Half Immortal Chapter 40

Half Immortal Chapter 40: Ankang ancient town (19)

Although Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are at the highest score, Yan Wei has a debuff. It’s hard to ensure that ghosts won’t attack him suddenly.

Yan Wei was a little tired after a whole day’s running and the nervous tension in the copy. He yawned and continued: “judging from the three points we got at one time… The score of breaking the game must be higher. If it wasn’t for someone other than us to break the game, it would be able to surpass us all at once.”

“Tomorrow,” he made a direct decision, “as soon as dawn tomorrow, we’ll go down the well and get all the other phalanges under the well.”


Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

The “good” came so fast that Yan Wei finally reacted to what Yan Mingguang really trusted him.

“Ah, dead ice, why do I always think you are easy to understand for a while and can’t see through for a while,” Yan Wei raised his hand and held his chin. “If you’re a fag, I’ll suspect you have a crush on me. You’re not afraid I’ll take you into the ditch?”

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged, but his pure black pupils became more and more quiet.

The man said calmly, “I don’t believe you, I believe in myself, my judgment and vision.” even though it is moistening the cold voice, the tone is still wrapped with cloud and light self-confidence.

Yan Wei nibbled his teeth and sneered: “I hope our trust in our own eyes – ah, this is too around – can last anyway, comrade in arms.”

Yan Mingguang closed the window.

The temple buildings are very old, and the windows are old-fashioned paper windows. Even if the window is closed, the westward sunlight still scatters in, adding a hazy meaning.

Yan Mingguang leaned sideways and was shrouded in the dim and tipsy sunlight. It was like new snow falling in the warm summer. The light and cold was covered by the warm color.

His temperament is very cold, but he has no sense of rejection with this warm light, and even gives people a feeling that people are like their names.

In the rustling wind, the children’s song sounded slowly and blew into the guest room bit by bit. The song symbolizing harvest and rain echoed and sang in a child’s voice. Yan Wei, who now knows the secret of Ankang Town, only felt unspeakable cruelty.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”


“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

The corridor suddenly heard the sound of faltering footsteps, and the footsteps were very chaotic. It was obvious that there was more than one person.

In such a song, such scattered and staggering footsteps came. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other. They raised their feet at the same time and walked quickly to the door. Yan Mingguang raised his hand and calmly opened the door.

——There are three players in the corridor.

Yan Wei frowned: “Kong Yuwei? Song Yu? LV ya?”

These three people did not simply come back to rest after searching for clues. Song Yu had nothing to do in the morning. At the moment, most of his body was covered with blood. He had several wounds on his body and his left shoulder was covered with flesh and blood. It’s not a weapon wound like a knife wound, but a wound torn off with clothes and skin.

Fortunately, there are not many places like this. Although Song Yu was injured and is obviously in poor condition, his life is obviously not in danger.

Two other ordinary players on the seventh floor, Kong Yuwei and LV ya, supported him left and right. When they saw Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei standing at the door, the three were stunned: “Yan? You and Yan Wei came back so early…”

Yan Mingguang walked forward with his pocket in one hand and asked, “what’s going on?”

Song Yu is not in good condition now. He is held by Kong Yuwei and LV Ya and has little energy to answer. Kong Yuwei and LV Ya looked at each other, looking a little embarrassed.

In the morning, they had not robbed Hu Ayu and Yan Mingguang for a short time. They ate Yan’s three points yesterday and robbed points today. As a result, they are still seen such a embarrassing scene

Kong Yuwei held Song Yu with one hand and felt her nose with the other hand. She accidentally wiped the blood from Song Yu’s body on her nose. Coupled with her embarrassed expression, it’s not funny.

Yan Wei stood behind Yan Mingguang. Instead of being frightened by Song Yu’s appearance, he was amused by Kong Yuwei.

The faces of Kong Yuwei are even worse.

But they dare not say anything. Kong Yuwei hesitated, looked at Yan Mingguang and said: “Yan, we couldn’t help it this morning… We might die today, so we were a little anxious at that time. You see, Yan Weila finally left the cook. The thing this morning is that we don’t have eyesight, so you don’t remember villains. You, a potential seed player, don’t have to worry about us…”

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyelids, slender fingers and gently pointed to Song Yu: “I don’t want to ask for the second time.”

LV Ya immediately said, “yes, it was Song Yu who met the cook. We also heard Song Yu say that he just met the cook in the small garden of the temple and was attacked. Thanks to his life-saving prop, he ran out and met us, so we brought him back to rest first.”

