Half Immortal Chapter 60

Half Immortal Chapter 60: The School of Death (12)

However, it was going to be dark in a moment. They were unambiguous and quickly prepared to choose a bed to rest. We’ll talk about other things later.

Lin Zhen wandered for a while, quickly jumped down from the upper bunk, grabbed a lower bunk without saying a word, and said, “the probability of hell in the lower bunk is greater. Don’t grab it with me.”

Fish flying boat: “… Then I’ll sleep in your upper bunk.”

Gao Ming and Zhou Tian also sleep on the upper bunk above the desk, leaving the upper and lower bunks in the same position. Without saying a word, Yan Mingguang took off his coat and lay down on the only lower berth.

The dormitory is quiet, everyone is ready, and there are still more than ten seconds to come at night. Yan Wei went to the bed and looked at Yan Mingguang lying on his side,

He turned off the projection, his eyes moved slightly, didn’t climb up the upper bunk, but turned around, lifted the quilt of the lower bunk and got into the quilt.

The beds in the high school dormitories are ordinary single rooms, which are too full for boys like them. Yan Wei ran into them and ran into Yan Mingguang’s arms.

The man subconsciously moved in and gave him some seats, but his limbs were quite stiff. Obviously, he didn’t expect Yan Wei’s sudden move. Yan Wei leaned face to face with Yan Mingguang and smelled the freshness of the man who was always unaffected by the dirt in the copy. He lay on his side on the pillow and looked up at Yan Mingguang.

The man is also looking at him. His pure black pupils can’t see the bottom, as if they can see people into the bottom of his eyes.

Yan Wei had no reason. His face was slightly hot, his neck shrunk, half of his cheeks were covered in the quilt, and he whispered, “discuss with you what to do tomorrow. Using skills all the time will consume my physical strength, so that I can sleep with a whip.”

Then, the sunlight completely disappeared after the starry night at this moment.

The campus, which was crowded a few minutes ago, ushered in a dead silence at this moment. The darkness poured down, and the corridors of the dormitory building sounded strange wind.

Yan Mingguang moved his hand under the quilt, and the whip wrapped Yan Wei’s wrist silently.

There is no light. Yan Wei can’t see Yan Mingguang’s expression clearly, but even if he can see it clearly, he can guess what the situation is – heavy, people can’t see clearly. After coming out of the ghost hand space, Yan Mingguang was speechless. In the past, there were some word by word responses, but Yan Mingguang hasn’t said a word since they returned to the dormitory.

[Mr. Yan, something’s wrong with you.] he said.


Although the other party didn’t respond, Yan Wei immediately felt Yan Mingguang’s mood at the moment.

He didn’t hide it: [I lied to you just now. There’s nothing to discuss. I just get up tomorrow and go to class to continue looking for clues and props. I just think you… Are you worried?]

Chenxi high school is in spring. It’s chilly at night. Yanwei subconsciously shrinks back.

A long time.

[… No.]

It’s better not to answer.

You sound like an admission to me


[don’t you talk to me, Mr. Yan? At least we are the most trusted teammates. You are not in the right state today. Did we encounter anything when we were separated? Or did your virgin heart attack again and have complex thoughts about those people with moon mans?]

[moon awn.]

[that’s what happened when we separated?]

Yan Mingguang didn’t answer again.

In the silence, people’s senses are particularly enlarged. Yan Wei can feel that he and Yan Mingguang are clustered together, the mutual transmission of temperature, and the regular heartbeat and breathing of each other.

He realized later that in the first copy, he was particularly resistant to sleeping in a bed with Yan Mingguang, but this time he got into Yan Mingguang’s quilt without any hesitation.

His obsession with cleanliness has always been serious, but now he has no aversion.

Yan Wei felt that his thoughts were suddenly a little chaotic. He subconsciously clenched his fist, and the hand under the quilt unconsciously clenched the whip and pulled.

When Yan Mingguang was urging him to answer, he finally said, “nothing happened.”

Yan Wei blinked, [it seems you don’t want to say. Forget it, anyway… I don’t think you’ll hurt me. You don’t want to say something on your mind, but I want to say it.]

Yan Mingguang moved slightly. In the dark, the man’s eyes slowly focused on the face outline outlined by Yan Wei under the bleak moonlight.

He will respond faster than ever: [what?]

[I don’t know why. When I enter the ghost hand space today, I always have an unspeakable and heavy feeling. Especially when I get the moon wheel fragment, the attribute of this legendary prop is very positive, but I hold its fragment in the palm of my hand. Instead of being happy, I feel something pressing me, very…]

Yan Wei thought for a moment, and finally came up with an appropriate word: [I’m out of breath. And I always feel familiar. I haven’t touched it before, I forgot?]

Yan Mingguang immediately refuted him and said, “I think too much.”

Yan Wei silently rolled his eyes at each other.

Yan Mingguang didn’t give him the chance to go back. As soon as he took the whip, he completely cut off the connection between the two people.

Yan Wei wanted to connect Yan Mingguang’s perception with his skills, but the man didn’t answer at all. He slowly closed his eyes and looked like he was going to sleep.

Yan Wei: ”

All right.

Maybe he did think too much.

He turned his mouth, closed his eyes, emptied his mind and began to rest.

I don’t know how long it took. The night was getting deeper and deeper. Several cries for help or screams rang out one after another on the silent campus. The sound pierced the darkness, but it also disappeared very quickly.

Not long after, several screams familiar to Yan Wei sounded.

Those voices come from the third floor.

——They are several players of yuemang.

The scream continued for a while, and came from the running sound from far and near, accompanied by Yue Wenxing’s cry: “help!! brother Li, help me!!!”

