Half Immortal Chapter 44

Half Immortal Chapter 44: Ankang ancient town (end)

reap the fruits of one’s actions.

Since Ning Yi said these four words, Yan Wei began to think about what the breaking method implied.

——It must have something to do with the phalanges. Otherwise, these things will not appear here inexplicably and have no effect at all.

There are two kinds of phalanges: the phalanges of young girls and the phalanges of ordinary dead people killed by young girls. The function of the girl’s phalanx is very clear. It is used to deal with Hu Ayu. Each phalanx can resist some attacks from skinless ghosts to a certain extent. The function of the finger bones of the ordinary dead is unknown. Yan Wei confirmed the function of the finger bones of the dead through Jiang Xiu’s death.

On the contrary to the phalanges of young girls, the function of ordinary dead phalanges is to attract skinless ghosts.

Such a thing that will cause disaster on the player is not for the player.

What on earth is the finger bone of an ordinary dead person used for?

Ning Yi said that the only way she found to break the game was “suffer for yourself”, without mentioning anything else. Ning Yi won’t hide anything at the moment of life and death. Then, these four words are enough for the hint of breaking the game.

Yan Wei thought for a long time, and finally understood when he looked at Hu Ayun’s young and beautiful face.

Why does Hu Ayun’s face still look like ten years ago? Why does the ten-year mountain god Festival come, but there is no incense in the mountain temple, and even there are few townspeople going up and down the mountain? Why does Ankang ancient town clearly have so many stories related to the mountain temple, but after their players enter the copy, Ankang ancient town seems to have nothing to do with the mountain temple?

And… Why is it that on such an unsettled day, in a haunted ancient town, adults don’t come to the mountain temple, but children come to the main hall of the mountain temple on time day after day?

——Because in Ankang ancient town, except for the elderly shenpo, everyone else’s time always stayed ten years ago.

From beginning to end, they only knew that Hu Ayun, as the successor of the Divine Mother, would some ancient evil laws. But they don’t know what the evil law of controlling skinless ghosts and gaining power is.

This is Hu Ayun’s evil law.

No wonder there are almost 800 people in Ankang Town, and there are just over 800 finger bones of the dead.

Ankang town has long had no living people. No matter the skinnless ghosts who are skinned and skinned, or the townspeople and children who seem to be still active, they have actually been killed by Hu Ayun. Some of them have become skinless ghosts, others continue to maintain normal living conditions, and children continue to repeat their actions of going to school in the mountain temple – they will never grow up.

Hu Ayun divided all the dead townspeople into “dead” half – skinless ghosts, and the remaining half became conscious walking corpses – townspeople stopped everyone’s time ten years ago, reaching a kind of support and circulation of power. So no matter how they hurt the skinless ghost, the skinless ghost will return to normal soon.

Because behind every skinnless ghost, there is a “living” townsman as the real source of power.

Time solidifies and power circulates, so she is difficult to kill and almost invincible. For ten years, Hu Ayun has been retaliating against the village, not letting them know that they have long been controlled by the evil law and torturing other people’s nerves. Shenpo thinks that putting an umbrella to attract ghosts is actually just a tool for Hu Ayun to intimidate shenpo and the villagers. Foreign travelers are easy to find these secrets, so she also wants to kill the townspeople one by one according to the rules she has made.

Her secret is the secret of the whole ancient town.

Well, in addition to directly dealing with Hu Ayun and killing her, they have another way to go, that is to completely break the source of Hu Ayun’s power.

“Destroying the ancient town can also kill you,” Yan Wei took his pocket in one hand, with sharp eyes and calm tone, “As long as your source of power is cut off, that is, the people in the town are ‘dead’. But you have never worried about their accidents, which shows that they are the same. We kill them, and they should be revived by circulation soon. The way to kill them… Is self inflicted.”

“Then we can connect. The only thing that can end this evil law is the evil law itself. The only thing that can end these ghosts and you is your own evil law. Yan Mingguang didn’t run away, but broke your evil law with the finger bones of ordinary dead people.”

