Half Immortal Chapter 39

Half Immortal Chapter 39: Ankang ancient town (18)

In the projection picture, Yan Mingguang has rolled Yan Wei behind him with a long whip and blocked the chasing ghosts.

The ghost was not strong, and even retreated two meters under Yan Mingguang’s random blow.

But the ghost had just been beaten back, the surrounding mounds were slightly loose, and flesh and blood skinnless ghosts emerged from the mounds. It can be seen from the projection that these skinless ghosts, men, women, young and old, have much lower attack power than the skinless girls who killed players at night.

Yan Mingguang can beat back two or three in an instant with a whip.

It seems that they can easily leave under the siege of skinless Ghosts – if Yan Wei doesn’t make trouble on one side.

In the picture, the young man who couldn’t see his face shouted for help in panic. Instead of hiding behind Yan Mingguang, he ran around like a headless fly. Originally, Yan Mingguang could quickly beat back these skinnless ghosts and leave here temporarily, but it happened that Yan Wei ran everywhere. Yan Mingguang had to take Yan Wei into account every time he started. He couldn’t be too cruel.

“Who just said that Yan Wei might have potential? What potential, drag back potential?”

“I can’t bear to see it. Isn’t it good for him to stay after Yan Ming is naked… The strength of these skinnless ghosts is too low. It’s Yan Wei who can hold Yan Mingguang for so long.”

“Yan Wei is really a skinless ghost’s own teammate. I’m laughing to death.”

“Maybe if they spend a day here, Ning Yi and Lin Zhen can take the lead. Yan Wei is not only the teammate of Wupi ghost, but also the teammate of Ning Yi and Lin Zhen!”

“I’m waiting for this Yan Wei to drag himself to death.”


In the cemetery of the ancient town.

Yan Wei actually did it on purpose. It’s one thing to confuse the players in the building who watch Yan Mingguang’s live broadcast. The most important thing is that he is looking at the tombstones.

The whip waved back and forth in mid air. Under the sun, these skinnless ghosts dragged their bloody bodies and rushed at Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang stopped the skinless ghost from approaching. Yan Wei dodged and deliberately ran around the graves, paying attention to the identity and time of death of these people. When he had almost seen enough, he turned his mind, but he still kept a panic expression on the surface and shouted, “Yan Mingguang, don’t we run yet!!”

At least they cooperated in several crises. Yan Mingguang immediately understood the meaning of such words.

Once, the whip entangled Yan Wei’s wrist and pulled him back to Yan Mingguang.

[let’s leave first. I think these skinnless ghosts, like the skin and bone umbrellas made by ordinary dead people, are ghosts one level lower than the skinnless female ghosts. They are driven by the skinnless female ghosts. They will besiege us. It should be because of the debuff of “girls’ love” on me – skinnless female ghosts must be “girls” , if the skinnless female ghosts come out again, it will not be easy for us to go.] Yan Wei’s tone becomes more and more serious. [turn off the projection and go back to our room in the temple first. I need to tidy up my thoughts. I have found a new answer score.]


Yan Mingguang was just cooperating with Yan Wei. Now that he decided to go, he turned and pulled Yan Wei away.

When they ran away from the cemetery, the skinnless ghosts didn’t catch up. Now it’s afternoon. On this day of Mountain God’s day, it should be very busy, but no one is wandering outside in the town. Only a supported umbrella is placed in front of every door.

They no longer respect faith, but gradually fear it.

Before going up the mountain, Yan Wei stood at the foot of the slightly high mountain and looked back at Ankang town.

Yan Mingguang closed the projection at the moment. Yan Wei said directly, “do you think they ate the consequences of their own evil? Moreover, the so-called faith… They do not believe in and respect the mountain god at all, but worship the expectation that can bring a beautiful vision, which is an expectation of expectation. When this expectation is gone and the mountain god symbolizes death, they fear faster than anyone else.”

“Human nature.”

