Half Immortal Chapter 51

Half Immortal Chapter 51: The School of Death (3)

He shouted heartrendingly, but just ran out of the bathroom and didn’t forget to look back at the situation in his eyes.

The sky light has completely disappeared, and the campus full of treachery has fallen into the night. In the dim light, the flashlight pulled out a straight long light, and the end of the light happened to shine on the place where the dirt had just appeared.

The water in the sink suddenly recovered its color, but Nie Liang stood by the sink, bent down, and his head was completely submerged in the water.

Yan Wei took back his eyes and ran towards the 407 dormitory, shouting the words “help”, “ghost” and so on.

His perception extends out, but in a moment he locates Yan Mingguang, who is not far from the third floor. On the surface, he runs away and says to Yan Mingguang through his perception: [Hello, teacher Yan, answer the phone!]


[hearing my cry for help, you don’t come to save me. What about comrades in arms?]

Shout too loudly, you did it on purpose

Yan Wei: “…” suddenly there was a feeling of being seen through.

He called for help. First, he acted. Second, he said what Nie Liang said just now – all players should be in this building.

If Gao Ming is still alive, he will certainly live in this dormitory building at night, but he doesn’t know which one. Yan Wei’s perceptual burst can only be located and contacted within a certain range after the two sides have connected their perceptual burst face to face. He can contact Yan Mingguang with his perceptual burst skills, but there is no way to find someone who has not established contact with him.

[I shouted loudly to let Gao Ming know that I was coming. Anyway, to make a long story short, Yue mang lost one staff and one died in the bathroom, and he confirmed my guess that one of the conditions for triggering death is to touch the death method of the deceased. A drowning ghost should have died in the public bathroom on the fourth floor, which was drowned in the wash basin, and the marks of drowning struggle were left on the wash basin At that time, I guessed that touching the pool would lead to ghosts, so I turned on the tap to use -]

When he uttered a word, his original reckless mood suddenly disappeared. The person he talked to was Yan Mingguang, who had a very high moral bottom line.

He deliberately bypassed what he had just done and then said: [in short, after the tap started running, the player of yuemang was drowned in the pool. There was a drowning ghost in the pool, and the player who touched the pool was also drowned, so one of the causes of death should be the event that triggered someone who had died. The person who died when registering today should be the same. Someone once ate at the school gate and died, so He died eating

Yan Wei shouted for help. He was about to run to 407. A yuemang player came out of the dormitory and suddenly pulled him back to his room.

He pretended to be afraid of being dragged into the dormitory with his legs soft, and then said to Yan Mingguang: [when you and Lin Zhen move, you must pay attention to observe whether there are signs of death and don’t repeat them.]

[OK,] Yan Mingguang paused and [pay attention to safety.]

[I see. How did you start to worry about this and that every day from the copy of Ankang ancient town? Where’s your Gao lengfan, Mr. Yan.]

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

Yan Wei withdrew his perception.

At the moment, he had been dragged back to the dormitory, sat down by the bed and gasped. The others gathered around him, Li Qing squatted down in front of him and asked him, “what happened? Where’s Nie liang?”

Yan Wei slowly raised his eyes.

He trembled and said, “we just met a ghost in the bathroom! The pool was suddenly full of water. A ghost who didn’t know when to appear pressed Nie Liang into the pool…”

Just now, the conversation with Yan Mingguang quickly consumed his physical strength. At the moment, he was breathing hurriedly, his face was pale, his cheeks were slightly red with violent exercise, and his eyes revealed timidity and panic.

Li Qinggen didn’t doubt the truth of Yan Wei’s call for help.

He got up slowly, frowned and said with worry: “it seems that this is the so-called death of landing at any time in Chenxi high school. I want to save Nie Liang, but now it’s dark, I’ll take you to the bathroom. If you encounter ghosts again, it will hurt more people…”

He seemed to be thinking for a while before he said, “let’s go to see it tomorrow morning. If you need to go to the bathroom this evening, try to bear it first. I brought you all in, and I must first ensure everyone’s safety. Now the lights have been turned off according to time, and all ‘students’ need a rest.”

“Just now I found a player who came in and asked clearly. The so-called ‘don’t listen, don’t look, don’t want to move’ is not very strict. The most important thing is not to talk at night, and it will completely attract ghosts. The main reason is that there are often ghosts that deceive and induce people in the dormitory building. The NPC said it’s best not to have curiosity at night, because curiosity will let players go When they are deceived and speak, they die. Everyone goes to bed first, don’t make a sound, and go to the bathroom before going to the teaching building at dawn tomorrow. ”

Yan Wei is funny – Li Qing is so hypocritical that he clearly doesn’t want to take risks. Anyway, it’s someone else who died.

