Half Immortal Chapter 58

Half Immortal Chapter 58: The School of Death (10)

The next moment, the world revolves.

The space in front of me was completely broken, and the surrounding air was mixed with pungent rotten and bloody smell, surging rapidly.

When it calms down, it is still on the quiet and remote plank road. The rotten smell is replaced by the fragrance of plants and trees, mixed with the spring breeze and the slight coolness of the evening.

Zhou Tian, who was hiding, immediately ran up to him. Gao Ming was surprised and said, “it’s all right. Ah, Yan Wei, where’s your school uniform? You should wear your school uniform in the morning…”

Gao Ming said, and his voice gradually stopped – he found that the four people looked wrong.

Yan Wei raised his hand and spread his palm. The bright white iron sheet lay quietly in his hand, emitting a soft light in the evening. It is not contaminated with a trace of evil, and even exudes the breath of washing people’s hearts.

All four looked at the iron piece in Yan Wei’s hand.

The expression of the fish flying boat was a little confused, while Lin Zhen widened his eyes: “what are you talking about? Fragments of legendary props?”

Yan Wei just put the fragment into the black ring and looked at Yan Mingguang.

The man is standing in the shade with his pocket in one hand, tall and straight, with a sparse temperament. The man didn’t speak since he came out. He didn’t even react to Yan Wei’s getting the legendary prop fragments. The afterglow of dusk sprinkled through the mottled shade. In the backlight, Yan Wei couldn’t see Yan Mingguang’s expression clearly, but he always felt that this man was more profound and indifferent than ever before.

He chuckled: “this legendary prop is called the moon wheel. It is a prop to completely restrain evil ghosts. You are quite similar to dead ice.”

They are all the same, cold but bright.

It is the temperament that makes him subconsciously close to people who hate sanctimonious and compassionate.

Yan Mingguang seemed to turn his head slightly to look at him in the opposite direction of the bright sunlight, but he still didn’t speak.

Yan Wei paused, took back his eyes from Yan Mingguang, waved and motioned the people to follow him – the sun was going down. According to the gathering time of yuemang players that Yan Wei followed in yuemang team, Li Qing and others will go back to the dormitory in a while.

They must go to 407 and finish the remaining half of the bell net before yuemang returns to the dormitory.

This was what they had planned before. The sudden accident has now been relieved, and the others know what to do.

Yan Wei walked ahead and said, “I just got the information about this fragment. The moon wheel is a legendary prop about space power. How to use it and how powerful it is still need to piece up all the fragments.”

“After it was left in the high-level replica condensed into this replica, the remaining energy of the replica was disrupted and condensed again, the moon wheel was broken into several pieces, and some space distortions occurred when it fell apart, which led to the ghost hand space we just entered. I guess what you said, before, some players entered this replica and sent out the eliminators with legendary props After the break, there was no sound… The player should have been pulled into such a space, but he didn’t break the game. He died directly in the space where he didn’t know which fragment was formed, so only the news of the existence of legendary props came out, and there was nothing else. ”

Lin Zhen kicked the stone on the side of the road with a rather dissatisfied tone: “Hey, little pet, I just talked to you!”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

“Why don’t you take it out again? I haven’t seen it clearly.”

Yan Wei once exposed Lin Zhen: “you were so surprised that you didn’t react. Now you react. You want me to take it out again. Why don’t you grab it?”

Lin Zhen choked.

“As we said, legendary props depend on their abilities. If you want to help Xuanniao get them, you might as well start to get other fragments, and then go on to the next step when everyone gets them.”

Lin Zhen glanced: “OK, you got it with your ability. This really should be given to you. But I really want to beat you.”

On one side, Yu Feizhou was surprised: “Yan Wei, do you know that Lin Zhen and I are…?”

“It was Xuanniao who sent in to get the legendary props?” Yan Wei took the fish flying boat without hesitation, “Is it hard to see? You were exposed before entering the replica. Fish flying boat, do you remember the two things I asked you for help? I investigated before I asked you. The list of lone wolf players is related to the information of many people. Generally, it takes more than dozens of players to buy from the dealer to afford the price, but you are too sincere. Give it to me. And help me Generally, even if you are affiliated with Yan Mingguang, there must be screening and conditions, but Yan Mingguang and I didn’t do anything. You directly hung up Xuanniao for us without saying a word… ”

“This is a lone wolf player? And this time, when the mobile book is opened, there are people in the organizations that give names. Only there is no Xuanniao on the surface. Will an organization with a name give up legendary props? It’s impossible. To tell you the truth, when I even open the copy, I counted the Xuanniao players you brought.”

Lin Zhen pulled at the corners of his mouth.

Fish flying boat: ”

Yan Wei looks at Zhou Tian.

Zhou Tian spread her hand, her eyes bent into crescent moon, smiled and said to Yan Wei, “I’m a genuine lone wolf player, not a Xuanniao. I’m willing to cooperate with you, just to make yuemang’s people die.”

Yan Wei smiled back.

Lin Zhen didn’t have a good way: “do you know why you didn’t say it earlier?”

“It doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter who you come in on behalf of. Ah, yes, you and yufeizhou used to open the projection angle before, but we didn’t open this time. You two obviously have plans. Let me guess – you don’t want to give other organizations your activity information, that means you think someone will come in. What’s more I’m looking forward to someone coming in. It seems that those who come in this group are just opening the way first. There will be a large number of Xuanniao players waiting to come in the next group? So you don’t open your eyes. You’re worried about giving too much hope to the players of other organizations, so that they don’t rush to compete for the next round of invitations. ”

Lin Zhen: ”

The fish flying boat smiled helplessly: “Yan Wei, you are the most likely player I have ever seen to reach the top. You are very dazzling.”

