Half Immortal Chapter 53

Half Immortal Chapter 53: The School of Death (5) that’s four words

Yan Wei followed Yue Wenxing to the teaching building and joined Li Qing and others in the teaching building.

Class time is approaching. Students are constantly coming and going in this cold teaching building. There are obviously popular players and NPC students who look quite stiff. Except for the unorganized players who came in alone, all other players from different organizations acted together in groups, and there was little communication between different organizations – in this copy, they all came for only one legendary prop, and they were rivals to each other.

The total number of students in Chenxi high school is also small. There are only a few classrooms in total. It seems that there is no difference. Players enter the classroom according to their intuition and sit down temporarily to observe the situation.

Li Qing, the man who led Yue Mang, stood in the corridor and saw Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing coming. His eyes darkened and asked, “is it done?”

Yue Wenxing looked pale and nodded: “Yan Wei said Yan Mingguang would check the room, so I arranged a ghost recruitment array that will disappear only when time comes, but it consumed a lot of my energy. I may not be able to help today.”

Li Qing smiled: “What you’ve done today is already a big favor. Jiang Xiu, a fool with inferior skills, hurried to die, which made all the players in the building see a joke. Now, the number of seeds that yuemang can attract has been greatly reduced because of this matter. This time it’s solved Yan, and the benefits to yuemang are immeasurable. After going out, I’ll change the promised points props to you.”

Yue Wenxing looked happy: “thank you, brother Li!”

Yan Wei silently watched the two people coming and going, and his heart became more and more clear.

——It seems that the people brought in by yuemang are not all loyal.

After all, it’s the mobile book of the past ten dead and lifeless. Except for the players who are emotionally connected, I’m afraid most of yuemang’s players are linked by interests. In this way, when they come to the point of life and death, I’m afraid it’s easy for these people to become a mess.

Then he is going to plan for lingdang network tonight. The odds of winning are several more.

“Brother Li,” Yue Wenxing asked, “don’t we go into the classroom?”

“Wait a minute.”

Not long ago, Yan Mingguang and others also came to the teaching building a few minutes before class. Li Qing watched Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen choose a classroom, which led Yue Mang and others into that classroom.

Yan Wei immediately realized that once a person like Li Qing, who is very deep in the city, catches an eye on him, he will kill him by any means. Although Li Qing has already taken the move of ghost recruitment array, he still doesn’t miss any other opportunities. It’s cheaper for Yan Wei. He can not only follow Yue mang to get more information before tonight, but also stay with Yan Mingguang and them.

Although he was happy, his face became more and more flustered.

He took a guilty look at Yan Mingguang and others who had already sat down in the classroom, hiding behind Li Qing and followed him into the classroom.

“Methotrexate -”

“Methotrexate -”

“Methotrexate methotrexate -”

Class begins.

When the numb looking teacher NPC stepped on the class bell and came in, a player sitting in the third row of his seat and turning his pen suddenly stopped.

His eyes widened gradually, his pupils narrowed suddenly, and his face looked forward in fear. The next moment, his hand holding the pen went uncontrollably towards his throat, and his head was as if something was pressing behind his back, stiff and slowly lower.

The teacher had come to the podium. At the moment when the class bell fell, the teacher said numbly: “I’m your math teacher. Just call me Mr. Wang. Yesterday, some freshmen entered the school. I repeat the rules. Our high school doesn’t have high requirements for students. As long as we can learn the content, we don’t insist on listening to the class.”

Mr. Wang said, but the players’ eyes were not on him.

I don’t know who suddenly shouted: “- look!!”

Everyone turned around in the direction the man pointed.

On the seats in the third row, the player who turned the pen lowered his head, poked his hand fiercely, and directly stabbed his throat with a pen!

The blood fell on the textbook bit by bit from the tip of the pen. The player’s expression stayed in panic and disbelief. His eyes widened and his body leaned forward on the desk.

All the players present looked pale – another died inexplicably.

Some NPC students screamed. One even got up in a panic and wanted to run. He knocked down the tables and chairs in front of him. He knocked his head directly into the sharp corner of the table and died instantly!