At that time, after Yan Wei finished his analysis, he directly gave Yan Mingguang all the more than 800 finger bones stored on his side through the information panel. Then Yan Mingguang took Lin Zhen and others down the mountain to Ankang ancient town, and quietly put all the more than 800 finger bones on the villagers as soon as possible – the number is just good, and it is also more than 800 villagers 。

The skinnless ghost felt the existence of finger bones and came after them to strip the villagers of their skin and bones.

They used the bad habits of generations to maim so many innocent girls, and finally experienced the same pain and suffered by themselves.

The source of Hu Ayun’s strength was also cut. The stagnant time in Ankang town began to flow, and she also recovered her normal appearance at the age of 28.

The rotten body of the skinnless female ghost rotted into the mud bit by bit, and the stench rushed into Yan Wei’s nose. His eyebrows frowned and raised his hand to cover his nose.

Hu Ayun was not aware of these tastes, but looked at Yan Wei and said, “I only thought you were a pastime, but I didn’t expect you to be a pastime that would bite. Why did you show up here… I’ve been used to it for ten years…”

She laughed a few times, and the laughter echoed in the mountains and forests. She said, “brother Yan, you’re smart. You’re all right. But what a pity… Do you think my source of power has been completely cut off?”

Before her voice fell, she jumped forward, directly threw Yan Wei to the ground and grabbed Yan Wei’s neck!

Ankang ancient town.

Yan Mingguang and others stood on a high platform in the ancient town and looked at the ancient town that had become Shura hell.

Everywhere, there are villagers who are skinned and skinned by skinnless bones. The blood washes the ground, and the screams of hoarseness reverberate. When a townsman is completely skinned and skinned, the scream stops, and the skinnless ghost who works next to the townsman decays in an instant – they disappear together.

The ancient town with ugly customs is washing away in the blood and destroying itself bit by bit.

The blood flowed through the oil paper umbrellas in front of the door, and the stench filled the sky.

The fish flying boat carried Song Yu on its back. It seemed that it couldn’t bear to see such a scene.

Yan Mingguang looked at the direction of the mountain from a distance and frowned slightly.

Lin Zhen looked around, casually took the dark bow in his hand and said, “no, the skinnless ghost skinned all the villagers under the attraction of his fingerbones. Hu Ayun should have lost his strength. Everything in the ancient town will be painted with a stop sign because of destruction – where’s the ladder?”

Did they… Miss something they didn’t notice?

The voice of Yan Wei and Hu Ayun fighting came from the walkie talkie!

Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved. Without saying a word, he turned and jumped off the platform.

Lin Zhen shouted to Yan Mingguang, who had shed blood under the high platform and left quickly: “you want to go up the mountain to help Yan Wei? It’s too late. It’ll be dark in more than ten minutes!”

Yan Ming didn’t go back bald.

Yan Wei’s voice suddenly came from the walkie talkie: “Yan Mingguang, are you sure none of them are missing?”

Yan Mingguang stopped.

“No, the skinnless ghosts and people in the town are dead.”

The moment Hu Ayun grabbed her neck, the sense of death shrouded her, but the other party’s hand suddenly stopped for a moment. Yan Wei seized the opportunity, grabbed the other party’s slender wrist with one hand, and smashed the girl’s phalanx at Hu Ayun with one hand.

Hu Ayun suddenly retreated with a ferocious face: “why didn’t you die!”

Yan Wei got up and took out the prop he got from the first copy – the eye of the skeleton.

Through the eyes of the skeleton, he saw the thick black gas lingering on Hu Ayun, which was a symbol of danger. He stepped back and looked at her: “you still have the power to kill me instantly, and the evil law has not been broken…”

He raised his hand and gently touched the walkie talkie and asked, “Yan Mingguang, are you sure none of them is missing?”

“No, the skinnless ghosts and people in the town are dead.”

Hu Ayun has rushed over again.

Yan Wei raised his hand sideways and stopped the hand with nails that could instantly pierce the flesh and blood.

Without the skinnless female ghost, the ordinary skinnless ghost also disappeared. Only Hu Ayun, who has returned to the age of 28, became savage and primitive.

However, after a while, Yan Wei became entangled with Hu Ayun and rolled several times on the muddy and rotten land.

