Half Immortal Chapter 63

Half Immortal Chapter 63: The School of Death (15)

Yan Wei took back his sight from the teacher, tore open the paper on which he had taken notes, picked up his pen and wrote on a new draft paper.

He actually fell into the wrong thinking of this copy.

Schools, teachers, students. These three words appear together. They are also required to come to the classroom for roll call every day and go back to the dormitory to sleep on time before dark every night. Everything is no different from the school players see in the real world. Although death always happens, it is somehow in order.

It is precisely because of this that everyone’s first reaction to class is the content of study and the results of the exam.

These two days, Yan Wei’s thoughts have been trapped in it. He took notes carefully in every class and clearly remembered the questions raised by the NPC teacher and the answers of the students who answered them, but no matter what logic he started from, he didn’t find a clue.

Until that moment.

Suddenly, the thoughts pulled out were constantly enlarged in his mind. The brush edge in his hand moved gently and drew while recalling bit by bit.

Yan Wei drew a grid – a grid representing all the seats in the class. Then, with his eyes slightly closed, he flashed every fragment of the teacher’s roll call in class.

Every time he thought of a roll call, Yan Wei wrote down a stroke in this grid.

The picture kept flashing until the last roll call just now.

Yan Wei opened his eyes again. The grid was full of strokes. Almost every grid representing each seat had at least two or three strokes, indicating that the people in these seats had been called to answer questions at least two or three times in the past two days.

Yan Wei chuckled.

Relying on his immortality today, he didn’t observe at all. He got up at will, moved a few steps, walked to Yan Mingguang’s front row and sat down. As soon as he sat down, he cocked up his chair and leaned back on the table in front of Yan Ming’s naked body.

He did this as if he had been in class. He deliberately made the front table of the back table with a chair. It was not enough for the chair to lean against the back table. He had to knock several times.

Yan Mingguang looked at the back of Yan Wei’s head: ”

Yan Wei didn’t look back. He raised the paper with the grid in his hand and whispered, “Hey, dead ice, this is the frequency that each seat was asked by the NPC teacher. Did you find anything?”

Behind him, Yan Mingguang raised his hand, lightly pushed Yan Wei’s chair back, firmly pressed it, and said, “there are two seats that have never been called.”

In the front row, Yan Wei looked at the podium and said with a smile, “the first column in the fifth row and the fourth column in the fourth row have never been named no matter who they do every day.”

As he spoke, Yan Mingguang took back his hand pressing the back of the chair. Yan Wei couldn’t wait to tilt up the chair again and gently hit the table in front of Yan Mingguang.

This time Yan Mingguang suddenly said, “can you sit well?”

He deliberately lowered his voice. His already cold tone was still a little low, but he was quite angry.

Yan Wei was stunned subconsciously. By perceiving the skills burst out, he jokingly said: [no, Mr. ice cube, haven’t we exchanged skill information? Today I’m in an immortal state. I’m worried about the chair. You weren’t so jumpy before.]

Yan Mingguang didn’t answer him.

Yan Wei dug out the clue and didn’t bother to pay attention to him. First, he put away the paper, then directly got up, walked to the first column of the fifth row he had just pointed out and sat down.

In Chenxi high school, teachers ask questions frequently. Before long, the NPC teacher asked a question again.

Every time a question is asked, the teacher will first see if anyone raises his hand and takes the initiative to answer it. If not, he will call the roll again. But the student NPCs hardly raised their hands, and almost all the players left. As for those who didn’t go, yesterday someone tried to raise their hands to see if there were any clues, but there was no difference. Later, no one raised their hands.

But Yan Wei immediately raised his hand as soon as he sat on the seat that had never been named.

NPC teacher glanced at the classroom and glanced over all the students, but didn’t pause for more time on Yan Wei, the only one who raised his hand.

The teacher said in a calm tone, “OK, no students raise their hands. I’ll call the students to answer the questions. Please…”

The teacher gave a name, just like the previous process.