Yuemang and the other four spread out. Yan Wei slowly held the edge of the bed and stood up slowly.

Li Qing hooked his mouth and played with the taste: “you said you were lucky. You weren’t the first ghost to attack.”


“Very good. Your role is much better than Nie Liang. It’s a pity. You said you shouted so loudly, and Yan didn’t come to save you. He also saved Gao Ming with your points and props. In his eyes, Gao Ming’s teammates are much more important than you. It seems that he really doesn’t care about you.”

Yan Wei blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and his voice was very low: “thanks to brother li…”

“Rest first.”

Not long after Yan Wei’s cry for help sounded, he was in a dormitory on the sixth floor.

Compared with some popular places filled by new players on the third, fourth and fifth floors, most of the players on this floor are the last batch of players – more than half of them are dead at the moment. There are only two people left in this dormitory with six players.

Seeing that it was getting dark, one of them hurried to the upper berth assigned to him and said nervously and fearfully: “The cry for help just now is a player’s or a strange voice. There must be new people coming in! With new people, those dirty things should have many targets for the time being… Why should I gamble in the building? If I didn’t gamble in the building, I wouldn’t be forced into this mobile book…”

The man’s bunk did not speak.

Maybe it’s because there are a lot of living people today. The players in the upper bunk are less nervous in recent days. Instead of talking, the players in the lower bunk make him nervous. He patted the bed board and said: “Say a word. NPC’s words just reduce the chance of being killed by ghosts. It’s not a panacea. What’s more, it’s not dark yet. What are you afraid of? You’re a waste below the fifth floor. You don’t have the courage and don’t know how to live now…”

The player in the upper bunk glanced in the direction of the window – there was the last light.

The last batch of them entered the copy. The school teacher NPC told them that it’s best not to take any action at night and don’t talk after dark. But in fact, many people do, and they will die inexplicably.

If you do, you may still die. If you don’t do it, you won’t necessarily die.

And now it’s not all dark. What are you afraid of? Only the waste with the highest floor of the lower berth, which is only three floors, is so timid. He doesn’t make any taboos, but he doesn’t dare to say anything.

He “cut”, shook the quilt, covered it with the last light from the window and lay down on his side.

What as like as two peas down, the sleeping game player on the upper floor hit something. The bed of the morning high school is not so large as that of a senior high school. It’s almost the same for a grown man. But when he lies down, he feels extra crowded.

The man was stunned and touched the seat behind him that should have been the wall – it was a completely different feeling from the wall, cold and wet.

He turned his head subconsciously.

A pale woman’s ghost face rushed into his vision, and the things lying beside him looked at him with all white pupils. The corners of his eyes slowly shed blood and wet his pillow bit by bit. The sticky black hair covered most of his face, but it made his pupils pale and cold.

His pupils narrowed sharply and his eyes widened.

The female ghost lying on his side slowly lifted the corners of her mouth, her stiff lips opened, and her mouth was full of blood and fangs.

“Ah, ah, ah –!!!”

In the scream, there was still a glimmer of light outside, and a bright desk lamp was suspended outside the window. As the player’s scream gradually weakened, the lamp suspended outside the window “Chi” sound, the bulb cracked, and the lamp suddenly fell down.

——It’s already dark. The light outside is only caused by this desk lamp!

Gao Ming closed his eyes and huddled motionless in the quilt in the lower bunk. He didn’t dare to do anything. In order to make him live longer in the copy, Yue mang took the bait to attract Yan and threw him several life-saving props. He used all the props and lived today with caution. At the moment, all the props are gone, and he doesn’t dare to move at all.

The plank on the upper floor was fainted and stained with blood bit by bit. Blood dripped from the gap of the bed board and dripped on the quilt covered by Gao Ming.

“Tick -”

“Tick -”

“Tick -”

Gao Ming still didn’t move. The sound of dripping blood on the top of the shop knocked on people’s nerves, and his breathing became more and more rapid, but now he was more excited and relieved than any moment when he entered this copy.

He recognized the cry for help just now. That’s Yan Wei’s voice. Yan Wei came in, and Yan Mingguang should also come in.

He thought he was doomed to die in this copy, but now, although he knew very well that it was a 19 story mobile book, he could hear Yan Wei’s voice at the moment, Gao Ming had an inexplicable message.

He suddenly felt that he might get out alive.

The first night when the latest group of players entered the copy of the death school building, it was very restless.

Throughout the night, including at the beginning, Yan Wei’s cries for help, screams and cries for help sounded five or six times. When the first light scattered slowly, the whole dormitory building was full of blood.

