Half Immortal Chapter 59

Half Immortal Chapter 59: The School of Death (11)

The world inside the building, gambling area.

Before the projection of the mobile book of the dead school building, the atmosphere between various organizations was deadlocked again and again.

After Lin Qing said those words, he gave everyone a day, and there was no noise at the scene. The people of each organization looked at each other, did not speak, and did not leave immediately.

They seem to have reached some subtle and temporary stalemate. The Xuanniao people moved a chair. Lin Qing sat there speechless. The eyes of the other leaders of the organization met, which means it is difficult to understand.

Lin Qing just sat there with his back straight, his hands folded on his knees, raised his eyes to look at the projection picture, and his dark black pupils converged. In fact, he is not a high-level player of other organizations, nor is he in charge of other organizations. Xuanniao is not as good as before, but just sitting here, other players are still subconsciously tense.

That is not only the impact of Lin Qing’s personal climbing records, but also the impression of Xuanniao on all players who have stayed for a long time.

Even if Xuanniao, the mysterious master who has never been known by outsiders, has been missing for a long time – it is said that he has long died in a high-level copy, the myths created by this organization and the props and experts accumulated during the peak period are still a thorn in other organizations.

A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse.

Zhao Jingchen’s face was hidden under his hat pocket and could not see his expression clearly. But his only exposed lower face was tight, his lower lip clenched and his fists clenched.

He whispered, “is Lin Qing still when Xuanniao spoke?”

Around him, yuemang and other high-level players came forward and said in a low voice, “why don’t we withdraw? What Lin Qing said has never been cashed in… The master said that Xuanniao is a group of madmen. If he isn’t here, we’d better avoid it.”

Zhao Jingchen said reluctantly, “if yuemang could get the legendary props, the upcoming competition could have raised yuemang to a higher level. Now -”

His voice gave a sudden.

——The projection changed suddenly.

In the gambling building projection of non rush answer mode, it will not be as detailed as rush answer mode. We can only see different projections and do not mark everyone’s information. This copy is a large copy of dozens of hundreds of people. The projection is divided into too many pieces, and the black and gray areas are stacked together. The watching players have no mind to take care of it.

Even if another black projection suddenly lights up, it won’t attract everyone’s attention.

But this time the bright projection is different.

This time, six pictures lit up in a row!

These six pictures are in the dormitory of Chenxi high school. These people have each other in front of them, and the appearance of the dormitory from different perspectives. This dormitory is very strange. There are many staggered ropes hanging in front of and behind, and many bells hanging on the ropes.

These six people obviously stay together. From their respective perspectives, we can see that they are Yu Feizhou, Lin Zhen, Yan Mingguang, Zhou Tian, who have no impression, and another

It’s Yanwei.

It was Yan Wei who everyone thought he was dead and became part of those gray projections!

In the projection perspective of others, the young man copied his pocket with one hand, leaned against the bedside bar with a smile, slowly withdrew his eyes from the window and looked sideways at the door of the dormitory. The yellow light of the sunset outlined his delicate outline and sprinkled it on his face, but it did not set off his previous cleverness and docility.

The corner of his mouth was slightly raised, and his eyes looked disdainfully at the moon awn player standing at the door.

There was an uproar before the projection.

Originally, Lin Qing, who looked faint, seemed to be stiff for a moment. He raised his eyes and looked at these suddenly bright projection angles, and his dark pupil suddenly shrunk.

His hands, which were already folded together, slowly worked hard, and the veins on the back of his hands burst up. But such a gaffe was only a moment, and he regained his expression. He was still in a deep shape. His sight stayed in the projection part of Yan Mingguang and others, speechless.

But a stone does stir up thousands of waves before projection.

Zhao Jingchen, a high-level player, understood in a few moments and said, “Li Qing is a waste!”

“What’s the matter? In the projection perspective of Li Qing’s people just now, isn’t this Yan Wei pushed into the water by ghosts?”

“Haven’t you reacted yet? Double doll!”

“Li Qing has been calculated!? isn’t this Yan Wei, this Yan Wei, a drag? Did he… Pretend before

“This expression… Why is he so calm? If everyone saw that he died deliberately from the beginning, and he is now standing with Yan, isn’t it that yuemang was calculated by him since he entered the copy?”

“No, it’s not. All of us were calculated by him when he made his first copy. We all thought he was just a drag. We even preconceived that Yan Mingguang took his best player together. Now it seems that it’s not so easy to take the best player. I’m afraid he took the best by himself.”


407 dormitory gate.

When Li Qing and others opened the dormitory door, they saw the bell net sealed at the door and Yan Wei standing sideways behind the staggered ropes.

All the people in yuemang were stunned at the door.

They didn’t even notice the bell rope net that sealed the only two entrances of the dormitory for the first time, and looked at Yan Wei standing leisurely in the dormitory.

Li Qing was stunned for several seconds before he blurted out, “Yan Wei!? aren’t you dead?”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly.

