Half Immortal Chapter 37

Half Immortal Chapter 37: Ankang ancient town (16) was just 18 years old ten years ago.

Yan Wei: ”

He opened his information panel and reconfirmed the debuff called “girls’ love” – there is no time limit and no reason. In other words, the debuff has no method to remove and no end time. As long as the copy is still there, the debuff will hang on him.

Yan Wei: “……”

He may have an indissoluble bond with things like debuff in his life.

In front, Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi did not give in to each other. The whip rolled the blade and made more and more efforts.

Hu a Yu hid in the corner of the kitchen. Her hair was scattered and her clothes were a little embarrassed. She seemed to have something in her hand. The ground where she stood was still a little wet. It seemed that she had been here since she ran in the rain last night. As the NPC in the copy of the ancient town, she didn’t know why these foreign tourists fought. She was afraid to bypass Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi and took a look at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei smiled at her.

The young man’s gentle and harmless smile makes people can’t help but put down their vigilance. Hu Ayu’s eyes move slightly, looking at Yan Wei, and his flustered expression also fades a lot. But Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi lie in front of her. She can’t go either. She can only lean against the corner of the wall.

But the cook was the only one who was still in the mountain temple last night and was not a player. It is very likely that it is related to the situation that someone put an umbrella last night. It is a key clue. No one is willing to give up.

In the middle of the kitchen, the two are still deadlocked.

Yan Wei didn’t expect Ning Yi’s body index to be so high – maybe it’s because the increase of the short knife in her hand is higher than that of Yan Mingguang’s whip.

At this time, several other players also came to the kitchen and saw the confrontation between Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi. Whether Ning Yi, who got two points alone, or Yan, who cooperated with Lin Zhen fish flying boat and completed all points control yesterday, they don’t want to face up. Although ordinary players also have ideas about Hu Ayu, they can only watch the development of the situation silently.

“Whew -”

The sound of the arrow feather breaking through the air from far to near, a dark arrow suddenly appeared in front of the people and went directly to the center of the entanglement between Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi. When arrow feather was about to hit the entanglement of short knife and whip accurately, Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi reacted very quickly and stopped almost at the same time.

The arrow feather shot into the air and nailed directly to the rear wall.

“There’s a good play early in the morning,” Lin Zhen stepped into the kitchen and looked at the scene with interest. “You’re robbing the cook? Why don’t you add me?”

The fish flying boat came later. He subconsciously took a look at Yan Wei’s direction and saw Yan Wei’s kind and clever smile. He was stunned, and his warm face showed a moment of uneasiness.

But he didn’t say anything, just walked in silently.

Lin Zhen suddenly stepped in. The stalemate between Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi was temporarily broken. Hu Ayu hesitated and ran to Yan Wei quickly.

Everyone present was stunned.

Hu Ayu just hid behind Yan Wei and whispered, “last night… Thank you.”

She approached, and Yan Wei also saw what Hu Ayu was holding in his hand – something he exchanged from the information panel mall at the gate of the mountain temple yesterday to warm Hu Ayu’s hand.

Yan Wei just said, “it’s a little help.”

He said, but his heart was already nine bends and eighteen bends. Looking at Hu a Yu’s attitude, he seems to be able to easily ask something

He glanced at Yan Mingguang and gave the other party a color.

Yan Mingguang immediately understood what he meant. The whip was gently thrown, and the tail of the whip was wrapped around Yan Wei’s left wrist again.

[Mr. Yan, I don’t know why I got a debuff just now. But we’ll talk about it later. Our top priority is to take away the answer points.] Yan Wei quickly said, “can you stop Lin Zhen and Ning Yi for a few minutes at the same time? There’s a compartment next to the kitchen. I’ll take Hu Ayu to ask. Anyway, I’m still one point short of you. I’ll have no problem taking this point alone.]

[in a few minutes,] Yan Mingguang gave a meal, [but the fish flying boat and others…]

Yan Wei raised his mouth and smiled: [that’s too simple. What I fear most is Ning Yi. Instead, Lin Zhen is easily trapped by the law. The moral standard of fish flying boat is too high, and several other ordinary players… I don’t see it at all.]

In the kitchen of the mountain temple, the remaining players all looked at each other warily, and their eyes swept Hu a Yu from time to time. Maybe it’s because Yan Wei’s previous image of holding Yan Mingguang’s thigh is too deep-rooted. Although the cook is obviously close to him, others don’t think much of Yan Wei.

Lin Zhen played with the string of his long bow: “Oh, no one moved.”

Yan Wei said, “I’ll count three. Let’s move together. One, two — three!!”

The next moment, Yan Wei grabbed Hu Ayu’s arm and whispered, “come with me!”

Yan Mingguang threw out his whip and took out a folding dagger with his other hand. The dagger was thrown at Ning Yi. The whip shook in mid air and went straight towards Lin Zhen.

Just finished saying that no one moved Lin Zhen: “….”

Yan Wei has pulled Hu Ayu out.

The fish flying boat seemed to have no intention of such a struggle, but also stepped back.

The eyes of the remaining ordinary players changed slightly – it’s one thing not to provoke Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi, but it’s another thing in the face of huge interests. Anyway, the floor forbids players to kill each other. Even if Yan can deal with them, it will take some effort. Maybe they have already got the highest score and ladder clues to pass the customs.

