Half Immortal Chapter 6

Half Immortal Chapter 6: The Promenade Hotel (6)

At the moment when the blade hit the eye, “Gaoming” immediately screamed sharply.

——This scream is actually a woman’s voice!

Moreover, on the pierced right eye of “Gaoming”, what flows down is not bright red blood, but dark and thick black liquid. Yan Mingguang as like as two peas in the 5 room, she was stabbing the portrait in the same way.

This is the blood of the person in the painting.

The shrill scream lasted only for a while. The eyeless girl in front of Yan Mingguang suddenly disappeared, and “Gaoming” became the girl’s appearance.

The eyeless girl with scissors stood at the door, poked a knife in her right eye and shed thick dark liquid. But for a moment, she broke inch by inch. Yan Mingguang’s knife fell to the ground with a “clang”, and the eyeless girl gradually disappeared.

In the studio, all the mess created by the struggle has disappeared. The easel is still standing there, and countless portraits are scattered on the ground.

The door of the studio was not open as Yan Weiyan Mingguang had seen before. I don’t know when the door of the studio has been closed. On the door is the picture of the girl with scissors cutting flowers and plants!

In the painting, a hole was broken in the girl’s empty eye socket, the hole was gradually expanding, and pieces of broken paper began to float down.

Yan Mingguang stepped forward, took back his knife from the ground and said simply, “hallucination.”

“Yes,” Yan Wei smiled, “it’s not the illusion that began in this studio, but the illusion that began after we pierced the portrait in room 5. From the beginning, calling us smart is false.”

Yan Wei thought something was wrong with this “smart” at the beginning. Later, when “smart” asked them to run, and there was never “smart” in the goal of blind girls, Yan Wei completely understood what the problem was.

When they left the restaurant, they told Gao Ming that they would go back to their room first. But when Gao Ming called them just now, he said “he’s still in the room”, which doesn’t seem to know their plan.

Moreover, fake Gaoming has been pale, and his glasses have slipped down without feeling. It is clear that the people in the painting have no human blood color. Moreover, the girl in the picture has no eyes, so she has no feeling for the sliding glasses.

Yan Weiyan came to the conclusion in a brief and appalling way: “The girl in the picture with scissors turned into a wise look. She went downstairs and called us who were still in the room to the top studio. We saw no problem outside the door, but after we entered the studio, she had closed the door and created an illusion. So your attack was useless, not because she had no eyes, but because the one you attacked was fake Yes, the real one is at the door. ”

Yan Wei squatted down, lowered his head and looked at the fragments of the eyeless girl floating on the ground, “You said it was different from the last time you were attacked. Last time you were pulled into the world in the painting, but this time it was the people in the painting who came out – I don’t think it’s reasonable. If the people in the painting could really come out and attack people at will, so many portraits, we would have died clean. I think they can’t kill people outside the painting.”

“This also explains why the eyeless girl looks so strong, but every time the scissors just let me escape. The so-called game that let us choose one to get our eyes dug and the scissors that deliberately attacked me are all a cover up, just to force us to ‘run away’.”

As long as they run to the door, the painting pasted on the door will work. Instead of running out of the studio, they will… Directly run into the painting of the girl with scissors!

Blind girls can’t kill people outside the painting, but in the painting, they catch turtles in a jar!

At that time, whether they fought with hallucinations until they were exhausted, or listened to the words of “wise” – that is, the real blind girl – to leave and dive into the painting, they would become the prey caught by the blind girl.

Only by killing the fake brilliant standing at the door, that is, killing the real blind girl, can they really get out of danger.

Yan Wei picked up the fragments of the portrait on the ground, observed them at random, and said, “although all the attacks on us are illusions, without you and my skill, I might have run out the first second she appeared.”

Yan Wei knows what kind of person he is. He always likes to see through people’s hearts directly, but therefore, although he smiles at people, it is difficult to say who can really let him put down all his guard.

