Half Immortal Chapter 48

Half Immortal Chapter 48: “so confident in me?”

Lin Zhen is also a smart man. From the moment he landed, he saw Yan Wei’s leisurely situation at the moment and understood what was going on.

Yan Wei’s thoughts surged at this moment, but he understood why Lin Zhen appeared here. He pushed the snack forward, patted it silently on the tea table and whispered, “here, you’re welcome when you come.”

As if he were the master here.

The sound of yuemang players passing by the door came from the outside one after another. It may not be the old players or high-level players assigned to patrol. It is impossible for the bottom players to find the movements of Yan Wei and Lin Zhen. Several waves of people came and went outside. No one noticed anything.

“I went upstairs two days ago to brush the copy. As soon as I came out, I heard that Yue mang caught the little trash around Yan. I also said how you would be caught by Li Qing,” Lin Zhen sat down in front of Yan Wei, opened a bag of snacks and took a bite, in a careless tone, “What tricks do you have with your little pet in sheep’s clothing? Gee, it seems that I can enjoy the scene that yuemang’s people are killed by ghosts again. Yufeizhou is afraid of your accident and wants me to save you -”

“The fish flying boat is coming to save me. I’m sure I’ll come by myself. Why do you ask him to carry the pot?”

Lin Zhen: ”

His smile froze. After a while, he regained his casual look and said, “forget it. Since I’m here, I just happened to tell you something.”


“Now that Yan Mingguang is away, why don’t we take this opportunity to fight? Who wins can break each other’s fingers one by one. How fun?”

“If you don’t say I’ll call for help, you can’t beat the siege of yuemang.”

“…” Lin Zhen said, “do you and Yan Mingguang plan to enter the 19 story mobile book opened two days later?”

“Are you going too?”

“Yufeizhou and I have confirmed that we all want to go in, and we have signed the invitation.”

Yan Wei made a snack. He put down the snack, leaned forward slightly, approached Lin Zhen and asked in a low voice, “do you have any other questions about this copy?”

“Very clever.”

“Did you know the first day?”


This topic seems to be really important. Even people like Lin Zhen who have no way to talk are serious now. He didn’t tease Yan Wei at all, but lowered his voice and said: “Li Qing takes people into this copy. It’s secondary to deal with Yan. The main thing is to find something in it. Yufeizhou and I also want to find this thing, so we should see it in the copy in two days. I go in to find that thing and get out the copy.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes: “what is worth taking so many of you into the mobile book?”

“Oh, are you interested? It’s nothing to tell you. In fact, many organizations know that we are not the only people who go in this time. You will be more or less exposed to this information after you go in. What we’re looking for is a prop, a legendary prop left by high-level players…”

Lin Zhen’s mouth was hooked and his eyes were playful, “Legendary props are rare items in the world inside the building. Some attacking legendary props can even enable ordinary players to kill the boss. The 19th floor mobile book is the 19th floor mobile book that was once a high-level player’s clearance. After the break, the remaining energy was regrouped into a 19th floor mobile book, and the high-level player left a legend when he cleared the clearance The props are in the replica, and the props follow the re condensation of the residual ability of the replica and go to the mobile replica at the bottom. Therefore, it’s fun now, and I’m looking forward to it… ”

“The mobile book has not been broken, and no player has succeeded in coming out alive. How did the news come out?”

“The first two mobile books were opened. A player brought a prop that could deliver a message to the outside. Before he died, he delivered the message that there was a legendary prop inside. Therefore, your friend called Gao Ming was thrown in, but by the way, Yue mang was going to arrange Li Qing to go in. However, although the mobile book is difficult, one advantage is that he can’t let the players who come down the building in Go – of course, those players who format the data and start again because of some special circumstances are not included. Moreover, this flow has an age limit, that is, those older players who have been brushing the lower layers are also excluded, and those who can enter are new players below the 19th layer – to put it bluntly, potential stocks. ”

“I know that.”

“Little pet, I’m looking forward to seeing you beat the moon awn player.”

“So confident in me?”

Lin Zhen glanced at him: “you don’t understand. It’s a very fun mood. It’s not too big to watch the excitement. If you can’t beat the moon awn, the moon awn can beat you.”


Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “you tell me the news of legendary props. I can’t not want it. Although you have one more teammate, you also have one more opponent.”

“Oh, so what? There’s one more opponent, representing yuemang and broken sickle. The possibility of those silly people getting it has also decreased. I never care whether I can get it or not. What I like most is the expression that others can’t get it.” Lin Zhen got up with a smile, stretched lazily, picked up the rope and walked to the window, “I’m going to find Yan Mingguang to fight.”