But this time, Yan weimingming raised his hand, but the NPC teacher didn’t seem to see it. But he had also tried to answer questions in class before, but the NPC teacher called him at that time.

The only difference is the seat.

The two seats in the first column of the fifth row and the fourth column of the fourth row don’t seem to exist at all. In the eyes of teachers, they are ignored or even forgotten seats, or


Yan Wei’s eyes are light, his lips are silent, and he exudes perceptual power. He connects Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming: [Gao Ming, your highest floor is less than five. We may not have time to save you in case of any accident here. You stay here first, don’t act rashly, and come back when I say gather.]

[Yan Mingguang, there are several classrooms next. Let’s go to these rooms, sit in the first column in the fifth row and the fourth column in the fourth row, and raise our hands immediately when there is a problem. If the situation is the same in each classroom, it means that the numbers or students represented in these two seats are important information. If other classrooms are different, we may It also needs to spend more time and disperse people to record the seats ignored by NPC in each classroom as quickly as possible.]

The content of the class is not information, the in class test is just a cover up, and the questions and answers are insignificant.

The information point brought to class is the seat.

It’s a seat ignored by the teacher.

Yan Mingguang obviously understood Yan Wei immediately. Without hesitation, the man got up and left. Yan Wei also got up and went to another classroom.

After two more classes, near the end of class, everyone gathered in front of the teaching building.

In front of the teaching building, several NPC teachers took the roster and a disk of magnetic cards and said, “please stand in line. We will issue the school card according to everyone’s name. The school card can enter other places in the campus that need to swipe the card, such as the library and archives. Please wait in place after you get the school card, and everyone can be dissolved after you get it.”

This rule is obviously to prevent players from competing for seats in the team, get the school card in advance and go to these places to find clues in advance.

In this way, after getting the school card, everyone actually has the same starting point for places such as library archives.

The players formed a growing team in groups. Yan Wei saw Li Qing with people behind the team and swaggered to the back of yuemang’s team.

Li Qing gave him a surreptitious look, and finally said nothing – now in this situation, Yue mang has nothing to do with Yan Wei.

Before long, Yan Mingguang also lined up with the other four people, and naluo he was also in the queue. After all the living players lined up, the NPC teachers began to distribute school cards.

Yan Wei scattered his perception.

[Hello, Hello, everyone answered the phone.] Yan Wei took his school card and casually stuffed it into his pocket, [let me tell you an important clue I just found – during class, the teachers of each class will directly ignore the existence of the students in the first column of the fifth row and the fourth column of the fourth row. Yan Mingguang and I have tried this. As long as we sit in these two seats, the teacher won’t give any attention at all, as if the students in this seat don’t exist – or it’s not him Like our students.]

If the mutilated corpses eaten in the dormitory building and the small room in Luo He’s mouth that night are a breakthrough, then the combination of these two seats may be the second breakthrough where you must enter with the school card.

[remember what I said before? The NPC teacher here emphasized the identity of students several times. I once guessed that it was not Chenxi high school students, maybe it was a way to avoid the trigger of death.]

At this time, the teacher’s school card has been sent to the back of the team.

Yu Feizhou politely took the school card, said “thank you” to the NPC teacher, and asked through Yan Wei’s perceptual connection: [but as you said before, this seems to be a paradox.]

They have discussed this point in their spare time.

It seems that the identity of students is very important, which is almost undisguised in various rules and the words of NPC teachers. It is reasonable to guess that not high school students can avoid this death trigger at any time.

However, when this mobile book is opened every time, each player must register at the school gate, receive school uniforms and distribute dormitories. Then after the copy is opened, each player is definitely in the state of Chenxi high school students.

So this is a paradox. After they enter the campus, they are students. How can they avoid the trigger of death in the state of not students on the campus?

[yes, we discussed it,] Yan Wei said, [I thought it might be a cover up or I thought too much. But combined with these two seats completely ignored by the teacher, I think my previous guess is not wrong. The relationship between teachers and students is mutual, and what do you think is ignored and nonexistent in the eyes of teachers?]