But the first time he saw Yan Mingguang, he felt that this man must be very reliable.

Therefore, when the blind girl appeared, Yan Wei had no doubts about Yan Ming’s ability to stop each other.

“Thanks a lot,” he said. “You’re more powerful than they thought.” you can deal with ghosts directly for so long, but you haven’t fallen into the disadvantage.

Yan Wei didn’t even see where Yan Mingguang’s upper limit of combat effectiveness was.

Yan Mingguang took a deep look at him and said in a low voice, “you’re good.”

Yan Wei was stunned. After thinking for a while, he reacted. Yan Mingguang said that he had just completely let go of the analysis.

He said, “I don’t like to show off in front of people I can’t trust.”

Yan Mingguang was silent for a moment.

“Good,” said the man.

Yan Mingguang put the dagger shaped folding knife into his pocket, took his pocket with one hand, and stood upright with his back. Silver framed glasses were still placed on the bridge of his nose, and the pure black jacket was as neat as new.

He had just struggled with the illusion of the blind girl for a long time, but he didn’t see any embarrassment.

He looked at Yan Wei and his eyes moved slightly under the lens.

Yan Mingguang: “I also thank you for pointing out the key.”

Yan Wei chuckled.

In fact, with Yan Mingguang’s strength, if no one points it out, Yan Mingguang has been fighting with hallucinations for a long time, and the fake smart at the door is still there. Yan Mingguang can finally find something wrong.

However, Yan Mingguang bought him time to think rationally. He saved Yan Mingguang a lot of physical effort, which offset each other.

Yan Wei turned over the pile of fragments and felt that he didn’t see anything. He was going to get up. Suddenly, he saw a very different portrait at the top of the stacked portraits that completely covered the floor under the fragments.

——That’s a portrait of a man!

Yan Wei quickly swept away the fragments above, took out the portrait of the man and stood up.

At the same time, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang heard the prompt sound of the building in their minds.

[congratulations to players for completely solving the studio crisis and obtaining additional data reward: body index 1 point.]

At this moment, Yan Wei felt that his physical quality seemed much better than before. If it was now, the scissors thrown by the blind girl just now, without Yan Mingguang, he might be able to avoid one or two.

[congratulations to the player on obtaining the item in the copy: a self portrait of the hotel owner. This item is a clue item. Please be good at using it and try to survive.]

[because the player stepped on the self portrait of the precious hotel owner just now, he obtained the debuff that has been maintained in this copy and the effect can not be eliminated: “you can plug your teeth when drinking cold water”. When the ghost in the copy has no clear target, or when entering the trigger branch line, he will become the first target of the ghost. Please be careful and try to survive.]

Yan Wei: ”

He looked down at the footprints on the top half of the self portrait – which he stepped on when he hadn’t noticed the picture.

Yan Wei: “……”

Step on such a serious debuff. No matter what the situation of the hotel owner is now, it’s too vengeful, isn’t it?

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang exchanged information and found that Yan Mingguang only had the first two prompt sounds like him. Yan Mingguang’s third prompt sound said that because Yan Mingguang pierced the eyes of the people in the painting three times in a row, he obtained the “disgust of the people in the painting” buff and became the last target of the ghosts in the next time.

The opponent is the buff of the ghost’s last attack, and he is the debuff of the ghost’s first attack.

Yan Wei: “……”

Fortunately, he already has “waiter’s disgust”, which is that there are too many debuffs. Anyway, it seems that ghost killing must have certain trigger conditions and cracking methods. At that time, his soldiers will block the water and cover the earth.

There is no way to deal with debuff. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang focus on this self portrait again.

Now clues have constantly pointed out that the hotel owner as a painter must have a problem. To find the “ladder”, we must make an article on the painter.

This self portrait must be helpful in finding clues.

