Half Immortal Chapter 5

Half Immortal Chapter 5: The Promenade Hotel (5)

Before seeing the studio, Yan Wei felt that there were countless portraits of women on the corridor.

But now there are more unfinished paintings stacked in front of us that completely cover the floor and wall than the portraits hanging on the corridor.

But “they” all have no eyes.

The sky outside the window gradually rested, and the hazy sky added a dark feeling to the studio without excess light. A pair of empty eyes facing the front, or looking obliquely at a place, women have the corners of their mouths, smiling like sweet and ironic.

Gao Ming’s face was particularly pale: “it’s so strange here. I really can’t see what’s going on. Look, we’ll just discuss it together.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

Just as Yan Wei speculated that Yan Mingguang’s body index must be higher, this person seems to have found that Yan Wei’s perception is different.

Although he didn’t say anything, Yan Wei understood that Yan Mingguang was asking him about his perception of danger.

This man is the only one in the players who saw through him from the beginning. Yan Wei didn’t spend much time pretending to be a fool. He shook his head and whispered, “I don’t know. This studio gives me a very different feeling. It looks very strange. For a while, I think it’s dangerous everywhere, and for a while, it seems nothing.”

He frowned, stepped over the scattered drafts on the ground and walked slowly to an easel.

On this easel, there is the only portrait of a woman with eyes in this studio.

The woman seems to be wearing a white coat, with two soft and lovely braids hanging on both sides, mild eyes and clear eyes. The most beautiful thing about “she” is her eyes. Even if they are just strokes on flat paper, they are also full of emotion.

The picture seems to be a young female doctor. It’s the best picture you can see in the hotel so far.

Compared with the immature oil paintings seen on the corridor and in their room, this painting has been completely reborn. Even laymen like Yan Wei can see that the painting has both aura and skills. Although the style of the painting has not changed, the level of the people who painted the painting has completely risen to a higher level.

Yan Wei took out his cell phone that still had electricity and photographed the picture.

Unusual things always represent possible clues.

After shooting, he put his mobile phone into his windbreaker pocket with one hand, patted Yan Mingguang’s arm with the other hand, and whispered, “man, are we teammates?”

Yan Mingguang seemed to pause.

“If you don’t call me ‘buddy’,” the man said a little more, “count.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: ”

The man still looked bland: “waiter.”

Yan Wei suddenly remembered what he called the waiter.

“…” Yan Wei never thought that the calm big man would care to call the waiter, “OK, big brother, big brother, big brother!”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei: “the clue I found on the corridor was that the owner of the hotel was a talented painter, but the paintings on the corridor were all the early works of the painter. Later, the waiter said that the painter painted better paintings, I guess…”

“That’s what’s in the studio.”

“Yes, the early paintings are in the gallery, and the later paintings are in the studio – almost all have no eyes, only one has eyes, and there must be key things in it. Why don’t you draw eyes later? There are usually two people who don’t want to do something: don’t want to, or can’t. If you don’t want to, but the female doctor’s painting has eyes; if you can’t, the female doctor’s painting has eyes If you have eyes, it still doesn’t make sense. Why on earth did the owner of this hotel draw so many portraits without eyes? ”

Yan Weigang looked away from the only portrait of a female doctor with eyes. Before he could see Yan Mingguang, he suddenly felt a chill in his back.

His extraordinary perception made him aware of the danger in an instant. There was a breaking wind behind him. Yan Wei subconsciously wanted to rush to the side.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang on his side pulled him to the other side.

Yan Wei heard the sound of sharp tools stabbing into the wall.

He looked back and saw a sharp pair of scissors on the wall where he was standing. If he didn’t dodge just now, this pair of scissors… Will directly pierce his head!

Through the glass window, the obscure sky light slanted and shattered in the studio. In the dim light, a girl in a long skirt lifted her feet slightly off the ground and suspended there quietly.

She had no eyes. Her eyes were hollow and dark, as if she couldn’t see the bottom. She smiled, but her smile was not sweet at all, only gloomy and strange.

She as like as two peas in a picture frame with no eyes, and a girl with a scissors cutting flowers.

“… that’s what you said,” Yan Wei raised his eyebrow, “into the world in the painting?”

Yan Mingguang looked at the girl in the picture and slightly shook his head: “it’s different. This time it’s’ she ‘who came out.”

“What are you doing?” the clever man at the door shouted, “run!”

At this time, the eyeless girl raised her hand slightly, and the scissors that had been embedded in the wall flew back to her hand in an instant.

She giggled a few times, took the scissors and said to Yan Wei and others, “ah, someone has found some secrets. Since they have found them, leave something in exchange…”

“The two who found the secret,” she pointed to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, “are both good-looking. I like both. It’s hard to choose. Why don’t we play a game? You two guess boxing and choose one. Let me dig out his eyes with scissors. After digging, I’ll let you go.”

“Don’t run. I’ll catch up if I run.”

The girl’s sharp voice still echoed in the studio. Before she moved, Yan Mingguang didn’t even prepare to deal with it. He stepped directly in front of the girl in a few steps.

His cold voice sounded with a decisive tone: “then don’t run.”

I didn’t even think about the two-way game proposed by the girl.

