Half Immortal Chapter 43

Half Immortal Chapter 43: Ankang ancient town (22) “the last one.”

Yan Wei chewed these four words in his mouth and repeated them to himself: “… Suffer for yourself?”

He asked, “didn’t you mention bones or something?”

“No,” Ning Yi said in a cold voice, “only four words.”

Did Ning Yi not notice the well at all? These four words, let alone the finger bone, even the well didn’t have any hint. Only today, when there is no other possibility except the well, will they meet with the well.

Hu Ayun still stood there quietly.

The shade of the dark trees was mottled on her white and delicate face. This face seemed to stop at the age of 18, with a faint smile. It was incompatible with these bloody and chaotic scenes in front of her, but it seemed to be integrated into these skinnless ghosts.

Just now at the bottom of the well, Yan Wei also experienced the last scene of Hu Ayu’s life when he broke the illusion of backtracking of all skinnless girls.

It was as like as two peas in Hu Ayun’s face, beautiful and innocent, believing in everything beautiful, including her sister.

“Bang -”

On the other side, Lin Zhen was accidentally torn off the skin and flesh on his arm by a sudden skinnless female ghost. The fish boat pulled him back. Under the action of inertia, they hit the thick roots behind him at the same time.

Yan Mingguang also pulled Yan Wei hard, and the other hand whipped to block the bloody hand extended by the skinnless female ghost.

In the presence of Hu Ayun, the skinnless ghosts now are much more powerful than those encountered by Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang yesterday. The skinnless female ghosts transformed by five girls who were sent to the altar are far more terrible than those ordinary skinnless ghosts.

The five skinnless female ghosts just stare at the five of them. Lin Zhen and Ning Yi have hung the lottery. Yan Mingguang has to block the skinnless female ghost attacking Yan Wei. One person is equal to facing two invincible ghosts at the same time, and the pressure is the greatest. Fortunately, they have a girl’s phalanx on their hands, so they can always mediate in a critical moment.

The ghost of this seven story copy can’t pass the Customs by violence at all.

——If you drag on like this, even if there are potential players with cards, this seven tier copy will face group extinction. Although Yan Wei can not die, he will be seriously injured if he does not die. He can’t break the game alone with a seriously injured body. It’s the same outcome when midnight comes.

While dodging, Yan Wei had thousands of thoughts in his mind.

Hu Ayun just stood among the skinless ghosts and didn’t shoot. From the beginning of this copy, only skinless ghosts or finger bones that attract skinless ghosts kill. Even at the beginning of putting the skin and bone umbrella at the player’s door, Yan Wei understood now – that’s because there are finger bones in the skin and bone umbrella, which attract non skin ghosts, so the player with the umbrella will die.

Hu Ayun should also be very dangerous, but her attack power should not exceed that of a skinnless female ghost. Otherwise, she doesn’t have to stand there and wait for the results. They will be killed if she shoots directly.

The problem that they can’t pass the customs now is that the ladder doesn’t know whether it will appear after killing Hu Ayun, and these skinless ghosts must be solved after killing Hu Ayun.

Ning Yi’s method is “self inflicted”.

what do you mean?

Those phalanges are the phalanges of the dead. Can they be the phalanges of ordinary dead people that can kill Hu Ayun, so Hu Ayun did it himself?

No, it doesn’t seem like a way to break the game. And no matter what can be used to deal with the skinnless female ghost is the girl’s phalanx, just from the function point of view, those ordinary dead phalanx will only attract the skinnless ghost more. If he took out the finger bones of the deceased now, the more than 800 skinnless ghosts in front of him would rush at him in a moment, let alone kill Hu Ayun with the finger bones. It would be good if he could not be torn to pieces.

What else?

Yan Wei clutched a girl’s phalanx in his hand, and could push back the skinnless ghost. He turned and was torn off a piece of cloth by a skinnless ghost.

Yu Guangzhong caught another glimpse of Hu Ayun standing there with a smile.

Her smile was almost false, as if it was the only innocence in the blood. But Yan Wei saw the 18-year-old Hu Ayu and the twin sister who was entrapped by her sister in the back fantasy. Compared with Hu Ayu’s smile, Hu Ayun’s smile was very false and moist.

She and Hu a Yu are completely, except this one, she still maintains an 18-year-old face——

Yan Wei raised his eyes fiercely.

He suddenly sidled away from an ordinary skinless ghost again, clenched the girl’s phalanx in his hand, and kept dodging under the protection of Yan Mingguang. But his eyes stopped on Hu Ayun’s face. His eyes were slightly red because of the fatigue caused by high-intensity movement and action. His light brown eyes slowly changed from quiet thinking to suddenly bright.