Yan Wei handed the self portrait of the hotel owner directly to Yan Mingguang: “take it. Although it’s also a clue, you’re so powerful that you don’t worry about accidents. What’s more, I’m debuff and you’re buff. It’s safer to let you go.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t take over immediately, but looked at him in silence.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and smiled: “as long as I regard people as teammates, I still have basic trust. I’m not worried about your embezzlement, and you’re so powerful that you don’t need to do such a thing.”

Yan Mingguang: “OK.”

When he was about to take the self portrait handed to him by Yan Wei, Yan Wei suddenly withdrew his hand.

“Wait a minute.”

Yan Wei put the self portrait on the ground.

Then he raised his feet, stepped on the self portrait up and down, and picked it up again.

Yan Mingguang: ”

“Since I’ve been debuffed for stepping on this self portrait, I always feel lost if I don’t step on more feet.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Just now, the strangeness of the studio was fresh in my mind. It was almost dark, and they wouldn’t stop here until they died. After Yan Mingguang folded the self portrait full of footprints and put it in his clothes, the two directly got up and left.

Yan Wei wanted to see if there were any clues in the other room on the top floor, room 1, but when he thought of the debuff that he had just triggered, it was almost dark again, so he gave it up for the time being.

He and Yan Mingguang first returned to the 14th floor.

Yan Wei thought of the two beautiful puppet dolls at the head of the bed in room 5.

Whether the portraits painted by the hotel owners in the early stage on the corridor or the portraits without eyes in this strange studio are enough to show that eyes are an important factor. If not handled properly, it will inevitably trigger death.

They should stay away from this factor.

Yan Wei didn’t hesitate at all. After returning to his room, he threw the two dolls at the head of the bed into the dustbin on the corridor.

He and Yan Mingguang searched room 5 together. After confirming that there were no other things that might trigger death in the room they wanted to live in, they went to the 13th floor to have a look.

They happened to meet Gao Ming, who had just returned to the 13th floor after exploration and was ready to rest. They exchanged information. Sure enough, they found that Gao Ming had been to the top studio with others. But at that time, Gao Ming thought it was too strange. He just observed at the door for a while and didn’t dare to go in. I think the “woman” with scissors in the studio saw Gao Ming at that time, and then imitated Gao Ming to deceive them.

After hearing Yan Wei’s description, Gao Ming looked dignified: “it’s actually a mirage scam… If it’s me, I might be trapped in it. These were discovered and cracked by Yan Mingguang? Fortunately, Yan Mingguang was with you.”

Yan Mingguang stood on one side, his eyes moving. He didn’t speak, just glanced at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei’s eyes flashed. He didn’t deny his wisdom, but repeatedly reminded the other party of what he had inferred: “if you encounter a ‘player’ with empty eyes, pay attention to distinguish, it may be the illusion of the person in the painting. Also, you must remember to clean up everything related to the painting and eyes in the room.”

Gao Ming lowered his voice: “don’t worry, I’ll do it now. The waiter said your room is the worst. If anything happens at night, he must follow Yan Mingguang closely. Although he looks difficult to get along with, even if you don’t know anything, he doesn’t seem to mind protecting you.”

Yan Wei chuckled, “OK.”

He didn’t stay much, and went to the other two rooms with Yan Mingguang to remind the remaining four people. After all, on their way back to the room, Yan Wei stepped forward and put his hand on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder.

Yan Mingguang was half a head taller than him, and Yan Wei tiptoed a little to catch up. He whistled and said, “I’m a waste snack you protect now. Take care of me.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged.

Yan Wei was close. He noticed Yan Mingguang’s neck and suddenly saw a necklace.

This necklace is very simple and not long. It is worn on Yan Mingguang’s neck. Half of the pendant hanging from the necklace is hidden under the collar. Yan Wei took Yan Mingguang’s shoulder and happened to see the style of the pendant – it was a swallow made of iron.

The swallow’s wings spread slightly, a wing spreading posture.

“Your necklace is not like your style…”

Before Yan Wei finished, Yan Mingguang glanced at him with some displeasure, left his hand and walked forward steadily.

