Half Immortal Chapter 61

Half Immortal Chapter 61: The School of Death (13)

As soon as the man’s words came out, it was quieter for a moment before the projection, and then there was a greater discussion.

In the building world, there are many people who hide or hide in the dark for various reasons, but these people have some rumors more or less. Players don’t know their real strength at most, not at all. On the contrary, like Yan Wei, the waste is clear from the beginning. There is a potential player around him. Generally, he depends on others to survive in the building world.

Yan Mingguang is Yan, and everyone has subconsciously acquiesced to it – after all, Yan Mingguang recognized it himself.

But at the moment, Yan Wei was suddenly unprepared and Li Qing tore their faces on the spot. Everyone looked at it.

From the perspective that Yan may be Yan Wei, it seems that everything has become… More reasonable.

“I remember!! I also saw the last copy of Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei. That copy is a rare rush answer mode. At that time, there were two rush answer points. Until now, I don’t know who the flowers fall.” one player looked more enlightened and excited, “The most likely person to get the two points is Yan Wei, because he was talking with Jiang Xiu at the gate of the temple. He just wore an earphone and said he heard what the God mother said through the earphone, so he got a rush answer score – but we don’t know whether the earphone is useful or not.”

“… you mean, the earphone was actually fake at that time. He didn’t get the three points assigned to everyone under Yan’s control, but he was equal to all players with the three points he had already got!?”

“So… It makes more sense! The first copy of Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei, Yan Wei is the best player, took the code Yan, and the second copy, Yan Wei controls everything behind him. On the surface, Yan Mingguang performs to complete the full copy control points, and finally Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang get the highest score at the same time. The best player of the copy of Ankang ancient town, Yan and day, day, don’t feel more like Yan Mingguang Your name? ”

“I didn’t know why Yan Wei was day before, but Yan Mingguang was Yan. Now, bright light is like day, day… In fact, Yan Mingguang is day, Yan Wei is Yan!”

Everyone suddenly realized!

Bright as day.

Day is Yan Mingguang, Yan is Yan Wei.

This so-called waste they have been ignoring is actually the object they have been trying to attract or deal with.

In the crowd, among the several high-level players who broke the sickle, a player named Zhong Xing first showed the expression of surprise and Enlightenment like everyone else, then quickly converged and said to other players around him: “Whether it’s Yan or day, they are enough seeds to participate in the competitive copy. They haven’t organized yet. If they can come out this time, you can think of a way to attract us to break the sickle by all means.”

“But didn’t you say before that it’s not worth feuding with yuemang for a Yan?”

Zhong Xing said firmly, “that was before. Now… I think it’s worth it.”

At the same time, similar dialogues occur in different organizations.

Except for the black bird.

Lin Qing listened to these contents, his eyes moved lightly, and his dark eyes could not see his emotions.

He just waited for all the players on the scene to boil for a long time and said, “everyone, the time I gave is coming.”

“You should get out.”

Yan Mingguang slowly opened his eyes.

It’s late at night. Even the moonlight can’t weaken the darkness in the dormitory. Although their players have a perception beyond ordinary people, Yan Mingguang still can’t see Yan Wei’s facial features.

At the moment, the young man was leaning against him. He shrank inward than before he fell asleep, and almost the whole person shrank in his arms. He gently put one hand on Yan Wei and almost welcomed the other party to lean against him and absorb his temperature.

At the window, in front of the bell net, a pale short haired girl in school uniform stood there silently, with all white pupils facing the direction of Yan Mingguang.

The moonlight outlines the shape of this thing, and the cool wind outside the window swishes past.

On the lower berth on the other side, Lin Zhen also woke up. He was lying on the bed under a quilt, looking at the dirty thing, holding his cheek in one hand and a pen in the other hand. He drew the appearance of the dirty thing on the white paper in front of him.

Yan Mingguang: ”

He took back his eyes and looked at Yan Wei in his arms under such a strange situation.

The quilt opened a little because he turned slightly just now and poured some cool wind into it. Yan Wei probably felt a little cold and shrank into Yan Mingguang’s arms. Yan Mingguang didn’t hide and naturally protected people in his arms.

In fact, as long as Yan Wei lies with him, he always leans towards him after falling asleep every night.

Earlier, Yan Mingguang found this, but he didn’t resist and didn’t understand why he didn’t resist.

Until today.