Yan Wei’s eyes were light and bright. Under the siege of many skinnless ghosts, he actually aroused a smile.

On the other side, Lin Zhen and others tried to cross the skinnless ghosts to attack Hu Ayun, but although those skinnless ghosts were not around Hu Ayun, every time the player approached to attack, there would be skinnless ghosts around Hu Ayun.

If Lin Zhen shoots an arrow from a distance and the arrow feather hasn’t reached Hu Ayun, there will be a ghost without skin suddenly to block the attack.

Those skinless ghosts are a pile of flesh and blood. Even if they are hurt by cold weapons, the flesh and blood will close again at the next moment – the damage caused by players to skinless ghosts is only temporary, but the damage caused by skinless ghosts to players is continuous.

Except that the fish flying boat has the ability to convert wounds into attack power, the others are more or less colorful, but the light of the blue pearl prop of the fish flying boat is also gradually fading. Yan Mingguang protected Yan Wei. Most of the wounds came from stumbling. On the contrary, Yan Mingguang blocked it several times and was bleeding in several places.

If we can’t find a non violent way to break the situation, procrastination can drag them to death.

Ning Yi’s cold voice was slightly raised: “if you can’t think of a way, use the girl’s phalanx.”

Yan Wei shook his head.

He made a decision and dodged behind Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei and Hu Ayun are separated by Yan Mingguang, and the other party can’t see what to do for the time being. He subconsciously raised his hand, touched the walkie talkie stuffed in his ear, lowered his voice and said, “we can’t last long. The time is very urgent. I won’t repeat it for the second time. If it’s too loud, Hu Ayun will hear it again, so I hope you can listen carefully…”

The movements of the other four people were all slightly undetectable.

Yan Wei then whispered: “There are three ways for us to break the game: first, we crack it violently. Now it seems that it is impossible unless it is at the body index level of more than ten layers; second, Ning Yi said that it should be a way to kill Hu Ayun if she can break into Hu Ayun’s body with five girl phalanges. When she dies, these dangers will end. But at present In fact, if we want to do this, we must work hard, and maybe… Someone can’t get out of this copy anymore. ”

The five people present are already the five best players in this copy. Except Yan Wei, others can’t have never thought of this method.

But they have not really acted because they know that this method is the last choice.

With the difference between the boss and the player’s force value, I’m afraid someone will have to sacrifice to do this. Moreover, in case of failure, when the girl’s finger bone is taken back by Hu Ayun, they have no way but to wait to die.


Yan Wei said: “there is a third way, which is my guess about ‘self inflicted’. I know we are only teammates of temporary interest combination, but my guess now must let you all support me. I don’t want me and my teammates to die here. If you don’t cooperate, I won’t spend time. I will only throw those who don’t cooperate into the pile of skinless ghosts with Yan Mingguang first.”

He panted and said these words quickly, with an abnormal calm tone. Although he could not hear any cruel emotions, several people could feel inexplicably that Yan Wei’s words… Were serious.

This seemingly harmless young man and beast is actually the cruelest player they are still alive.

“Well, no one speaks, so listen to me? Now I’ll say the way I guess…”

In the chaos, Yan Wei couldn’t stop changing his position and tried to hide behind Yan Mingguang so that Hu Ayun couldn’t see him talking.

He used the fastest speed to tell the guess of the breaking method and what the other four people were going to do.

In a few minutes.

Yan Wei said word by word, “I’m finished. Let’s go.”

Yan Mingguang turned his head and looked at him silently in the scream of the skinnless ghost.

Yan Wei smiled, opened his mouth slightly, moved his mouth gently, and said without making a voice, “don’t worry, I won’t die.”

Yan Mingguang nodded at him.

At the next moment, all four people except Yan Wei suddenly stopped, turned and ran! Only Yan Wei stayed where he was, holding an ordinary dagger in one hand, and was suddenly thrown to the ground by the skinnless ghost in a few movements.

The other four ran down the mountain without looking back – according to Yan Wei’s arrangement, the four of them had to race against time to finish the breaking method Yan Wei said.

They originally wanted to kill Hu Ayun and try to attack, but they stayed where they were. Now they want to leave, they don’t love war, but they cleared a way in a moment.

Hu Ayun still stood where she was, but she looked at Yan Mingguang and others running down the mountain and frowned gently.

Yan Wei has been pressed on the ground by a skinnless female ghost.

