Half Immortal Chapter 42

Half Immortal Chapter 42: Ankang ancient town (21) “suffer for yourself.”

After several people went down the well with the same rope tied to them, they appeared at the same entrance and were not separated.

With the experience of going down the well last time, this time they were all familiar with the way. Lin Zhen walked in front and explored the way with the echo of the arrow feather. Before long, he came to a large cave as spacious as before.

The ground was full of open leather and bone umbrellas.

As soon as the four entered the cave, the same prompt sound as the last time they went down the well appeared – let them find the one made of the girl’s skin and bones hidden in these ordinary skin and bone umbrellas.

There are five roads at the five entrances. In one road, the phalanges in the ordinary leather umbrella and the girl’s phalanges were cleaned by Yan Wei. In another road, the girl’s phalanges were taken away by Yan Mingguang, but the phalanges of the ordinary leather umbrella are still there. The pile in front of them, since there will be a prompt sound of the building, it should be one of the three remaining roads, including the phalanges of girls and ordinary dead.

The pieces of skin and bone umbrella have been flying slowly.

Yu Feizhou frowned and took out his blue pearl props. He was preparing to accumulate strength. Yan Wei said, “before starting, I want to confirm one thing.”

Lin Zhen sneered: “don’t confirm it. I know you must have a card. I won’t say it. I also want to see the expressions found by those people in yuemang… Fish flying boat. It’s a little difficult to force him to talk everywhere.”

The fish flying boat was stunned: “what?”

Yan Wei chuckled: “OK, I’d better listen to my arrangement – just annoy these skin and bone umbrellas completely. Then Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou will surround the outside. If any umbrella runs and stops it to prevent any fish from escaping.”

Fish flying boat: “ah?”

Yan Mingguang: “yes.”

Lin Zhen: “I’ll have a good look this time. What happened after I left last time.”

Yan Wei ignored him, his eyes moved and said in a deep voice, “do it.”

Yan Mingguang instantly took out the ordinary dart stored in the information panel, raised his hand and hit the suspended land bone umbrella without hesitation. At the same time, Lin Zhen pulled the long bow in his hand, and ten arrow feathers hit the handle of the flying skin and bone umbrella accurately. These umbrellas have rushed up. Although yufeizhou didn’t know what the dialogue between Lin Zhen and Yan Wei meant, his quality as a seed player in the building made him stop the nearest skin and bone umbrella without a pause.

Yan Wei stood behind the three men, paying attention to the attack strength of the leather umbrella.

When these skin and bone umbrellas have been angered to the point that one blow will kill Yan Wei, Yan Wei took a step forward and quickly said, “almost, you step back.”

In a word, more than 100 leather and bone umbrellas, which were already in a completely irritable state, surged in, setting off a cool wind in the cave, carrying a heavy cold wind towards the front Yan Wei——

Dozens of minutes later.

Lin Zhen finally knows what Yan Wei did when he went down the well last time: “….”

“So when we met you, it was not the umbrella chasing you, but you chasing the umbrella…” Yu Feizhou said in a surprised tone. “I think I should apologize – Yan Wei, I underestimated you before. You are very powerful, and the world inside the building… Will be your stage like a fish in water.”

Yan Wei just smiled.

Wearing gloves, he pressed the ordinary leather umbrella on the ground with one hand and took down the umbrella with tools in the other hand. The falling human leather umbrella cover decayed instantly, and an ordinary dead finger bone fell into his hand. At a road entrance to the cave, Yan Mingguang turned around and kicked the last leather umbrella that almost escaped to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei took it in one hand, repeated the action of removing the umbrella again, and said, “the 152. With the 126 before, we now have 278 ordinary dead phalanges, plus three girl phalanges. Go, next.”

About an hour later.

Yan Wei put away the last phalanx on the road and said, “here are 191 ordinary dead phalanx and girl phalanx. Now there are 469 ordinary dead phalanx and four girl phalanx.”

Two hours later.

“It’s afternoon now. It’s only three hours before sunset. We’ll finish work to find Ning Yi,” Yan Wei put the last finger bones into the storage column of the information panel, “a total of 857 ordinary dead finger bones and five girl finger bones.”