Yan Wei successfully stabbed the dagger into Hu Ayun’s body during the struggle, but as soon as the dagger was pulled out, the wound on Hu Ayun’s body was slowly healing. Hu Ayun’s nails had scratched his body several places. Pain and putrid smell stimulated Yan Wei’s nerves. He grabbed Hu Ayun’s hand again, suppressed all emotions in his mind and thought rationally Test.

Hu Ayun can’t be killed now. But only the last bit of the sun is hanging on the mountain. It’s going to be dark – that’s Hu Ayun’s home.

What’s the problem? Why hasn’t the copy ended yet?

His method is not wrong, but the evil law has not been completely broken. The only possibility is that the method of “self infliction” has not been completely achieved.

Yan Wei’s first thought was whether he had missed any townspeople.

But Yan Mingguang’s four people are all in the ancient town. It’s impossible that all four people have neglected at the same time, and all the finger bones of the ordinary dead have just been used up. Where did they miss? Even if there are missing townspeople, there must be missing finger bones. In addition to Hu Ayun, who is still alive, there are only him, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Ning Yi and Song Yu.

Besides the boss, it’s the player – the player… No!

It was another tumbling room. Yan Wei’s eyes suddenly brightened as he dodged Hu Ayun’s attack.

In his mind, all the details since entering the copy flashed quickly, and finally stayed in the picture of Song Yu and others outside the guest room yesterday evening.

At that time, Kong Yuwei and LV Ya helped Song Yu, who was seriously injured. He exchanged a bottle of wound medicine and handed it to Song Yu. Song Yu, whose left arm and left shoulder were all bloody, raised his left hand and took it. He only said thank you. There was no response in the rest of the time. But when all players had dinner together, Song Yu held chopsticks with his right hand.

He is not left-handed and his left side is injured. Why not use his habitual right hand to pick up things? Song Yu has a problem with his right hand.

All the phalanges came from the dead man’s right hand.

“Fish flying boat! Are you still carrying Song Yu?”

At the other end of the walkie talkie, the fish flying boat was stunned: “yes, but he didn’t respond.”

“Song Yu died yesterday!! put him down quickly. What you have on your back is the last skinnless ghost that has not been made into a skinny umbrella. The skinny is still on him. Cut off the finger bone of his right hand!”

As soon as Yan Wei said this, Hu Ayun’s expression, which was still very confident, suddenly changed.

On the high platform of Ankang ancient town.

Yu Feizhou was stunned, and then suddenly threw Song Yu to the ground.

In an instant, Song Yu, who seemed to be dying and unresponsive, suddenly opened his eyes, his skin chapped and blood flowed from all over his body.

“Song Yu” bounced up and attacked the fish flying boat with a ferocious face.

As soon as the blade was bright, Ning Yi’s short blade quickly cut off the right tail finger of the ordinary skinnless ghost.

The fish flying boat raised its feet and kicked the skinnless ghost off the platform.

Lin Zhen grabbed the finger flying from the side. The next moment, the finger decayed in his hand, leaving only a pale phalanx.

——This is the last phalanx!

If they directly threw Song Yu into the mountain temple, it would be too late even to rush to the mountain temple. The kindness of Yu Feizhou made Yan Wei guess the last key, and the rest easily got the last phalanx.

Under the high platform, the last skinnless ghost began to climb up.

Lin Zhen looked at the things in his hand and said: “There is one more finger bone, but all the townspeople are dead. Where are the townspeople corresponding to this finger bone? Put the finger bone on the townspeople, and the corresponding skinnless ghost will kill the townspeople under the attraction of the finger bone, and then decay with the death of the townspeople. But now there is no more townspeople, one more finger bone, and the skinnless ghost is not dead. The cycle is not over.”

In the walkie talkie, Yan Wei came with a little panting but resolute voice: “mountain god!! mountain god stone statue!”

Ning Yi and Yu Feizhou looked chilly. Yan Mingguang raised his eyes and looked towards the hillside. Lin Zhen picked up his eyebrows and looked at the distant hillside.

There is only one last minute left in the sun.

Facing the direction of the mountain temple, Lin Zhen slowly raised the dark long bow in his hand, and a dark arrow feather rested on the bow string.