At the moment, he was covered with mud, and his cheeks were skinned, but his eyes were still bright. The dirty blood hand of the skinnless female ghost grabbed his arm and pressed him firmly on the ground. The other blood hand slowly approached Yan Wei’s cheek – he wanted to tear from Yan Wei’s face!

Yan Wei looked quite calm. He rolled his eyes and muttered, “this copy really has a grudge against cleanliness…”

Then he took a deep breath and shouted, “do you miss your sister?”

The skinnless ghost’s hand.

The skinless ghost slowly dragged her boneless legs out of a path. A clean and tidy “girl” approached step by step from the path. The skinless ghost actually let Yan Wei go and retreated a little driven by Hu Ayun.

Yan Wei gasped and sat directly on the ground, leaning against the stump behind him. Without panic, he said, “sit down and talk?”

Hu Ayun came to him.

“Your companions ran away,” she said. “I may have to kill you before I kill them.”

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids and smiled. He glanced at hundreds of flesh and blood skinnless ghosts around him and asked, “which is Hu Ayu?”

Hu Ayun’s expression changed slightly.

Yan Wei expected this.

The way he wants to break the game, someone must go down the mountain and move quickly – even if he runs down the mountain with all his strength, it will take some time. It must be before sunset. After dark, Hu Ayun has a high possibility to become stronger. The day is their last chance. But if all five of them go down the mountain, Hu Ayun will certainly follow them. At that time, they will break the game under Hu Ayun’s eyes, and there is little chance of success.

They must let Hu Ayun stay where he is. It’s all right for those skinnless ghosts to chase. Skinnless ghosts can’t think. Hu Ayun can, and she’s also very smart.

So Yan Mingguang and others went down the mountain, and Yan Wei stayed here to attract Hu Ayun’s attention. Because he knew that he would suffer at most. He could not die if he died. As long as Yan Mingguang broke the game and the ladder appeared, his injury would recover. Moreover, Hu Ayun’s attention to him is different from that to others. If others stay, Hu Ayun may not be interested.

Most importantly, Yan Wei is sure that he can hold Hu Ayun down.

He listened to the progress of Yan Mingguang’s four people going down the mountain in the walkie talkie, leaned against the tree stump and whispered to Hu Ayun, “in the morning, you asked me whether to save myself or let go of innocent people, which shows that you have been struggling with this problem, right? Anyway, I’m dying. It’s nothing to talk about. Don’t you want to talk to me in the morning?”

Hu Ayun looked at him directly.

For a moment, she sat down on Yan Wei’s side, came close to Yan Wei, raised her hand, and falsely traced the outline of Yan Wei’s cheek with her fingers.

“Then I’ll peel your skin after you finish. I’ll be a little lighter. After all… Such a beautiful face, no one wants to keep it on a painful expression. As for those friends who left you behind, don’t worry, I’ll let them accompany you together. In the evening, I’ll let them live to see their skin peeled off one by one and their bones pulled out one by one.”

Yan Wei turned white again.

He knew that his task at the moment was to hold Hu Ayun. After clearing his throat, he said, “I want to hear about you before I die. No one has known these things for ten years. Now with me as an audience, are you interested in talking?”

He chuckled.

The rather embarrassed young man’s face was stained with mud, his cheeks had been scratched, and blood exuded slightly. But his eyes were clear and clean, his temperament was bright, and the dirt on the windbreaker didn’t stop him from being clean.

Hu a Yun was stunned, smiled and said, “when you are skinned later, you have to look better.”

“Yan Wei nodded,”… OK. ”

The other end.

Yan Mingguang and others ran at full speed and went down the mountain as fast as possible. At first, there were some skinnless ghosts chasing them, but the sun slowly shifted. Maybe Hu Ayun thought they couldn’t run at night, and those skinnless ghosts didn’t chase them.

Halfway up the mountain, all the skinnless ghosts had disappeared, only four people with color on their bodies.

In the mountain temple not far away, some children’s voices reading can be seen faintly. These children come to the mountain temple to study at a fixed time every afternoon, and go down the mountain and leave in the evening.

Hearing the children’s voices means… The night is getting closer and closer.

Yan Mingguang just said, “go to the ancient town.”

“I’ll go back to the mountain temple first,” said the fish flying boat suddenly. “Song Yu is not dead yet. If the ladder only appears at a specific place, he will die. I… Want to take him first.”

Ning Yi took a look at the fish flying boat and went on without saying a word.

Lin Zhen covered the wound of his arm and sneered: “at this time, only you are overflowing with compassion. You want to go, you go, I’ll go to Ankang town.”


The sun set in the West bit by bit.

