Half Immortal Chapter 4

Half Immortal Chapter 4: The Promenade Hotel (4)

Of course, Yan Wei doesn’t want to live in the so-called worst room.

But all the experiences just now have been repeatedly explained. The players can’t resist what the waiter arranged.

I have just escaped a death trigger. Can there be other crises in the so-called room?

Yan Wei has been used to surfing outside since childhood. He has done some work in any profession. He even found post editing work of film and television films through the relationship between insiders, including horror films.

This kind of plot that will be stared at by unclean things and die when and where is usually triggered. Ghosts will come to the door within a certain time after the trigger.

It’s like those blinking eyes on the corridor just now.

If it is triggered and not eliminated in time, everything will be in vain when ghosts appear.

Now that he has been assigned to the worst room and has to check in, he must seize the opportunity and break down the moves.

Yan Wei frowned and was about to put the room card into his pocket. The waiter said, “the guests’ rooms are double rooms. You need to choose a guest to live with.”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows.

He glanced back, and the rest of the players all stepped back involuntarily – they all heard the waiter say “the worst room”.

Since it is the worst room, you must choose the player who looks the strongest as your roommate.

Yan Wei raised his hand without thinking and directly pointed to the only silent Yan Mingguang: “he.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

He was indifferent and had no reaction for a moment. His cold black eyes seemed to be floating with ice and snow. He seems to have always been an expression, as if he would fight with a cold face in the next moment. If it weren’t for the rule that players can’t fight against players in the building, Yan Mingguang would not be surprised even if he killed Yan Wei the next moment.

Even if he is in the real world outside the building, I’m afraid he is also an indiscreet and cold Lord.

Gao Ming glanced at Yan Mingguang with great fear and hesitated. He wanted to come forward and volunteer to live with Yan Wei. But the “worst room” was so frightening that he stopped for a moment and took back his steps.

Yan Wei seemed to have no sense of Yan Mingguang’s chill. He just tilted his head and smiled: “don’t you want to have a room with me?”

Yan Mingguang said directly, “I don’t want to.”

The waiter nodded, “OK, the two guests live in room 5.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

He just said “no”. At the moment, he was gathered in Yan Wei’s room. Unexpectedly, there was no superfluous response.

Yan Wei looked at the waiter: “… Man, I’ll give you a thumb.”

Then, the waiter went to other players and began to distribute the remaining room cards according to the eating order.

The next one naturally chose room No. 2 without hesitation.

The remaining players choose eight people in turn, just four rooms.

After the distribution, the waiter explained the room seats to them, and finally said, “I’ll prepare breakfast and tickets for the painting exhibition here tomorrow morning. Please go to bed and rest at night. If you have nothing, please don’t walk around.”

With this, the waiter turned and quietly walked into the corridor, but disappeared in a moment.

Several players said they wanted to find clues together. Gao Ming came forward and asked, “do you want to go together? It doesn’t matter if you can’t find anything. More people are better than fewer people in this strange place.”

Yan Wei thought about the room and said, “I want to go to the room first. The waiter also told us not to walk around and stay in the room. After all, it’s the next place to rest. If we have information, we can go back to the room before dark.” although Yan Wei thought that the premise of “if nothing” should not be established – a ghost Hotel, How can nothing happen in the middle of the night?

He has to look at the worst room first. In case of any problems, he can find ways to deal with them in advance.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang, who had to live in the same room with him. His chin tilted up slightly and didn’t say anything, but the meaning of the inquiry was very obvious.

Yan Mingguang just nodded and said, “OK.”

Yes, I agreed to go to the room first.

Yan Wei is accompanied by Yan Mingguang, who is very big at first sight. Gao Ming is also relieved.

Since everyone had no objection, Yan Wei turned to go, but suddenly stopped at last.