“I’m tired of this self inflicted story, but you seem to have a high tolerance for this kind of human nature?” Yan Wei turned his head and looked at Yan Mingguang with a glance. “What did you do before you entered the building? We’re all here. It’s not too much to ask.”

Yan Mingguang was silent.

Yan Wei knew that the man didn’t want to say again, “cut” and said, “it’s boring. Let’s go back and sort out the clues quickly. I really don’t want to stay in such a disgusting town.”

Song Yu returned to the mountain temple after a fruitless search in the morning.

Although there is still Ning Yi as the lowest score at the moment, the strength of Ning Yi is obvious to all. This month, the mysterious and indifferent seed players of mang organization could find two points alone yesterday. Today, it is impossible to keep two points all the time.

If he gets nothing today, he must be one of the bottom people.

Song Yu saw the death of his roommate with his own eyes the first night. He was afraid that he would be the next one. He didn’t dare to neglect at all and ran several places without stopping. But the villagers were very defensive to him. After the well went down, he got lost for a long time and had to come out temporarily. Now he had to go back to the mountain temple to see the clues.

As soon as he came back, he saw Hu Ayu in a small garden of the mountain temple.

The beautiful cook has changed out of her embarrassed clothes, a neat national dress, and a round hat dotted with jewelry on her head, which makes her skin white and delicate.

When Song Yu came to the aisle next to the small garden, she was holding an exquisite ordinary oil paper umbrella in her hand. Her eyes were slightly restrained. She didn’t know what she was thinking.

… does the cook have a clue that others can’t think of?

Song Yu wants to try again.

“Girl!” he stepped forward and pretended to be chatting. “It’s not peaceful recently. Why don’t you hide before you go down the mountain and go home? Why are you still in the mountain temple?”

The beautiful cook turned her head.

The small garden is surrounded by colorful flowers, which makes her more outstanding.

She is already a great beauty in such a remote ancient town. And according to Hu Anyu’s description, she should be 28 years old, but the years seem to have left no trace on her face. She seems to be as young as a teenage girl.

Before eating in the kitchen, Song Yu always thought Hu Ayu was only about 20 years old.

However, since all the stories told by Hu Ayu have been recognized as rush answer points by Lou, there must be no problem.

Song Yu was not worried. He looked at Hu a’s rainy eyes and seemed a little distracted. He unconsciously slowed down his tone: “what are you thinking?”

“Ah…” the cook finally came back and looked at him. “The traveler asked me?”


She bowed her head again and looked at the umbrella in her hand. Her slender white fingers gently slid over the umbrella and whispered, “Miss, Miss relatives.”

“Your sister? I’ve been away for ten years. I’m sorry… All these blame this damn custom and pedantic God woman. Those who killed her will get retribution sooner or later.”

The beautiful cook suddenly raised her head and looked directly at Song Yu.

Her sad expression, which was somewhat indifferent and contradictory, changed slightly, and her voice emphasized with a little unclear meaning: “you say… Who will get retribution?”

Song Yu was stunned: “… The person who killed your sister?”

The next moment, the cook smiled at him gently.

Song Yu slowly opened his eyes.

——In front of him, behind the cook, a bloody head slowly poked out, and his ferocious face showed the same soft smile to him, but the eyes with viscous blood stared at him dead.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang returned to the mountain temple faster than Yan Wei expected.

Even if Yan Mingguang threw out a large part of Yan Wei’s body index, it is still a body that has experienced the increase of copy data, which is more than enough than ordinary people. They walked and ran, but they didn’t spend much time returning to the mountain temple from the cemetery.

This area of the guest room is very quiet. There is still some time before sunset. Other players should still look for clues outside. No one will hear their conversation.

As soon as the two entered the door, Yan Wei closed the door and said, “I just looked at the death times of all the skinned dead in the cemetery and found an interesting situation. The first dead in Ankang town was Li Yishu – that is, the man who had promised to take Hu Ayun away, but the second dead was a little interesting.”

Yan Mingguang opened the window, leaned against the window and smoked, silently listening to Yan Wei’s analysis.