He didn’t speak for the first time, but slowly stood up straight, slowly moved forward with the pocket of his school uniform in one hand, and stopped behind the bell rope net at the door.

“Isn’t it a surprise?” he chuckled.

Li Qing gritted his teeth: “… Did you use a double doll?”

“It seems that you are not a fool, just a little waste.”

“You –!”

Yan Wei was leisurely, with a pair of amber eyes flashing with cunning and dexterity, which was quite different from the timid and flustered appearance in the yuemang team.

The same delicate and beautiful facial features are now full of confidence and meaninglessness. He was wearing a brand-new school uniform coat. Under the green smell, there was a storm hidden in the static snow.

He said, “well, I.”

Li Qing finally saw the situation in the house.

At least it was the eighteen layer seed player cultivated by yuemang. After being surprised and unexpected for the first time, Li Qing quickly cleaned up his mood. With a wave of his hand, the players behind him immediately entered a tense state of preparation.

“Lin Zhen? Yan? Clever? You…” he took a few deep breaths of anger under the pressure, frowned, looked at the bell net and Yan Wei in front of him, and a machete suddenly appeared in his hand. “What an undercover plan, Yan Wei, I underestimated you. What are you doing? You don’t think pulling the rope net can prevent me from crippling you? I’m not so easy to discuss.”

“You’re wrong. I just don’t like you. Yuemang can’t get along with us several times and uses indiscriminate means to throw Gao Ming in. I’m not so easy to discuss.”

Yan Wei’s voice just fell. Lin Zhen, sitting on the upper bunk in the rear and dangling his legs, sneered: “Li, that waste, that Qing, do you want to see the situation first?”

At the same time, Yan Wei raised his hand and gently pushed his slender fingers on the bell net in front of him.

“Methotrexate – methotrexate -”

A succession of bells rang.

Yan Wei’s orderly voice sounded with the end of the bell: “Zhou Tian, how long will the sunset be?”

“Three minutes and forty-nine seconds.”

Li Qing’s face sank.

Yan Wei chuckled: “understand? We can change this rope. You should be impressed? It takes four or five minutes for each rope to be cut off as much as we can for more than ten layers of players. Unfortunately, for me, the first two gambling houses had a low probability of exploding high returns. I took a pile of unusable invitations and used them to change a pile of these ropes.”

Zhou Tian warned: “three minutes and twenty-five seconds.”

“So do you think you can cut off this dense rope net that can’t get through with three minutes of sunset?”

He said, raised his hand and fiddled with the net again.

With the clang of Ding Ling, Yan Wei continued: “in fact, with the strength of yuemang, you can dismantle the rope net in ten minutes? But what will you do after three minutes into the night? Do you think the rule of no sound will include all the sounds made by players? For example… Fiddle with the bell.”

Li Qing’s face turned white.

He finally understood what the two nets in front of the locked window were going to do.

He stared at Yan Wei, his voice almost grinding his throat: “Yan – Wei –! Good, good, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to bite with your teeth.”

Yan Wei shrugged and smiled expectantly at Li Qing.

Last night, when Li Qing and Yue Wenxing discussed to recruit ghost needles in Yan Mingguang’s dormitory, Yan Wei immediately had this plan.

No sound can be made after nightfall. This is the rule that takes precedence over all death triggers after entering the copy.

The condition for making sound is the sound made by all players spontaneously.

Therefore, the player’s own knocking on the bed board, speaking, or the behavior of playing with the bell and making the bell sound just now by Yan Wei are all autonomous sounds and triggered by death.

The bell rope net composed of a special material rope hanging bell is usually very chicken ribs – an ordinary prop that can only withstand an attack for a few minutes.

But at sunset, when it was still two or three minutes before dark, Li Qing and others had to break the rope net if they wanted to come in and return to 407 beds. Two or three minutes is not enough to completely cut the rope net, but when Li Qing attacked the rope at night, all of them triggered the bottom line. This is inevitable when you don’t know how to resist the death trigger at present.

Yan Wei and others are just six people. They can live safely in 407 tonight.

But yuemang lived in this room. There were four people. The rope net had no time to break back to 407, and they couldn’t stay in the corridor all night – wasn’t it also death?

Yan Wei’s preparation may be unexpected.

If yuemang comes back more than it takes to destroy the rope net, or yuemang reacts when he just pushes the door and attacks lingdang immediately, there is still room for game between Yan Wei and Li Qing.

Unfortunately, Li Qing was hypocritical and headstrong. He regarded Yan Wei as a mortal. He said all the information and plans obtained by Yue Mang in front of Yan Wei early in the morning. He did not avoid Yan Wei at all, but also let Yan Wei know the assembly time they strictly observed. It was precisely because he never looked at Yan Wei in the eye from the beginning to the end. At the moment he saw Yan Wei, he didn’t think clearly and act on all the situations at the first time. At the moment, he had missed the most appropriate time. Now even if he didn’t move the rope and only the bell, he couldn’t come.

In other words, they can quickly run to other dormitories at the beginning to find rooms where people died during the day and vacated their beds, disperse personnel and strive to spend the night safely – but this also needs to be at the moment of return.

