Half Immortal Chapter 46

Half Immortal Chapter 46: “Pandora’s box.”

Yan Wei flipped the invitation.

He subconsciously repeated, “Nineteen?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t say anything more, just looked at him.

The man sat upright. Even in a temporarily comfortable place like the world in the building, he was still meticulous and serious, as if there was no big difference between inside and outside.

Calm and calm, don’t be surprised when the sky falls.

Yan Wei could feel Yan Mingguang’s anger. His eyes turned slightly and looked at Yan Mingguang’s eyes. Through the cold lenses, he saw that the man was covered by silver framed glasses and weakened his cold eyes.

He put the invitation on the table and tapped it gently with his fingertips. Yan Wei was full of reason in the noise he made, and sneered: “It’s wonderful to choose this layer number. If it’s high, ‘Yan’ as a player who has only seven layers even if the highest layer of the replica is out, he will simply die in the twenty or thirty layers or up. It’s absolutely impossible to make a fool of his friends who may have died in the replica. If it’s low, if he doesn’t leave me — ‘Yan’ in the replica, he will make the mobile script us The grindstone. 19, not high or low. We have a chance to pass the customs when we go in to save people, but this one may be too low. ”

The higher the floor, the more difficult the copy will be.

This increase in difficulty may be reflected in different aspects: the time consumed, the strength of NPC and boss, the difficulty of replica puzzles… Each layer is more difficult.

It also spans six layers, from the first layer to the seventh layer, and from the seventh layer to the thirteenth layer. The difficulty of the latter will be several times or more than that of the former.

Since the people of yuemang found that they were clever, they have been Yang Mou. It is obvious that Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang need to take the move. If they directly choose this 19th floor copy next time, the difficulty of customs clearance will definitely exceed their current level of strength, but they still have the possibility of front-line customs clearance.

Objectively speaking, small customs clearance hopes and brilliant life

——One of two.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s eyes intersected in mid air. They didn’t say anything, but they understood the hidden killing opportunity.

A long time.

“From an objective point of view, Gao Ming has been in for some time, and we have to wait until the next mobile book opens. In the middle of this time, it is unknown whether Gao Ming can last until we go in. After we have a certain probability to go in, Gao Ming has…”

Yan Wei pressed the anger that was really aroused by Yue mang this time, thinking about how to maximize the opportunities and interests of him and Yan Mingguang. He lowered his eyes and said nothing. The man sitting on the other side suddenly stretched out his hand and silently put away the invitation.

Yan Wei gave a speech.

“A month later, the mobile book will open a new round, and I will go in,” Yan Mingguang slowly stood up and shook off his coldness, “your next copy, pay attention to safety.”

Yan Wei frowned and shouted to Yan Mingguang, who turned to leave: “what do you mean? We agreed to go in and out of the copy together? Let me pay attention to the safety of the next copy. What’s the matter, Mr. Yan, you want to go into the mobile book alone?”

Yan Mingguang looked down at him: “don’t you want to enter?”

“Which word can’t I say?”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

“Mr. Yan – ah, no, dead ice!” Yan Wei simply stood up, “I know you have a high moral bottom line, and you must have made a decision to go in at the moment you buy the news. Yes, I am an egoist with the supremacy of interests. I also know that the risk of rational analysis is much higher than the benefit, and I am really analyzing the disadvantages…”

He cut a sound, directly came forward, took out a lighter and cigarette from Yan Mingguang’s pocket, casually, hummed and smiled and said, “then? It’s clear that the person you said is also kind. Smoking is harmful to health, and many people don’t quit smoking.”

Smoke slowly rose from the reddish cigarette end.

Yan Wei made a slight pause before he reached his mouth.

But the smoke was lit and the words of pretending to be garlic were also said. When it came, it was not handsome at all because it was stuck with cleanliness and non-smoking.

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he held the cigarette end in his mouth and took a sip.

“Cough, cough, cough!!!” Yan Wei choked his throat and threw away the cigarette end. “You… Cough… It’s too choking – cough, cough!!!!”

Across the misty layer of smoke, the man with a dull face looked at him sideways, and the corners of his mouth seemed to evoke an imperceptible smile.