The mountain breeze blew the smoke into a long wisp, and the smoke gradually faded in the air. The westward sunlight depicts the outline of the man’s side face, which is light and cold, revealing a rare quiet breath in this treacherous and gloomy place.

Yan Wei felt at such a moment that in fact, Yan Mingguang did not necessarily know that there was some speculation.

But he continued: “the second deceased was not mentioned in Hu Ayu’s words. There was some information on his tombstone. It generally said that this person worked in the mountain temple before he died and should help the God woman deal with some chores. I read all the time of the dead. Except Li Yishu, he died the earliest, which shouldn’t be.”

“It can be seen from Li Yishu’s first death that Hu Ayun turned into a skinnless female ghost after his death – I don’t know which female ghost we’ve seen, and because of her resentment before her death, the first target she killed was the man who didn’t take her away. In addition, among those dead, I saw the groom we met who went back to the dreamland. I heard a new story at that time Lang’s name has the same name on one of the tombstones. Although the retrospective dreamland we entered was not the Hu girl’s, but another girl’s, it also explains the killing order.

“This shows that these dead people actually have something to do with the resentment of ghosts. They resent their lovers, parents and friends… Only as time approaches now, the dead begin to appear. It has nothing to do with it. It should be because the people related to them are not much worse. So later, the God woman put an umbrella, because there are no skinnless female ghosts at this time The target of great resentment. In that case, why would an ordinary townsman working in the mountain temple die earlier than Hu Ayun’s parents? ”

Yan Mingguang snuffed out the cigarette end and said plainly, “she hates this man more.”

“Why do you hate her more? In this story, Hu Ayun especially hates her parents and fiance, because this should be the person who loves her most. She not only didn’t save her, but also pushed her to the fire pit. Only her twin sister Hu Ayu is helping her. What kind of situation can make her hate an outsider who is not related by blood? Don’t forget, in the story Hu Ayu told us, she is He contacted Hu Ayun who was locked up in the temple and bought off the man who worked in the temple. That man should have helped. ”

“The clues published by Lou also mentioned this,” Yan Mingguang said. “Lou won’t lie.”

“Yes, whether it’s shenpo, Hu Ayu or the villagers, they are all from Ankang town. They may cheat us. Only Lou can’t cheat us. My debuff comes from ‘girls’ love’ is absolutely right, and Hu Ayu’s story was recorded by Lou and broadcast to all players, so Hu Ayu bought people and twins who work through the temple There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a sister. ”

Yan Wei took out the swallow coin in his pocket. Instead of weighing it in his hand, he threw it ahead——

The man raised his hand and grasped the coin.

Yan Wei asked, “front and back?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t look at it. He threw it back and said, “believe the side you inferred.”

Yan Wei chuckled.

“Well, I guess… The story is OK. It rained on the day of Hu Ayun’s wedding and the lover who promised to take her away didn’t show up. The cook of the Hu family we met before did bribe the people in the temple and contact his twin sisters that year. All this is OK. Lou also broadcast the story. Not every word is true False, but… The story told by Hu’s cook and us is actually a mixture of two people’s perspectives. ”

Yan decided directly that “twin sisters had been transferred ten years ago.”

He raised the coin, facing Yan Mingguang, put his fingertips on the front of the coin and said: “The first half of the story is the story of Hu a Yu. Her sister’s wedding started in a downpour and was selected as a tribute to the mountain god. The kind-hearted twin sister didn’t want her sister to die miserably. She has been helping her sister connect with her sister’s lover. However, before the sacrifice began, her sister’s lover didn’t appear, and Hu a Yu, a girl, was unable to save her sister Sister… ”

He uttered a word and turned the coin to the opposite, “The second half of the story is from the perspective of Hu Ayun. She was desperate and her lover betrayed. Her parents wanted her to accompany the mountain god, and her only sister was unable to take her. So she tried to buy off the people who worked in the mountain temple, deceived Hu Ayu to the place where she was imprisoned, and together with the person who worked in the mountain temple… Changed herself and her sister.”

