Half Immortal Chapter 57

Half Immortal Chapter 57: The School of Death (9) “Yan Mingguang, take off your clothes!”

The moment Yan Wei and Lin Zhen appeared here, these ghost hands began to dance wildly and catch them.

It’s all left-handed.

Ghost hands came from all directions, mostly towards their upper bodies, and occasionally came out on the ground.

When outside, these ghost hands obviously from the dead only stretch out a little when the space is split. At the moment, they saw the whole picture of the ghost hands – these are ghost hands with clothes and cloth wrapped around their arms. Some sleeves are still intact, and some may be because the corpse from which the ghost hands came is miserable and the sleeves on their hands are broken.

From the style of these sleeves, we can see that they are the sleeves of Chenxi high school uniform.

The whole space is pale and desolate. Ghost hands hinder most of their sight. They can only see the range of about ten meters around their body – nothing except ghost hands. This is a space full of students’ dead hands.

The prompt sound of the building sounded at this moment.

[you have set out for the additional branch line of the copy of the dead school building – ghost hand space. Due to the imbalance of the current difficulty, you have gone online beyond the difficulty that the current copy can have, so you are prompted to intervene.]

[space type: fragmented space, space source: unknown.]

[tip: satisfied.]

[please find out how to leave according to the prompt, try to survive and get a reward.]

Lin Zhen took out a spherical prop and threw it into the air. A large transparent ball instantly shrouded Yan Wei and Lin Zhen, temporarily blocking these ghost hands.

“What’s the hint? Who’s satisfied? Am I satisfied or are you satisfied or are these ghosts satisfied? Little pet, since you’ve come in, I’m too lazy to use my brain. You think of a way. My prop is very ordinary and can only last one minute.” Lin Zhen looked around and whistled, “Oh, it turns out that this space is so long. It’s very interesting. Hey, hands, look at me. Come on, hold hands and clap hands.”

He said, raised his hand to stick to the surface of the transparent ball, found an angle and a ghost hand stretched out, and really “clapped” across the protection.

Yan Wei ignored the neuropathy, and his perception immediately spread around to the greatest extent.


Yan Wei shouted in surprise, “Yan Mingguang!”

He even forgot that he and Yan Mingguang were connected by perception. Subconsciously, he blurted out that the other party couldn’t hear.

He immediately turned to his heart and said, “Yan Mingguang?”


Are you with the fish boat

[none of them were hurt.] Yan Mingguang’s tone was heavy. It was not as cold as before. It seemed to moisten the depth that Yan Wei couldn’t understand.

[you can’t locate us. Don’t move. Lin Zhen and I came in together. Now I feel the distance with perceptual contact and approach you with Lin Zhen.]

The other party will not reply.

Yan Wei didn’t ask Yan Mingguang to say anything in response. Although they didn’t say anything, the first thought in his heart was that Yan Mingguang knew that he would have to rely on his perceptual skills to find someone next. He was afraid that one more word would consume his physical strength.

“Lin Zhen, they are within 300 meters of us. I rely on my skills to test the distance. Now we start walking blindly. As long as we feel that they are getting closer and closer to us, we will go in the right direction. If we feel farther and farther away, we will change direction. We need to hurry as soon as possible. It will be dark outside soon. We must break the game before dark and return to the dormitory building.”

Yan Wei looked around.

There were only dark hands around him, and there was nothing else. For a short time, he could not see any clues, nor could he feel where the sudden sense of familiarity came from. This feeling was not even pleasant. If there was something heavy pressing on his heart, he could not even notice what was pressing, and naturally he couldn’t get rid of it.

Such inexplicable mood swings are wrong.

Only reason, only calm, is his style.

He took a deep breath, suppressed everything wrong, pulled up Lin Zhen and began to approach Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat.

Lin Zhen holds a bow and arrow and raises his hand to finish. In the end, more than a dozen arrow feathers open the way. Yan Wei exudes perception to test their distance from Yan Mingguang.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Since they came in, the attacks of these ghost hands seem to be a little faster. They have no mind and no pain. Even if Lin Zhen hits, they just leave a penetrating hole in the ghost hand. Only by breaking it completely can a ghost hand be completely destroyed.

