Half Immortal Chapter 56

Half Immortal Chapter 56: The School of Death (8)

It took Yan Wei more than an hour to know that Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou had an accident.

He acted with yuemang and others. Walkie talkie, which is too obvious, can’t be used. After leaving the office building, I opened a distance of 300 meters with Yan Mingguang and others for a period of time, and my perception could not be connected, so I found something wrong.

Long before they separated, they agreed not to leave the 300 meter range, because Yan Wei’s seat could not be determined, so Yan Mingguang and others wandered around the 300 meter range. But at the moment, he tried several times and couldn’t locate the perception of others.

Yan Wei is well aware of Yan Mingguang’s ability, and Yu Feizhou and others will never act in a disorderly manner.

——Something happened.

Yan Wei hung at the back of yuemang’s team, frowned and flashed thoughts in his eyes.

Li Qing got all Yan’s “real” information from him, and there was a ghost recruitment array in Room 303. He thought he was useless. At the moment, he didn’t give him eyes at all. Yan Wei followed yuemang’s team just to let yuemang help him find out more information. Now that Yan Mingguang had an accident, he didn’t want to stay.

At this moment, they have come to the small lake next to the playground.

Yan Wei’s extraordinary perception slowly dispersed.

——On the stump of a pine tree by the lake ahead, a deep scratch is hidden in the shadow, facing the calm lake. The ground from pine trees to the lake is full of weeds, with scattered drops of water hanging on the grass.

There are signs of death pushed down the lake.

According to one of the death rules of this copy, standing in that position will trigger the death pushed into the water.

Yan Wei’s eyes flashed, looking at the man in front of him, and his steps slowed down slowly.

His perception data is higher than that of most players. Under the deliberate concealment, yuemang’s people didn’t find him gradually falling behind.

Yan Wei saw that the distance was almost. He took it out of the storage bar of the information panel and put it into the double doll exchanged before the copy.

As soon as the double doll landed, it became Yan Wei. As like as two peas in the face, the only way to do it is to look at the game player’s eyes.

Yan Wei lifted his feet and left, running counter to Li Qing and others. The double doll, which can only last three minutes, turned around under the control of Yan Wei and steadily followed yuemang’s team.

Just as he was about to approach the scratched pine tree, “Yanwei” turned slightly and walked along the lake, but he came between the pine tree and the lake in a moment.

Suddenly, on the empty trunk of the pine tree, a ghost with a wet body, a pale face like snow and a school uniform hung on the branch. Its all white pupils looked straight at “Yan Wei”, and the ghost hand full of groupers lifted it gently

——Easily pushed “Yanwei” into the lake!

“Puff –”

Yuemang people suddenly turned back and saw the scene of “Yan Wei” being pushed into the water.

The water splashed everywhere, but as soon as “Yan Wei” fell into the water, he sank down, as if something was pressing and never came out again.

The water quickly returned to calm. The ghosts in school uniforms hung on the branches. Looking back, they showed a stiff and terrible smile to yuemang and others.

“Let’s go!” Li Qing was not frightened by Yan Wei’s sudden falling into the water and the ghost’s smile. His face remained unchanged. He just said quickly, “there is a death trigger here. We haven’t found out the routine of the ghost’s hand yet. Leave the dangerous place first.”

“Brother Li, this Yan Wei…”

“It’s useless to die. It saves us time to deal with it.” he led yuemang’s people to leave quickly, smiled low and said, “I didn’t intend to let him go at the beginning. Let Yan reunite with him in hell tonight.”

At that end, Yan Wei walked back for a while after the golden cicada came out of its shell, and then contacted others again.

[what’s going on?] as soon as his perception was connected, Yan Wei quickly asked, [why can I only contact you and Gao Mingzhou Tian?]

Lin Zhen’s tone at the moment was long gone from his usual foolishness and said seriously and low: [we are now on the plank road 200 meters away from the northeast of the teaching building. Come here. Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat were just pulled into the split space by ghosts.]

Yan Wei suddenly raised his eyes, and his amber eyes were dazed for a moment.

[… Who?]

Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou

The world inside the building.

Compared with the mixed gambling area in the past, at the moment, before a copy of the gambling area is projected, the players stand in several piles very neatly. They silently and quietly looked at each open perspective in the copy projection. In front of each team, there were one or two players who were obviously middle and high-level players.

——Those are people from various organizations.

Many unorganized players can only scatter outside the scope of these people and watch the progress of this copy from a distance.

The copy of the 19th layer, from the number of layers, is not worth giving to players with more than dozens of layers.

But this is a flowing copy of legendary props.

This copy also opened the gambling building after this group of players entered. What does this mean—— This means that if these players fail to pass the customs successfully within the time of this batch, before the next opening of the mobile book, they have fully mastered most of the information of this copy in the current live broadcast of the gambling building, and can enter the copy again with very sufficient preparation.

So at this moment, the copy projection has been completely surrounded by various organizations.

“That Yan is just like this… He was taken away by the devil.”