Yan Wei kindly reminded him, “tell him about it again by the way. By the way, remember to prepare more wound medicine.”

Lin Zhen: ”

Late at night, the closer to the endless stone tablet in the center, the quieter it is.

There are the rarest number of people living here, but they are also powerful high-level players in the building world.

On the top floor of Xuanniao’s training ground, a pale and beautiful gentle man sat there with his back straight. In front of him were some new materials and information from the world in the building during this period of time.

——The second leader of Xuanniao, Xuanniao and even the myth of high-level players, only once up the stairs to the high-level, which is not the forest situation of the best player.

In front of him, the player of Xuanniao asked tentatively, “this 19 story mobile book, shall we arrange more people…?”

“I’ve arranged it,” Lin Qing said slowly, “You don’t have to worry about this. The next competitive copy competing for resources will be opened. The top priority is to find more seeds. The competitive copy is related to the resources that each organization can allocate from the building. Only seeds can enter. We need to have enough high-level seed players before the competitive copy is opened.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve been looking for it all the time. Recently, one of the novice players has high potential, and I tried to recruit him, but he ignored me – but he didn’t manage other organizations, and he became enemies with yuemang. Look…”

Lin Qing lifted his eyelids.

He just sat there gently and didn’t say anything, as if he didn’t care about anything.

But the people who came to report had unconsciously shed a cold sweat and knew that they had too much nonsense.

Many new players have recently come into the world inside the building. Each organization competes for seed resources. The middle and low-level seed players fight, which will naturally affect the balance between the high-level players.

During this time, in several large organizations that can be said, high-level players seem to be competing secretly.

These middle and low-level complicated things can be handled by themselves. How can super high-level players like Lin Qing manage? The game between high-level copies and high-level players is what Lin Qing can see from his vision.

Lin Qing doesn’t like nonsense. He just wants to see the results.

The man quickly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, quickly picked up the information and said, “I see. I’ll let someone handle it. Don’t worry…”

“Remember to close the door.”

Two days are fleeting.

Although Li Qing locked Yan Wei, he didn’t pay much attention to him. He didn’t even call Yan Wei before the copy began. Everyone in the invitation letter was separated. Even if they were together now, they would enter the copy separately at that time. It’s not necessary to be together. He just put a prop on Yan Wei that can be positioned in the copy at that time, and told Yan Wei not to play with flowers with a smile Kind.

On Yan Wei’s side, the preparations should be made long before “being caught by yuemang”.

He prepared the props and wound medicine that could be used, analyzed all possible related copies, and through the relationship between Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen, he anonymously hung it under the name of Xuanniao, another organization, and got the buff of the seed player. Then, together with Yan Mingguang, he used “Yan” In the name of and a seed player who also has some grudges with yuemang and has not joined any organization.

Yan Mingguang will enter the replica together with the newly cooperated seed player, and reach a temporary cooperation with the team of Lin Zhen and others in the replica. As for Yan Wei

He has been eating and drinking well and idling around yuemang for the past two days. He occasionally pretends to advise Li Qing – but this advice won’t last long. Yan Wei plans to act randomly after entering the copy.

After finishing this copy, Li Qing and others, he won’t do extra effort to hide his strength.

He used to hide, just worried that he would have permanent skills as soon as he entered the building, which would easily attract the attention of old players and bring additional danger. But now it’s different.

Because this time he entered the copy, even if there were some abnormalities on the day he didn’t die, he also had a reason to explain.

He will get the skills of building gifts when he lifts the building three times in a row. He will open the gambling building on the first floor. This situation is counted as building lifting in the judgment of the building. The copy of Ankang ancient town is also building lifting, so this time into the mobile book, he is the third building lifting, and he should get a skill gift as soon as he goes in.

At that time, if there is any real situation, it can be said to be what uses the extremely limited immune skill, which is much more common than the undead skill.

He is now completely afraid to go to the open. First, he has a reason, and second

——Clever things told him that perhaps being tough enough is also a means of deterrence.

This time, he made the most comprehensive preparation in his power, but he had the least chance of winning than his first two copies, and he was also the most motivated.

Yue mang Jiang Taigong fished and thought that Yan would take the bait, but it was not certain who caught who and who paid the price in the end.

He and Yan Mingguang will bring Gao Ming out. I hope Gao Ming… Is still alive.

Yan Wei thought, and suddenly the light flashed and turned the world upside down.

[welcome to the building.]


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