiled faintly, put his hand on his shoulder and said softly, “then come with us.”

On the corridor in front of the guest room, the wind brought by the continuous rainstorm constantly seeps in, bringing a trace of coolness. Against the backdrop of five skin and bone umbrellas in a row, it makes people’s back cold.

The sound of opening and closing the door came from around. It should be that other players are also opening the door to observe the situation.

Yan Mingguang turned sideways to get out of sight. Yan Wei also saw the skin and bone umbrella at the door – as last night, it was half supported on the ground and couldn’t see anything.

He removed more than 100 umbrellas of the ordinary dead. Although the umbrellas made of the girl’s skin and bones finally disappeared, the finger bones of two umbrellas were in their hands, which should lack the most core strength.

What kind of skin and bone umbrella will be put at their door? Who will put the umbrella?

Immortality is over.

Yan Wei thought for a moment and decided to put the umbrella back to the main hall of the mountain temple as last night. As for the phalanges, it’s better to wait for the next well, otherwise they can’t determine whether the state of these umbrellas will be the same as that of these umbrellas in the well.

He said his plan, and Yan Mingguang naturally agreed.

Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao are also dead. They don’t have to do those tricks like last night. Yan Wei made an investigation in the room. Yan Mingguang directly returned the skin and bone umbrella to the hall.

Late at night, just in case, they were still crowded in one bed.

There was no heat preservation device in the temple, and even the room was very cold. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang huddled together. Because of their height, they finally chose the posture of nestling in Yan Mingguang’s arms.

Compared with his cool temperament, Yan Mingguang’s temperature is very warm.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and thought about the current problem. Unconsciously, he rubbed in each other’s arms.

Yan Mingguang’s breathing stopped for a while without moving, so he let Yan Wei lean against him.

Yan Wei was full of the situation and clues of the copy at the moment, and didn’t notice the short breath stagnation at all. He closed his eyes and whispered in Yan Mingguang’s arms, “I feel that we are now… In fact, we are under great pressure.”


“Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao are dead, but I think Ning Yi… Although she has never been with Jiang Xiu, she is the seed player of yuemang in the final analysis. Even if she doesn’t pay attention to Jiang Xiu, she won’t turn enemies into friends with us,” Yan Wei said while thinking, “But our copy is not over, and we don’t even have a concept of the ladder. I doubt that we will have to deal with the skinny umbrella and skinnless female ghost in the future, and even tonight… It’s possible that Hu Ayu, the person who put the umbrella, is also in the mountain temple tonight. After all, she is the only one. But at present, there is nothing that can confirm this conjecture.”

“We have to go down the well again.”

“The water well is certain. I think the phalanges must be gathered together, otherwise I can’t understand their role. We have too many urgent things now. Ghosts will become more and more powerful with the development of the replica. In the mode of rush to answer points, even if we have reached a short-term cooperation, we will start a new round of information closure with the death of the lowest score. I’m very happy The method of gathering all the fingerbones is in the two points obtained by Ning Yi, so next we should not only find the ladder and survive in the copy, but also ensure the leading of the answer points, but also fight with Ning Yi… ”

“Don’t worry -”

“That’s interesting. What did you just say?”

Yan Mingguang’s Adam’s apple fretted: “nothing.”

Yan Wei is not a quiet person. He likes to move around even when he is lying down. He just stabilized his position. Not long later, he turned slightly and bumped around in Yan Mingguang’s arms.

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei didn’t care what Yan Mingguang felt. He moved and felt comfortable before he stopped. Maybe his brain was running all day today, or maybe he calmed down at the moment. When he thought and thought that all conjectures and clues were unthinkable, when he looked back into the dreamland, the scene of Yan Mingguang kissing the corner of his mouth suddenly jumped out of his mind.

He thought he was a cheeky man, but somehow, when he remembered this picture, Yan Wei still couldn’t help blushing.

Fortunately, the moon was dark and the wind was high. He was in Yan Mingguang’s arms again. No one could see his expression.

I just don’t know what Yan Mingguang thought at the beginning.

He thought that people like Yan Mingguang should be the one who resisted more. Unexpectedly

“Did you hear that?” the man said suddenly.

At this moment, Yan Wei also heard other voices.

“Singing,” he said, “it’s that song again… It seems that my little sister will patronize our room again.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Sure enough, before long, a skinnless female ghost appeared again in their guest room.

——It seems that another one has been changed. Roughly looking at the bones under the bloody facial features, the skinnless female ghost who came to their room tonight is not the one last night.

Maybe it’s the lesson from last night. Players are very cautious about where the umbrella may be hidden. Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao died long ago. Tonight, the ethereal song sounded for a while, and there was no scream. The skinnless female ghost also disappeared in the room after the song stopped.

The night is long and quiet.

The next morning, Yan Mingguang turned on the projection and led Yan Wei to the kitchen with a whip. At first glance, he saw Hu Ayu, who seemed to have been hiding in the kitchen all night.

Yan Mingguang just raised his feet and walked towards Hu Ayu. Ning Yi suddenly appeared in front and came towards Yan Mingguang with a short knife in his hand.

In the blink of an eye, the whip wrapped around Yan Wei’s left wrist had been pulled back. The tail of the whip changed direction and went towards Ning Yi with the sound of breaking the air.

The whip body entangled the sharp blade. They pulled hard, but they didn’t pull.

Ning Yi lifted his eyelids and clenched the handle of the short knife in his hand. A cold voice sounded: “she’s mine.”

Yan Mingguang only said, “get out of the way.”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated. He took a look at Hu Ayu, who was unknown and somewhat panicked. He took another look at Ning Yi. He was ready to think about what to do at the moment. Suddenly, the prompt sound of the building sounded in his mind.

[I’m sorry to inform you that you have obtained the debuff dropped in the copy: the girl’s favorite. Please accept the reality and try to survive.]

Yan Wei: “……”

Can this thing fall suddenly!?

Why was he suddenly hung up with such a strange but life-threatening debuff!?


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