Half Immortal Chapter 49

Half Immortal Chapter 49: The School of Death (1) step by step, death, death.

Like the previous two times, the misty and gloomy tone repeats the most basic rules of the world in the building.

Yan Wei listened bored and finally heard the introduction of the copy.

[number of layers of this copy: 19.]

[location of this copy: death school building.]

[current player data: body index 84, perception 161, maximum layers 7, points 243.]

[players have arrived, copy open.]

[players cannot kill each other in the copy.]


Yan Wei immediately glanced at the skill state of the information panel – immortal state.

Sure enough, every time he leaves the copy, he will enter the copy next time. When he left Ankang Town, he was immortal, so the first day he entered the mobile book was also immortal.

The tone of the building continues.

[after judgment, your copy is counted as the third time in a row and you will receive permanent skill rewards. The rewards will be given according to the player’s previous copy’s performance and outstanding strengths, and the rarity will be determined according to the player’s potential.]

[congratulations! Players get the feedback permanent skill: perception burst. Skill function: players with this skill can communicate mentally with selected players within 300 meters. Communication needs to consume players’ physical strength. The communication time is determined by the players’ basic data. The higher the players’ body data, the longer the communication time can be maintained. Skill classification: rare auxiliary skills.]

Yan Wei’s heart rejoices.

Sure enough, the skills are rewarded according to his attributes, which is just a timely help. What he needs most is the skills that can convey information without face-to-face communication or even talking.

Although the time is limited and the use is limited, the help is not low. In this way, in this copy, he can be in yuemang, but he has more opportunities to exchange information with Yan Mingguang.

When Yan Wei understood this auxiliary skill, the prompt tone of the building was over.

His eyes gradually brightened up.

The clouds spread out, the sun scattered from the East, the golden wire cut open the fresh air, and the cool wind passed slowly.

The spacious and atmospheric school gate stands behind an open square, and the big characters of the school name – Chenxi high school are hung next to the electric iron gate.

No wonder there is an age limit. The original copy is on the high school campus.

So it seems that the reason why this mobile book is open to 100 players every once in a while is also because the background of the copy is originally a large campus.

On the peaceful square, one player after another appeared. Because of the age limit of the copy, all players were very young. Yan Wei was also among them. He glanced and saw Yan Mingguang and other familiar faces. Of course, most of the faces of this mobile book with a large number of people are unknown to Yan Wei. He knows only Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, the seed player he cooperates with Yan Mingguang, and yuemang people who follow Li Qingjin.

The scene was silent.

They are all potential players who have the courage to enter a mobile book with ten dead and no life. Many other organizations came in to find the seeds of legendary props when they heard the news. Although there are many players, no one is talking.

The players just looked silently and gathered towards their own team.

Yan Wei is now “taking refuge” in yuemang. He pretends to avoid Yan Mingguang’s eyes and quickly walks to Li Qing and others.

As soon as Li Qing came in, he stared at Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang without trace. At the moment, he was obviously satisfied to see the atmosphere between them. He skimmed his hair, smiled meaningfully, put his hand directly on Yan Wei’s shoulder and said softly, “Yan really came in… He looks very fierce. You said he would take risks for another friend. Maybe you didn’t blame you for running away.”

Yan Wei smiled, “what you said…”

Li Qing was relieved to see that he was guilty, panicked and embarrassed.

At the school gate of Chenxi high school, all the players participating in the opening of the mobile book have arrived at the moment.

Yan Mingguang stood not far away. The eyes of the man looking at yuemang seemed to be wrapped with a sharp blade, cold but sharp. Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou also brought several players and led them to Yan Mingguang. The rest of the players are gradually divided into several groups, which is obviously what Lin Zhen said before, in order to organize players to flow this super-high reward and the possible legendary props.

Yan Wei kept the situation in mind, and the prompt sound of the building sounded again.

[it is detected that the number of the best player medals on the scene has exceeded the normal number of the best players on the current floor, and the gambling building mechanism is turned on.]


[the scenario line of the replica has been officially launched. All players are invited to act as freshmen, go through the enrollment procedures under the guidance of NPC, and do not disclose the existence of concepts such as building and replica. During the replica period, players are not allowed to leave Chenxi high school.]

[those who violate the above shall be directly erased.]

The gate of Chenxi high school opened slowly and automatically. Several teachers in work uniforms came out with tables in front and back, and teachers carried boxes in school uniforms. NPC set up a simple registration desk at the school gate and shouted numbly, “line up to register, assign classes and dormitories according to the queuing order, get school uniforms and go back to the dormitories to tidy up and rest, and go to class on time tomorrow.”

The arrangement of the beginning of this copy must not be disobedient. All players, together with their teammates, lined up in groups in front of the registration desk.

Yan Wei has points in his heart.

So it seems that players who entered before should also enter in this way. If Gao Ming is still alive, he must be among the last batch of “students” who entered the school.

The tone of the building continues.

[in recent years, Chenxi high school has witnessed a lot of student deaths, and the death of students is also strange. In order to supplement the number of dead students, Chenxi high school has to constantly recruit new students, but some students still die suddenly, and even teachers are killed and scared crazy.]

[as a freshman of Chenxi high school, in order to survive and completely end the curse like death fate of all students of Chenxi high school, you start to investigate and find a way to relieve all this.]

[successfully cracked, you will completely end the current mobile book and leave alive.]