In addition, they also gained some body index and perception bonus, and broke all the retrospective illusion. The four falling props were divided equally among the four people, and each took the appropriate one.

Yan Mingguang put away his whip and said calmly, “go.”

Gambling area.

After you Rui died, the last open projection angle became gray.

This time, the copy of the seven story gambling building that triggered the rush response mode completely entered the dead corner of the audience at this moment. No one knows what is happening at the moment and who will come out at the end.

This is common in highly difficult copies of gambling buildings. Especially powerful players never care about the reward feedback brought by the projection opening time. Instead, they choose to give up the projection in order not to let their skills or cards be seen and studied by everyone – after all, when they climb the stairs, the people’s heart is also something that needs to be controlled by the customs clearance copy.

Generally, at this stage, it means that the copy has reached the last minute.

The copy of Ankang ancient town is coming to an end.

“If Yan can come out smoothly this time, even if he is not the best player… Other organizations will be excited and have infinite potential.”

“Not necessarily. You’ve been watching here. Don’t you know? There are high-level players on yuemang. Even if Yan comes out of this copy, yuemang’s people are ready to see you next copy.”

“Why? Although Jiang Xiu is a seed player, in the final analysis, he is still an ordinary ten layer player, not a dozens layer or even fifty or sixty layer seed player. Now Yan is more valuable than Jiang Xiu and Zheng maojia. Yuemang can give up his hatred and stick out an olive branch. Isn’t it not like he won’t die with Yan?”

“What is Jiang Xiu? It’s a matter of face. If this matter can’t be solved, yuemang’s fresh blood input will definitely be lost to other organizations. At that time, the preemption of resource quota will also bring too many subsequent effects because the seed quality is at a disadvantage. Where are they for Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao? It’s for yuemang himself.”

“But I don’t think Yan can win the best this time. Which of Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Ning Yi is not a hard idea? Maybe one of them directly broke the game and exceeded Yan’s rush answer points.”

“I also feel that I don’t believe that a newcomer who has only passed the copy once and has a layer of suspected cumbersome players around him can win the best again in this copy? It’s too fantastic.”


The projection has become completely black, but there are more and more discussions before the projection. At the moment, more and more players are back waiting for the results.

It’s almost over.

Yan Wei was the last one to come out of the well.

Due to the difference in body index between the four of them, Lin Zhenyu flew out first, and Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei out behind.

Before Yan Wei came out, he felt that the atmosphere outside the well was not quite right – his perception made him feel outside the well. When Yan Mingguang pulled him out, he saw the situation outside.

Yu Feizhou, Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang all made gestures ready to take action at any time.

In front of the four of them, Ning Yi stood in the forest with a short knife. The right shoulder was stained with blood. The shoulder blade was covered with private skin, and there was unstoppable blood flowing down bit by bit.

She held the short blade in her left hand, and the blade of the short blade was full of blood.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows – if their players had a conflict at this time, it would be dark soon, and no one would be nice at that time.

His mind was active. He pulled Yan Mingguang and planned to go forward to deal with it. Ning Yi spoke first before he started.

Her complexion remained unchanged, as if there was no pain in the wound on her shoulder. Her voice was very flat and cold: “you Rui died. I killed the God woman. I met Hu Ayun on the way and was injured.”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved and silently hooked the corners of his mouth.

Ning Yi’s sentence already means cooperation.

You Rui is dead, so in addition to Song Yu, who is seriously injured, only the five of them standing here can pass the customs. She also killed the shenpo without any feedback and response points, which shows that the way for players to help the skinnless female ghosts revenge is not feasible, and the ladder clue is not here. On the way to the well, I met Hu Ayun, which shows that Ning Yi may have used some cards to get here quickly. Even so, she was still injured. She can’t be Hu Ayun’s opponent alone, and Hu Ayun is about to get to the well.

Yan Wei instantly wants to understand the amount of information and all the orifices brought by Ning Yi. Ning Yi also slowly raises the short knife in his hand at this time, and the tip of the knife is aimed at Yan Wei from a distance.

Her tone was still frosty: “you can make a decision. I know you got something at the bottom of the well. I have a way. Cooperation or non cooperation, in a word.”

Yan Wei blinked, her light brown eyes as bright as stars.

a moment.