Yan Wei continued: “There are really many problems we have to face, but we also have a chance to win – yuemang chose the mobile book on the 19th floor. Isn’t it because we have a chance on the 19th floor that we can lure us in? And although from an objective point of view, Gaoming is not alive, it depends entirely on luck, but I personally think Gaoming is still alive. The mobile book is opened every once in a while. It is the last one If the last batch opened the gambling house and we came out and directly saw him dead in the gambling house records, Yue mang would be useless… And I believe Gao Ming will try to hold on to us. Cough, it’s a great aftereffect. I’m really not suitable for smoking… ”

Yan Wei picked up the water cup and drank a few mouthfuls before saying: “So not only will they not let Gao Ming die, they may also give him some props that can make him live longer. I think it’s too late for us to go in now. As for the difficulty of the replica… The body index of the replica boss and NPC on the 10th to 20th floors is about 100 to 200, and the 19th floor should be close to 200. We have room for mediation. If the replica is difficult, we have room for mediation The elevation of the degree is in the direction of decryption, so I’m not afraid. This is my strong point. ”

In short, although desperate, but… Worth a try.

Yan Mingguang’s expression moved slightly. His pure black eyes were moistened with a slight smile, and his cold outline was milder.

He said to Yan Wei, “I’ll change another mobile invitation. One mobile invitation can only enter one person.”

As soon as the voice fell, he had not taken steps, because he had just coughed for a long time, and some young people with reddish cheeks grabbed him.

“Don’t worry. It’s enough that we have an invitation. This one is for you. As for me, naturally someone else will prepare another one for me.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

“You’ll know in a while.”

Yan Wei went to the fish flying boat first.

“… you want to ask about seeds and tissues?” yufeizhou poured Yan Wei a glass of water and sat down slowly. “I thought you knew. But you and Yan Mingguang didn’t come in long. There are a lot of information that you need to stay longer to know. You may not have touched it yet.”

Yan Wei took the glass and said, “thank you.”

“Seed players are potential middle and low-level players. They are generally the players with the highest possibility of attacking high-level replicas in the building world. They are called seeds because they are linked to some organizations. There is a rule in the building world. If an organization is established, it can share and use the resources of the building world according to its strength, and have the right to choose to play The right of home as a seed. There are also some seed players who don’t like to join the organization. They simply hang in the organization, but they don’t join that organization. ”

Yan Wei blinked: “for example, Jiang Xiu and Ning Yi are the seeds selected by Yue mang? Do you and Lin Zhen belong to the nominal seeds?”

“Yes, yuemang has many other seeds, and so do other organizations. Once a player becomes the seed of an organization, the points and other rewards obtained by the player in the replica can be included in the overall points of the organization to help the organization compete for the ranking among organizations. The higher the ranking, the more resources and props can be obtained. As a seed, the player can also obtain the organization When the replica is settled, all rewards have a certain probability of getting a percentage bonus. For example, the percentage of yuemang seems to be 5. If Ning Yi gives the replica this time, she may get 5% more points. ”

Yan Wei leaned slowly on the sofa and smiled: “I see.”

“Why did you suddenly ask this?”

“If there is such an interest binding relationship between the organization and the seed, in fact, the number of high-level players and seed players owned by an organization and the strength of these players almost completely determine the resources that the organization can occupy?” Yan Wei smiled and flashed a few lines in her eyes, “I said why yuemang cares so much about the personal grudges between a ten layer player and us. It turned out that I hit yuemang’s face, which affected them to absorb seeds.”

The fish flying boat frowned: “what did yuemang do? Do you need my help? I also accept your love for this copy. I can help you.”

Yan Wei just looked at him with bright eyes and a clear voice: “need, two busy.”

Yan Wei raised his hand, raised his index finger, made a “1” gesture and said, “which organization do you hang up in? Do they still sign up? I’ll hang up with Yan Mingguang.”

He flicked his knuckles and changed his gesture from “1” to “2”, “then… Can you give me a seed list with the highest number of layers below 19 and not added to any organization?”

Time flies.

After Yan Wei saw the fish flying boat, the life of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang was the same in the next copy buffer period.

Every time the mobile book is opened, the building will evaluate that batch of players to decide whether to open the gambling house. If it is opened, players can bet on whether this batch of players can end the mobile book. However, the quality of the players transferred by Gao Ming is not up to the point of opening the gambling house. If the copy is not finished, naturally there is no record impression. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang We can only get some information from various inquiries.

This mobile book has limited information, so you can only look at others.

During the day, they observed and analyzed some mobile books that had been broken and left records, and increased their understanding of yuemang and other organizations through various channels. At night, they trained in the practice room of the apartment – mostly Yan Mingguang trained Yan Wei.

In addition, they are also familiar with the newly acquired props.

As for shopping mall as like as two peas, what can be exchanged before entering the copy… Yan Wei has replaced a substitute boy with three minutes’ time effect, and an ordinary whip weapon that is exactly the same as Yan Mingguang’s whip, which can communicate through heart, but has no communication ability. Yan Mingguang has nothing changed.

In the training room, Yan Wei held a dagger in his backhand to block Yan Mingguang’s feeding and gasped: “why don’t you change anything and keep points for the new year? The world in the building is not new year.”

