Half Immortal Chapter 52

Half Immortal Chapter 52: The School of Death (4)

Yan Mingguang and others are on the third floor, that is, downstairs of the dormitory of Li Qing and others.

Early in the morning, with the free errand of yuemang, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen didn’t explore everywhere like other players. Yan Mingguang quickly walked around the building, found Gaoming and brought him to their dormitory on the third floor.

Next, they just need to concentrate on dealing with yuemang and try to pass the customs. If you can have the news of legendary props, of course, it’s best. If you don’t, it’s not reluctantly. This is something other than customs clearance.

At this time, there were five people in 303’s dormitory, namely Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Gao Ming, and another partner Zhou Tian, whom Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were looking for before entering the building. As for the others who came in with Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, they were arranged in other rooms.

Gao Ming breathed out with lingering fear and said to Yan Mingguang, “I didn’t expect you to really come in and save me. I… I won’t say more thank you. If there is danger in the future, I will definitely stand in front of you and Yan Wei.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

He was leaning against the window smoking before the scheduled class time.

Because of the requirements of the copy, he changed into a blue and white high school uniform. His indifferent temperament was covered by the clean and tidy school uniform and silver framed glasses, which made him feel gentle and indifferent. It happened that his slender fingers were still holding cigarette butts with sparks. The smoke was slowly blown away by the wind outside the window.

Lin Zhen sat by the bed, raised his eyebrows and said, “Yan Wei doesn’t mean that repeating the track of the dead may trigger death? You’re not afraid of some bad smoking students jumping out of the window. You’re really not afraid of death. Why don’t you want to fight with me…”

He turned his eyes, fell on Gao Ming and said, “new friend, why don’t you fight me?”

Gao Ming was very frightened last night. Now he looks blue and tired. He knew Lin Zhen before he entered the copy. At the moment, when he asked, he quickly stepped back and was so scared that he almost didn’t shake off his glasses.

Fish flying boat frowned: “Lin Zhen, stop making trouble at this time.”


Zhou Tian, who worked with these people for the first time, was very calm. She smiled, her crescent eyes smiled and didn’t speak.

Yan Mingguang by the window suddenly crushed the cigarette butts into powder, turned around and said calmly, “the man of yuemang is coming, let’s go.”

Zhou Tian was stunned: “go to the teaching building?”

Yan Mingguang has been the first to turn out of the window – now walking through the corridor, the probability of meeting Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing is too high.

The fish flying boat jumped on the window bar the second time and said in a warm voice, “it’s not time for class. Don’t hurry to the teaching building. Go to another dormitory first.”

Zhou Tian doesn’t understand, but she also turns the window. Lin Zhen dislikes Gao Ming and quickly follows him.

When Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing arrived at Room 303 of Yan Mingguang and others, the room was empty.

Yue Wenxing carelessly pushed open the unlocked door, looked at the empty dormitory and sneered: “they all say it’s a dark horse. It’s too tender. They don’t know to leave some defense measures in their residence.”

Yan Wei echoed behind him: “that’s it. Yan Mingguang was busy looking for the stairs in our previous two copies and never made superfluous moves in the room.”

Yue Wenxing strode into the dormitory, sat down at his desk, crossed his legs and said, “is he alert to the changes in the room?”

“It’s very high. We check it every day. So if we want to leave a ghost array in their room,” Yan Wei paused and said carefully, “do we want to make the array more difficult to eliminate?”

Yue Wenxing took out a sharp dagger. Without frowning, he slowly opened the palm with a dagger blade.

Blood immediately gushed from the wound, and a strange red light appeared in the palm of Yue Wenxing’s hand, mixed with the blood color. But he smiled and said, “speaking of it, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou actually came with him. These two people are not fuel-efficient lights, so they won’t come back and don’t check the room. In this case, my ghost recruitment array doesn’t bother to cover up…”

He got up and went to the middle of the dormitory, clenching his hands.

The blood trickled to the ground, and Yue Wenxing’s smile became more and more proud.

“I’ll leave a ghost array that can’t be touched by violence…” Yue Wenxing’s face began to turn pale – this auxiliary skill obviously consumed him a lot. He said while drawing array patterns with his own blood, “I’ll lay down some capital and leave an array that will disappear naturally only after 24 hours. In this way, even if they are found, at night, Yan they either stay in the room and wait for death, or they can only stay outside.”

Yan Wei was still standing at the door, his hands in the pocket of his school uniform, looking at the Yuewen star with his back to him and drawing an array with blood.

From the invisible angle of Yuewen star, his timid look swept away. His naturally smiling eyes like peach petals were now stained with playfulness, and his light tan pupils were as bright as stars. The corners of his lips were slightly hooked and his expression was deep.

He said slowly, “yes, in the evening, whoever wants to live here will die. Brother Li and brother Yue… They are so smart.”

At that end, Yan Mingguang and others climbed directly from the window on the third floor to the window on the fourth floor.

