Half Immortal Chapter 55

Half Immortal Chapter 55: The School of Death (7)

From this perspective, there can be a reasonable explanation for what happened when the player died.

He raised his head and died. He also heard the hint to lower his head. But he thought that lowering his head was the key to him, so he wrote “don’t lower your head”, and then raised his head to trigger death.

This is a paradox that cannot be explained simply on a ghost.

But what if the ghost that prompted the player to bow his head was not the same as the ghost that killed the player after the player looked up?

Put the player’s death in another way – when he was in the toilet compartment, a ghost asked him to bow his head to help him avoid death. But in the player’s eyes, ghosts were the same. He felt that ghosts were lying to him, so he wrote a warning of “don’t bow your head”, then raised his head and was broken by the ghost who wanted to kill him.

As when Yan Wei was in the classroom, the falling fan should be pulled by ghosts, and the ghost face attached to the teacher’s face at the moment of issuing the test paper to frighten him reminded him of the difference between teachers and students. If the ghost on one side is pulling the electric fan to kill, and the ghost on the other side is attached to the teacher’s face to play a prank?

If you take it apart, there will be no contradiction.

Yan Wei straightened out these thoughts. The people in the teaching building also withdrew from the potentially dangerous bathroom and came to the corridor, looking at each other.

This conclusion seems to find new clues, but it also makes the clues of the ladder more blurred.


Why does this school have the general method of ghosts repeating the death cycle to constantly kill students who repeat actions? Why is there another ghost that might even help the player?

If simply repeating the method of death and talking at night will attract ghosts, what’s the matter with only half of the body in the corridor on the third floor of the dormitory building?

While maintaining his skills, Yan Wei consumed a lot of physical strength and followed yuemang’s team with a slight gasp. He said to Yan Mingguang and others in his heart: [although everyone is only cooperating, and I have no right to order you all the time, I suggest that when you act this afternoon, you mainly observe others – observe whether there are players who see ghosts but do not die. After all, my guess now is only two samples, and there are too few data, so I must have more information to be sure. I will follow the moon first, and I will try to connect at sunset Tie it up and meet you.]

Lin Zhen: [Oh, it’s like you didn’t order us before. Ah, how do I feel you’re going to disconnect again -]

Yan Wei withdrew his perception.

Li Qing looked back and saw him walking behind without saying a word, taking Yan Wei’s shoulder. He looked at Yan Wei’s face as if they had a good relationship. He casually said, “you can be so tired looking for clues. How can you live in such a place?”

Yan Wei smiled: “brother Li, isn’t there you?”

Li Qing’s eyes turned and looked at Yan Wei again.

The young man looked rather weak, breathed faster, looked pale, but his cheeks were slightly red. His face was lined with exquisite facial features, with exquisite bone and clear skin.

“Yan Mingguang has no eyesight. He’s not easy to annoy, but he wants to annoy us. But his eyesight is good,” Li Qing said with a low smile. “By the way, although you were taken by Yan, you… Lifted the building three times in a row? It seems that you haven’t told me what your skills are.”

Yan Wei’s expression remained unchanged.

He had expected Li Qing to ask and said, “brother Li wants to help me keep some secrets. My skills are very easy to use! You can get a 30 point bonus to increase your perception in three minutes. You can use it once a day. I used it once. It’s really easy to use!!”

Yan Wei has got 90% of Li Qing’s personality and psychology. If he makes up a bad skill and tells Li Qing that his skill is bad, Li Qing becomes more suspicious. If he shows complacency, Li Qing will believe it.

This man seems to have a lot of scheming, but in fact he is in place, that is, he is a fool.

Sure enough, Li Qing didn’t doubt him. He sneered, patted him on the shoulder and continued to move forward, saying, “that’s all you can do.”

Yan Wei silently hooked his lips.

Then, Li Qing, like chatting, asked Yan Wei some information about Yan Mingguang. Yan Wei mixed half truth with half falsehood and said that the logic was very smooth, and no member of yuemang found it wrong.