He fixed his finger bone at the tip of the arrow, hooked the corner of his lip, and slowly closed his eyes.

“It’s quite exciting…” Lin Zhen murmured, “I’ve tried such a long distance for the first time.”

The next moment, the arrow feather broke through the sky with his finger bones, crossed the sky alternating between darkness and dusk, and shot into the stone statue of Mountain God in the temple.

The last skinless ghost disappeared into the ancient town and appeared in front of the stone statue of the mountain temple.

It bared its teeth and rushed towards the mountain god stone statue, and went to destruction with the “last town”.

The stone statue of Mountain God is broken, and the skinnless ghost decays and dies.

By the water well in the deep mountain, Yan Wei fiercely stabbed the dagger into Hu Ayun’s heart. He gently hooked the corner of his mouth with blood and said softly, “I said, I won’t let myself be thrown into the fire.”

Hu Ayun’s action was sluggish, his eyes widened, and his expression was full of incredible.

This time, her wound will never heal again, and there will be no new skin and bone umbrella in the whole ancient town.

Her body fell stiffly.

“How could it…” she said.

The evil law was completely ended. The ancient town, which has been dedicated to a lifeless stone statue for generations, was finally destroyed in the same death law. The resentment of the girls who were sacrificed slowly dissipated with the smell of decay. Every town people screamed and worshipped the dead girls. Hu Ayun resented the town and hoped to be relieved from his sister’s tolerance, but only his sister finally got him My sister’s retrospective fantasy, a last wish that wanted her to die, died with the town at this moment.

reap the fruits of one’s actions.

The sun disappeared, the last point of the sun set completely, and the night came long.

The dark ladder extends silently from the night and appears in front of everyone.

In the walkie talkie, the voices of the others came one after another.

Yufeizhou said goodbye to him. Lin Zhen sneered and said, “it’s fun to have a copy with you”. Yan Mingguang said he was waiting for him in the world in the building.

Ning Yi’s voice was as cold as ever: “this copy, I owe you a favor. Thank you. I won’t tell your secret. But next time we meet, we will still be the enemy.”

“Next time I won’t take it lightly. You are an opponent worthy of serious treatment.”

Yan Wei chuckled, “of course.”

He didn’t go up the stairs at the first time.

He looked at Hu Ayun.

Hu Ayun is no longer clean and neat in the daytime. She rolls all over in the mud and blood. She is extremely embarrassed. She is no longer a young girl in her 28 years. She looks at the front with her eyes wide open, falls to the ground silently and has no breath.


Yan Wei sighed, took out a coin and tossed it gently.

The coin fell back to the palm again – face up.

“Let me tell you,” he said, “Actually, I lied to you just now. When I went down the well for the second time, I really entered the illusion of Hu Ayu’s backtracking. But her way to break the illusion of backtracking was not to kill you, but to set the whole town on fire. In her life, she lived much better than you. She always knew that the root of her mistake was the whole Ankang Town, not just you. But I think you are not worth it I have the answer. ”

Hu Ayun’s body has begun to decay rapidly.

Yan Wei turned and stepped up the dark steps.

[congratulations! Players get the last point. Rush to answer: end the tragedy of Ankang ancient town…. get rewards: perception 10, body index 10 and points 10.]

[congratulations on the player’s successful landing. The player’s current floor is 7, and the copy of the next natural floor is 8. Since the player opens the gambling floor mechanism and passes the customs perfectly, according to the player’s development direction and performance in the copy (according to the ranking of rush answer points), the customs clearance reward is determined as: body index 50 points, perception 100 points and points 100 points.]

[players get 73 points of body index, 128 points of perception and 231 points in the current replica. As players bet on the gambling house, they get feedback from the gambling house: double the points and choose the replica independently in the replica pool once.]

[update of current player’s basic data: body index 84, perception 161, maximum layers 7, points 243.]

[congratulations to the player on getting the copy and dropping the prop:…]

[after evaluation, you are one of the most outstanding players in this replica and one of the best players in this replica………….]

[after testing, you already have the code, and the code “Yan” will be directly announced as the best player.]

The light in Yan Wei’s eyes flashed back to the world inside the building.


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