Mr. Wang didn’t look at the two dead “students”. He just sighed and said, “I’ve said it many times. As long as it’s a student of Chenxi high school, he may die at any time. Everyone pay attention to safety. Well, let’s start class.”

Amid speculation, confusion and confusion, Yan Wei, sitting in the corner, took out the eye of the skeleton without a trace – the prop obtained from the first copy, which can see the danger, but it is extremely limited. A copy can only be used once.

He slowly put the skeleton eye in front of him and looked at the player whose pen tip pierced his throat.

Under the blood flowing desktop, in the dark shadow covered drawer, a pale face slowly poked out.

This thing’s hair was sticky and messy, his face was pale, blood flowed from the corners of his eyes, nose and mouth, and a pair of pure white pupils were gloomy. Yan Wei didn’t see that there was a bloody pen in the throat of this dirty thing until it stretched out the whole head.

Just now everyone was still watching the NPC teacher come in. When his perception was extraordinary, he suddenly looked at the player who had an accident. At that moment, Yan Wei’s heart became more and more wrong. He immediately took out the eye of the skeleton and saw the dirty thing in the drawer.

The idea of speculation was confirmed again, but Yan Wei’s mind became more and more dignified.

The first trigger condition for death is that it must violate the basic laws in the copy, such as the dormitory rule of not talking after dark, which is said by the teacher. This basic way of survival that tells players directly through the NPC is the bottom line and opportunity for players to survive, which is basically equal to sending points.

Other death trigger conditions, except for the player’s corpse that is only half eaten, are the repeated death method found by Yan Wei. Ghosts under a specific death method will forcibly kill the player when the player or student NPC violates their death trajectory. Once this step is reached, the player can’t resist even if his body index is higher 。

It seems that he has found the method of understanding, but in fact he has not.

——All deaths have a source. Players die of ghosts with the same death method, but where do those ghosts with the same death method come from?

Moreover, such traces of death, such as drowning and turning the pen, may have some clues that can be found and avoided. However, similar to the death of eating biscuits at the school gate, there is no trace that can be found, and there is no way to avoid it.

In fact, no matter what you do, you have a certain probability of death.

Everything is still back to the dilemma at the beginning – they can’t take the initiative to avoid it. They can only passively pray that random death won’t come to them.

Obviously, this will only make the situation worse and worse, because there are more and more players, and they can’t find out the causes of the death of those initial ghosts and the methods to avoid them completely. Will the players who later come in and die become a member of those ghosts? There is also competition among players. Players can’t just die from this death trigger, or they can die from conspiracy and intrigue Struggle, death will only be more and more.

With the passage of time and the increasing number of players coming in, the probability of being selected by random death… Will continue to expand at a growth rate!!

While Yan Wei drew this bad conclusion, the dirty things sticking out of the drawer slowly turned their necks and looked at Yan Wei’s direction in an almost twisted arc.

Through the skeleton’s eyes, Yan Wei and this thing’s pale eyes were directly on the ground. For a moment, he caught this thing. His eyes trembled, and his already pale face seemed stiff for a moment.

Then it seemed to escape and suddenly retracted into the drawer.

Why did you suddenly hide after looking at him?

Yan Wei’s breathing quickened slightly. Under the cover of his perception, an unknown feeling rushed to his brain shook in his mind. It was almost a subconscious movement of his body. He quickly put away the skeleton’s eyes. Among the students running around in panic, he pushed his chair and suddenly fell back, like panic.

In the crash, Yan Wei fell to the ground.

At the next moment, the electric fan hanging from the ceiling at the top of Yan Wei’s original seat vibrated, and instantly landed vertically with rotating blades at a speed that was extremely inconsistent with the laws of nature.

“Bang Dang -”

The player sitting in front of Yan Wei hasn’t reacted yet. The fan leaf has cut his neck neatly.

The player’s body is still sitting on the seat, and his head has rolled several times on Yan Wei’s side.

Yan Wei took a breath.

He understood.