Before long, Lin Zhen’s protective props were up and disappeared.

There are many ghost hands. Even if Lin Zhen doesn’t have empty arrows, he can’t guarantee that everyone will be stopped. Yan Wei endured the habit of cleanliness. While using his skills, he still needs to hold a dagger to stop the ghost hands that Lin Zhen didn’t stop. After walking more than 100 meters, he was panting, and a cold sweat of collapse appeared on his forehead.

Lin Zhen had to carry Yan Wei.

“Be careful behind your back. I can’t take care of all directions alone. If you get caught on your back, don’t shout, or I’ll be deaf -”

Yan Wei suddenly interrupted him and shouted with all his strength, “Yan Mingguang!!! Fish flying boat!”

The man looked back at him.

In the ghost’s hands, Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat are standing in a rather empty place. The fish flying boat is decorated in several places, and the blue beads in his hands are slightly shiny, but Yan Mingguang’s whole body is still clean and tidy.

The man stepped on the broken body at his feet, and the short knife in his hand was wrapped with a layer of thick blood. The cold outline was even more rusty against the background of the ghost hand. He looked at Yan Wei sideways, and the action in his hand was neat and unambiguous. The short blade pierced a ghost hand in an instant, and the blade tip rotated, directly smashing the ghost hand in front of him!

Broken bodies scattered all over the ground.

Lin Zhen carries Yan Wei on his back, steps over the body, and quickly runs to the side of Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat.

As soon as he stood firm, Yan Mingguang’s indifferent face moved slightly. The short blade in his hand was so Hao and worthless that he threw it to the ground. He raised his hand and picked up Yan Wei from Lin Zhen’s back and helped people to his side in an instant.

Lin Zhen put a light on his back and asked the fish flying boat, “looking at the corpses all over the ground, you won’t stand in place for so long when we didn’t come in? Gee, your limbs are developed.”

Fish flying boat frowned: “why did you come in? Were you hurt?”

“Help you.”

“You… There are many people here. Yan Mingguang and I have seen that there is nothing but ghost hands. Ghost hands will slowly become more and more aggressive, and there is no wave movement of space fragmentation. You should have heard the prompt sound when you came in? ‘satisfied’, I can’t think of any method related to breaking the game. If it is for us to meet these ghost hands…” The fish flying boat sighed, “these ghost hands want to kill us. They don’t want us to pay for our lives. What’s the point of breaking the game?”

——This means no solution.

Yan Wei leaned against Yan Mingguang’s side. The man’s powerful arm slightly hugged him and provided support to him, which made him slightly recover from his exhaustion. He took a few deep breaths, and the obsession with cleanliness that he had endured all the way dissipated at the moment – Yan Mingguang, who had been fighting with ghost hands for a long time, didn’t smell bad blood, but still had the smell of fading into green pines, As before, no matter what time, this man always seems to be alone and tidy.

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

He seemed more silent than ever.

“There can be no solution,” Yan Wei said, “The rule of the building is that no matter how bad it is, there will be a glimmer of vitality. This is not the kindness of the building, but the default bottom line that ensures that players are willing to actively break through. Just like the copy of Ankang Town, our entry leads to imbalance. The building will even adjust the rules to give players a glimmer of vitality. Therefore, I don’t know why there is a split space, and these attacks are not strong But there must be a solution to the many and difficult ghost hands. ”

Yan Wei took a breath and suddenly looked at Yan Mingguang.

The man was looking at him without saying a word.

Yan Wei subconsciously opened his eyes and then said, “time is pressing. We don’t say what else is not. Since violence can’t be cracked, that’s my job. Teacher Yan, you can clear such a large range in melee. First cooperate with Lin Zhen’s far attack? Fish flying boat, can you describe the information you get in it with me in detail?”

Yan Mingguang nodded slightly to ensure that Yan Wei stood firm before he let go. He and Lin Zhen were around the four people to ensure that the ghost hands were not close.

“What’s the matter with this split space?”

