Half Immortal Chapter 54

Half Immortal Chapter 54: The School of Death (6) “look down…”

Not long ago, there were only nine “students” left in the classroom.

The content of the course is very ordinary high school mathematics, which makes people sleepy.

Yue Wenxing saw that Yan Mingguang and others had no action. He was weak because he arranged the ghost recruitment array. Listening to Mr. Wang’s non fluctuating lecture voice, he leaned back in his chair for a while.

One of the dead last night was Gao Ming’s upper bunk. Gao Ming was haggard all night and couldn’t stand it now. He closed his eyes with his eyes open.

Then came Lin Zhen, who was sleeping on the table directly and recklessly. He was not even afraid of whether there would be any death trigger. Before lying down for a while, there was a slight snoring.

Still awake people: ”

Yan Wei listened carefully to Mr. Wang’s lecture all the way.

The teaching method is no different from that of ordinary high school. After talking about the knowledge points for a while, Mr. Wang will call a student to answer the questions. The students who call their names are all the people sitting in this classroom today. Even if some people have left, Mr. Wang will also call that person’s name and wait for a while. After there is no response, he will continue his lecture.

During this period, Mr. Wang even named a player present.

The player stood up nervously and seriously and answered the question. Although the answer was wrong, after that, Mr. Wang just let the player sit down and continue his lecture.

After the math class, a Chinese teacher came.

It’s the same thing again.

The sun moved slowly from the distant Eastern Mountains and gradually rose. The angle of light widened bit by bit. The morning has passed. There are three classes in the classroom and three teachers have changed. Now it’s the fourth class.

Not long after the bell rang for the fourth class, a player suddenly got up, “bah”, said to his teammates at the other end of the call props, “I think you are worrying about nothing. The whole morning has passed, and there is no clue about the content of the course.”


“Really, you can’t believe my perception? I listened carefully to the content of the course. There’s no problem. The course should be the process.”


“OK, don’t waste time here. Are you in the infirmary? I’ll go to the bathroom first, and then I’ll meet you in the infirmary.”

Yan Weizheng listened to the class and looked at all his notes. The player of other organizations had quickly walked out of the classroom.

He went out and turned to the bathroom. First, he carefully observed the bathroom of the teaching building and confirmed that there seemed to be no problem. Then he entered the compartment.

The bathroom is at the corner of the teaching building. There is no vertical sunlight, and the ventilation window is small. The light is seven turns and eight turns. The compartment was even darker, the old flushing pipe was slightly yellow, and there were still many traces of red chalk painting on the wall, as if there were no clear blood in the obscurity.

As soon as the man untied his belt, he heard a faint and cool scream from his ear.

“Look down…”

“Look down…”

“Bow your head quickly…”

He gave a jerk, his whole body taut and didn’t move.

At least it’s a player on the 18th floor. He doesn’t panic and doesn’t look down – what if it’s triggered by death? He hurriedly took a belt in one hand, took out a piece of chalk from the storage column of the information panel, and wrote “don’t bow your head” on the door panel in front of him to alert the players after that, so as to avoid other players organized by them.

After writing, he quickly pulled up his belt and looked up——

The player’s action suddenly stagnated.

Above the toilet compartment, the space between the ceiling and the door panel slowly poked out a head.

His pupils contracted.

——Why did the voice make him bow his head, but he looked up and saw a ghost?

His pale face was facing him, his white pupils looked at the front, and the corners of his mouth stained with blood were aroused bit by bit, showing a stiff smile to him.

Blood trickled from the thing’s mouth and onto his hair.

“Ah, ah, ah –!”

Yan Wei was in the classroom and vaguely heard the scream from a distance.

His eyes were dim – another one died.

Although there are many people coming in, the speed of the dead is also very fast. This group of players also have many high-quality players who come for legendary props. It can be imagined how the 19th floor mobile would have died before their group came in.

The pressure of players’ death bit by bit is on the living players. The daytime campus looks quiet and peaceful, but it is tightening the players’ nerves inch by inch.

Yan Wei frowned slightly.

Why on earth are there these ghosts in the beginning? Is there really nothing wrong with the routine high school courses every morning? Where are the legendary props and do they have any impact on this copy?

He was thinking, the teacher on the podium took out a folder, walked off the podium and said, “today’s class is coming to an end. This is a random test, and the students can leave after handing in their papers. I hope you can answer the questions carefully. Our high school is a key high school, and there should be no students with bad grades.”

The teacher put down the examination papers on one table after another. When passing Yan Wei’s side, Yan Wei raised his head.