“…” Yan Wei said, “OK, he won’t ask about your waste snacks.”

It was completely dark.

Even in such an environment, Yan Wei was still very picky, wiped the mattress and pillow seriously, and then took a clean hot bath, which was quite reluctant to sleep in the only bed with Yan Mingguang.

No way. There are too many unknown dangers in this copy. Adequate rest is the basic guarantee of survival.

If you change to two other big men, it’s just a matter of getting together for a night. However, Yan Wei’s sexual orientation is male. Yan Mingguang is lying beside him. Even though they don’t have that relationship, it’s strange for him.

If he were someone else, he would rather sleep on the ground than get too close. Yan Mingguang was an accident. The man lay aside, which not only didn’t disgust people, but brought some sense of security. Mingming is an extremely indifferent person. Yan Wei has no rejection and fear of Yan Mingguang.

Long time no see, I felt a person lying beside me. Yan Wei tossed and turned in bed for a while.

The couple next door was so big hearted that they did that thing in such a place. Ambiguous voices continued to come from room 4 next door. It happened that the head of the bed was against the wall. Yan Wei listened carefully. He had very high requirements for sleep quality. In the new environment, there was still a problem with sound insulation in this place. He closed his eyes for a long time and was stunned that he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

The night was deep.

The quiet hotel corridor was lit by dim lights, and the portraits hanging on the corridor were half dim and half bright.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and lay on his side on the bed, thinking about the clues pieced together during the day. Portraits, eyes, painters… What is the connection between these and the “ladder”? And the so-called debuff, wouldn’t you suddenly give him a sneak attack tonight?

He thought, hearing the man on his side turn over.

“… you didn’t sleep?”

For a moment, Yan Mingguang gave a “um”.

This feeling is the same as finding that there are still people who haven’t slept after talking about horror movies in the boys’ dormitory at night. Yan Wei opened his eyes and turned to the side facing Yan Mingguang: “I thought you were so happy and fell asleep early in the morning. Aren’t you afraid?”

Yan Mingguang has now taken off his glasses.

Yan Wei just looked at it from the side. He could immediately understand why the man had no problem looking at his eyes and wore glasses all the time – Yan Mingguang, who had no glasses to weaken his temperament, was too cold.

The man’s handsome side face is full of cold at the moment, and his eyebrows are full of fierce temperament.

Yan Wei has seen many people engaged in dangerous industries, but none of them has the smell of killing like Yan Mingguang. He was suddenly a little curious about what Yan Mingguang did before he came in, but he knew that the man wouldn’t want to say, and he didn’t ask.

He just whistled: “if you’re afraid, why don’t I tell you ghost stories? Listening to ghost stories in a place where there must be ghosts is exciting, courageous and makes you more afraid -”

“I’m not afraid,” Yan Mingguang didn’t mind Yan Wei’s beating, but said faintly, “with the light on, I can’t sleep.”

Yan Wei understands. It turns out that this man has many things.

But he has too many things to say about others.

“Then why don’t you tell me a ghost story?” Yan Wei said, “I’m afraid.”

Yan Mingguang ignored him.

Yan Wei said, “we’re the worst room. Maybe when you turn around, you’ll see a pale ghost lying between us.”

Yan Mingguang still ignored him.

At this time, the clock on the wall slowly pointed to the number of “12” in the sound of “Da Da”, and the ambiguous voice from the next door stopped at some time.


Yan Wei suddenly heard the sound of the building in his mind.

[player permanent skill on.]

[current state of skill: undead state, lasting for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will switch to normal state.]

Yan Wei clearly felt the difference in his body.

He seems to have changed nothing, but he feels a wonderful feeling in his body – even if he doesn’t encounter any danger now, he can feel that he… Is immortal now.

Why did this so-called half immortal permanent skill appear on him?

Yan Wei hasn’t had time to think more.

The next moment, the woman’s shrill and shrill scream suddenly came from the next room.

“Ah, ah, ah –!!!”


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