Fish flying boat shakes its head: “There is no clue. Generally speaking, the distortion of time and space can only occur in the high-level copy, because it is a completely complex and untouchable field for us fledgling players. This turbulent space will appear in the 19th level copy. I guess the reason is that it is recondensed by the remaining energy after a high-level copy is cracked, so it will continue to exist There are some traces of high-level copies left, which leads to the separation of this four unlike space. After we came in, we tried to hit the space. At least with the joint efforts of Yan Mingguang and me, there was no effect. ”

Yan Wei frowned – he knew Yan Mingguang was doing his best. He and Yan Mingguang had explained their skill cards to each other before they came in. Yan Mingguang’s right to let go in these ghost hand attacks can be compared with dozens of players. This still can’t be broken, which means that the four of them can’t go out simply by breaking here.

“When Yan Mingguang and I came in, there was nothing here, only these incomplete ghost hands. But at that time, we didn’t lean over so densely and crazily, so we came here from the place we were dragged in. But as we moved here, these ghost hands became more and more crazy, and the ghost hands around us became more and more dense. This kind of change is very slow. We didn’t notice it until we came in for so long, but after you came in, you were a little visible to the naked eye and got up quickly. I don’t know whether it has something to do with the number of people. ”

“There’s also the hint of ‘satisfaction’, you know. This is all the information we’ve got since we came in. We’ve got nothing else. There’s really nothing here except ghost hands.”

Yan Wei looked around.

The ghost hands around them did flow to them with the naked eye, and the ghost hands pushed and pushed each other. The dense dirt made Yan Wei’s cleanliness addict uncomfortable.

There is nothing else.

Behind the whole space is monotonous white, hidden behind the bloody and ghostly hands full of body spots and wrapped in school uniform sleeves.

The attack power of a single ghost hand is actually very low. If you are prepared, Yan Wei can solve it alone. But as Yu Feizhou said, these things will only come faster and faster, and the attack will be more and more crazy.

If you don’t break the game, you’ll die here.

When Yu Feizhou and Yan Wei finished, they seemed to believe Yan Wei very much. Without hesitation, they directly joined Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen and stopped an empty circle around Yan Wei.

Lin Zhen has no false arrows in his hand. When the body scatters, he is occasionally hurt by ghost hands at close range. The fish flying boat also uses the blue bead prop in his hand to heal Lin Zhen’s wound in time.

Yan Mingguang moved quickly and neatly, but he didn’t let those ghost hands get close to him. His whole body was still clean and tidy. But Rao was so. His breathing was also slowly accelerating, which was undetectable – they were slowly consuming their energy.

Yan Wei stood in the middle of the three, his eyes moving, his eyes wandering around.

He doesn’t believe it.

It’s only the 19th floor. It’s just a ghost space that suddenly appears. It’s impossible to trap him and Yan Mingguang here.

He slowly closed his eyes and reviewed all the pictures in his mind again and again.

The split space, these ghostly hands wrapped in school uniform sleeves obviously coming up from the students’ bodies, and the situation of accelerating as they came in

The building can’t let them die here.

Why are these ghost hands pouring in more and more crazily? These things are not even ghosts, but ordinary dirty things that don’t even have the ability to think. Then, this type of dirty things generally need something that is naturally attractive to them as a judgment condition to make these ghost hands attractive.

If these things are judged by the breath of living people, it seems reasonable that more people come in and they attack faster.


Yan Wei’s eyes fell into the hands of a random group of ghosts not far away.

These left hands are not only on the way around, they don’t even have any thoughts to grasp each other, but slow down to a certain extent.

Yan Wei stared at him motionless, and a thought sprouted slowly in his mind.

“Be careful!”

The man’s cool voice suddenly sounded with a faster tone. Yan Wei was suddenly pulled to his side by Yan Mingguang. He was dazzled. He found that he was too distracted just now. A ghost almost broke the seat of his left shoulder.

He smiled, pulled Yan Mingguang’s arm and said, “Yan Mingguang, take off your clothes!”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou looked back at him at the same time.

“…” Yan Wei zipped up his school uniform, “no, I mean, take off your coat!”

Yan Mingguang didn’t ask either. He closed his knife with his backhand, raised his hand and took off his school uniform.

When Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou saw this, they took off their school uniforms and coats together without saying much.