In the copy, the player’s injury can’t be healed immediately. The ordinary mall on the information panel can exchange some basic things, including some injury medicine, but it’s only ordinary injury medicine. The players who pass through the data reward clip of the building will not recover immediately, but will recover faster than ordinary people.

Song Yu’s injury… He should be able to recover today, but his combat effectiveness must be greatly reduced. If Ning Yi was the one who got the first answer just now, Song Yu must be one of the bottom today. In such a situation, he doesn’t have much ability to escape in front of ghosts.

If he saw Hu Ayun only after Yan Wei got the answer points and announced the relevant clues about the cook, he might have escaped.


Yan Wei blinked, his eyelashes trembled, a pair of light brown eyes flashed a little jump, and the next moment showed a concerned expression. He said, “then help him in and have a rest, and we’ll have a rest.”

He generously exchanged a can of wound medicine, leaned down slightly and handed it to Song Yu: “here you are.”

Song Yu raised his left hand, weakly took it, and whispered, “thank you.”

Kong Yuwei and LV Ya obviously don’t care about Yan Wei.

They looked at Yan Mingguang and saw that the man turned back to his room without saying a word. They had nothing to say and helped Song Yu to Song Yu’s room.

Yan Wei stood in the corridor and kicked his feet in boredom. He watched Kong Yuwei and LV ya hold Song Yu into the room. Then he silently hooked his mouth and turned back.

“Do you want to care?” he closed the door and leaned directly against the door with his chin slightly raised, “Although you are kind-hearted, you are not tolerant. They just received our benefits yesterday and turned over today. Your reaction just now means forget… Let me guess. Do you think they still remember to take care of their companions and have a good heart, so they don’t care much?”

Yan Mingguang, who had already sat down by the bed, looked back at him.

“Oh, you guessed right. Mr. Yan, I find that you really have good subconscious expectations for people’s hearts. My thoughts are different from yours…”

Yan Wei straightened up, walked forward, sat down on Yan Mingguang’s side, carelessly put on the man’s shoulder and said: “Remember Jiang Xiu’s death last night? We also saw Zheng Mao’s body halfway up the mountain. He was not killed by the skinnless female ghost, but was killed by a stone. Only Jiang Xiu died of skinning. I guess all players know this. After all, everyone has been exploring outside for a day. This shows that not all the bottom people will die. Skinnless female ghosts are more inclined to die In other words, if there are five people at the bottom, the probability of each person’s death is actually one in five.

“What you see is that they are willing to take the time to send Song Yu back with the lowest score, but what I see is… They want Song Yu to live until tonight and reduce the chance of being selected. Moreover, Song Yu has been attacked by ghosts now. If the ghosts choose him in the evening, it may be more likely? He is also injured. It is like letting Kong Yuwei, LV ya, etc The perfect tool for people to live tonight. ”

Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and said, “people can also talk about friendship.”

“But love can’t compare with life and death. Wait and see, this unpredictable place of life and death will only make people more reluctant to die.”

The weather has been fine all day today.

Once the rain stopped a few days ago, the ancient town with bloody secrets revealed a quiet atmosphere. In the evening, the clouds were thin, filtered layer after layer of warm yellow sunlight, and haloed and dyed layers of Xiaguang in the sky.

Before dark, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang went to make sure that the Divine Mother had not been released. On the way back, they saw Hu Ayun at the end of a long corridor. Yan Wei smiled at Hu Ayun quietly, turned around and left quickly with Yan Mingguang – fortunately, they returned to the guest room without accident.

Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Ning Yi came back in about the same time.

Yan Wei went to ask Yu Feizhou, and then realized that Hu Ayun was the heir of the Divine Mother. Yu Feizhou took the split line together. The three met at the empty Hu family’s old house. Lin Zhen’s prick liked stimulation more than the split point. Of course, he was uncooperative. Ning Yi was cold tempered again. They fought on the spot. As a result, Yu Feizhou was careless when he pulled his hand After opening a basement, the three fell in at the same time, and then they jointly discovered that the daughter of the Hu family was the secret of the gods of the past dynasties.

As a result, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang each scored 7 points, tied first. Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen had three points yesterday and one point today, a total of 4 points, tied second.

All other living players, including Ning Yi, are all three points.

In other words, the ghosts can choose to attack five people tonight: Ning Yi, you Rui, Kong Yuwei, LV Ya and Song Yu.