——The thing sticking out his head in the drawer was not looking at him at all, but saw the dirty things with the electric fan moving on his side. He was in a normal state today. If he was still sitting when the electric fan fell down, he would be in a different place in an instant.

Just now, the death that came at any time also happened to him.

Li Qing looked over not far away, looked at the head indifferently, and sneered at Yan Wei, who was “the rest of his life after the disaster”: “your life is still very big. You are so timid that you fell and survived.”

At the same time, similar situations have taken place in the other classrooms.

The screams and the collision sound of all kinds of things being knocked down crisscross, but the teachers’ teaching voice never stops, plain and panic crisscross.

The sunlight outside dispelled the thin morning fog on the campus, and the broken gold light shone quietly on the chaos of the teaching building.

When everything calmed down, the teachers were still teaching numbly. It was not obvious that this group of old players had been used to it. Before long, they went out of the classroom to find clues.

The three dead bodies were bleeding in the classroom, and Mr. Wang’s insipid lecture continued.

Li Qingmei frowned and said to the players around him: “Looking at the reaction of these old players, we can skip class, and there should be no clues in class. It’s just a process that must be followed – otherwise they won’t leave the classroom after roll call. People from other organizations also start to leave one after another, and we must go to other places of the school to find clues, otherwise it will only slow people down. Let’s go.”

Yan Wei got up from the ground with “lingering fear” and said timidly, “brother Li, do you have to go? I… I’m afraid it’s sudden…”

Li Qing glanced at him and then at another part of the classroom. Yan Mingguang and others seemed not to leave.

He turned his eyes and whispered, “don’t dare to look for clues, then you stay here. Yue Wenxing is weak now. You two stay in the classroom and look at Yan. What’s the situation with Yan -”

He raised his hand and lost the walkie talkie used by players for a month to Yue Wenxing and Yan Wei, and then said, “use this to inform me.”

Li Qing glanced at Yue Wenxing again and winked silently. Yue Wenxing looked in his eyes and nodded silently – they all knew that it was not so much to let Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing look at Yan as to let Yue Wenxing stare at Yan Wei and Yan. Li Qing used Yan Wei, but it was impossible to completely call Yan Wei.

Yan Wei pretended to know nothing about these two people’s coming and going, but also looked lucky. He held the walkie talkie tightly and nodded fiercely: “OK, OK! Well… Brother Li, if I call you on the walkie talkie, you will –”

“I’ll come, but I have something more important. If you come to me casually, don’t blame me for not saving my life.”

“Sure, sure!”

Li qinglike left with people.

Mr. Wang was still lecturing in the classroom with few people left. Yan Wei sat down slowly and his perception extended: [can you hear me?]

The fish fly into the boat and move their eyebrows and eyes: [yes.]

[Tut, little pet, your skill is very useful.]


Zhou Tian and Gao Ming also responded respectively.

At the same time, communicating with five people consumes more energy than communicating with Yan Mingguang alone before. However, with a word of effort, Yan Wei’s face is pale and his forehead is in a cold sweat.

He told others that the death methods he had just obtained would accumulate and more and more conclusions, and then quickly said: [there must be some methods that can directly avoid random death, which is related to the root cause of death at any time, and the root cause of death at any time is related to the ladder.]

[class can’t be a virtual process. Those old players leave the class because they don’t have any clues at all, but I think they can’t find any clues. The teacher, as a NPC much more three-dimensional than the students, must know some information. However, after entering the copy, the players have tried many times, and the teacher NPC can’t ask for clues at all. I also think it’s not that there are no clues, but that the clues need to be used Another way to get out of the teacher’s mouth.]

[players in those organizations are thinking that if they find legendary props, they can easily pass the customs copy with legendary props. The most important thing is to find the clues of legendary props in the school. My view is just the opposite – if they find the customs clearance clues and hold the ladder clues in their hands, even if others get the legendary props, they must go out through me. In the end, the legendary props will still be mine.]

Lin Zhen yawned in boredom: [to make a long story short, just say the conclusion is OK, little pet, I hate this kind of long speech like learning materials.]

OK, just four words: sit down and study

Lin Zhen: […]


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