Speaking later, Li Qing’s attitude towards Yan Wei is becoming more and more casual – in his eyes, Yan Wei has no value.

Yan Wei pretended not to know, and bit by bit conveyed the clues obtained by Yue Mang and his own observations to Yan Mingguang, so that Yan Mingguang and them did not need to go the way he had gone, which saved time and was safer.

After the completion of the experimental building, yuemang didn’t find any clues. Yuemang’s people just saw a student NPC who died on the ladder, which is no different from the person who died suddenly in this copy.

Instead of wasting their time here, they went directly to the office building. There were more living NPCs in the office building – all teachers’ NPCs. Compared with the panicked students’ NPCs, these teachers’ NPCs all looked indifferent and had seen everything in Chenxi high school.

They walked around the building and stopped not far from the archives on the top floor. Three bodies lay on the steps in front of them, lying upside down, and a large area of blood flowed out.

“Brother Li, look,” a yuemang member came back and whispered, “there is only one student on duty at the door of the archives. We have to brush our student card. Our student card is still in operation and will not be issued until tomorrow.”

Li Qing frowned, looked down at the corpse on the ground, looked at the half open archives not far away, thought for a moment, and said: “High school copy, if it is a copy of the story background with cause and effect, it is very likely that the school archives have information. But these three people are broken sickles. It is estimated that they have been here, but people have died here, and it must be difficult to trigger death. Three broken sickles have died at once…”

Yue Wenxing asked, “brother Li, are we going to see it?”

Li Qing shook his head: “don’t go first. Break the sickle and be eager for quick success and instant benefit. This is a lesson from the past. We don’t know how to avoid death trigger. We don’t have a student card. Even if we go in, we may consume too much. It’s only the next day. We mainly compete for that thing. We must maintain most of our strength and retreat first.”

Yan Wei followed him, his eyes moved, and secretly wrote down the location of the archives. Li Qing and other organizations now dare not act rashly, but take advantage of him. When he is immortal, you can come here again.

As for the thing in Li Qing’s mouth – the legendary prop.

From the status of players in other organizations along the way and the information disclosed during yuemang’s conversation, in fact, these people do not know where the legendary prop is and what it is. They only know that the legendary prop is not evil and its function should be relatively positive. At least it will not exist like the ghost recruitment array skill of yuewenxing.

Ahead, Li Qing waved his hand and said, “go.”

On the green plank road of Chenxi high school.

The fish flying boat pushed aside the grass and trees that had blocked the way and said: “I just told Yan Wei that there were some players who saw ghosts but didn’t die. He guessed that ghosts with different attitudes towards players were probably right. Yan Wei said that he got the information, and the people in yuemang didn’t know the specific situation of legendary props. It seems that everyone got the same information. The last batch of players felt it The fluctuation of legendary props immediately sent the news, but he should have touched something at that time. As soon as the news came out, it was interrupted – it should be dead. ”

Gao Ming was stunned: “how do you know it came down from the high-level copy?”

Lin Zhen stepped down and said casually: “stupid or not, that’s because the number of legendary props is fixed. There are roughly a few other legendary props everywhere. Only this is what a high-level player once lost in a high-level mobile book. It can only be that.”

Gao Ming nodded suddenly.

Yan Mingguang walked in the front, holding his pocket in one hand and keeping silent. The afternoon sunlight sprinkled on him through the shadow of plants and trees, leaving a mottled sparse. The lens slightly reflected the golden sunlight, masking his eyes and making people unable to see his emotions.

Yufeizhou was the first to notice something slightly wrong with Yan Mingguang.

“Yan Mingguang?” he said in a warm voice, “what’s the matter with you?”

Yan Mingguang just stepped slightly and said nothing.

The light outlined his indifferent and cold outline. He shook in the light and shadow, looked left and right, and frowned.

——From entering this copy, he always felt a familiar feeling. It was not the campus, but a kind of… Ethereal atmosphere here.

This feeling is faint, so Yan Mingguang hasn’t taken it seriously.