“Who makes him dare to lift twelve floors at one time? Which of those players who can still come out alive after lifting more than ten floors at one time is not a high-level player with names in the world in the building?”

“Yan Wei, who had been following him before, also fell into the water and died. Yuemang’s style is still as indifferent as ever.”

“I already said that Yan Mingguang would die if he entered this copy. Now, they are all on the way to death.”


In front of yuemang’s team, a man in a long windbreaker and a black hat pocket sneered: “Yan Wei is dead. It’s a pity that he never turns on the projection… I should look good from the reaction of players who have seen him. I haven’t seen that face yet.”

On the other side, someone said coldly, “Zhao Jingchen, do you want to see that face, or do you want that face?”

The hat pocket covered Zhao Jingchen’s face and expression, revealing only the lower half of his face. But only half of his face can see that his skin is delicate and white, his thin lips are slightly aroused, and a little faint smile can be seen.

“Yan Mingguang’s face is also good,” Zhao Jingchen sighed with a long voice. “It’s a pity that he’s going to die. Li Qing has to fight for breath this time. If he kills Yan again and takes out the legendary props, we’ll be proud. Ning Yi, it’s a pity that it’s staggered with your copy time this time, otherwise you’re much more stable than Li Qing.”

Ning Yi stood not far behind Zhao Jingchen, raised his eyes and looked at the progress of the copy in the projection, speechless.

“After the mobile book opens the gambling house, if this batch of players fail to succeed, the invitation letter of the next batch will be directly distributed here. We can see the content and progress of this copy. Whoever can enter the next batch will win. You are ready to grab the invitation letter -”

Zhao Jingchen’s rather clear voice suddenly stopped.

A burst of sobs and concessions came from the crowd. On the other side of the Xuanniao, the Xuanniao players who were originally surrounded by solid Xuanniao players spontaneously gave way.

In the clear open space, the handsome man in a pure white shirt walked forward slowly.

Lin Qing’s eyes were not askew, his steps were steady, and his expression was light and warm. Before he reached the front, he opened his thin lips: “sorry, everyone. If there are invitations in the next batch, Xuanniao will take them all. Please leave.”

Broken sickle and other middle and high-level players in other organizations were stunned.

Someone shouted, “what do you mean, Lin, you Xuanniao? No one has entered the mobile book in this batch, and you want to directly cover the next batch?”

“You’re not going to clean up when the invitation comes out, are you?”

Zhao Jingchen: “Xuanniao is not as good as before. Why are you the second in command?”

Lin Qing raised her eyes slightly.

“First of all, I know better than you whether there is anyone in this batch of Xuanniao. Second,” Lin Qing slowly glanced at the other organizations present and recalled them bit by bit, “I’m not going to clean up when the invitation spills out, I’m — I’m going to clean up now.”

“I don’t like to beat around the Bush, so I’ll tell you the truth. The legendary props in this copy were left behind by the master of Xuanniao. Xuanniao is bound to win. You may not know my definition of ‘potential is bound to win’ – I also have legendary props in my hand. If you don’t go, I’ll explode myself. The legendary props will die together with you and send us all the 18 floors of Xuanniao safely Players go in. ”

What he said was indifferent, but the whole audience was in an uproar.

Lin Qing is the myth of the second best player.

He is the second in command of Xuanniao. He is a high-level player who has few legendary props and has nothing to do with more than ten layers of copies.

Such a cruel approach is really unworthy. But all the people who know a little about Lin Qing know that Lin Qing is always gentle. A pair of ink pupils are like a deep pool, which can’t be pondered and forgotten, but this man is very cruel in his bones.

The knife is blunt when it is in the sheath, but if it is out of the sheath, it will be like a sharp blade cutting iron without breaking it.

He can do it.

“… no matter how you shoot with an arrow, this split space doesn’t respond?” Yan Wei gasped and spoke very fast, “Yan Mingguang didn’t reply to their walkie talkie. I believe they won’t be so fast even if they have an accident. The place they were dragged to should be different from where we are. They can only find a way to come back from that place.”

“So next, someone must go in again to find a way to help them break the game, and when you go in, you must ensure that you will not be pulled in without being killed by the ghost hand. Zhou Tian, since you have calculated that the air velocity here may be regular, can you accurately know how long there will be space fragmentation here again?”

After knowing everything from Lin Zhen’s mouth, Yan Wei Ran to the plank road.

He used to use the skills of perception to consume a lot of his physical strength. Now he is sitting on the wooden chair on the plank road, leaning against the back of the chair, breathing fast, his cheeks are slightly red, and his face is indeed quite pale.

Zhou Tian kept writing numbers with a pen and paper in her hand and said: “Lin Zhen has just tried many times. Violence can’t tear this piece apart again. He can only hope on the law. I have roughly calculated a time curve through the air flow rate every second, the temperature change in this area, the movement change of light refraction angle and air humidity from the beginning of the accident to now. If I’m right, the air situation here will be in seven minutes and six seconds The situation will reach the situation when Lin Zhen had an accident and Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat shot. Those ghost hands are likely to appear again. Now it’s six minutes and fifty-eight seconds… ”

Lin Zhen sits on the other side. Gao Ming is bandaging the wound on his shoulder.