He chuckled: “Yufeizhou seems to have told me that you never use projection… Now that everyone knows it, I won’t hide it. Ning Yi, you will get the skill of building gifts when you lift the building three times. What you want is… It’s similar to being able to see through the basic data of a player for a limited number of times? Plus the two points I got at the beginning, so you know my real strength from the beginning. You can’t see it Since Jiang Xiu, he also felt that he and Zheng Mao were dead. He didn’t intend to get involved from beginning to end, did he? ”

Ning Yi’s indifferent eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

“We got all the finger bones under the well. Are there any ways to deal with the behind the scenes controllers in the clues you found? Let’s exchange.”

“Only exchange, and the final answer points depend on their abilities.”

“Of course, everyone wants the best player – but only if we can survive,” Yanwei said. “I’m not afraid of cooperation, because even if we lose, you must die before me.”

“What, want to cooperate?” Lin Zhen sighed. “That’s not all that’s left to play boss? Boring.”

Ning Yi cut the nail and cut the railway: “I come from yuemang, we are enemies. I keep it a secret for you, provide my clues, and you provide your teammates and your clues.”

——This is only temporary cooperation.

After the copy is finished, it is unknown whether it is an enemy or a friend.

At this time, there was a cool wind blowing in the surrounding mountains and forests, which rustled the clothes of several people. It was clear that it was only in the afternoon, but it was very dark in the mountains and forests, and the hunting wind was like the roar of hell.

The song sounded.

That folk song seems to come from a distance and surround in all directions. If it is far or near, the girl’s sharp voice is faint and ethereal, threatening people’s nerves bit by bit.

Yan Mingguang suddenly turned around, threw out a dart and nailed a skinnless ghost to the tree!

Hu Ayun’s figure gradually appeared in front of the five people.

She was still the same as when Yan Wei saw her in the morning, dressed in exquisite national costumes, with a white face and a gentle expression.

Her lips moved gently and sang a cool song – sure enough, she sang the folk songs every night!

After singing a song, she stood in front of several people. Yan Mingguang and others were ready to go. Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly frozen, and his hand in his windbreaker pocket gently groped for the edge of the coin. A creepy feeling covered everyone’s body, and countless pairs of eyes seemed to be looking at them in the secluded forest.

Hu Ayun smiled, word by word, with a gentle voice: “do you know everything? Someone killed our old God woman, and someone destroyed all my umbrellas…” she looked at Yan Wei with a regretful expression, “I wanted you to live to see the last dusk, but now I’m so angry that I want you to be my collection – I’ll take care of your skin.”

As soon as the voice fell, one after another skinnless ghosts suddenly appeared in the surrounding trees.

Yan Wei’s first reaction was that he was going blind.

He suspected that Lou had a grudge against cleanliness and challenged his lower limit every time.

The skinnless ghost has surrounded.

Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and others started to block the skinless ghosts outside a certain boundary for the time being. Hu Ayun didn’t move. She just stood there quietly and looked at them. All the skinless ghosts bypassed her.

At the moment, Yan Wei didn’t care about cleanliness, so he turned sideways to avoid a skinnless ghost, and rolled on the ground for a few times.

The fish flying boat threw something to him from a distance. While fighting with the skinnless ghost, he shouted, “put on the walkie talkie I just exchanged!”

The fish flying boat continued to throw to others. Yan Wei immediately stuffed the small earphone into his ear.

Although not as good as Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, they can communicate directly with their hearts with a whip, the micro walkie talkie that can be exchanged in this information panel mall can still communicate without shouting.

Once put on, another skinnless ghost pounced on Yan Wei.

He turned over again and his whole body was rolled aside by the soil in the mountains. Yan Mingguang threw his whip and pulled Yan Wei to his side when the skinnless ghost came again.

Yan Wei stood behind Yan Mingguang and heard Ning Yi’s gasping breath from the walkie talkie. He immediately said, “Ning Yi, what’s the way to deal with Hu Ayun?”

On the other side, Ning Yi couldn’t feel the pain of the shoulder wound at all. He cut off the extended ghost hand with a short blade in his right hand and gasped slightly in his airway: “only four words.”

“You deserve it.”


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