In front of the dormitory building is the teaching building, and behind the window is a small forest. The small tree forest is covered with a thin morning mist, and nothing can be seen. On the row of windows, there is a player’s body hanging on a clothes line. His neck is cut in half by the rope, and the blood drips bit by bit. That is one of the players who died last night, No one picked up the body, and it hung silently.

Five people crossed the body and turned to the window of 407.

Zhou Tian suddenly said, “wait a minute, their windows have been tampered with. What protective or alarm measures should be set up.”

Yan Mingguang stood steadily by the window eaves and took a look at Zhou Tian.

Zhou Tian: “they may have put some simple alarm props. The seat is slightly left. Open the right window 41 degrees and you can go in.”

——This is Zhou Tian’s feedback skill obtained by lifting the building three times in a row.

At first, Yan Wei got the list of registered seeds that didn’t belong to any organization from Yu Feizhou, and took a fancy to Zhou Tian at a glance.

Zhou Tian’s lover was a member of yuemang at first, but in one case, yuemang directly used her copy as a tool for trial and error and didn’t come out alive. She is a seventeen layer seed player. She can’t resolve her grievances with yuemang. She also has the ability to assist Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. She can measure physical data by five senses alone. She is really a suitable partner.

The three of them had never died with yuemang. Naturally, they hit it off and entered the mobile book of the death school building together.

Yan Mingguang turned into the window according to Zhou Tian. As expected, nothing happened.

The others followed one after another, but for a moment, the 407 room where Li Qing and other yuemang players lived was full of five people, such as Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Zhou Tian.

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou took out the ropes and bells just exchanged from the mall. They are special ropes and bells, which are much stronger and stronger than ordinary items.

Zhou Tian smiled, looked around and said, “according to Yan Wei’s plan, let’s hang the bell at the window first, right? When we get back to this room at sunset, we’ll hang the bell at the door.”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

Zhou Tian did not procrastinate and said directly, “OK, I’ll report the data. You try to follow my data more accurately. Pull a rope from the second bed column on the left, which is one meter 56.4 high, and pull it to the third bed column on the right bed, which is one meter 72.0. Three bells are evenly hung on this rope; one is pulled from the foot of the bed near the window on the left, which is 14.5 cm high…”

With Zhou Tian constantly reporting the location and data, the rest of the people, including Gao Ming, followed her data and carefully hung many bells.

By the time of completion, a rope net blocking the window had appeared near the window of dormitory 407. The ropes were staggered at various angles, and dozens of bells were hung on it.

Lin Zhen stepped forward and tried at will – no matter where he walked or drilled, he couldn’t avoid all the ropes. Once he pulled the rope, all the bells on the rope would shake.

“Oh, that’s good,” Lin Zhen raised his hand, touched his chin and looked at the bell rope net in front of him. “Even I can’t pass through this rope net without making a sound in a short time. If I surround such a net at the door, there’s no way for the room to enter without making any sound in at least half an hour. I like the little pet. It’s Yin enough.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at the rope net, his pure black eyes moved slightly, and suddenly sounded in his mind the words that Yan Wei subconsciously said before entering the building.

If Yan Wei was present at the moment and looked at the bell rope net against the moon awn, he would have to emphasize that he was an egoist and not a good man.

Yan Wei’s face swayed in his mind, but for a moment it was replaced by some hazy pictures. Those pictures occasionally appeared from the first time he used the skill of living to death. Yan Mingguang couldn’t see what those pictures were and didn’t know how to see them.

“… Yan Mingguang?” came the calm voice of the fish flying boat.

Yan Mingguang regained his mind. His eyes converged into the bottomless black pupil and said, “let’s go. It’s almost time for class.”

[Yue Wenxing left a huge ghost recruitment array on the 303 floor where you lived last night. He covered it a little with eye blocking props. He’s almost collapsed now. What about your situation? Is it half finished?]

Yan Wei followed Yue Wenxing, who was weak after using his skills, and walked quickly to the direction of the teaching building with a clever look.

Yan Mingguang said to him: [well, the window is sealed by bell rope net, and the door will be closed at sunset.]

Although Yan Wei communicated through his perception, the man’s voice and intonation were still weak and stable. The only difference was that Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang’s words seemed to hide some obscure emotions, like a weak rain hidden in winter snow, not so cold, and even brought some emotions.

He asked: [compassionate Mr. ice, do you think this move is too damaging? But you can’t help it. After all, I’m not good to get on my thief ship -]

[… Indeed.]

Ah? Sure? What? Sure

Yan Mingguang stopped talking.

[strange. Anyway, everything is going well on your side. Wait until sunset, and then go and seal the room completely with a bell rope net.] he has a light hook in the corners of his mouth and bright eyes. [he has played a conspiracy these days, and now yuemang is directly playing a conspiracy, so I’ll play a conspiracy with them. They have a ghost recruitment array, and we have a bell net…]

[tonight… It’s time to share it with our errands.


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