Yan Wei grabbed four school uniform coats and stuffed them into Yan Mingguang’s hands. He said, “throw them in four directions. The farther you throw them, the better.” he turned to Lin Zhen, “you open the way with a bow and arrow, and try to find a way that can make the school uniform throw farther.”

Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang did as they said.

At the moment when the four school uniform coats landed on the ground, the ghost hands who had been crazy around the four people suddenly gave a meal. Unexpectedly, in an instant, they all turned around and turned to the direction where the four school uniforms were located! They went in those four directions without rules, and immediately ignored Yan Wei and others.

Everyone present felt… The space here began to be unstable!

Lin Zhen’s chin was raised: “Yo, how did you think of it?”

Yan Wei unconsciously relaxed his clenched hands, raised his hands, wiped the sweat on his forehead with his cuffs. He hooked his lips and said, “of course it was thought of in his head.”

Lin Zhen: ”

“The meaning of satisfaction,” Yan Wei looked at the ghost hands tearing the school uniform, and his voice gradually became rational and calm, “Satisfaction certainly does not mean satisfying us, but satisfying them, but their goal is us – yufeizhou is right. It can’t be that we can’t directly resist and die? Then this broken situation is meaningless. So there must be some other way to meet them.”

People always follow subconscious thinking.

They are all players in the world inside the building and have experienced more than one copy. For such ghosts, their subconscious first impression is that ghosts want the player’s life.

This is also why Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang have been stuck here.

But what if you completely abandon this view?

In addition to life, what other things can satisfy the ghost hand? What can satisfy the ghost hand? Of course, it is the thing that makes them restless. Since the ghost hand becomes more and more crazy with the increase of people coming in, it shows that there must be something other than life that the four of them own.

Of course, this does not rule out body parts, organs and other things that everyone has.

But Yan Wei just saw the situation of ghost hands coming – these ghost hands without brains don’t rush towards them all, and they will grab between them. But if these things are not too stupid just because they don’t have brains, but because they are really rushing towards the things that attract them, and they are really grasping the things they want?

What can these ghost hands do to attract other ghost hands?

——School uniform sleeves.

The air flow in the space began to fluctuate more and more, and the space in front of Yan Wei even began to tear with the naked eye. After the ghost tore the school uniforms apart, they gradually stopped moving.

He finished these speculations, raised his eyebrows and eyes, and had a clear and confident voice: “… it’s school uniforms that attract them to constantly attack us. In fact, they are no different from other ghosts we have encountered since we entered the copy. They want to kill the students of Chenxi high school. There are no school file systems or archives here. Only school uniforms can be judged, so we just take off our school uniforms and throw them to them, and they will be satisfied.”

“I said why there are so many dead people, but there is only one ghost at the starting point of each death scene. Where are the other dead people? Where are the bodies? This should be a high-level copy. When the residual energy condenses into a new 19 level mobile book, there are bugs, resulting in the left hand part of the dead body being sucked away by a separate space, but still maintaining the basic ghost instinct – killing Students of Chenxi high school, which is why the current situation is caused. If my guess is correct, Chenxi high school should have several such places with different parts of the dead body. But why is this strange — ”

Yan Wei’s voice stopped suddenly.

At the moment when the space was completely split, the prompt sound of the building sounded in the minds of the four people.

[congratulations to the player who successfully cracked the ghost hand space and left safely. You will receive rewards: body index 10, perception 10 and points 20.]

Lin Zhen: “Oh, there are additional rewards. This trip is valuable.”

Yan Wei didn’t speak – the prompt sound in his mind didn’t stop.

[congratulations, players find the main clue of ghost hand space, point out the basic logic and get additional rewards………….]

The building transmits the reward information to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei’s expression suddenly stagnated.

In front of him, a piece of bright iron fell slowly, bright and abnormal in front of a large piece of bloody dirt, like pure white new snow falling in blood.

He subconsciously raised his hand, and the bright white iron fell gently on the palm with clear lines.

Lin Zhen raised his eyebrow: “what is this? White chocolate?”

“… fragments.”

“What fragments? Bone fragments? Whose bones have such a holy feeling.”

Yan Wei’s Adam’s Apple moved slightly, opened his mouth, and finally whispered word by word: “legendary props, fragments of the moon wheel.”



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