At the moment he looked at the teacher, NPC’s normal face suddenly flashed, and his pale face flashed by. Yan Wei was shocked and returned to normal again.

But he knew it wasn’t an illusion.

What’s going on? The teacher is also a ghost? No, no, if the teacher is a ghost, it doesn’t make sense that so many teachers come to class according to the process, but none of them kill.

And before, it was clear that as long as ghosts were introduced, they would be killed instantly. But he just saw the grimace. Except for a moment of “shock”, it had no effect at all.

The flash of the grimace was like a prank.

Yan Wei looked at the examination paper in front of him, and then looked at the teacher who had walked back to the podium. There was no different teacher, and his mind was full of thoughts. With the continuous strengthening of perception, more and more clear memories flashed in front of him. He slightly closed his eyes and quickly flipped the picture after entering the copy.

——”In recent years, Chenxi high school has been experiencing student deaths, and the death of students is also strange. In order to supplement the number of dead students, Chenxi high school has to constantly recruit new students, but there are still students who suddenly die, and even teachers who are killed and scared crazy.”

——”Our high school is a key high school. There should be no students with poor grades.”

——”I’ve said it many times. As long as it’s a student of Chenxi high school, he may die at any time. Please pay attention to safety.”

Thoughts finally merged into these words. Seemingly insignificant and obvious hints from Lou and NPC were intertwined. Yan Wei blinked, and her light brown eyes were as bright as stars.

Building from the beginning, the statement of teachers and students is different. If the situation of teachers and students is the same, there is no need to distinguish them. Just say that people in Chenxi high school will suddenly die. But Lou said that the students’ Union died suddenly, and the teachers were killed and scared crazy – that is, the teachers were not the target of random death, but their death looked like frightened students worried that the teachers were murderers, thus secretly killing some teachers.

Only students will be selected by the sudden death, and Chenxi high school should not have students with poor grades.

——What if he wasn’t a student of Chenxi high school?

Moreover, just now he began to think about the difference between teachers and students because of this grimace. The grimace on the teacher’s face helped him instead of killing him. Why?

At this time, Yue Wenxing has woken up because of the action of issuing test papers. He patted Yan Wei and said, “Hey, what happened just now?”

Yan Wei withdrew his mind, his eyes flashed and said timidly, “it seems that someone screamed again just now…”

“What’s this?” Yue Wenxing glanced at him contemptuously. “Isn’t it normal for dead people in this place? By the way, what’s this examination paper?”

“Nothing. It’s just the process of class. You can go after handing in your papers.”

Yue Wenxing nodded and wrote a name on the examination paper. He took out his walkie talkie, exchanged a few words with Li Qing at the other end of the walkie talkie, and said to Yan Wei, “brother Li, they are exploring the experimental building. Let’s go to the experimental building to find them.”

“Oh, OK.”

Yan Wei nodded obediently on the surface, also wrote casually on the examination paper, and secretly said to Yan Mingguang and others through skills: [the examination paper should be free. There can’t be anything wrong without doing well. Otherwise, these old players who skip classes every day and look for clues have long had problems. The examination paper doesn’t matter. What’s useful here is the information behind it. I just thought that it may not be the registered students of Chenxi high school, but the way to avoid death. But if you leave directly, it will be erased by the rules, and it may not be here Other clues are needed.]

[ah, I’m so sleepy. I finally finished class,] Lin Zhen stretched his waist and [what information have you found? I find it great to act with you. I don’t need to find clues. I just need to wait for someone to fight.]

[I’ll go back to Li Qing with Yue Wenxing and get some clues from our errand boy] Yan Wei didn’t listen to Lin Zhen’s nonsense at all. He has followed Yue Wenxing and told Yan Mingguang them at the same time, [please look for clues before you explore this afternoon. The scream just now seems to belong to the player who left our classroom just now. Zhou Tian should be able to get his location data according to the sound. Go and have a look. We’d better not miss any death scene. Death represents information.]

Yan Mingguang looked up at Yan Wei’s back. His pure black eyes couldn’t see the bottom. He said: [OK.] he paused and added: [pay attention to safety and call me at any time.]

Lin Zhen made a movement, his dark red pupils turned, and he looked dissatisfied: [hey, I said little pet, I just said you didn’t have to find clues. Why do you sing against me every day?]

The connection of perception is cut off.

“…” Lin Zhen “cut” and said, “he’ll cut off the network as soon as he says it. It’s boring.”

The fish flying boat couldn’t cry or laugh. He came forward and pulled Lin Zhen up from his seat: “let’s go. Yan Wei is still very reliable.”