Yan Wei asked Yan Mingguang about his past several times before he entered the building, but he didn’t answer – not that he didn’t want to, but that he didn’t have an answer. In his memory, the past was blank, only some vague pictures and the swallow necklace. The memory began when he met Yan Wei in the corridor hotel. But today, the familiar smell and moon wheel fragments everywhere in the copy brought it The impact instantly lifted the blank before him.

It was Yan Wei with high spirits and clear goals in his memory.

Yan Mingguang didn’t know how long he had been staring at Yan Wei. The dirty things by the window didn’t tempt people to make a sound. I don’t know when they suddenly disappeared. Lin Zhen had nothing to draw. He threw his paper and pen aside and covered his quilt again to sleep.

The original calm was restored in the dormitory.

Yan Mingguang sighed silently and closed his eyes slowly.

When the first ray of sunshine fell in the morning, everyone woke up for the first time.

Yan Mingguang seemed to get up first. When Yan Wei sat by the bed wearing a school uniform coat, the man had removed the two bell nets in the dormitory and leaned against the window. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

The picture in Yan Wei’s mind still stays at the last moment in his dream.

Yan Mingguang in the dream asked him what his purpose was.

He wanted to answer, but after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t speak. He seemed to have answered, but he couldn’t remember what he answered.

Then I opened my eyes in the morning.

Yan Wei rubbed his temples, yawned and asked Yan Mingguang lazily, “Hey, ice.”

Yan Mingguang looked back at him.

“What do you want to climb the top for?”

Yan Mingguang looked unchanged: “Pandora’s box.”

“Oh, yes, I remember. Only when I reach the top can I get 100000 points at one time. It takes 100000 points to exchange Pandora’s box. What am I doing…”

It seems that he just had to enter the building and had to enter the copy again and again in order to live.

Pandora’s box that can realize all his wishes is the dream of many players in the building, but Yan Wei didn’t seem to be interested when he saw it in the exchange mall at the beginning.

“Forget it, don’t think about it. It’s good to climb to the top,” he got up and said casually. “I dreamed of you last night. You talked a little more and didn’t carry it like that. If you weren’t more lovely in your dream, I almost thought we knew each other before.”

Yan Mingguang reacted faster than before. Almost then Yan Wei said, “think more.”


Dressed in school uniform, Lin Zhen took a line of paper in front of Yan Wei, spread it out to Yan Wei and said, “look, the female ghost standing at the head of your bed last night looks scary. I’m afraid you slept with Yan Mingguang and didn’t see it. I drew it for you.”

Yan Wei raised his eyes and took a look at the painting of hand disability level. He was rarely stunned. He was quite difficult and said, “I don’t know whether the female ghost is frightening, but I’m sure your painting must be more frightening than her ghost.”

Lin Zhen: “… That shows that my painting skills are superb and better than blue.”

Yan Wei: ”

All six cleaned up and quickly walked out of the dormitory.

As soon as he came out, he hit the man 406 next door.

On the corridor at the entrance of 407 and 406, broken limbs were scattered on the ground, blood burst into all directions, and the air was filled with strong bloody gas.

This is Yue Wenxing’s body torn alive by ghosts. These corpses are not even complete, and I don’t know where some limb parts have gone.

Last night, in order to stay in the dormitory at night, Li Qing cheated the uninformed members of yuemang who originally lived in 406 to go to 303 with a ghost array. He lived in 406 and spent the night safely, but in the four months of 303, all the members of yuemang, including Yue Wenxing, died.

Yan Wei and others, Li Qing and others looked at each other across the broken corpses. Yan Wei chuckled: “Why are they all pale? Didn’t you hear it clearly in the dormitory yesterday?”

Li Qing clenched her fist, clenched her teeth, looked at Yan Wei and said, “you told me from the beginning that you fell out with Yan Mingguang and were playing with us?”

Yan Wei’s chin was slightly raised, “hum”.

“Sooner or later, I’ll make your head different,” Li Qing said.

Lin Zhen “wow”, pointed to Yue Wenxing’s broken body and said, “no, isn’t he the first one whose head is different? Oh, it seems that he is yuemang’s man!”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Qing’s face became more gloomy, and the members of yuemang behind him looked even more ugly – as Yan Wei said, Li Qing seemed to have passed this difficult problem, but in fact, he planted a seed of distrust in the hearts of yuemang’s living players.

Li Qing didn’t notice the expression of Yue Mang’s members behind him. He was still very unwilling to yesterday’s defeat: “even if you hide your strength, Yue mang never said to kill you? Since you have taken refuge in Yue Mang, is it better to take refuge with these lone wolf players? Do you think Yan Mingguang and them can always trust you? Yan Wei, why –”

Yan Wei raised his hand and made a gesture of “Silence”.