Zhou Tian suddenly realized: [if it’s not a student, the teacher doesn’t care!]

Yan Wei chuckled: [yes! These two fixed neglected seats must have some connection with non students. As long as we can find out why these two seats are ignored by teachers, we may be able to find another breakthrough!]

At the moment Yan Wei finished guessing, all the students’ school cards were issued.

However, in a moment, the crowd in front of the teaching building suddenly dispersed, and everyone left quickly, holding the school card just got to find new clues. Some players even got mixed when they passed the steps because they were in a hurry, which triggered death, and were suddenly broken by a ghost hand.

Such death was common in just a few days. The man’s companions didn’t even panic too much. They immediately packed up their mood and ran away quickly.

After a while, only Yan Wei and others were left in front of the teaching building.

Yan Mingguang quickly walks to Yan Wei and holds him – Yan Wei has been using his skills for too long, and Yan Wei is even a little unstable at the moment.

“Can your weak chicken’s body index be ok?” Lin Zhen came over with his chest in his hands. “According to what you just said, the archives must have the information we want, but they must have arrived first after our delay. Tut, otherwise we’ll throw you here and let’s go first.”

He said so, but his feet did not move.

The fish flying boat asked in a warm voice, “Yan Wei, are you okay?”

Yan Wei shook his head: “don’t worry. Do you think it’s the 19th floor and it’s still a silent mobile book with ten dead. Will the clue be obtained because it runs fast?”

He smiled. He didn’t even notice it. He naturally leaned on Yan Mingguang to recover his strength.

“Wait a minute. We’re not the only ones who want to go to the archives.”

Yan Wei rested for more than ten minutes before he relaxed.

After he recovered, the six hurried to the top floor of the office building, where the archives were located.

But before they reached the top floor, they saw several broken sickle players guarding the stairs downstairs, as well as a group of people including Li Qing not far from the door of the archives on the top floor.

Yan Wei and others covered the stairs downstairs and asked in a low voice, “what shall we do?”

Zhou Tian frowned: “according to my observation, there are three people guarding the stairs. At the door of the archives, Li Qing and five people in neiyuemang are deadlocked at the door with eight players of another organization Qixing.”

Lin Zhen: “five to eight? Oh, this number can’t be necessary for negotiation. It seems that yuemang and the three broken sickles cooperate, so it’s eight to eight. The three broken sickles first watch and don’t let others come up. Li Qing takes yuemang’s people to negotiate with Qixing’s people. Hey, little pet, how about a fight? I want to break Li Qing’s stupid fingers one by one.”

Yan Wei replied without hesitation, “OK, you go. We’ll wait for you to come back.”

“…” Lin Zhen took a swipe at the corners of his mouth, “I’ll go alone. It’s a pair of sixteen. Do you think I’m stupid?”


Lin Zhen: ”

Yan Mingguang just stood aside from beginning to end, leaned slightly against the wall, and his eyes fell heavily on Yan Wei. He never left. It seems that the crisis and life and death in this copy are no longer important.

Yan Wei was full of clues about how to get to the archives at the moment, and didn’t notice Yan Mingguang’s eyes.

He meditated for a moment, and his amber eyes lit up slowly, like a bright lamp in the starry night.

He pressed his voice and said softly: “in the negotiation… It means that none of them wants to monopolize the clues in the archives, but no one can suppress anyone. The combination of broken sickle and moon awn has temporarily reached a balance with the players of Qi Star, which has the posture of stalemate and negotiation.”

Lin Zhen picked his eyebrow: “what bad water are you holding?”

Yan Wei held his cheek: “Li Qing is hypocritical, selfish and good-looking. I’m Yan, and I’ve been fooling them with yuemang before. How likely do you think they are to take the initiative to talk to broken sickle?”

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “zero.”

Yan Wei smiled more and more brightly, and his eyes flashed a little cunning: “now, do the three people who broke the sickle still think that I am the man of yuemang?”


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