“The cook we saw was not Hu Ayu, but Hu Ayun, the twin sister who exchanged herself with her sister ten years ago. The exchange of twins was actually a situation that was not difficult to guess, but Lou affirmed the story told by the cook, which made us all feel – it’s impossible, the reason is true, and what the Cook said must be true. But in fact, there is something strange in it…”

“Hey, I’m so blind. I’m such a gentleman. I wasted my invitation letter to exchange warm hands for her, and I got a debuff. The cook had a problem. What’s the reason? It’s normal to stay at the age of 18. The girl mentioned in debuff is really her.”

That’s what I said, but Yan Wei actually knows that this debuff may not be a good thing. Just the tips and clues brought by the five words “girls like”, it’s worth hanging this debuff for adventure.

“The stories are all right, but the first half is the positive sister perspective, and the second half is the negative sister perspective.”

Yan Wei hooked the corner of his mouth and stuffed the coin back into his pocket.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him. It seems that their relationship is getting better and better. This person is a little more than the conversation they just met: “there is a loophole that needs to be explained. You infer these according to the degree of hatred of the skinnless female ghost killing, but if the reasoning is tenable, according to the degree of hatred of the skinnless female ghost killing, the first person to die should be sister LA as the sister of the dead ghost.”

“This is indeed a paradox, and there must be other reasons -”

Yan Wei gave a loud voice.

The prompt sound of the building suddenly sounded in the minds of all players.

[the progress of the copy has been updated. Some players have successfully answered the clues related to the sisters of the Hu family: the name and origin of the goddess. The method of making skin and bone umbrellas in Ankang ancient town originated from the Hu family. The goddess who always lives in the mountain temple and presides over all sacrifices and worship in the ancient town is the daughter of the Hu family. The previous generation of Goddess will train the young daughter of the Hu family as the next generation of goddess, and wait until the previous generation of goddess When she dies, the New Goddess will inherit the work and accusations of the previous generation. The goddess in Ankang town can also get married and have children. Only the girl worshipped to the mountain god must remain pure.]

[the corresponding player who successfully competes for the answer will get 1 point. Continue to compete for the answer. Please all players to compete for the answer and survive.]

“Ah, is it Lin Zhen’s fish flying boat or Ning Yi?” Yan Wei blinked, “But it helped me directly connect all my guesses. Look, the reason for this paradox is that Hu Ayun is the next generation of God woman trained by God woman, but just before she inherited, she was selected, and the person who inherited God woman became her sister. Because of a heavy rain, she changed from the heir of God woman who is about to be respected to be put on the table The sacrifice of the altar.

“Later, the things in the story happened. Hu Ayun ran out and became Hu Ayu. Because of the witchcraft she knew, she successfully manipulated the dead girls’ bodies and skin and bone umbrellas. First, she killed the lover who betrayed her, and the second killed the townsman who knew that she had actually transferred with her sister to work in the temple. The townsman didn’t know this and thought it was a tribute It’s not pure to make the Mountain God angry, and they hate Hu Ayun more and more – in their eyes, it’s Hu Ayu. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the prompt sound that had just sounded soon reappeared in Yan Wei’s mind.

[congratulations on breaking the secret of the Hu family. As the first player to find this clue, you will be rewarded with 6 perception, 6 body index and 8 points.]

[you got 3 extra points for answering questions.]

[you currently have a total of 7 points for answering questions, ranking first among the players in this replica. Please make persistent efforts to survive.]

Yan Mingguang also got these three points. This is the joint efforts of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. They both got extra points. At the moment, they are both 7 points and tied for the first place.

——And this clue is worth three points and a high amount of data reward!

Yan Wei moved and said with a smile, “with such a high reward, it seems that we are close to the last clue. Now that we have reached this step… Where is the ladder? What should we do to end this copy?”

“I have to break the game quickly. I always feel that I will be attacked at any time because of this rotten peach blossom debuff.”


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