[the crack failed, and the danger buried in Chenxi high school will envelop every student’s head step by step, making them… Step by step, die and die.]

[please note that from this moment on, death will come to you at any time.]

[please actively look for the ladder and try to survive.]

All players listened to the basic introduction of this mobile book word by word when they lined up to register.

The so-called death that comes at any time must not be a children’s play. In addition to Lin Zhen whistling with a smile, other players lined up more or less seriously.

Li Qing directly dragged Yan Wei and led Yue mang behind Yan Mingguang and others – the dormitories and classes were arranged in line order. This person obviously wanted to be closer to Yan Mingguang and have more opportunities to deal with Yan Mingguang.

Li Qing thought that there were more opportunities to deal with Yan Mingguang, and Yan Wei thought that there were more opportunities for them to work together. Naturally, they were so happy that they were “forced” by Li Qing not far behind Yan Ming.

All players entered the team in twos and threes, lined up in a long line, and the registration has begun in front.


In front of the registration desk, a player with biscuits in his mouth just finished the freshman registration. He weighed his school uniform in his hand. As soon as he turned and left the team, he suddenly gave a heartbreaking howl!

“Ah, ah, ah –!!!”

All the players present have changed their looks!

Behind him, it was obvious that he was in the same organization. The player took out the exorcism props to save people, but before he could take action, the man’s scream stopped abruptly in less than a second.

In his open mouth, a pale ghost hand wrapped in intestinal juice, blood and food residue stuck out of his throat. As soon as the ghost hand stretched out the man’s mouth, the wrist bent down in an extremely strange arc. In a moment, it broke the player’s chest and crushed his heart!

All this was just between lightning, stone and fire. The speed of ghost hand killing didn’t give any reaction time at all. When the exorcism props hit the player, his chest was splashed with blood, his throat was broken, and his lips were propped up.

The ghost hand also disappeared quickly at the moment when it was hit by the exorcism props.

The player’s body was stiff but powerless and fell to the ground. His eyes were still wide open. His face was full of pain and disbelief.

The copy has just begun. Most players haven’t even really entered Chenxi high school. In this way, a player died suddenly.

Just now, the blood from the broken heart splashed on several players around, and even spilled on the registration desk. But the registered teacher just turned pale, numbly wiped the blood off his face with his cuffs, and said coldly, “please pay attention to your safety, next.”

These teachers were not surprised at the dead, as if they were used to it.

Everyone present looked dignified, but no one was impolite – all players who dared to enter the mobile book, and few of them were waste.

“Ah,” Lin Zhen took a deep breath with a smile, “the smell of blood… It’s really interesting.”

As “one of the few wastes” present, Yan Wei wrote down all the details in front of him, his eyes turned around, and his good-looking face was full of panic at the moment. He pulled Li Qing and asked timidly in a low voice, “brother Li, one died inexplicably at the beginning… You, what you said, you will protect me…”

Li Qing smiled gently and said meaningfully, “of course, you know Yan best. Yan hasn’t died yet. How can I give up your death.”

But if Yan dies

He glanced at Yan Wei, and then his eyes fell on Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang felt Li Qing’s cruel sight and looked over calmly, opposite Li Qing’s four eyes.

Li Qing raised his hand, pointed to the mutilated corpse that no one dared touch on the ground, and pointed to Yan Mingguang. The meaning was very obvious – Yan Mingguang would die miserably sooner or later.

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyelids and glanced at Yan Wei. There was nothing strange on his face. It seemed that he didn’t take Yan Wei seriously.

The next moment, a dart suddenly came out of Yan Mingguang’s hand and flew unbiased towards Li Qing’s eyebrows!

Li Qinggen didn’t expect that in the invisible oppression of such a player who had just died, Yan Mingguang was still not afraid to trigger the death conditions and dared to shoot directly. His expression changed suddenly, and subconsciously he dodged to the side to avoid the dart.

The dart slightly turned a corner when it was about to approach Li Qing, directly avoided Li Qing, “whew” across the air and nailed it to the iron door not far away. Yan Mingguang took back his eyes, calmly took a bag with one hand and stood in the long queue waiting for registration. He no longer gave Li Qing extra eyes.

The players around more or less cast their eyes, but there was no additional action. Obviously, they were happy to see a good play.

Li Qing understood.

He just made a fool of himself!

Lou stipulates not to kill people. If Yan Mingguang’s dart really hits his eyebrow, it will be directly erased by Lou’s rules. Therefore, it is impossible for Yan Mingguang to shoot a dart to kill him. This dart is bound to turn around from the beginning and will not hit him.

This is simply a contest of courage. His hiding made the players of other organizations laugh.

Li Qingxin gritted his teeth and was angry, but his face was just more gloomy. He pretended not to care and turned around to take back his eyes.

Yan Wei lowered his head and smiled silently. If the conditions did not allow, he wanted to give Yan Mingguang a thumb on the spot.

The next time, all players silently went to the registration desk to register. The player’s body fell into a pool of blood like that, and his teammates didn’t dare to clean it up – after all, his sudden death added an alarm to everyone. No one dared to act rashly at this time. If he accidentally triggered death, if he was careless, he didn’t even know how to die.

The copy has just started for five minutes, but everyone really felt the horror of this 19 story mobile copy when they just witnessed the ghost hand’s instant killing.

As the prompt on the floor said

——All the living players present may become the next “student” who dies inexplicably at any time.



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