Half Immortal Chapter 47

Half Immortal Chapter 47: “come back.”

Li Qing’s eyes brightened.

He looked at Yan Wei with a deep smile: “if Yan found that you not only ran away but also stole props, he should not easily forgive you? That is to say… You broke down?”

Yan Wei swallowed his saliva and didn’t answer.

Li Qing said, “it seems that you have no value to threaten Yan. You might as well be smart. Just throw him into any high-level copy. It’s useless to keep it.”

“Wait! Wait!” Yan Wei struggled fiercely. “I just stole his props. Maybe he’s nostalgic? We haven’t collapsed yet. Don’t throw me to the high-level copy –”

Li Qingxin completed the test with satisfaction, put away the dagger, and let yuemang’s people loosen the rope tied to Yan Wei.

“According to your reaction, you should have really collapsed. Also, few players in the building can tolerate others taking all the points…” Li Qing looked at Yan Wei directly, patted him on the shoulder and said, “You follow Yan’s two copies. You should be much more familiar with his character, basic data, thinking habits, weaknesses and weaknesses than we are. Since you’ve all collapsed, have you considered…”

Li qingtuo’s tone was long and he was like a good inducement: “… Join yuemang and help us deal with Yan?”

The young man gently rubbed his wrist, which had been tightly bound for a while, lowered his head and eyes, and his whole body was tight, as if he was very nervous.

But when he lowered his head, Li Qing and others could not see the angle, and the light brown eyes showed a fleeting clarity.

The fish took the bait.

From the area as like as two peas in the control area of the broken sickle, he took the Yan Mingguang’s whip and the same prop and looked for it everywhere.

He learned the existence of Li Qing from the urgent message sent by Gao Ming. During this time, in addition to analyzing the mobile records, he also took the time to understand Li Qing.

Compared with Jiang Xiu, Li Qing is obviously a hard idea. Just the number of floors, this person has passed the 18th floor, and the copy of the previous floor has opened the gambling building. Yan Wei guessed that throwing Gaoming into the 19th floor mobile book to lead Yan to die is just something that yuemang solved by passing. For this 19th floor mobile book, Li Qing trained by yuemang was going to break the situation with his hands – Mobile book The longer the time, the richer the reward. It is a good quick choice for desperate seed players.

But for Li Qing, a high potential player, it is an opportunity worth trying, not for other players. People in yuemang may not be willing to fight with Li Qing.

Therefore, even Li Qing must be trying to bring more people in.

A player who is willing to defecte, knows Yan Mingguang and can help Li Qing is obviously of great value.

According to Yan Wei’s analysis of Li Qing’s character in those copy records of Li Qing, this man is very deep.

If he takes the initiative to do something, pretending to be afraid of death, betraying Yan Mingguang and defecting to yuemang, Li Qing will be suspicious and won’t be fooled. But if what happens seems to be Li Qing’s initiative, he is forced. He is caught by yuemang and has to explain everything and is afraid of life and death, Li Qing will be fooled slowly and take the initiative to lure him to join yuemang.

From Yan Wei’s appearance in the lantern wine area tonight, deliberately seen by yuemang, to now, Li Qing really feels that he and Yan Mingguang have had a dirty quarrel. In fact, it is a psychological game to grasp the hearts of the people.

Li Qing’s purpose is to deal with Yan. Yan Wei’s purpose is to use Li Qing’s psychology to deal with Yan, sneak into yuemang and use yuemang in the copy.

Obviously, Yan Wei won.

“Ask you.” seeing that Yan Wei didn’t speak, Li Qing Yin reminded him.

Yan Wei immediately trembled and asked, “if I join you, will you protect me?”

Li Qing threw an invitation letter of the 19 story mobile book in front of Yan Wei.

“Of course, if you don’t do anything that makes me unhappy, I’ll be happy to protect you – after all, that wise and stubborn, you’re the only one in my hand who knows Yan. Come with me into this copy and help us deal with Yan. When Yan dies, if we can grab any props before he dies, I’ll give them to you. After coming out, yuemang will be your home Stay. ”

Yan Wei naturally “obediently” signed his name on the invitation.

After signing, he was very frightened and confirmed with Li Qing several times, hoping that Yue mang would protect him in the copy. Li Qing listened in her ear and made an appearance of trustworthiness and concern, which reassured Yan Wei.

——This person can’t really take care of Yan Wei in the copy.

Yan Wei knew that even if Li Qing took the bait, he just regarded him as a person who could be used.

Take him into the copy. If he and Yan Mingguang fall out, as he said, Li Qing can not only understand Yan Mingguang’s information, but also bring more people in. If necessary, they can be used to gather people to die. Even if they don’t fall out completely, Li Qing will feel that Yan is in danger and has one more chip in his hand.

For Li Qing, there are so many benefits. Why not bring it?

As far as Yan Wei is concerned, he has never thought that he can really break into yuemang. All he wants is an identity to follow yuemang. Because the biggest disadvantage of him and Yan Mingguang is that they still have little understanding of the world and copies in the building, and their experience and information must be inferior to yuemang. Yan Wei has no access to any public mobile information, but has made so many preparations There must be a moon.

As long as he mixed in, he was not afraid that he had no chance to take advantage of the moon. He could also cooperate with Yan Mingguang to increase their chances of winning in the mobile book by 10%.

