Half Immortal Chapter 45

Half Immortal Chapter 45: “nineteen.”

The projection of the copy is over.

In the projection, a full seven perspectives have been grayed out, leaving only five closed projection perspectives, which belong to Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Ning Yi.

When the scarlet letter of the copy successfully cleared the customs appeared in the dark, the five projection angles remained black – all five people passed the customs alive.

There was an uproar.

What does that mean? Among the five living people, if you want to divide the camp, there are three. Ning Yi is the seed cultivated by yuemang. Even if he doesn’t deal with Jiang Xiu, he is also the man of yuemang. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou are the only wolves. The first few copies of gambling houses also broke through the customs alone. This time, the two people will act together because it is too difficult for them to do so for the first time. As for Yan Mingguang

Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei don’t seem to deal with anyone.

After only these five people were left, almost all the players watching the projection were waiting for a good play, thinking that someone between them would die at the hands of the players in the fight.

But all five people survived until the end of the copy.

A rather novice player asked subconsciously, “is this their own camp, or has anyone incredibly reached the cooperation of the three camps?”

The old player sneered: “cooperation? What do you think? Cooperation should be led by someone. Who has the ability to lead these prickly players? I don’t think it can be cooperation.”

“Maybe someone secretly found a way to pass the customs…”

“For the copy of the gambling building with the second difficulty upgrade, the rewards for a few surviving players will be very rich. The strength of these people must jump to more than ten floors…” someone was surprised. “Jiang Xiu not only lost his life, but also served as a stepping stone for Yan… Yuemang lost a lot this time.”

“Haven’t you seen it? The last few people left just now in yuemang left immediately when they saw the end of the copy. It is estimated that they went to find Ning Yi to ask about the situation.”

“Yan is really powerful. I can’t imagine that he is just a newcomer who has passed a layer of copies. However, he is dead against Yue mang this time?”

“Yan is still afraid of death and revenge? The result of this copy comes out. Even if he is not the best player, other organizations are scrambling to attract -”

The man had a loud voice.

On the finished projection, the name of the best player slowly emerged.

——And still two!

It’s a rare juxtaposition.



“Yan!!! Shit, it’s Yan!!”

“Another parallel best player code is’ Day ‘, isn’t it Yan Wei who followed Yan? His score has always been the same as Yan. Finally, Yan took him through the customs and added the same score. Lie down and win, hold your thigh and get a medal of best player.”

“I had no experience gambling on Yan Wei before. I felt I would lose after being popular science. Unexpectedly, I got a gambling reward!? Hahahahahaha, I thought the betting ratio was too low and got a lot of rewards!!!”

“Yan Wei has only a 0.88 bet ratio. People who bet on Yan Wei’s win have doubled this time.”

“Yan is against the sky? A newcomer, two copies, two open gambling buildings, with a teammate who seems useless, and the second best

“The last time Lin Qing lifted the building by leaps and bounds was the best… Was it Lin Qing? He is now the second in command of Xuanniao. Moreover, Lin Qing missed the best time when he ascended to the top.”

“It’s only two consecutive best times, or the lower level. Is it something to compare it with Lin Qing? Even if Lin Qing missed the best time, it’s also when he ascended the upper level. I don’t know whether this Yan can survive the third time…”


As soon as the copy of Ankang ancient town was finished, the record of the copy was printed and engraved on the endless stone tablets, which were downloaded and analyzed by organizations and individual ordinary players.

Because in the copy records that can be seen, Yan Wei always “follows” Yan Mingguang. Most people automatically default that Yan Wei is the best one with Yan Mingguang’s light.

Some people read the copy over and over, because at the beginning, they didn’t know whose two points to spend, so they were suspicious of Yan Wei. But they don’t have any strong evidence. Instead, the pictures they can see are all Yan Wei holding his thighs. This argument is over.

As a new player with his teammates, Yan naturally attracted the attention of more players in the building.

Like the last copy, Yan Wei woke up in the apartment assigned to him by the world in the building.

But this time, the apartment is obviously different – much bigger than before.

Yan Wei slowly stood up. His perception directly jumped to a new level after this copy. Without looking carefully, he can feel that the apartment is not only much larger, but also has many more things, and even has a very spacious training room compartment, which is obviously much better than his previous ordinary small apartment.

Looking out the window, the apartment is also closer to the core area of the world in the building.

Sure enough, as Gao Ming and they said before, the building will automatically adjust the living place for players in the building. Starting with the endless stone tablet in the center, it extends outward. The farther it is, the more peripheral it is. It is filled with the largest number of low-level players. People come and go quickly, because more people die and more people come in. The more you go inside, the fewer players there are. In the center, there are high-level players who can’t be seen by old players.

Yan Wei cleaned up the state and mood just out of the copy, and walked slowly to the window of the living room.

Outside the window, the world inside the building is as clean as blue, vast and prosperous, as if it were just another real world outside. But if you look into the distance, in the center, the towering stone tablet directly into the sky is sobering – this is the world in the building.

It is where strength determines the rules.

What is the building? Why did you appear in front of him? Why is there such a huge and self-contained building world?

Yan Wei doesn’t know yet.

But he believes that as long as he can live in the world inside the building and climb the building step by step, he will one day approach things that many low-level players can’t touch.

Outside the window, birds cut through the clouds, and the golden sunlight fell.

There is no difference between the day and night of the world inside the building and the real world outside the building.

It maintains the alternation of day and night, and even has the change of weather. It is really like a real world with more violence and blood – or it may be true, but it is not in the same dimension as the world where Yan Wei is located.

It is much different from the world before Yan Wei came in.

The world outside the building is only an hour, and the world inside the building has been for the past two months. Therefore, even if there are goods in the points exchange mall that can be exchanged with points back to their original world, few people choose to consume the hard-earned time to exchange points back.