Yan Mingguang got up and said calmly, “hurry up, we need to keep a distance of less than 300 meters from Yan Wei.” that’s the skill range of perception burst.

When he and Yan Wei stay together, he is always aloof and indifferent, as if he is hidden behind Yan Wei. But once he is separated from Yan Wei, this person’s indifferent look can make people cold in the heart and subconsciously dare not refute.

Even Lin Zhen subconsciously put away his loose posture and followed up.

Yan Wei followed Yue Wenxing out of the teaching building.

Chenxi high school says it is big or small. It has almost all the internal organs and all the facilities. Although there are many hundreds of students, including NPC, some are dead and scattered at the moment, and there are no dense figures in the whole college.

Yan Wei saw the players of several organizations along the way. The copy has just begun, and there are still a lot of clues and props to look for. Everyone is scattered and still maintaining a short peace.

Before long, he and Yue Wenxing joined Li Qing.

Yue Wenxing didn’t mention that he had rested all morning and said to Li Qing carelessly, “brother Li, do you overestimate them? They didn’t do anything all morning. They took classes there all morning and really came to study… I think Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao died in their hands because they were too stupid. These people are not afraid at all.”

Li Qing frowned: “didn’t do anything? Did we really overestimate Yan?… forget it, they are all dead tonight.”

Yan Wei, hiding behind yuemang people, calculated the time and thought that Yan Mingguang should have almost finished the exploration. Only then did he extend his perception and contact Yan Mingguang.

[Mr. Yan, what’s the situation with that player?]

Yan Mingguang is in front of the dead man’s bathroom compartment.

Gao Ming told you

At the door of the bathroom, Lin Zhenzheng holds a long bow in one hand, and the bow strings are full, ready to deal with emergencies at any time. Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang watch from left to right in the compartment, while Gao Ming and Zhou Tian observe the scene of death together.

After Zhou Tian reported some position data and fall angle of the player at the time of death, the wise face as a forensic became more and more dignified.

His tone was very vacillating: [Yan Wei, the player died while going to the toilet in the toilet compartment, and his belt didn’t even have time to pull. The door of the toilet compartment said “don’t bow your head” Four words. The trace and height position should be written by this player. But according to the data Zhou Tian told me and his current posture… He… He raised his head when he died, and his neck was directly pinched from the back by something.]

Yan Wei’s face changed.

[you mean, the dead player says not to bow his head, but when he dies, he looks up?]

[yes, it’s strange. He should be trying to warn others, but he died when he looked up…]

[how does he know “don’t bow your head?”] Yan Wei raised his eyebrows. [from what you said, there should also be a death trigger in the bathroom compartment, which is related to bow your head and look up. But how does he think “don’t bow your head” What made him not to bow his head? He listened, so he died when he looked up? That’s not right. When I entered the replica the first day, I had the impression that he was an 18 tier player organized and would not make such a low-level mistake.]


There is another possibility

Since it’s not something that makes the player not bow his head, it’s the opposite – something makes the player bow his head, and he naturally doesn’t believe it.

But he didn’t believe it and died when he looked up.

In other words, if he believed the hint to bow his head, he would not die.

Yan Wei put his hand into his pocket, gently groped for the swallow coin with his fingertips, and his thoughts flashed in his heart.

As the “students” of Chenxi high school, it is almost difficult for them to escape when the death conditions are triggered, just like the players who died after eating cookies on the first day, Nie Liang who drowned, the players who were cut off by an electric fan, and the players whose necks were broken in the bathroom compartment… Ghosts are merciless.

But there are also some things that run counter to trying to kill people – the ghost face that appears on the teacher’s face, which is almost a hint to him, and the player who died in the toilet doesn’t know where to hear the information about lowering his head and raising his head.

——On one side is an inescapable death, on the other is a hint of near help.

From the invisible angle of Li Qing and others, Yan Wei slowly raised his eyes. His light brown eyes contained a warm and cold mood like the snow in spring.

He slowly lifted the corners of his mouth.

[I think I understand a little,] he said, [remember our first copy? There are two bosses, one in the light and the other in the dark. It seems that the painter is the most terrible boss. In fact, there are doctors designing everything in the dark. And the copy of Ankang ancient town where Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhenyu flying boat passed together. The God woman looks like a ladder clue, but in fact Hu Ayun is the root. The surface terror covers the actual truth, the deputy of the building Ben’s usual trick… I doubt that this mobile copy of the dead school building…]

[boss also has two?]

Besides the boss, there is a ghost that may not be too hostile to the player


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