“By the way,” he turned back and said to Gao Ming and the remaining players, “I was not careful and triggered a death condition, but I was very lucky to avoid it for some reason. I thought about it and couldn’t figure out the specific trigger reason. It may have something to do with the face. If you have a way…”

He paused. “Make yourself ugly and try it?”

With that said, Yan Wei was too busy to take care of himself, raised his feet and left.

After he and Yan Mingguang left, several players looked at each other.

“… what Yan Wei said is true?”

“Not necessarily. No one saw what danger he was in just now.”

“He doesn’t seem to know anything. It’s not nonsense.”

“What’s the impractical way to be ugly? Does the waiter have to rank according to his appearance when he kills people? Maybe he hates our attitude and teases us.”

Gao Ming sighed: “I’d rather believe it. It’s all in such a place. It doesn’t matter how you look.”

He took the lead in casually wiping something on his face. Others hesitated and followed suit. Several people who agreed to explore the clues sorted it out and left the restaurant.

Middle aged men and women with long skirts left the latest – they didn’t eat anything before. Now they know that the food is OK and naturally began to wolf down.

“It’s all you,” the long skirt woman finished eating and put her fork on the plate. “If we don’t believe you, we’ll count it as the last food. As for the room behind the number?”

The middle-aged man said angrily, “there’s another room 5 here? If there’s a problem, let’s go first… And that young man is just a mistake. How can he know a lot at that age?”

The long skirt woman stood up, “I’ll take off my makeup first. What face does Yan Wei say? I’d better be careful…”

“What do you believe him to do…”

The woman in the long dress gave her husband a white eye. She went to the nearest corridor, looked in the mirror and took out her makeup remover from her satchel.

The mirror reflects the woman’s beautiful figure. The floral long skirt swings slightly with the woman’s actions. Her eyes are very good-looking and stand out in her facial features.

Her face is wearing exquisite makeup, which adds a lot of color to her face.

She looked at her face in the mirror, with a row of lifelike portraits behind her. In those hanging portraits, the portrait of a woman swayed as if standing with her.

The long skirt woman couldn’t help looking at it. She was about to wipe off her makeup. The waiter’s hoarse voice sounded quietly: “… What are you looking at?”

The long skirt woman was suddenly surprised. She subconsciously turned her head and saw the waiter’s thin face close at hand. She opened her eyes and even couldn’t speak.

When the waiter spoke, she was looking at the mirror and must have noticed that there was no reflection of the waiter in the mirror.

“I, I, I…” she stuttered, and her beautiful face was full of horror.

The waiter asked again in the same tone and volume, “what are you looking at?”

The long skirt woman was obviously scared silly and answered honestly: “look, look at the mirror, mirror…”

“In the mirror…” the waiter stood beside the long skirt woman with a bloody voice, “do you see precious things?”

“Ah?” the long skirt woman was stunned. Her legs trembled, her forehead was full of cold sweat, and she answered in fear, “face, face? That’s right…”

“Your eyes are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, thank you…”

The waiter didn’t stop. He seemed to be just passing by. He just smiled at her and said, “have a good rest.”

Then he went farther and farther and disappeared at the corner of the corridor.

The long skirt woman was greatly relieved, her legs were soft, and the whole person leaned directly and softly against the mirror.

She waited for a long time and recovered. Only then did she find that she had not removed her makeup and that there was no accident when she met the waiter.

She didn’t do this at all. She stood up with the wall and scolded and walked back: “I didn’t have an accident. Let’s make it ugly. It’s really revenge on us…”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang came to the door of room 5.

The restaurant and hotel lobby are on the first floor. The waiter told them that room 5 is on the 14th floor. They came up from the elevator and found that the hotel has a total of 15 floors.

The hotel is very large. Each floor is full of corridors. On both sides of the corridors are hung all kinds of portraits of women, but there is no resident from the second floor to the 12th floor. The whole hotel has only eight players who are still alive and the strange waiter who is not an adult.

Rooms 4 and 5 are on the 14th floor, and rooms 2 and 3 are on the 13th floor.