Now, it’s too late to do anything. Even if they can find a room, it takes time for them to negotiate with other players or drive other players away. How can any player make room for them without saying a word?

What Li Qing lost was not now, but the moment when Yue mang “caught” Yan Wei in the world inside the building.

At the moment, it was obvious that he had reacted bit by bit and completely. Including Yue Wenxing, Yue Mang, the four people who returned to dormitory 407, all turned from green to black and looked ugly.

“Yan Wei,” said Zhou Tian, looking back at the expressions of Li Qing and others, with slightly curved eyes and a smile, “two minutes and fifty seconds.”

Yan Wei glanced: “ah, it’s only more than two minutes. In fact, I’m not a useful trick at all, because now that we’re in your dormitory, our dormitory will be empty. Will you — go to 303 and solve it?”

Yue Wenxing was furious: “you know there is –!” he suddenly choked. Apart from Yue Wenxing himself, only Yan Wei and Li Qing know the sinister matter of their ghost recruitment array, and other yuemang members don’t know it.

Yan Wei pretended not to know: “what’s the matter? Li Qing, I advise you to think of a way quickly. In fact…” he could lengthen his tone, like chatting with friends, and whispered leisurely, “there’s another way, isn’t there?”

Li Qing gave him a hard look. His rather feminine face was full of cruelty and anger.

Although he knew it was useless, he still vented his anger. He raised his machete and cut into the rope net. The machete rebounded on the rope, and the bell rang again, while the rope Li Qing cut was only slightly worn.

Yue Wenxing’s pale face because of bleeding is even more ugly at the moment: “brother Li, what shall we do?”

Yan Wei stood behind the bell net and looked at them with a smile. He already knew everything happened like the back of his hand. At the moment, like the audience under the stand, he looked at the clown on the stage with interest.

Zhou Tian said, “two minutes and fourteen seconds.”

Outside, an endless stream of voices has gradually weakened. At this time, players have returned to their dormitories.

Yan Wei spoke again and silently said to Li Qing, “you still have a way, you know, don’t you?”

Li Qing finally looked at Yan Wei and others, and his eyes suddenly sank. He gritted his teeth and said to Yan Wei, “OK, we’ll see. Let’s go.”

As soon as he received his machete, the man with the moon awn quickly turned and left. I don’t know what method he thought of. The moment they turned back to the corridor, Li Qing suddenly turned back.

Yue Wenxing was stunned, walked up to Li Qing and asked anxiously, “brother Li, we are now –”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Li Qing’s hand started and fell. The blade side of the machete without opening the peak suddenly cut to the back of Yue Wenxing’s neck and knocked him out in an instant.

The rest of yuemang was surprised, pulled the fainted Yuewen star and said, “brother li… This?”

Li Qing’s face still remained the anger aroused by Yan Wei just now, but his eyes became more and more dark and gloomy. His tone was unclear: “406 is also our yuemang dormitory. You two dragged yuewenxing. We went to 406 and told them that the people in 303 dormitory downstairs have been solved. Yuewenxing consumed too much and fainted. Let them divide three people to take yuewenxing to 303 to rest. We… Stay in 406.”

Li Qing glanced at Yue Wenxing and whispered, “anyway, you’re useless. I’ll avenge you.”

As soon as they left, Yan Mingguang threw a whip out of his hand, pulled the door handle through the rope net and closed the door of dormitory 407.

Yan Wei still looked at her.

Behind him, Gao Ming asked vaguely, “Yan Wei, Li Qing, did they just give up?”

“He didn’t give up,” Yan Wei said. “On the contrary, he didn’t give up. He also chose the easiest way. Do you know what kind of person li Qing is? He has everything. On the surface, he takes into account the people’s heart, but in fact he is hypocritical and selfish. Such a person never takes others in the eye. Whether it’s moon mans or legendary props, it’s not as important as his own life.”

303 there is a ghost array. Li Qing doesn’t dare to go.

Besides yuemang himself, it is impossible for other dormitories to easily give up four beds in a minute or two.

——Yuemang himself.

Another way is to let those uninformed yuemang members of 406 go to 303, and Li Qing can avoid tonight perfectly if he lives in 406.

Yan Wei’s mouth slowly lifted up.

The last corner of the sky is sprinkled by the afterglow of the sunset.

Zhou Tian’s voice was like an alarm bell: “there are 56 seconds left. Everyone goes to bed. Night is coming.”

The fish came forward and patted Yan Wei on the shoulder. Wen said, “what are you doing looking at a closed door? Yan Wei, it’s time to go to bed.”

Yan Wei looked at the intricate rope net in front of him, his mouth slowly lifted up, and his eyes were like stars in the night.

He seemed to talk to the fish flying boat and muttered to himself: “… You say, when other people in a group find that their leader is the most selfish one, will they still believe each other? No, they will only become each other’s biggest enemy in this copy.”

“Wait, the people who come in yuemang will eventually die in their own hands.”


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