But this time, Lou didn’t give the specific ranking of rush answer points as yesterday. Instead

[in the rush answer mode, the ranking and rush answer score of each player have been informed to each player respectively. The rush answer mode enters the match point and will not enter the detailed settlement.]

[the ghost limit disappears, and the competition point of rush answer mode starts to compete. Please come on, rush answer and try to survive.]

Match point.

In other words… There is only the last case where you can get a score – that is to break the game and find the ladder!

The sun fell completely. The children who came to the temple to study every day sang down the mountain. The whole temple fell into a quiet darkness again in the uneasiness of the players.

Now we all know that most of the skinny umbrellas are controlled by Hu Ayun or placed directly at their door. Instead, we are not too afraid of the appearance of the skinny umbrellas. But tonight, I don’t know whether it’s because Hu Ayun has played against Song Yu, or it’s the final step. The match point is coming, the ghost restrictions are reduced, the umbrella appeared in the previous two nights, and it doesn’t appear tonight. The late night of the mountain temple is very quiet.

Yan Wei turned over beside Yan Mingguang in his hazy sleep.

The highly vigilant psychology kept him half asleep and half awake during his rest these days. When he turned over, his perception beyond the level of layers suddenly woke up, and a creepy feeling instantly filled Yan Wei’s whole body.

He woke up suddenly and opened his eyes at once.

At the moment, he is lying on his side with his back to Yan Mingguang. In front of him is the bedside of this bed.

Beside the empty bed, a skinnless female ghost is squatting at the moment. The bloody face is flush with the bedside, only more than ten centimeters away from Yan Wei’s face.

When Yan Wei opened his eyes, the enlarged ferocious face close at hand showed a stiff smile towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei: ”

He didn’t move.

Like the skinnless ghost squatting in front of him, Yan Wei looked at each other directly and showed a standard smile.

But under the quilt, Yan Wei’s wrist moved and firmly grasped the man’s hand.

The next moment, the other party shook back hard, and the whip wrapped around him silently – Yan Mingguang woke up and must have noticed the danger, but like him, he hasn’t moved yet.

The ghost seemed to intimidate Yan Wei, or the person who manipulated the ghost thought it might scare him. The skinnless ghost didn’t start at the first time, but just stared at Yan Wei.

Before midnight, Yan Wei is in a normal state.

He didn’t move, so he smiled, stared at the bloody face close at hand, and said to Yan Mingguang in his heart: [tonight we are the highest score, it can only be because of my debuff.]

[I don’t think it will kill me immediately because I didn’t trigger the death condition. If he kills me directly, it means that as long as he is liked by Hu Ayun, he will die. This doesn’t comply with the balance rules in the replica. Moreover, there is a minimum score tonight. These ghosts can’t help other players.]

Although there was an enlarged bloody ghost face in front of Yan Wei, Yan Wei’s tone of speaking to Yan Mingguang was still rational and calm. He quickly analyzed: [so I think we just need to drag until there are other dead.]

When it comes to “there are other dead”, his tone still doesn’t fluctuate.

Yan Mingguang listened to his analysis without hesitation, but said: [HMM.]

[OK, Mr. Yan, count down to three and kick him off.]




The next moment, Yan Mingguang Yanwei!

At the same time, at the moment they moved, the ghost staring at Yan Wei also stretched out his hand towards Yan Wei!

Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei on the bed and straightened him up, directly turned over and flew up. Yan Mingguang was quick and the skinless ghost was quick. Yan Wei only felt that he was turning over. It seemed that the bloody hand without a finger bone grabbed his arm.

Yan Mingguang immediately threw Yan Wei behind him, but the ghost hand also tore off a piece of skin with the size of a palm on Yan Wei’s arm at this moment.

The pain of skin and flesh separation was immediately transmitted to Yan Wei’s brain through the pain nerve. Yan weikan landed steadily, staggered and leaned against the wall, clenched his teeth, and didn’t shout out a word of pain. He raised his hand and subconsciously wanted to touch the injured place. As soon as his fingertips touched the wound, there was a heartbreaking sympathy. He immediately took out the props flower ball he had obtained at the bottom of the well.

At that end, Yan Mingguang has been directly against the skinnless female ghost.

The target of the skinnless female ghost is Yan Wei. Instead of fighting with Yan Mingguang, she has been coming to Yan Wei, and Yan Mingguang has been fighting back the skinnless female ghost. They made no noise, but they had fought back and forth several times.

