Half Immortal Chapter 50

The School of Death (1)

Half Immortal Chapter 50: The School of Death (2) pure and harmless

Only by finding the ladder clue can you ensure that you avoid the sudden death and leave this mobile copy alive.

But now, players can only avoid all the actions done by the dead player just now and carefully complete the first step of opening this copy.

Yan Wei stood in yuemang’s team. He was frightened on the surface, but he wrote down the details of the talent in his heart. He looked like he had no idea what to do. His sight crossed Yan Mingguang’s.

The man’s expression remained unchanged, but at the moment of looking at Shang Yanwei, a trace of hard to capture worry flashed through his pure black pupils.

Yan Wei tried to use his newly acquired skills. In the atmosphere of suppressed silence, Yan Wei’s perception extended slowly and accurately positioned Yan Mingguang.

[Yan Mingguang]

Yan Mingguang’s eyes changed slightly.

Yan Wei hurriedly explained: “this is a skill I acquired three times to lift the building. It can build a bridge of perception communication with the designated player within a certain range and communicate directly in my heart. However, this skill is related to my basic data. My current basic data can’t last long.”

Yan Mingguang has recovered his original indifferent look.

I see

[I’ll follow Li Qing first and try to communicate with you within a distance. I’ll call you immediately in case of danger.]


Yan Wei silently hooked the lip corner: [so you don’t have to worry.]

I’m not worried

Yan Wei: ”

Forget it, it’s not the first day he saw Yan Mingguang’s duplicity.

He was so anxious to tell Yan Mingguang the skill he had just acquired because he caught this person and had been worried since he entered the copy. Now that he has finished speaking, he is too lazy to compete with this duplicitous person and directly takes back the perception released by communication.

Although this auxiliary skill is rare and easy to use, it is also very limited. However, in just a few words, Yan Wei felt some fatigue, and his face was a little pale because of physical exertion.

This is also convenient for Yan Wei. In front of him, Li Qing saw that his face suddenly turned pale. He thought Yan Wei was frightened. He raised his hand and patted Yan Wei on the shoulder. In a faint tone, he said, “look at your advice. In case I let you explore the way and try to make a mistake, you must not be scared to death?”

Yan Wei trembled and said, “try, try and mistake…? brother Li, this…”

Li Qing smiled: “I’m kidding you.”

The team of “enrollment” moved forward slowly. After registration, the players who got the school uniform went to the dormitory they were assigned under the guidance of these numb teachers.

The dead player’s body was still lying at the school gate. All the living players are not fuel-efficient lights. It is clear that these teachers must know something, but no one asks when registering – if there is anything, don’t they risk their death to ask questions and let the others present get the clues in vain? Naturally, everyone is in danger, and everyone is self-defense.

In the suffocating silence, before long, Yan Wei, Li Qing and others also completed the registration. The dormitories of this high school are all six people. Yan Wei and Li Qing live together with the members of the remaining four months. The other months live next door and are scattered in two adjacent rooms on the fourth floor of the dormitory building.

The numb and pale high school teacher led them to the gate of the dormitory, threw the key to them and said: “It’s getting dark. The school is in a special situation. When it’s dark, you turn off the lights and go to bed. Classes begin at dawn in the morning and free time in the afternoon. There are seven floors in the dormitory. You live in the empty rooms of previously dead students. If you see any traces, just clean them.”

People: ”

Li Qing asked tentatively, “teacher, can we ask what happened before the school?”

“Don’t be too curious, pay attention to safety, don’t listen, don’t look, don’t want to move, maybe it can be safer. If the number of people in the dormitory exceeds the specified number… There will be something unhappy.”

The implication is that no more than six people can live in the same room, otherwise… Someone must die.

With that, the teacher left.

Li Qing dragged Yan Wei and the remaining four yuemang members into their assigned dormitory – 407.

As soon as they came in, except Yan Wei, the other five people all had props in their hands. They swept the whole dormitory with a very alert attitude. Unexpectedly, they turned out a cut-off hand – that hand also had invalid props, which was obviously the property of the player who had died in the room before.

Yan Wei: “…” at the thought of living in such a dormitory, he wanted to refuse.

At this time, a bald man who had circled the outer corridor came back.

This bald head, named Nie Liang, is one of the members of yuemang brought in by Li Qing. He is not a seed, but judging from the strength of his physique, he is obviously a very prominent fighter player in terms of body index.

When Nie Liang entered the door, he first took a deep look at Yan Wei from top to bottom. His eyes were playful, as if he were looking at a plaything. Yan Wei himself was a fag, and he could see the man’s mind for him at a glance.