Yan Wei, with his own plan, signed the invitation in front of Li Qing, and was locked up in an empty room above the bar by Li Qing with half delivery and half charge, and someone was watching outside.

When the door was closed, he was the only one left in the room, and Yan Wei’s timid and flustered look immediately cleared away.

He took out the walkie talkie he had used in the copy from the storage bar of the information panel.

As soon as he put it on, the man’s steady slight breathing sound came into Yan Wei’s ears.

“I’ve done it,” he whispered, “but Li Qing just uses me and won’t completely believe me. After entering the copy, I’ll find a chance to contact you.”

This walkie talkie was originally used by Yu Feizhou. Yu Feizhou said it was exchanged for an invitation. It could be hidden in their ears and conversation could not be found – they relied on this walkie talkie to communicate with Hu Ayun at that time.

After waiting for a copy, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang found that this kind of prop invitation that is easy to use at first sight can’t be changed at all. Only points can be changed, and it’s not cheap.

It’s cheaper now. He and Yan Mingguang.

He said: “Li Qing is suspicious. Before entering the copy, yuemang will check the props such as communication signals to check me. I can’t keep the walkie talkie on all the time. You’d better keep it on so that I can contact you immediately when I have the opportunity to turn on the walkie talkie.”

At that end, Yan Mingguang was silent for a moment.

Yan Wei sat down on the sofa and listened to the footsteps of people outside yuemang, as well as the noise from the downstairs bar. These noises were intertwined with Yan Mingguang’s slight breathing, as if there was danger in front and peace behind.

“Yan Mingguang? Are you listening?”

“Well,” the other party finally said, “come back.”

Yan Wei was stunned: “what?”

“It’s too dangerous. There are many ways to increase the odds.”

Yan Wei chuckled: “but this method has the highest benefit. As for the danger… From the moment I enter the building, the danger is not something to avoid, but something to face. What’s more, don’t forget the falling props I got from this copy.”

In the settlement of Ankang ancient town, Yan Wei got a card prop.

The name of the card is “transient reality”. Its function is to allow Yan Wei to copy the strength of other players. As long as he knows the other party’s basic data, he can copy for three minutes briefly, and a copy can only be used once – but that’s enough.

If he is really in danger, he is not immortal, and Yan Mingguang is not around. He still has this card to copy Yan Mingguang’s strength for three minutes.

Yan Mingguang naturally knew this, but he remained silent for a moment before he said, “in fact, when I told you about mobile Ben, I didn’t expect you to go in.”

That’s why I only changed an invitation.

Yan Wei leaned lazily on the sofa without any consciousness of being in the enemy camp. He grabbed the pillow on the sofa and played in his hand, muttering to himself: “I didn’t expect that I might have been infected by you. In fact, before I entered the building, I hated those people who were always kind-hearted. I always thought they were hypocritical. They just gave alms on the premise of ownership, not really kind-hearted. But you… I not only looked very pleasant, but also felt a little envious.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

“It’s the first time in my life that I made a decision that sensibility is greater than rationality to choose a mobile friend who has crossed the 12th floor to save our first copy. Mr. Yan, this feeling is actually quite wonderful. I know that after we go in, it’s very dangerous and it’s easy to die in it, but I still want to go in. I’m an egoist. When you were with me before ——”

“You mentioned your character many times.” the voice at the other end of the walkie talkie suddenly interrupted Yan Wei.


The man’s voice is indifferent but magnetic: “the same content is repeated constantly. You’re not talking to me, you’re talking to yourself.”

This time it’s Yan Wei’s turn. There’s no sound.

For a moment, he spread his hand and silently hooked his lips: “I won’t say much. After all, I’m still in yuemang’s territory.”

“… well.”

Yan Wei put away the walkie talkie.

Thanks to Li Qing, he still wants to coax him to make good use of him. Although he is still closed, there are all kinds of things in this room. There are even televisions and snacks that can view copy records.

Yan Wei originally wanted to play a “waste” in yuemang. At the moment, he was happy. He turned on the TV and randomly selected a copy of the bottom layer to watch a TV play. He opened snacks and watched it with relish.

The moonlight is full of.

Yan Wei leaped in and finished reading several copies, opened a new bag of snacks and took a few bites. A slight movement suddenly came from the window.

The movement is very light and subtle. The players at the bottom of yuemang patrolling in the outer corridor and the bar have no feeling, but Yan Wei’s extraordinary perception has played a role at the moment.

His mouth was still full of snacks and his cheeks were full. He sat on the sofa and looked at the window. Under the moonlight, a young man in black quickly opened the window and jumped in.

Lin Zhen was still dressed in black, holding a rope connected to the outside in his hand – it should be used to turn over the window. His movements were light and silent, and his evil and perverse breath was hidden, as if he really melted into the night.

As soon as he landed lightly and stood in front of the window, he hit Yan Wei with a pillow in one hand, snacks in the other hand and bulging cheeks.

Four eyes are opposite.

Yan Wei blinked, his eyelashes trembled, watched Lin Zhen chew the snacks in his mouth and swallowed them.

“…” Lin Zhen glanced at the copy record that was seen as a TV play, and then looked at many snacks scattered on the tea table. The corners of his mouth seemed to twitch and said, “I really have more than enough to save you.”


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