In other words, Gao Ming and other four people live on the 13th floor, while Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are in room 5. The middle-aged man and long skirt woman who finally had dinner are arranged in room 4. The four of them live on the 14th floor.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang just went to the 13th floor. There was no difference between the two floors. The doors of many vacant rooms are open. In terms of room layout, they are the same.

The only difference is the number of layers.

Yan Wei stopped at the door of room 5, took out his room card, but suddenly gave a meal.

He looked around, his mouth slightly lifted, turned his head, changed a sad expression and said to Yan Mingguang, “I’m a little afraid and don’t dare to open the door. The waiter said this is the worst room. What if there’s a ghost to send warmth when opening the door? You’re much better than me. Let’s discuss whether you can open the door?”

His eyes moved slightly, and his sorrow was rendered much more moving.

Yan Wei has always been generous in taking advantage of his own advantages. In this way, he can make others compassionate. That is the tool he can use, which is no different from his own strength.

Yan Mingguang didn’t seem to eat it at all. The man grabbed his pocket with one hand and stood upright.

He just moved his eyes, glanced at Yan Wei and said calmly, “No.”

Yan Wei: ”

The warm yellow light on the corridor slanted on his face, but Yan Mingguang’s expression was not softened. His silver framed glasses covered his deep outline a little, adding a bit of gentle temperament, but his eyes under the lens were full of cold.

Yan Wei is the kind who laughs as if the sky is falling. Although Yan Mingguang is good-looking, he has too much sense of distance.

With such eyes, none of the players dared to talk to Yan Mingguang just now.

Yan Wei strangely doesn’t think Yan Mingguang is difficult to get along with.

People who don’t want to deal with people are more real than those who are willing to deal with but talk.

“Although I chose you…” Yan Wei coughed softly, “but now he is also a roommate -”

Yan Mingguang took the room card directly from him.

When he reacted, Yan Mingguang, who had just said no, stood in front of the door and took out a small silver folding knife from the pocket of his pilot jacket. The folding knife unfolded, and the man’s knuckles were bent. The unfolded folding knife turned a flower in his hand and made a slight rustle.

Such an ordinary small folding knife was turned by Yan Mingguang in such a long and narrow corridor with stable air flow, which directly turned out the breaking wind.

His perception can exceed 26 of ordinary players, but his body index is only 4. What about Yan Mingguang’s body index?

Yan Wei’s eyes were cold.

At this time, Yan Mingguang had pressed the room card against the doorknob.

He suddenly said, “don’t pretend in front of me. You are smarter than they think.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

“Di -”

When the door opened, a luxurious single room with gorgeous decoration and rather dark light appeared in front of them.

Yan Mingguang walked in front and Yan Wei walked behind. He didn’t see anything unclean.

It seems that it is still broad day outside. The curtains are half pulled to block most of the light, and only the subtle skylight penetrates in. One side of the bed is near the window, one side is next to the bathroom, and a mirror used as a wall is separated in the middle. The mirror reflects weak light, but it sets off such a spacious and dark environment, which is cold and frightening.

The cabinets on both sides of the bedside are decorated with dolls, one on the left and one on the right. The eyes on the doll’s face are like black gemstones. They are lifelike and lovely.

As like as two peas on the wall, a portrait of a woman is hanging from the wall. It is the same as the style on the promenade. It is clearly the hand of the owner who is good at painting.

After they came in one after another, Yan Mingguang went straight to the side of the bed. His slender fingers moved, and the folding knife went from his hand towards the portrait

——With a “bare” sound, the folding knife pierced the oil painting and nailed it directly and accurately to the woman’s eyes in the portrait.

Yan Weigang wanted to ask Yan Mingguang what he was doing. When he looked up at the oil painting, he saw a black bloodstain dripping from the woman’s eyes in the painting. The pure black “blood” slipped slowly from her pierced eyes, and her face collapsed in a moment.