“Stop, you were wrong from the beginning.”

He winked at Yan Mingguang and others and slowly crossed the bloody mess on the ground. When he came to Li Qing, he stepped down, smiled low and said, “do you know where you were wrong?”

“Your fault is that you don’t recognize my position. I don’t take refuge in yuemang, not because of others, but because I’m the one you want to kill most.”

Li Qing slowly widened his eyes.

For a moment, he exclaimed, “are you Yan?”

Yan Wei didn’t look back – selfishness and doubt have spread among yuemang players. These people were not worried when Yue Wenxing died at the door of 406 last night.

Without procrastination, he and Yan Mingguang continued to explore the death in other parts of the dormitory building.

More people died last night.

Including the four of yuemang, a full 17 players died in different ways.

As yesterday, more than half of the bodies were eaten on the second floor, including two and some scattered broken bodies.

Wearing gloves, Yan Wei squatted down in front of one of the bodies and carefully observed the wounds of the dead with Gao Ming.

“In fact, this kind of thing happened when my batch came in,” Gao Ming said, “There are often such corpses on the second floor, but our last batch is not as many as yours, and there are not many people who die in this way. Moreover, the next day, all the corpses that died the previous day will disappear, which may be what you guessed and dragged into the ghost hand space. However, in fact, we old players have not explored carefully or explored There is no fruit. ”

“Has anyone checked the second floor?”

“No, because the frequency is not high before, only two or three times, and there are not many people. It’s the first time for me to look at it from a close distance. Anyway, I’m sure it’s a person’s tooth print shape, but the biting force is definitely not what a person can do, and he should not only move on the second floor, these corpses… From my professional experience, it’s probably Yue Wenxing.”

——One of the dirty things from the 303 ghost array last night!

The fish flying boat frowned: “is this just a way to die? Like other laws found by Yan Wei, someone is eaten to death, so players who trigger some conditions later will also be eaten alive by ghosts and ghosts?”

Yan Wei got up slowly, shook his head and said: “Impossible. We have a question that we can’t answer. If we keep repeating the corresponding death mode, why does the first death happen? The cycle needs to have a beginning. Even the Mobius ring will have the moment when the two key points of the note rotate and connect. Suppose something happens, let the Mobius ring representing the death mode buckle, Started a continuous cycle of repetition, then this man eating way… ”

He pointed to one of the bodies whose heads were eaten, “You see, the places where these players are eaten are disorganized. Some are half of the body, some are the upper body, some are the lower body, and the head is also eaten. Since the dead who first became ghosts were eaten, why can they become ghosts and eat people? If his head was eaten, what would he use to eat these players? Even if the head of the first dead was not eaten If someone is eaten, he can constantly eat other players raw to repeat the way of death, but his killing method is not regular. ”

As like as two peas, I see what you mean, “fish flying boat see light suddenly”, “it’s like Nie Liang drowning, fan cutting his head, turning his pen, stabbed his throat with his pen, standing in a fixed position and being pushed down in the same position… These are the same dead methods, no matter whether they are posture or death media or locations.”

Yan Wei’s mouth is hooked: “Yes. But you see, the place of death of these eaten dead people is very chaotic. This thing will even chase Yue Wenxing to the fourth floor, and then take some Yue Wenxing’s limbs. The location of these dead people is also different, the number of deaths is not certain, and the eaten parts look very casual. Cannibals will repeatedly swallow one part, but this ghost But not. This death method is the only one we have seen that does not conform to the law. If something goes wrong, there will be demons. ”

Yan Mingguang looked at the clock and said, “there are ten minutes left for class.”

Yan Wei subconsciously turns to Yan Mingguang.

The man’s eyes and his eyes intersected in mid air. Yan Wei looked at the man’s calm face and didn’t see any additional emotion. But he always felt that Yan Mingguang was strange – the man knew what he wanted to do without him even saying, and even directly helped him see how much time there was.

I know too much about him.

But he couldn’t see anything different.

Yan Wei took back his eyes, blinked, and his eyelashes trembled.

“In ten minutes, before class, we’ll search the second floor in a carpet,” he said

Lin Zhen picked his eyebrow: “Oh? What are you doing on the second floor?”

“Our thoughts are too confused now. Classes, teachers, students and death… We must find a point and start to distribute. And I think this way of death… Is a breakthrough.”


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