Half Immortal Chapter 38

Half Immortal Chapter 38: Ankang ancient town (17) “has potential.”

According to the custom of Ankang Town, Hu Ayun is a girl selected by the mountain god.

But as a twin sister, Hu Ayu knew that her sister had a relationship with her lover long before the wedding.

Hu Ayun almost naively believed that such a tiny thing as being selected by the mountain god would not happen to her, so she and her lover had long failed to abide by the rules of the town and crossed the bottom line before they got married.

Mountain God has been the belief of Ankang town for many generations. Hu Ayun and Hu Ayu also firmly believed it.

But when he became a sacrifice, Hu Ayun found that she didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to be skinned and skinned to make a cool white umbrella. She was also afraid that the God mother would find that her body was no longer pure, so she was afraid to offend the mountain god.

So after Hu Ayun was taken to the mountain temple, before the sacrificial ceremony, he and her lover together and secretly left here.

Hu Ayu knew about the plan. She even took risks and privately bought off the villagers who had guarded Hu Ayun in the mountain temple to facilitate communication between her sister and her sister’s lover.

But on the day of sacrifice, the time agreed between Hu Ayun and his lover came, but she didn’t see the man.

The subsequent results were the same.

Like those girls who had been “selected” in the town before, Hu Ayun was treated as a sacrifice, skinned and boned by the God woman, and the skin and bone were used as an umbrella. The body was taken to the deep mountains. I don’t know where.

Hu Ayun and Hu Ayu’s parents thought it was a happy event. They were not happy. They even held a banquet to celebrate Hu Ayun’s death. The man who was supposed to be Hu Ayun’s husband… Still lived in Ankang town and was engaged to another girl within a few months. I don’t know if the man leaked his mouth. I don’t know when, there are rumors everywhere in the town that Hu Ayun was not pure when he offered sacrifices to the mountain god.

Rumors are everywhere, people die and the lights go out.

Apart from Hu Ayun’s death and rumors flying all over the sky, Ankang town seems to have no other changes.

But after a few months, the town suddenly began to die – the first one to die was the man who should have married Hu Ayun.

The death of the body was terrible. At night, the man’s scream penetrated the neighbors. Someone went to check and saw a flesh and blood skinnless female ghost pressing the man and tearing his skin and flesh. The man who went to see immediately ran away. The next morning, when the townspeople went to see it, they found that the man had been skinned and boned and died in the blood all over the ground.

– as like as two peas sacrificed to the mountain gods.

Later, Hu Ayun and Hu Ayu’s parents, the man’s current wife and others in the town… All died in this way.

Everyone felt that it was because Hu Ayun was unclean and the mountain god was angry, which brought retribution to them.

From that day on, people in the town began to be more and more afraid of mountain gods. Later things happened to merge with all the clues Yan Wei found in the past two days – every time shenpo found a dead person, the skinnless female ghost would throw the dead person’s skin and bones to the bottom of the well and let shenpo make an umbrella. The shenpo later found that as long as there was a leather umbrella at the door of anyone’s house, the skinnless female ghost would give priority to killing those people, so she began to attract tourists to live in the mountain temple and exchange the lives of tourists for the lives of the villagers.

Yan Wei and others are the latest group of travelers.

Hu Ayu spoke, and the full picture of this copy was displayed in front of Yan Wei.

The prompt tone of the building also sounded. Yan Wei won this point alone, and the story clue was also released to other players. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are both 4 points in the rush to answer at the moment, reaching the first place in parallel. After the clue was announced, the players returned to the same starting point again.

In these few minutes, Yan Wei has got the answer points. Naturally, there is no need for the players in the kitchen to continue the fight. They all stop and come here.

“Where do you believe in mountain gods? It’s almost the same to believe in mountain ghosts.” Yan Wei asked, “that’s all you know?”

Hu Anyu nodded: “yes… So the people in the town don’t want to see me… They think these evils are brought by our family.”

Yan Wei smiled: “thank you. It’s not peaceful these days. You should be careful yourself.”

Since Hu Ayu said that she had no other information, whether she was true or false, it showed that there was no point in answering questions from her.

The other players looked at each other without hesitation. They didn’t stay here at all, and left each other – they wanted to go elsewhere to find the answer points.

Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei to his side with a whip in his hand, and said calmly, “let’s go too.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang went down the mountain.

The people in the town didn’t have a good face for these foreign travelers. At first, people thought it was the town’s exclusion. Now they finally understand that it was because the villagers felt that their players would die sooner or later and there was no need to spend their feelings.

But Yan Wei is different.

His perennial experience of wandering around in three schools and nine schools has played a role. Coupled with his harmless appearance of people and animals, Yan Wei didn’t spend any effort at all. He kept his lovely appearance, which made people close to him, and the villagers have some good feelings.

They basically didn’t spend much time and came to the cemetery in Ankang town.

[why didn’t you ask me why I came here first and didn’t go to the well? After all, there are finger bones under the well that we haven’t gathered.] Yan Wei shook his whip and pulled Yan Mingguang like a prank. [he always doesn’t speak, suffocating people and dead ice.]