——It’s really beautiful.

Yan Wei didn’t see Nie Liang at all. He stepped back and disappeared in the shadow.

Nie Liang licked the corners of his mouth, took back his eyes on Yan Wei and said to Li Qing: “Brother Li, I’ve looked at the general terrain. There are indeed seven floors. There are elevators and stairs on both sides of the building. Maybe because of the copy in the building, the dormitory building does not distinguish between men and women. Everyone lives here. There are ten dormitories on this floor. If the number of rooms on the other floors remains the same, there are 70 dormitories and 300 or 400 people, which is much more than the number of players we estimate, Maybe some student NPCs also live here, because we don’t look like players next door. I didn’t go to other floors, so I can’t see how many old players left in the previous groups. Moreover, our dormitory doesn’t have a bathroom, which is on the far right and is public. ”

Yan Wei was absorbed and without hesitation passed Nie Liang’s words to Yan Mingguang word by word through his sudden perception skills.

Li Qingmei frowned: “it’s not very good. In places like school dormitories, bathrooms are usually cloudy, not to mention public bathrooms… We’ll use them sooner or later. Now it’s half dark, you go and explore. If there’s a danger, you can clean it up as soon as possible, and maybe there will be unexpected gains. Be careful, I don’t want to let my people have an accident.”

Yan Wei, standing aside and hiding in the shadow, picked his eyebrows.

This Li Qing… Let him go down to explore the way without thinking. He seems worried. In fact, he doesn’t care about other people’s lives at all. He only cares about eliminating the danger early and finding clues. He is dignified and hypocritical. He is obviously selfish and needs to be covered up with hypocritical words.

He is the kind of person he despises most.

Nie Liang seemed to have no objection to the task, but he smiled and nodded: “yes. But from the outside, there are many dead corners in the public toilet. I’m afraid I can’t see it alone and have negligence…”

After Nie Liang’s words, his extremely uncomfortable eyes fell on Yan Wei again. He raised his muscular hand, pointed to Yan Wei and said, “brother Li, why don’t you let Yan Wei go with me and help me stare at some dead corners.”

As he spoke, his eyes remained on Yan Wei’s face, full of desire.

Li Qing raised his eyebrow and pushed Yan Wei in front of Nie Liang: “you and Nie Liang go to explore the public toilet.”

Yan Wei stumbled, turned pale and said in panic: “brother Li, I can’t. I only have seven floors on the first floor. I can’t do these…”

Li Qing glanced at him vaguely.

Yan Wei stepped back and hurriedly said, “I, I’ll go…”

Nie Liang immediately led Yan Wei out of the dormitory and came to the public bathroom.

NPC, the school teacher just now, said that the lights were turned off after dark. In fact, there were no lights in the dormitory building at all. The corridors were also broken, and there were some broken marks.

At the moment, after sunset, there is only the last bright point in the sky, and most of the long sky has been reduced to darkness. The dim light obstructed people’s line of sight. Looking into the bathroom from the outside, I only saw a dark, dark and mysterious place.

The time of this copy is in early spring. The cool wind fills the corridor and makes people bitter and cold. In addition, there was no sound at all at this time, but the footsteps of Yan Wei and Nie Liang sounded back and forth, which made people scared at the bottom of their hearts.

Nie Liang walked in front, Yan Wei walked behind with a flashlight, and successively entered the men’s bathroom.

The bathroom slowly heard the sound of gentle drops of water, “ticking” “ticking” knocked on people’s heart and pulled people’s nerves.

Yan Wei just raised his eyes to look at the bald man in front of him, silently sneered, and his eyes were full of disdain – Li Qing saw Nie Liang’s little abacus, not to mention him?

Let alone in the building world where violence is the law, that is, those who dare to think of him before entering the building

Yan Wei stopped.

As soon as he turned his wrist, the light of the flashlight swept onto the washbasin in front of him. The mirror on the wall reflected pale light and vaguely reflected Yan Wei’s delicate face.

He looked down and his eyes rested on the edge of the sink.

——It’s all water.

The edge is wet, and the water flow is very scattered and uneven. It’s not like where it came from. Instead, it’s like when the sink was filled with water and something hit the water, so water droplets splashed out from the center of the sink and flowed everywhere.

But the sink is now empty and there is no accumulated water.

The water spread slowly along the inclined angle of the edge and slipped down bit by bit.

“Tick -”

“Tick -”

“Tick -”

It turned out that the sound of water droplets came from here.

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated, his thoughts flashed in his mind, and he already understood a little.

Ahead, Nie Liang suddenly turned around and yanked him.