He said, moving very fast, but in a moment he took his folding knife out of his pocket. The metal blade made a slight rustle in the air. Yan Mingguang was holding a weapon and was about to poke his hand into the girl’s empty eyes.

The girl did not dodge. When the knife in Yan Mingguang’s hand stabbed into her eyes, the scissors in her hand also threw at Yan Wei – she actually saw that Yan Wei was even worse at fighting!

And the moment the blade pierced her eyes, nothing happened!

The scissors kept going towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei knew for a moment that he could not be the opponent of the blind girl. He quickly ran to one side, “Yan Mingguang, help me!”

“Don’t save.” Yan Mingguang said, but he immediately took out the blade in his hand and threw his head back without turning back.

The folding knife extending into the length of a dagger crossed in the air and directly collided with the scissors chasing Yan Wei. After blocking the attack of the scissors, it returned to Yan Mingguang’s hand with a perfect turning arc.

Yan Wei had run to another corner of the studio and stopped to catch his breath.

The blind girl again took up the scissors and poked at Yan Mingguang, saying: “give me your eyes, I only want a pair of eyes. Give me your eyes, I only want a pair of eyes… A pair of eyes…”

Yan Wei just hid and rolled over in a pile of paintings. He looked at Yan Mingguang, who had been fighting with the girl for several times, and shouted, “try your heart!”

Gao Ming is crazy at the door: “run first!!!!!”

Yan Wei said, “run first.”

Although he and Yan Mingguang didn’t say anything, they obviously knew that it was no use running away. There was a problem in the studio. They had to come next time.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang has stabbed the girl’s heart.

——The girl is safe and sound.

Her scissors have been attacking Yan Wei. The dagger shaped folding knife in Yan Mingguang’s hand keeps testing various parts of her body, but it has no effect at all.

The sharp blade stabbed into the girl’s body and didn’t even shed blood.

Is it difficult? Because the girl has no eyes, Yan Mingguang just found that the way to deal with the people in the painting is useless?

Yan Wei thought about how to deal with the eyeless girl, and kept dodging the throwing scissors. He was already panting. Fortunately, the eyeless girl didn’t throw scissors very fast every time. With the help of Yan Mingguang, he could hide.

Yan Mingguang seems to be rolling against the girl, but the girl in the picture with scissors has no place to get hurt. If it goes on like this, Yan Mingguang will only be consumed slowly.

At the door, Gao Ming seemed afraid to come in, but he didn’t leave immediately. He just kept shouting for them to run together.

Gao Ming’s black framed glasses slipped between his waving and shouting movements. He could not hang on the bridge of his nose and fell off, but he didn’t seem to take into account. He looked pale and shouted to let them come out quickly and don’t compete with the girl.

Yan Wei looked at Gao Ming, frowned, and was suddenly distracted. The girl noticed that the scissors were about to poke into his heart.

Yan Mingguang turned over and directly came to Yan Wei from the girl, grabbed Yan Wei and avoided the scissors.

They leaned against each other and rolled around on the ground, directly knocking down an easel. The wood broke into pieces, and the sound of collision sounded one after another. The pieces of paper in the studio were flying and a mess.

At the moment of stopping, Yan Mingguang just pressed Yan Wei.

“What do you think?”

Yan Wei blinked.

Seeing the scissors thrown at them again, Yan Wei hooked the corners of his mouth, and his light brown eyes moistened with a suddenly enlightened smile.

“I understand,” he whispered to Yan Mingguang. “Do you believe me, my new teammate?”

Yan Mingguang looked at him and said, “I said, you are smarter than they think.”

The scissors had almost poked Yan Wei’s temple. Yan Mingguang pushed his arm hard. When he got up, the knife in his hand turned. The blade made a clanging sound and hit the scissors back.

He also got up at the same time and came to me again with the blind girl.

Gao Ming seemed unable to stay: “if you don’t run again, I can only go by myself!!”

Yan Mingguang blocked another pair of scissors from Yan Wei. Yan Wei sat up slowly on the ground and glanced at Gao Ming.

He said, “you can’t run.”

Gao Ming was stunned: “why?”

“My intuition told me just now that I can’t run. Intellectually, I’m watched, and I’m in this hotel everywhere,” he stood up slowly, and now there was no panic in danger, “Intuitively, I always think it’s a problem to run away. Besides, we just met? What friendship can make you wait for us at the door at the risk of your life, and what hatred can make you stay at the door all the time without helping?”

A brilliant look stagnated.

Yan Wei turned his head, looked at him directly, and said methodically, “I just wanted to ask you a question. This eyeless thing doesn’t attack Yan Mingguang. I can understand – after all, everyone can see that Yan Mingguang is the hardest to deal with. Then why does she only deal with me, but never deal with you?”

Gao Ming replied angrily, “I should ask her how to ask me…”

Yan Wei smiled.

He said word by word, “because she doesn’t know, you know.”

At the moment when Gao Ming was stunned, Yan Wei shouted to Yan Mingguang, “Yan Mingguang!! poke Gao Ming’s eyes!!!”

Before the words fell, the folding knife like a dagger should have gone to the blind girl. In a moment, Yan Mingguang moved his finger, the thrown blade circled in the air and stabbed into the wise right eye!!


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