Li Qing led yuemang’s people to the public bathroom on the fourth floor.

Nie Liang’s body was still bent and his whole head was in the sink. The sink was dry and there was no water at all, but Nie Liang’s head had swelled, and people couldn’t die anymore.

Li Qing pretended to frown to express his regret, but he didn’t even clean up Nie Liang’s body. He directly led people out of the bathroom and began to check what happened to the dormitory building last night – it was several screams last night.

However, for a long time, Li Qing stopped in the corridor on the second floor with Yan Wei and others.

“Brother Li, four people died last night. Except Nie Liang, one died on the bed, his body was cut into several pieces, and the whole bed was full of blood. Another was strangled on the clothesline hanging outside the window. That’s the rest…”

There is a pool of blood in the corridor, and other human organs are mixed on the ground. The surrounding blood is mixed with sparse footprints. Obviously, more than a group of players have come here to observe.

In the middle of the bloodstain lay a corpse that was not a corpse.

The reason why it is not a corpse is that it is not a complete corpse – the left half of the body is gone, and the right half of the body is connected with some broken body organs, emitting a disgusting smell of blood and decay. There are no wounds on that half of the body, only the torn parts of the body are uneven. It doesn’t look like a trace of cold weapons at all, but like

“Teeth,” Li Qing squatted down slowly in front of the body and looked carefully at the fracture of the body. “They are all tooth marks. It looks like half of his body was eaten alive.”

Yan Wei blinked and stood at the back with a timid face. In his heart, he relayed all the clues obtained by yuemang in real time with the skills of perception and Yan Mingguang, and saved Yan Mingguang from coming here again.

Yuemang’s players didn’t know that they were spying for others for free. Around Li Qing, a very young and casual player named Yue Wenxing smiled: “cannibals? Cannibals? Or is it related to the thing we’re looking for…?”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved slightly – that thing should refer to the legendary prop that Lin Zhen mentioned earlier. This mobile game originally attracted a large number of high-quality players with more than ten layers.

Li Qing shook his head: “no, according to the news, this legendary prop is not evil. We didn’t see anything non-human after we came in, and it’s unlikely that cannibals. But it doesn’t make much sense if it’s a cannibal. This is a campus copy, not a copy of the apocalyptic forest. How can there be such a thing?”

The campus copy is difficult to say, because there will be many NPCs. If there are many NPCs, it will be difficult to find clues and identify players. But if it’s not difficult, it’s the possible types – most of them can’t escape three kinds: puppy love, bullying and stress.

What do these three have to do with cannibals?

“We’d better wait for more clues. Now we haven’t even figured out why the dead are always dead and what the death trigger is.” Li Qing slowly stood up. “Wenxing, you take Yan Wei to do things according to the plan first, and our teaching building will be with you.”

After that, Li Qing didn’t delay. He turned around and left with the others. Tu Liuyue Wenxing and Yan Wei were still in place.

Yuewen star is also a seed player of yuemang, but he is only 19 years old. Compared with the feminine Li Qing, he is indifferent and ruthless all over.

This person is also a player who lifts buildings continuously. His skill is to draw arrays with his own blood to recruit ghosts. It takes a long time to prepare, which is very limited. However, if there is enough time and place to prepare, it is a good auxiliary skill – unfortunately, it is used in evil ways.

Li Qing and Yue Wenxing finalized the plan last night. Since the copy of the school building called death is full of murders, there must be many ghosts. When Yan Mingguang leaves the dormitory, he secretly leaves a ghost recruitment array in Yan Mingguang’s dormitory. Isn’t it easy for Yan Mingguang to trigger death?

So now, Li Qing and others go to the teaching building to see the situation, while Yue Wenxing sneaks to Yan Mingguang’s dormitory with Yan Wei, who knows Yan Mingguang very well.

Yue Wenxing looked at Yan Wei, who was pale because of using skills, with a sneer and said, “this picture can be scared like this. What’s the use of you except a good face? Oh, yes, you also know Yan, so according to your understanding, is he the style of going out to find clues at dawn?”

“Yes… When I followed him before, I always followed him out at dawn.”

“Let’s go now, go to Yan’s dormitory and give him a big gift.”

Yan Wei’s face became more and more pale, and a little cold sweat came out of his forehead. He nodded timidly: “… OK.”

At the same time, Yan Wei is still using his ability to sense the burst. Yan Mingguang, who is still in the dormitory, said: [hey, ice, answer the phone again! The fish is hooked.]


[Yue Mang and I are going to your dormitory to hurt you now. I’m afraid you have to make room for us quickly.]

[… OK.]


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