From the time they walked back to the dormitory building, Yan Wei guessed their Xuanniao’s plan in a few words. Whether it was the time when they found the solidification in the copy of Ankang Town, or the moment before, he still calmly found the flaws in countless ghost hands, he always missed any details and process and grabbed all the truth in his hands.

The world of the building is never short of those amazing and powerful players.

One by one, they are potential stocks in the waves, and gradually accumulate experience, props and strength in climbing the stairs layer by layer. The surviving people become high-level players and struggle in the hope of climbing the top. Although they are one in a million, they are the same.

But Yanwei is different.

He can always give up the precious and important experience of all others and think about problems from the most initial point of view. It seems that he is new and fearless every moment. He can always break through and improve in desperation, like a star that has never been stable, gradually dazzling and bright.

Yan Wei was suddenly praised. He was not embarrassed at all. Instead, he smiled, shrugged and said, “I think it’s more suitable for you to remove the preconditions – whether you’ve seen it or not, I am.”

Clever thinking still stayed on the matter of Xuanniao. After knowing it, he suddenly realized: “Wow, you’re so Yin!”

Lin Zhen: “Gee, where can this be called Yin? It’s called planning ahead and careful planning.”

The fish flying boat thought seriously and said, “are you okay? There should be no Yan Weiyin?”

Yan Wei: “… You don’t have to be honest at this time.”

Fish flying boat: “ah?”

Several people came to the stairs of the dormitory building. There are about dozens of minutes before sunset. Players cherish the time of the day. Not many players came back in advance. There are only twos and threes of people shuttling around the dormitory building. Most of the numbness of these people are student NPCs.

Yan Wei and others came back very early.

In front of the stairs, a boy in school uniform with paper and pen in his hand stood aside. He dressed neatly and took the pen in a standard manner. At that stop, he was full of students.

He wore a nameplate on his chest – Luo He.

This person Yan Wei remembered that when the copy was opened, he appeared at the school gate with them to register for admission.

Because there are accidents among students in Chenxi high school every day, the dormitory needs to check the attendance to determine the number of students, and the check-in work is also completed by students in turn.

After Yan Wei and others registered, Luo He looked at Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou respectively, frowned and said, “why don’t you wear school uniforms? When you enter school, you are required to wear school uniforms in the morning. If you don’t have class tomorrow, you will be watched by ghosts.”

He would appear at the school gate with them to register. This person should be a player. Yan Wei didn’t stand in the team of any organization in his impression. After all, he was kind. His eyes were light and restrained, and all his shrewdness was hidden in the bottom of his eyes. He gently said, “we lost our school uniforms. Thank you for your reminder.”

Luo he was stunned.

He seemed to think about it. Then he put the roll call table in his hand beside the stairway and said, “a room on the first floor of the dormitory building is a utility room. There are some new school uniforms. I got the key on duty today. I’ll take you to get it. Anyway, they all have to step back. You’re here so early.”

Yan Wei looked at him.

“Strange, I don’t have any kindness?” Luo he smiled, and his pretty face showed kindness. “We are all here. If we live one more person, everyone will have more opportunities. The ghosts here are merciless. Let’s go. I’ll drive through the sundry room and won’t encounter ghosts.”

Several people looked at each other and raised their feet to keep up – they really needed school uniforms. If they could get new ones directly, they would avoid some trouble.

They were walking on the walkway on the first floor. Downstairs of the dormitory, several students who were obviously NPC jumping leather ropes looked at them and showed bad eyes.

“It’s freshmen again. The school recruits freshmen every day, and no one has graduated.”

“After all, no one can live until graduation, and we don’t know when. I hope there are more stupid freshmen so that we can live a little longer.”

“They don’t wear school uniforms yet. They’re not dead…”


During the time they came in, this kind of picture was common – the students here were afraid of sudden death, but they couldn’t leave. Their attitude towards the freshmen was like looking at the food sent to the table. They wanted to die in front of them.

Yan Wei and others simply ignored these NPCs.

The utility room is on the first floor. It arrived dozens of meters from the entrance of the stairs. Sure enough, as Luo He said, nothing happened. Luo he easily took out four school uniforms and handed them to Yan Wei and others. Yan Wei and others immediately put on their school uniforms. After thanking Luo He, they said some polite words of taking care of each other as much as possible, and quickly came to 407.

At this time, the sun slowly disappeared, only more than ten minutes from sunset.

As like as two peas of a bell, the bird’s nest was in the middle of the dormitory.

Zhou Tian smiled: “it’s not difficult.”

Yan Wei looked back: “Li Qing said in the morning that he would go back to the dormitory five minutes before sunset. We have ten minutes left. Come on, now close the door.”

The six were unambiguous. As in the morning, under the command of Zhou Tian, they also sealed a bell rope net in front of the dormitory with the special rope and bell they exchanged.

In this way, Yan Wei and others are standing in the middle of the dormitory with six beds on their sides. The two places near the window and the door are staggered with knots, bells everywhere, and special ropes completely seal the front and rear of the room. If you want to come in, you must destroy the rope net or drill through the rope net – but Zhou Tian has calculated the data, the staggered angle of these ropes And the gap left behind, as long as individuals can’t find the angle and size of drilling.

The sun went down a little more.

Five minutes before sunset, there was an endless stream of people outside the dormitory – the players were back.

Yan Wei leaned against the railing of the bed, turned his head, looked out of the window through the rope net, and gently slid his fingertips over the black ring.

——Entering the world inside the building, he has opened the projection perspective of the gambling building for the first time.

At the same time, the sound of doorknob rotation came from the dormitory door of 407.

“Squeak –”

The dormitory door was opened by someone who came back from outside.

Yan Wei still looked out of the window, leaned against the long pole, smiled without looking back, and said, “ah, the fool has finally come back.”


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