The flower ball of the treatment prop in Yan Wei’s hand flashed a faint white light. The white light flew out of the flower ball and covered Yan Wei’s torn arm. The pain directly to the brain disappeared instantly, the white light dispersed, and Yan Wei’s arm was intact. Only the torn cloth and the blood on his clothes revealed that his arm had been hurt.

In this way, the flower ball has only one treatment left.

He leaned against the wall and stared at Yan Mingguang and the skinnless ghost in front of him. His eyebrows, which had been slightly loosened, tightened slowly again.

Yan Mingguang’s body index is high. They have also experienced so many fights with ghosts. Yan Wei knows more or less.

But the skinnless female ghost in front of us is obviously just an ordinary skinnless female ghost, but it can entangle with Yan Mingguang for so long, and there is no sign of falling into the disadvantage. On the contrary, Yan Mingguang’s whip is constrained in this narrow room.

This is just a skinnless ghost. In this copy, even if the Hu sisters are removed, there are at least four skinnless female ghosts

This copy… With their current props and strength, it is impossible to pass the Customs by violence.

Where the hell is the ladder?

At present, the skinnless female ghost came forward again. Her boneless legs dragged on the ground like a lump of rotten meat, but the speed was very fast. Yan Mingguang was about to shake the whip, but the skinnless ghost suddenly stopped again.

The next moment, another room suddenly heard an extremely sad man scream!

Sure enough, as Yan Wei said, if ghosts succeed in other rooms, Yan Wei will have nothing to do here. The skinnless ghost paused, accompanied by a scream, slowly disappeared in front of the two people, leaving only a blood stain.

But the scream in the other room became more and more shrill.

Both Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang recognize this voice.

Yan Wei murmured to himself, “Lv Ya’s voice… Ghosts choose people entirely by luck. It doesn’t mean that whoever is the weakest will die?…”

LV Ya’s miserable cry continued. In a minute or two, another woman’s cry rang.

“Help!!! Don’t come here!!!… why are my props useless… Help me!!”

Kong Yuwei shouted loudly. After a while, the sound of opening the door hard came from her guest room, and hurried footsteps sounded in the corridor.

She seemed to run to the door of Lin Zhen’s room and slapped the door for help.

There seemed to be something chasing him behind her. After a few shots, Lin Zhen didn’t respond in the room. She had to run forward and shouted for help.

Kong Yuwei’s help voice was getting closer and closer to Yan Wei. When she ran to the door of their room, she patted Yan Wei’s door hard, gasped and shouted, “Yan! Help me, help me, help…”

Yan Wei looked motionless and his eyes rested on Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang’s footsteps inched.

Kong Yuwei was still screaming.

The short ten seconds seemed to have been elongated. Yan Mingguang just took his feet. His pale face made people unable to see the emotion at the bottom of his heart.

Then Yan Mingguang slowly sat down by the bed.

Kong Yuwei’s hurried voice and cry for help turned into a sharp scream.

After about ten minutes, all the screams disappeared and the mountain temple returned to tranquility. But all the players who are still alive know that LV Ya and Kong Yuwei are dead tonight.

In addition, Song Yu, who has little activity ability, only six people are left to continue to break the game tomorrow: Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Ning Yi and you Rui.

Ghosts can take the lives of two players at the same time. Tomorrow will only be more terrible, but they only have six players and the last answer point.

Sure enough, as Lou said – when the match point comes, you will die if you don’t break the game.

As soon as the sun rose, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang got up immediately.

Yan Wei put on the intact windbreaker he had just redeemed and said quickly, “we must be fast today. My debuff will attract the attack of skinless female ghosts. Last night, I choked all of them and used the flower ball’s healing ability. Today, I’m sure there will be more. As long as I don’t break today… Tomorrow, that’s midnight tonight, I’m afraid I’ll have to explain here.”

He stepped forward and patted Yan Mingguang on the shoulder: “teacher Yan, let’s start.”

Without stopping, he simply went to the door and opened it.

Yan Wei made a move.

Outside the door, the well-dressed and well-dressed cook held a tray with a bowl of steaming soup on it. The dense heat floated and slightly covered her face. The gentle expression was vague and faint after the heat.

“Brother Yan woke up?” she smiled innocuously at Yan Wei and whispered, “it was too cold two days ago. I was afraid that brother Yan would catch a cold. I cooked a bowl of ginger soup for you early in the morning. I didn’t prepare breakfast for other travelers. I specially brought this to you first. No one else has it. Only you have it.”

Yan Wei, who has filled his vigilance: ”

He doesn’t really want this honor.


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