Yan Mingguang was not pulled by him at all. He still walked steadily ahead and said cooperatively: [HMM, why?]

Yan Wei: “…” I don’t know why I don’t have a sense of achievement.

[because only we know about the phalanx, other players will only feel that there is no clue at the bottom of the well. The only other person who may know is Ning Yi – she has a way to deal with the skinny umbrella and the skinnless girl. The clue in her hand is probably related to the phalanx. But she came to the kitchen first time this morning. If she knew the phalanx, she wouldn’t waste this time in the kitchen , and will go down the well at dawn. So I don’t think even if she has clues related to the phalanges, she doesn’t directly mention the phalanges.]

[then we won’t be in a hurry. Anyway, only we know the finger bones] Yan Wei tilted his mouth and [now I want to see who died under the hands of the skinnless female ghost, what their death order is, and my debuff. I don’t believe it fell on my head at random.]

Yan Wei even suspected Hu Ayu a little. After all, the name of this debuff is called “girls’ love”, and Hu Ayu really likes him best among the players.

However, since Hu a Yu is 28 years old, Lou should not define 28 years old as a girl, but he also has a skeleton eye prop, which can see a danger in the copy. He can wait for no one to see Hu a Yu with the skeleton eye.

So Yan Wei chose to come to the cemetery in Ankang town first to confirm who the villagers were killed by the skinnless female ghost in the past ten years and their death order – since the man who betrayed Hu Ayun was the first to die, the identity and order of the dead can never be random.

He can’t let go of any possible clues now, because the ladder clues have no clear direction until now.

He and Yan Mingguang have made it clear that they have also entered this cemetery.

Isolated from the outside world, Ankang town still maintains the ancient funeral custom, and the cemetery is at the foot of the mountain. One after another, mounds of earth and steles were built everywhere. It was obvious that they were buried when they saw an open space. There was nothing particular about it. But only one place was very crowded and tidy, which was obviously built in the near time.

——The tombs of the skinned dead, as the townspeople said.

“It’s creepy…” Yan Wei muttered.

These graves are in the most remote corners, as if they were afraid of their bad luck. Each tombstone is hung with a stone carved umbrella. The names of these people, as well as their birth and death time are written on the tombstone.

This crowded cemetery is overgrown with weeds and desolate. You can’t even see any trace of worship, which is enough to show that the townspeople are secretive about these dead.

The light wind blew and the tall weeds swayed gently. Yan Wei felt a little cool on his neck.

If no one takes care of this cemetery, but someone dies and is buried immediately… The person who died first should be the innermost one.

He crossed one grave after another and went inside. He broke open the weeds in front of him and read out the name on the tombstone in front of him: “Li Yishu…”

“Hu Ayun was the fiance,” Yan Mingguang said.

“It seems that it’s him…” Yan Wei pulled out the weeds in front of him, leaned slightly to the tombstone, and planned to take a closer look at the information on the tombstone. “Then he really died early, but why are these tombstones so dirty and old, but these mounds don’t look solid at all -”

Yan Wei’s voice stopped suddenly.

Before his eyes, on the old and desolate grave, the slightly raised mound seemed to shake slightly.

A bloody head slowly leaned out of the mound, and his skinnless face was facing Yan Wei. His eyes covered with thick blood and mud looked at him dead. The skinnless head moved slightly

——He gave him a ferocious smile.

Yan Wei looked at him, and his eyes did not blink. He also smiled at the skinnless ghost.

At the next moment, the weed just pulled out of the young man’s hand was suddenly raised, turned and ran to Yan Ming’s naked side, shouting: “day!! damn Haunted!! teacher Yan, help!!!”

Gambling area.

After the death of Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao, only Ning Yi left yuemang, who turned off the projection from beginning to end. Yuemang’s people didn’t look good and walked most of the way. Other players quarreled.

“Jiang Xiu is dead. No matter who takes the best player this time, it’s cold. Isn’t it most likely that Yan killed Jiang Xiu himself?”

“Don’t forget, it’s the right time, place and people for Yan to kill Jiang Xiu. If he didn’t just go down the well and have Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou help, how could he control the points? In fact, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou took the three points together, okay?”

“In fact, I think four people took it together? The player named Yan Wei around Yan Mingguang doesn’t seem to be as wasteful as everyone said. Although he didn’t contribute before, he didn’t lag behind. Today he even got a point to answer first – although he relied on the favor of NPC, he also contributed.”

“Don’t forget the first two points. Now I don’t know who got them. It’s possible that Yan Wei hasn’t opened his eyes. Now he’s not afraid of beating his face. What if he’s a hidden boss?”

“Also -”

The discussion of these people suddenly stopped.

In Yan Mingguang’s live broadcast, Yan Wei, who was thought by everyone to have potential, was followed by a skinnless ghost who climbed out of the soil. He quickly ran to Yan Mingguang and shouted “teacher Yan help”.

“I think you’re right,” a player sighed. “Running so fast is really a hidden boss with potential.”

Other players: “


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