Yan Mingguang raised his hand to break Yan Wei’s action and replied, “I have the goal of exchange.”

“I’m saving money. What do you want to change?”

“Pandora’s box.”

Yan Wei paused, “isn’t this the most expensive thing in the exchange mall? Do you… Have any unrealistic wishes?”

There is almost no point feedback for descending the building or repeatedly brushing the building. Even if players successfully climb the building from the first floor to the 99th floor, the total points they can get are not much, and they are non renewable. But Pandora’s magic box, the exchange prop that ranks first in the price of the mall, takes up to 100000 points to exchange. So far, it has been hung high in the mall, and no one has changed it.

Its product introduction can fulfill all wishes.

Do people like Yan Mingguang have anything they can’t ask for?

He looked at each other, but the man pointed to the clock on the wall and said, “it’s almost time.”

At 12:00 p.m. in the world inside the building, the lamp wine area mixed with dragons and snakes is the most prosperous and noisy time.

Yan Wei chuckled: “I’m going to start my plan, Mr. Yan. I’ll go to the lamp wine area. We’ll see you next… In the mobile book. I hope our third copy can smoothly bring out the clever and perfect clearance, a 19 story mobile book that has killed countless players.”

Light wine area.

Some of the largest bars here are hidden behind some organizations, and the makers of buying and selling news in the bar belong to many different organizations.

In the single room of one of the bars, a feminine young man gracefully held a goblet in one hand and looked at the records of Ankang ancient town in front of him.

“Brother Li,” shouted a man outside, “the dealer in the bar has caught a good product for you. Do you want to see it?”

Li Qingtou didn’t return, but slowly pulled back the projection clip, carefully analyzed Yan Mingguang’s every move in the projection, and said, “what good goods? Ordinary garbage, I don’t have that Kung Fu.”

“It’s Yan Wei, the ordinary player with Yan. He’s been taken by Yan for a long time. We can’t catch Yan’s whereabouts every time, and we haven’t met them both. But he just came to the lamp wine area alone and sold Yan’s whip props in the sickle broken territory. Our yuemang dealer saw it and recognized it from his clothes and the whip It’s Yan Wei. He’s caught now. ”

Li Qing turned his head and smiled deeper: “bring it right away.”

Yan Wei was tied behind his back with his hands and pushed into Li Qing’s box.

He didn’t seem to resist much. His light gray windbreaker didn’t have a few folds, and his whole body was clean and neat. He lowered his head, looked carefully at the left and right of his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly, his eyes were timid and afraid, completely like an ordinary player at a loss.

The whip was also thrown on the table.

Li Qing skimmed his hair, raised his hand, picked up the whip, looked at it for a while, went directly to Yan Wei and provoked Yan Wei’s chin with the whip.

At the moment of raising his head, the last shrewd and shrewd in Yan Wei’s eyes dispersed, completely covered up by pretending panic.

The young man’s delicate and clean facial features suddenly burst into Li Qing’s eyes. Players in the world inside the building never saw Yan Wei’s face when looking at the projection. At the first sight, Li Qing was stunned.

He stared at Yan Wei’s face for a while. The young man’s timid expression slowed down his originally cruel eyes.

He withdrew his hand and asked, “you are Yan Wei with Yan Mingguang, code named… Day? He also took you with the best copy in the last copy. Why did you suddenly come out alone to sell his weapons?”

Yan Wei didn’t speak immediately.

Behind him, the man who pressed Yan Wei pushed him: “brother Li asked you, look at your advice.”

“I…” Yan Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled gently and his voice was very low, “I don’t know…”

Li Qing took out a dagger and wiped it gently on his cuff. He said, “the world inside the building can’t kill people, but there are many ways to make a person uncomfortable. What’s more, the most important thing here is blood and wound medicine. I can cut off your hand and exchange it for treatment. When it’s cured, I’ll cut it off -”

“I’m sneaking out to sell props!”

Yan Wei seemed frightened and couldn’t wait to open his mouth: “Yan Mingguang said he was going to save Gao Ming as soon as he came out of the last copy, but the copy he was going to was too difficult, so he had to make full preparations. He always asked me to exchange my points for props, and he used all my points and invitations. At that time, he had to enter the doomed mobile book. I didn’t want to die, so I stole his props while he was asleep and wanted to sell them Please hide… I don’t want to follow him anymore. Not only do I have to pay for my points and invitations, but entering the mobile book alone with him is no different from dying… ”

“Can you let me go? I really haven’t done anything else. I don’t know Yan Mingguang so well. It’s he who offends you, not me… And I can’t do anything…”

In order to be realistic, Yan Wei lowered his head and shook, counselling very seriously.


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