He stumbled and bumped into the railing of the corridor several times, making a dull crash. But the sound of footsteps was not single. It seemed that something with heavy steps was chasing him.

Yue Wenxing’s hasty footsteps directly crossed 407 and stopped in front of 406.

Then there was a violent knock on the door: “brother Li!! brother Li, help me!!! It’s coming, it’s coming… Help me!!!!”

His voice was gasping heavily and his breath was shaking violently. It was obvious that he was injured and shed a lot of blood – Yan Wei could hear some low blood voices when he leaned against Yan Mingguang’s arms.

But there was no movement in room 406.

And the things pursued by Yuewen star are getting closer and closer.

“Li Qing!! don’t think I, I don’t know… You knocked me out and sent me to 303 so that you can stay safely in 406!!”

There was another violent crash.

That thing seems to catch up. Yue Wenxing may have some cards to protect his life. He even hit the door of 406, but there is no change in the door of 406 – since Li Qing has done this, how can he not do some protection at the door of the dormitory?

A crisp sound came, like the sound of broken bones, with some flesh and blood tearing apart.

Something seemed to tear his limbs off.

“Ah ah –!”

Yue Wenxing was in the corridor outside the door. These sounds seemed to be wrapped with blood smell, which were very close to Yan Wei and others. In the dark, Yan Wei slowly opened his eyes, looked at the front without focus, and listened carefully to every move outside.

This is everything he expected. What would Yan Mingguang think?

His eyes focused on Yan Mingguang.

In the dark, everything could not be seen clearly, and it could not even be seen whether the man was asleep or awake.

Yue Wenxing screamed: “Li Qing!! you are unkind, good!!! I won’t let you live if I die. The brothers inside can hear clearly. Li Qing asked me to recruit ghosts under 303 cloth. As a result, someone calculated that I couldn’t go back to 407, so he knocked me out and threw me at 303!!!”

There was another tear.

“… he, he will do this to me today and to you tomorrow!”

“Li Qing!!! You’ll end up with me sooner or later – ah!”

This time, the scream became weaker and weaker, and finally it was a little close to nothing. On the contrary, it was covered by the pulling sound.

Gradually, the voice completely returned to calm.

Yan Wei slowly closed his eyes again.

He was very picky about the sleeping environment. He also slept in this dormitory last night, but he was surrounded by yuemang people. He lay alone on the single bed in the lower bunk and slept very shallow all the time. Just like every day when he fell asleep alone, he was full of vigilance, always unable to put down all his worries and precautions, and always felt that he had a lot to do – but he had nothing to do.

But every time he shrinks together with Yan Mingguang, even if it is a narrow single bed, Yan Wei can enter his dream in the crowd.

This time the dream is no longer faint and shallow.

He seemed to dream of staying with Yan Mingguang again. Around is still the same dangerous, urgent and bloody as the copy in the building. Yan Mingguang is not as silent as he is now. Although he still doesn’t talk much, he occasionally even analyzes clues and discusses possible tactics with him.

They seem to be passing through the copy, but once each picture flashes, he can’t remember what happened in the copy of the last picture. He only remembers Yan Mingguang in the picture. This man has been… Standing beside him.

Very reassuring, very reliable.

Yan Wei wanted to see the flash copy pictures, but something restrained him deeply and pressed them firmly. He couldn’t see anything at all. He only remembered that Yan Mingguang was talking to him.

In his impression of these three copies, Yan Mingguang hardly took the initiative to understand anything. But in this picture, the man is standing by the window with smoke in his hand. The dense smoke covers most of the man’s side face. Yan Wei can’t see each other’s expression at all.

The smoke obscured them.

The man asked him: “… So why do you want to climb the top?”

Gambling area.

At the moment Yan Wei and others opened their perspective, almost all players still on the field looked at the picture in the projection unbelievably.

——I watched the game between Yan Wei and Li Qing with my own eyes.

At night, after Yan Wei and others turned off the projection, the players in the gambling area began to discuss one after another.

They finally slowly accepted the fact that Yan Wei had been hiding before. This obedient young man who appeared in front of everyone for the first time gave a completely subversive impression to all players who had previously regarded him as waste.

He seems to be completely different from the young man who was chased by ghosts and shouted for help.

Everyone watched him push Li Qing into the trap, and Li Qing finally chose the “last choice” as Yan Wei wanted.

In the end, Yue Wenxing reluctantly opened the projection before he died and informed all players inside and outside the copy of everything. Then, in the projection, Yuewen star was torn alive by ghosts, and the projection picture completely turned gray. There was an uproar before the projection.

Yan Wei took advantage of yuemang all day without any damage, took all the useful information of yuemang, and finally didn’t even have a positive conflict. He directly let Li Qing entrap Yue Wenxing and the other three yuemang players.

Even if the tomorrow in the copy has not come yet, everyone knows that this seed of distrust takes root in the hearts of players who are still alive, and it is absolutely impossible to pull it out. And this picture even allows the moon awn players outside the copy to see clearly. They clearly know what kind of seed players their organization has.

gain victory with unstained swords.

After Yue Wenxing’s death, he regained calm in front of the noisy projection. Lin Qing still sat there, as if he was not interested in what was happening in this copy.

Zhao Jingchen turned around directly, pulled out a player behind him, kicked him to the ground mercilessly, and said angrily, “this is the person you chose!”

Ning Yi still stood aside with a cold face, and the faces of the rest of the people were not very good-looking.

Zhao Jingchen gritted his teeth: “Li Qing can’t get out. What are we doing here? Let’s go.”

Yuemang’s players quickly left with Zhao Jingchen.

There was another silence.

For a moment, a confused question broke the atmosphere of the scene.

“Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei… Will Yan not be Yan Mingguang, but Yan Wei from the beginning?”


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