The next moment, the oil painting is like chapped skin, drying up and cracking piece by piece.

Yan Wei saw that the painting was about to break into pieces and fall onto the bed. He hurried forward, tore off the oil painting and threw it at the corner of the room.

At the moment of landing, the painting broke into pieces.

Yan Wei breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at Yan Mingguang. However, he saw that the man was slowly collecting the folding knife. At the moment, there was almost indisputable exploration on his excessively cold face.

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “did you just say you were afraid?”

“….” Yan Wei just took a swipe from the corner of his mouth, but was not pierced by the embarrassment of “pretending to be counsellor”, and spread his hands and said, “compared with that, I’m more afraid that I don’t have a clean bed to sleep tonight.”

Then he and Yan Mingguang found one thing at the same time.

There is only one bed.

There is no sofa or other place in this room.

The waiter told them to sleep in their room at night.

——They must sleep in one bed.

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei, who has always been extremely demanding on living conditions: “…”

After a long silence, Yan Wei asked, “how do you know the problem of this painting?”


Yan Wei raised his eyes fiercely. “Met? Didn’t we eat in the restaurant from beginning to end? Except from the lobby to the restaurant -”

He gave a speech.

In addition to walking from the lobby to the corridor of the restaurant, everyone walked back and forth, not always in each other’s vision.

Yan Mingguang nodded directly, admitting Yan Wei’s guess. He said concisely: “I was dragged into the world of painting by a painting and came out after blinding ‘her’.”

Yan Wei suddenly realized.

It turned out that Yan Mingguang could see that he was targeted because Yan Mingguang also encountered similar things!

At that time, on the corridor, he and Yan Mingguang met different murders.

Yan Wei pondered.

It is certain that there is a problem with the painting.

However, judging from the danger degree of the current painting, no matter how much Yan Mingguang simplified the danger of the world in the painting at that time, it must not be a big problem that the women in these portraits can pierce their eyes and be cracked.

The copy won’t be that simple.

Moreover, since there is a problem with the painting itself, the person who created these paintings

“You’re still in the room!”

A brilliant voice suddenly came from the door.

When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang entered the door, they went straight to the portrait without closing the door. Gao Ming knocked on the open door and said to them, “I found something on the top floor. Would you like to come and have a look?”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow and said, “go.”

Gao Ming took them directly to the top floor.

From the perspective of hotel luxury, the top floor should be very luxurious. According to the layout of general hotels, there may be places such as gym or swimming pool.

But there are only two doors on the top floor.

A door labeled “1” is open and there is a luxury suite with all kinds of internal organs. Yan Wei was surprised before. They lived in rooms 2 to 5 on the 13th and 14th floors respectively. There must be a room 1. Now it seems that room 1 was originally on the top floor and is the most luxurious suite in the whole hotel. Like other rooms, the door is open and uninhabited. It is clean and tidy. A rough glance at the past can’t see anything unusual.

And the other room

“This room is like a studio,” said Gao Ming, standing at the door of the room, leaning sideways and giving way to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. “It’s all paintings. It’s mainly these paintings…”

A wise word.

I don’t know if he was frightened just now. His face was very pale. His black frame glasses had slipped slightly on the bridge of his nose. Gao Ming didn’t have the mind to push them back.

Needless to say, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang saw the scene in the studio on the top floor of the hotel.

Several easels were placed disorderly in the studio, with uncolored paintings on them. Countless unfinished portraits are scattered on the floor, piled up one after another, buried so that the floor can hardly be seen.

Portraits are also densely pasted on the wall. They are only half crossed, or they have not been painted, or they have not been painted, but they have not been completed.

In addition to an easel with a complete and completed portrait of women, the women in the other portraits

They all have no eyes.

Pairs of eyes with only eyes can be seen everywhere with scattered paintings, on the wall, on the ground and on the easel… Empty eyes are everywhere in the dark light of the studio, dark, terrible, quiet and frightening.


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