Beside the well in the deep mountain, a large shade of trees was sprinkled, permeated with the golden evening sun. Hundreds of skinnless ghosts crowded around, and their prominent eyes looked at Yan Wei as if they were going to come up and tear off his skin at any time.

Yan Wei listened to the progress of Yan Mingguang and others in the walkie talkie, while casually chatting with Hu Ayun.

Yu Feizhou went to carry Song Yu, who was seriously injured, and started Yan Wei’s breaking method with Yan Mingguang and others.

Yan Wei’s eyes remained unchanged. After hearing Hu Ayun’s words, he said, “you used to have a good relationship. Did you pull her to die for you?”

“If she doesn’t die, I’ll die.”

“But she didn’t say she was willing to die for you.”

“I have decided to let her die for me. Does it matter if she wants to?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

Hu a Yun fiddled with his hair and said: “… I’ve finished. I know you have girl finger bones that make up the core strength of the skin and bone umbrella. They can kill me, but you can’t let them close to me. Brother Yan, let’s start peeling. There’s no need to delay any more.”

Yan Wei’s side, a skinnless female ghost nearest to him slowly stretched out a bloody hand.

Yan Wei just said, “when I went down to the well, I met the resentment left by some dead girls, saw the last scene of their life, and knew their biggest regret – there’s your sister’s in it.”

Hu a Yun’s expression suddenly changed. The skinnless female ghost’s hand stopped in mid air and was no longer close.

Compared with her previous leisurely leisurely, the clouds are light and the wind is light, Yan Wei’s sentence suddenly brought her to Yan Wei’s face, and a good-looking face revealed cruelty.

Her eyes were dim, her voice lowered and asked: “… What is it?”

“She always worships you very much and thinks you are very powerful. You will become the best goddess in Ankang town. So when she sneaks to the temple before sacrifice, she blames herself for why she is unable to take you away. She even wants to finally discuss with you if there is any other way. As a result, she was stunned by you as soon as she saw you… And then I know her regret -”

Yan Wei.

Hu Ayun looked at him directly.

In the walkie talkie, Yan Mingguang’s cold voice came: “the last one.”

Yan Wei chuckled.

He threw away the dirt on his body, slowly stood up and said, “sitting on the ground for so long is really a test of cleanliness. Do you expect any touching regret? Unfortunately, the end of the story is very old-fashioned, and her regret is…”

Yan Wei said word by word, “I didn’t kill you first.”

Hu Ayun suddenly stood up.

She sneered, her face was gloomy and her voice was cold: “then you should die, too.”

In the walkie talkie, Yan Mingguang’s voice sounded almost at the same time: “it’s all over.”

Five skinnless female ghosts have reached out to Yan Wei at the same time!

Shrouded in a creepy sense of death, Yan Wei gripped the swallow coin in his hand without moving. But the skinnless female ghost suddenly stopped when she was about to tear off his skin!

At the next moment, more than 800 skinnless ghosts around issued a cool and pathetic “Ho Ho” cry. They didn’t listen to Hu Ayun at all, and suddenly all went down the mountain. The five skinnless female ghosts stopped rigidly for a moment, and all of them were paralyzed on the ground. Like losing any strength support, the body that had been flowing blood began to rot and stink in an instant, sending out a stinking smell.

Hu Ayun exclaimed, “what’s going on!!?”

Half of the sun has disappeared under the distant horizon. The sky in the west is full of yellow clouds, pulling the darkness gradually falling in the East.

Under the slanting sunlight, Yan Wei saw that Hu Ayun in front of him seemed to have changed.

Her face, which was so white and delicate that she couldn’t see a trace of defects, faded childishness, a few lines appeared at the end of her eyes, and her skin color was dimmed – it was a trace of years.

However, in a moment, she changed from the appearance of just 28 years old to the appearance of a normal 28 year old woman!

“I’m really procrastinating,” Yan Wei took a step back, spread his hands and gently hooked his lips. “I’m not procrastinating for me, but for my friends who ‘ran away’.”

Hu Ayun raised his hand in disbelief, gently stroked his cheek, and looked at the five skinnless corpses that had completely rotted on the ground – there was no idea who Hu Ayu was.

“It’s impossible. The fingers of the five girls didn’t come near me at all!!”

Yan Wei chuckled, “who said you must have been defeated by the girl’s phalanx?”

He walked forward a few steps, bypassed Hu Ayun, looked at the vast world in front of the mountain and took a look at the direction of Ankang ancient town.

He said: “your abilities, the power to control the skin and bone umbrella, and the appearance of staying at the age of 18… All come from – Ankang town has stopped for ten years?”

“Now time moves, so your power… Disappears.”


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