In the lightning, stone and fire room, several ordinary players chased Yan Wei directly.

Yan Wei took Hu Ayu and suddenly ran behind the fish flying boat standing at the door, shouting, “fish flying boat! Just do what you discussed with Yan Mingguang!”

Then he braked at the bottom of his feet and turned, pulling Hu Ayu to the room next to the kitchen.

Yu Feizhou: “??” didn’t his cooperation with Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang end yesterday? Is there any promise he forgot?

While thinking about the fish flying boat, those players looked at the fish flying boat standing at the door, stopped instantly and looked at each other.

Kong Yuwei gritted her teeth: “if you don’t act, you’ll be at the bottom tonight…”

“Cooperate,” Song Yu made a direct decision. “Fish flying boat, although we know you are strong, we also want to rush to answer points. Please don’t stop us and get out of the way!”

He said it was just a form. Before he finished, Song Yu and Kong Yuwei shot at the fish boat together!

Fish flying boat: “??”

He subconsciously raised his hand to block an attack and hit a player. He was at a loss.

He didn’t seem to stop these people, did he?

The situation in the kitchen, as Yan Wei thought, fell into a short-term balance. After Lin Zhen and others appeared, Yan Wei had this attention.

Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhenning Yi fight together, which makes several other ordinary players think that they and Yu Feizhou are for a while – this misunderstanding is actually easy to achieve, because Lin Zhen fights with Yan Mingguang and Ning Yi. It’s OK to say that three people can operate separately. It’s OK to say that Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang deal with Ning Yi together. And the four of them completed the whole game control points together yesterday, and other players will subconsciously think of them together.

At this time, he said one more word, the evil water led to the fish flying boat, which can naturally delay for a short period of time.

During this time, if Hu Ayu has a clue, it’s enough for him to ask something. If Hu a Yu is dangerous, he can also save himself with flower ball props and then shout Yan Mingguang. At that time, all players will come immediately, but it will become his life-saving method.

Yan Wei quickly drags Hu a Yu into the next room, closes the door, and gently taps his finger on the black ring in case Hu a Yu really has a problem. He can take out the flower ball props in the black ring at any time.

This balance will last for a few minutes, and he must do it as soon as possible.

“Brother Yan…” Hu Ayu gasped and didn’t seem to show any unusual reaction. “Didn’t you come here to travel and visit? Why did you become like this? What about the two travelers who caught me last night… And, what about God?”

Yan Wei blinked and suddenly showed an expression of anxiety and panic. He quickly said, “I’ll tell you later. Time is tight. I’m afraid something will happen to you if you delay for a long time. Can you tell me something you know first? As long as you say it, most of those people won’t touch you again.”

——There are no rush answer points. Who will manage a useless NPC?

Hu a Yu was stunned.

She still didn’t seem to react from such a battle, and nodded calmly: “good, good… I believe you. You… Are good-looking and kind-hearted. You are a good man that mountain gods are willing to help.”

Hearing the words “kindness” and “Mountain God” mentioned together, Yan Wei felt unspeakable discomfort.

He asked, “where were you last night after you entered the mountain temple and before we met in the kitchen?”

Hu a Yu almost without thinking: “I hide in the kitchen.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly, and her light brown eyes flashed over her thoughts.

If what Hu Ayu said is true – most likely, she did hide in the kitchen, because the traces in the kitchen really looked like someone had spent the night there. Who put the umbrella last night?

If what Hu Ayu said is false, the cook is a NPC ten times trickier than God’s mother.

He then asked, “do you know if anyone else lives in the mountain temple -”

“Some of you are dead, aren’t you?” Hu Anyu suddenly interrupted him.

She frowned and bowed her head, and her white face showed indifferent helplessness and sadness. Her eyes are quite nostalgic, and her voice is getting lower and lower: “as before, travelers who come here will eventually die one by one.”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated: “what do you know?”

“This situation has been going on for ten years. Our family used to… Have a good life in the town, but after what happened ten years ago, my parents died at first, and people in the town began to die one after another. Later, all the tourists who came here died. Everyone thought it was related to our family… They didn’t treat me very well, said I was unlucky, and said I was definitely not happy by the mountain god Huan, gradually I couldn’t even find a job. I had to come to the mountain temple to help make a living occasionally – fortunately, the God mother was willing to give me some work, but she didn’t mean well. She just felt that foreign travelers would die sooner or later. It was right for me, a unlucky person, to cook. ”

“Ten years ago? What happened to your family?”

“I am twenty-eight years old…”

Ten years ago, he was exactly eighteen.

Ankang ancient town has two long-lasting Customs: girls in the town have to get married at the age of 18, and if it rains cats and dogs when they get married, this girl is the one loved and selected by the mountain god and needs to be worshipped by the mountain god.

Hu a Yu has a twin sister named Hu a Yun. Ten years ago, they were just 18 years old and chose the object and time of marriage respectively. Hu Ayun, as his sister, should have married first.

On the wedding day of Hu Ayun, there was a rainstorm in Ankang ancient town that had not been seen in decades.


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