The man laughed wildly, his eyes were full of desire, and his eyes were almost stuck on Yan Wei’s face.

“Don’t look, you really listen to Li Qing. I’ve seen the bathroom for a long time. There’s nothing. I just found a reason to bring you out. It’ll be fine here.” Nie Liang looked at Yan Wei’s face and raised his hand hungrily to touch Yan Wei’s cheek, “Now it’s just you and me. You’re good. Let me have a good time. When I meet a ghost, I can consider not taking you as the first one… No wonder Yan likes to take you with him.”

Yan Wei waved his hand and stepped back. “Panicked” blinked, turned around and turned on the faucet of the sink and said, “I… I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I wash my hands. Since… Since there’s no problem, let’s go back and work with brother Li?”

The clatter of water sounded.

The ticking sound of the water was covered by the sound of the water flow of the faucet, but Yan Wei could still distinguish the weak ticking sound.

“Tick -”

“Tick -”

“Tick, tick, tick…”

Faster and faster

Yan Wei pretended to hold out his hand to wash his hands. Before touching the water, Nie Liang grabbed his wrist and said fiercely: “what do you pretend to not understand? Isn’t that the role you used to follow Yan? Is it still holding a thing, or…”

The sound of water flow is still continuing, but at the beginning, the sound of water is crisp. As the water flows more and more, the sound of water becomes dull little by little.

Yan Weiyu glanced at the sink and saw that the pool was not blocked, but the water from the faucet was stored in the pool, more and more.

“Squeak –”

The wooden door of the toilet moved gently, and the cool wind poured in, blowing Yan Wei’s windbreaker and clothes, and blowing across the fluctuating water surface, but it couldn’t lift a ripple.

——This is a running stagnant water.

Nie Liang didn’t feel it. Seeing that Yan Wei didn’t seem to have any superfluous reaction, his anger dissipated a little. He came forward with a grim smile and said, “I see. You like to play tough…”

Yan Wei suddenly asked, “did you turn off the projection?” in fact, even if he didn’t turn off the projection, he didn’t care, just asked casually.

“Of course, I’m not interested in being watched by other players, otherwise I don’t have to drag you out alone, right?”

Yan Wei took another step back, and Nie Liang immediately followed up.

“Crash –”

There is more and more water in the wash basin. I don’t know when the clear water began to faint and dye a strange and gloomy blood color.

——The pool turned into a blood pool in an instant.

“Don’t hide? Just now it was really hard to get… You didn’t hook up with those clearly priced pets in the world…”

In the blood pool, a disheveled head slowly emerged. Its eyes were wide, its pupils were all white, the blood color could not hide the pale face, and its skin seemed to swell after soaking in the water for a long time.

It first silently stretched out its hands to Yan Wei who turned on the faucet – nothing happened.

Yan Wei could feel that just for a moment, the shadow of death seemed to surround him. If he had not been immortal today, he would be dead now. The ghost was indeed an instant attack.

Seeing that Yan Wei was unharmed, the thing was not persistent. In the blood pool, it slowly moved to Nie Liang’s side.

Yan Wei’s extremely high perception has made him smell the blood. It happened that Nie Liang is a body index expert. His perception is a mess compared with Yan Wei. At the moment, he hasn’t reacted.

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up and smiled at Nie Liang in the dark and treacherous bathroom.

The solid light of the flashlight scattered, setting off the youth’s smile clean and dazzling.

Pure and harmless, but cold to the bone.

At the moment when Nie Liang was about to touch Yan Wei, the things in the blood pool quietly stretched out their hands to Nie Liang.

“Take away your dirty hands,” Yan Wei’s smile suddenly stopped and his eyes were cold. He raised his flashlight and shook Nie Liang’s eyes. “Why did Li Qing bring a waste with developed limbs in?”

Nie Liang obviously didn’t expect Yan Wei, who had just been panicked, to suddenly change his face and act.

The hand of that thing was only a foot away from Nie Liang.

Yan Wei’s clear voice echoed in the bathroom with the sound of water: “you said you’ve seen this bathroom and nothing happened, but have you checked the pool? You haven’t found that the water traces on the edge of the pool are scattered. There are obvious signs of drowning in the sink, and I’ve guessed the way of death. Please give me a try.”

Before the words fell, the dirty hand suddenly grabbed Nie Liang’s shoulder.

As soon as Nie Liang’s face changed, there was no time to take out any props and make any action, so he was suddenly pressed down by the dirty thing in the blood pool!

Yan Wei’s expression changed back to panic again. He turned around and ran away. He shouted hysterically, “ah ah ah ah!! help – help!!! There’s a ghost!!!”


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