But now walking on this plank road, this feeling is actually stronger.

Behind Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen pulled out a long weed and said to himself: “Is this Chenxi high school an aristocratic school? I’ve seen so many high schools. The facilities of ordinary high schools are not so perfect as to be redundant. This kind of green plank road is useless except for walking for students, but it’s not that the aristocratic school can’t afford it. The copy of the building won’t deliberately get some useless things. Ordinary schools are the most likely to appear, but it’s just this It’s a rare noble school in… Forget it. Let the little pet think about it later. I’m too lazy to use my head. ”

Zhou Tian smiled: “I heard about you long before I entered this copy. I always thought you should be a career walking on the gray edge before you entered the building. I didn’t expect to know so much about high school. Lin Zhen, you seem to have seen many schools. Are you a teacher?”

Lin Zhen “cut” a voice: “the teacher has seen less schools than me. Before I entered the building, I was pressed by traffickers at the gates of various schools every day to ask for money. Noble schools go more. Of course I know.”

Zhou Tian was stunned and smiled. She didn’t know how to answer.

The person who said this was very comfortable. After that, he forgot and continued to walk foolishly. But as soon as he took a few steps, Lin Zhen suddenly waved his hand: “wait a minute, I think it’s… A little strange here.”

Everyone stepped forward.

The green plank road is next to the fence of the campus. The geographical location is relatively biased. Usually, it doesn’t seem that students often come. The long plank road is in disrepair for a long time, with weeds and branches everywhere. It is quiet and peaceful and can’t see any difference.

Lin Zhen immediately took out a long black bow, grasped the handle of the bow, pulled all the bowstrings and stood on guard.

He looked at the grass diagonally ahead.

There are a few drops of blood there.

But there are no corpses of students or players here, as in other places of Chenxi high school. There are no signs of fierce fighting. Where did the blood come from? Where did the people who left the blood go?

He said, “something’s wrong! I always think it’s dangerous here -”

Zhou Tian stared at Lin Zhen’s place and muttered to herself, “the splicing of 212.3 cm, 42 degrees and 0.23 cm, the air velocity… The velocity is in the direction of 67 degrees… The fault?”

“- Lin Zhen, go away!!” Zhou Tian shouted, “there’s a space fracture over there!!!”

Without saying anything, Lin Zhen suddenly stretched out a pair of pale ghost hands in the empty air in front of him. The ghost hands had pale skin, and bones could be seen in some places. The skin and flesh were intact all over the body spots, and the nails were green and black. The sharp and slender nails suddenly stabbed forward.

——Instantly pierced Lin Zhen’s shoulder blade!

Lin Zhen was good at long-range attack rather than close combat. Suddenly, his right shoulder was still stabbed. He clenched his teeth and snorted, turned his long bow in his hand, and hit the ghost’s hand.

The ghost hand shrank back in an instant, the black and green nails were taken back, and the blood suddenly splashed out from Lin Zhen’s shoulder.

At the same time, Lin Zhen’s body appeared at the same time… More and more ghost hands stretched out from the air!!

More and more, more and more

Dense hands with dense corpse spots, sharp and slender nails dancing disorderly, sending gloomy and treacherous in this remote and quiet place.

In the lightning, the fish flying boat and Yan Mingguang shot at the same time. Yan Mingguang’s whip rustled out. The fish flying boat held a dagger and the sharp blade came through the air. One left and one right beat back several ghost hands close to Lin Zhen’s side, and quickly pushed Lin Zhen away.

Lin Zhen’s eyes flashed, and the sky whirled in front of him. “Bang” hit a tree stump not far away.

His complexion remained unchanged, he turned a blind eye to the wound on his right shoulder blade, and pulled the bow string with his right hand to aim at the front.

The long black arrow had just condensed at the bow string, and he looked stunned – the place where the ghost hand appeared in front was empty except the blood he had just been injured and dropped on the ground.

“Where’s Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat?”

Gao Ming’s face was shocked: “as soon as they saved you, they were taken away by the ghost hands together!!”


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