He said: “little pet, you take Zhou Tian and Gao Ming to hide here first. If you go back to yuemang dormitory in the evening according to the original plan to arrange the rest of the bell net. I, Yan Mingguang hasn’t had a fight with me, and I haven’t seen enough of the stupid expression of the virgin’s heart every day. I go in and catch them.”

Yan Wei took a few deep breaths again. When he calmed down, he raised his eyebrows and didn’t have a good airway: “can you take them out?”

“What do you mean? Otherwise, I’ll fight you first and I’ll go in after winning. With your skill, seven minutes is more than enough to solve you, and seven seconds is too much for me.”

Gao Ming completely treated Lin Zhen’s wound. Lin Zhen’s black clothes were faintly stained with invisible blood, but he didn’t show any difference. He clenched his dark long bow again, the green veins on the back of his hand protruded slightly, and tried to pull the bow string.

“Gee, the wound is well treated,” he said.

Yan Wei gets up and takes out the self-defense dagger he exchanged in the mall from the storage column of the information panel. The blade cuts through the air and makes a slight sound of breaking the air.

“Keep your body index and hit the moon. The only thing we know about the place where Yan Mingguang was dragged in is that there may be many ordinary Ghosts – after all, there are many ghost hands. As for others, we don’t know anything, but it can’t be solved by violence. If we can solve it by limbs, do you think Yan Mingguang and fish flying boat haven’t heard anything from me up to now “Friends?”

Lin Zhen gave a meal with a long bow in his hand.

Zhou Tian warned: “there are five minutes and 29 seconds left.”

Lin Zhen leaned against the back of the chair and raised his eyelids. Yan Wei’s straight back was reflected in his dark red pupils.

A long time.

He whistled and bluntly said: “Yan Wei, I knew what kind of person you are when I last copied it. We are the same. We are arrogant and even conceited. Alas, even if it’s human, it’s also the human kindness of Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou to save me. You have a clear conscience. You know it well in your heart to take great risks to do bad deeds. It’s not worth it. Don’t pretend here. Stay out Wait for me to take these two people who have lost their way and don’t know where to come out. ”

Yan Wei looked back at him.

“Oh, so we are the same people. The conclusion is that I shouldn’t go in. You should go in? You failed in logic.”

Lin Zhen choked.

For a moment, Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “I’m really self, but since I entered this mobile book, I’ve been doing things that are absolutely impossible to do under reason. You’re really arrogant and arrogant, but this time you really came in alone to take legendary props and challenge the 19th floor mobile book? You don’t belong to any organization on the surface. In fact, you brought in a group of black bird members pretending to be lone wolf players, thinking I couldn’t see it?”

“And who says it’s not cost-effective? As long as I go in, I can crack it.”

“Talk big.”

“Smarter than you.”

Zhou Tian said again, “forty six seconds.”

Gao Ming raised his hand: “why don’t I go in -”

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen turned to look at him at the same time and said in the same voice, “you stay!”

Gao Ming shrunk his neck and immediately put down his hand.

Lin Zhen glanced at the watch on his wrist. The second hand swung bit by bit, and the surrounding air velocity seemed to begin to slowly twist.

Zhou Tian: “thirty seconds.”

The second hand swings.

“Drop answer”

“Drop answer”

“Drop answer”


Yan Wei and Lin Zhen have already stood where ghost hands would appear before.

Zhou Tian began to count down: “three… Two…”

Lin Zhen glanced at Yan Wei: “Hey, little pet, if you can bring out my two life-saving benefactors this time, I won’t fight with you in the future.”

“It’s like you’re looking for me now and I’m paying attention to you.”


Ahead, the air suddenly fluctuated, and countless ghost hands extended from the ethereal air at this moment.

Lin Zhen was on guard this time, skillfully avoided all the nails coming at his skin and flesh, hung on a shrinking ghost hand, and disappeared in front of Yan Wei in an instant.

Yan Wei’s body index was not high. He didn’t hide at all. He just used a dagger to block the ghost hand grabbed at his heart. While taking out the flower ball prop that can instantly heal the wound, he didn’t move. The ghost hand pierced his arm and pulled him in instantly.

the sky and earth were spinning round.

At the moment of landing, Yan Wei just healed the place scratched by the ghost hand with the flower ball prop. The surrounding atmosphere surrounded him with a feeling that Yan Wei was familiar with but couldn’t say why. At this moment, he felt that there seemed to be something in his mind that wanted to come out, but he couldn’t grasp the root.

He was in a trance for a moment, and then he saw all around.

All around him and Lin Zhen were dancing ghost hands – just ghost hands.

There are no ghosts and corpses they suspect, only one cool, pale and ghostly hand after another.


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