First, the building stipulates that you can’t tell the existence of the building. Second, if you go back for an hour, you will immediately enter the next copy because of the flow rate of time. You don’t have any preparation. Isn’t that death?

Even Yan Wei didn’t intend to do such a stupid thing.

He smiled silently. He just glanced at the point mall where everything can be exchanged. He didn’t wait to exchange anything because he suddenly got a large number of points. He gently swiped his fingertips across the information panel and pulled it to his basic data column.

The basic data soared directly after the replica settlement. Even the body index is now better than ordinary players below the tenth floor, enough to kick an ordinary person to death – of course, it should be far worse than Yan Mingguang. As for others, perception has always been his outstanding item. At the moment, it has increased a lot. As long as he focuses, he can feel the wind direction of the wind outside the window.

Props are a bumper harvest.

In addition to seeing a dangerous skeleton eye when the first copy finally fell, in the copy of Ankang ancient town, he also obtained the flower ball of two treatments in the copy, a double-edged knife that also fell in other backtracking illusions, and a card for the overall settlement of the drop of the copy.

There are also two medals for the best player.

Across the seven floors, a gambling building was also opened, which was much higher than the feedback of climbing from floor to floor.

He had points for his strength level at the moment, so he opened the list of friends, sent a greeting message to Yan Mingguang, and found an unread message from Gao Ming.

“Don’t you mean to contact him when I send out a copy?” Yan Wei opened the message and muttered, “I know I’m sending me a message in the copy, but I can’t see it in the copy -”

He gave a jerk.

Gao Ming’s message to him is to add a short video of Gao Ming’s perspective recorded by black ring.

The content of the message was very short. There were only three words “I’m in the month”. Obviously, I couldn’t wait to send it to him before I had time to lose it.

And that video

The video was recorded by black ring, which is naturally a clever main perspective. Gao Ming seemed to be pressed on the chair by someone’s shoulder. He struggled and couldn’t stand up.

On his side, a very feminine man grabbed his clever hand and forced his clever hand onto a pure black invitation with a smile.

Then, the wise struggle was of no use. The feminine man took the wise hand and asked the wise to sign the invitation letter one by one.

——The next moment, the video was forcibly cut off and ended.

Obviously, Gao Ming was brought into the copy by this invitation as soon as he signed it, so the message has no end, and the content of the message and the recorded video are very urgent.

Yan Wei watched the video in the message without blinking, and her light brown eyes became deeper and deeper.

He directly used the black ring to make a real-time communication to Yan Mingguang.

“Hello? Ice, something happened to Gao Ming…” his words seemed to come out of his throat, with a slight sullen voice, “it’s the moon.”

At night.

The door of Yanwei’s apartment was slightly opened, but he stood by the window of the living room, opened the window and looked out in the wind. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

Regular and slight footsteps came from the door.

A man with silver hair and cold body stepped on the night, and his body was stained with the vulgar and turbid smell of the lantern wine area. The slight wine did not hide his alienated temperament at all, but set off his indifference and solitude.

Yan Mingguang closed the door and sat down on the sofa in Yan Wei’s living room.

Yan Wei immediately closed the window, sat in front of Yan Mingguang and asked, “did you find the dealer for news?”

“Yes,” Yan Mingguang’s voice was as cold as a blade. “It’s easy. Yuemang deliberately waited for me to change.”

Yan Wei sneered: “sure enough, they are smart. In the final analysis, they are still trying to deal with ‘Yan’. Naturally, they will release the news related to smart. When we come out of the copy, we can easily contact it and attract us.”

Yan Mingguang, with a straight back and slender fingers, took out a pure black invitation from the black ring.

A book was painted on the invitation letter, which gave Yan Wei a particularly uncertain feeling at the first time.

“This is the invitation letter for the copy signed by Gao Ming.”

Yan Wei frowned: “why? Since Gao Ming has passively pulled in the copy, it means that the copy has started. Since the copy has started, don’t all unused invitations be randomly replaced with new copies?”

“This is different.” Yan Mingguang doesn’t usually talk much. When it comes to such a long explanation, people subconsciously pay more attention, but don’t feel long and impatient, “The information I asked from the dealer. In addition to the regular copy, there is a special book in the building, called the mobile book. The mobile book can be entered by invitation every once in a while. It will always be opened unless someone passes the customs. There is no access to the building.”

“When it was newly opened, what about the last batch of players who entered but didn’t pass the customs?”

“As long as it’s not dead, it’s still there.”

Yan Mingguang said, “the mobile book that Gaoming was forced to enter has buried many seed players. At present, no one can pass the customs.”

“The player can’t break down the building?”

“Mobile books only accept players who lift buildings.”

“In other words, the mobile copy will regularly attract players who have signed the invitation letter. Players who go in front of and behind can see them as long as they are not dead. However, because there is no downstairs channel, only through complete customs clearance can the living players come out. The smart entry is also a hard idea in the mobile book. In addition, it is impossible for ordinary players to go through customs violently with props and experience For players, even ordinary seed players, it’s almost equal to going in and dying… “Yan Wei’s eyes moved.” yuemang, this is Jiang Taigong fishing. They almost didn’t write on their forehead that they wanted to lead me to die. ”

Force Gao Ming to sign the invitation letter of the mobile book when the mobile book is opened, and throw Gao Ming into the mobile book without survival and customs clearance, so as to lead him in to save people and die in the mobile book that no one can pass?

An ordinary copy. When Gao Ming goes in, he has no choice but to save people.

But the mobile book is tailor-made for “Yan” to follow up.

Yan Wei picked up the invitation and looked at it.

“Why didn’t you write the number of layers? Did the dealer tell you how many layers this mobile book belongs to?”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him and said word by word, “nineteen.”


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