Half Immortal Chapter 64

Half Immortal Chapter 64: The School of Death (16) [commencement]

As soon as Yan Wei said this, except that Yan Mingguang still looked the same, the other four glanced at Yan Wei more or less with helpless eyes.

“I have a way to not only let us enter the archives first, but also let yuemang continue to lack arms and legs.”

Lin Zhen nodded: “you’re really holding back the water, but I like this link. What should I do? Hurry up. Don’t let them negotiate and enter the archives hand in hand.”

Yan Wei pointed to another ladder not far away: “high school buildings have stairs on both sides. People with broken sickles guard this side, and there is no one on that side. It’s because going to the archives from there must pass Li Qing and them, so you don’t have to guard.”

The fish flying boat nodded: “yes, but if you go up from the broken sickle, it seems that you only need to deal with three people, in fact, it will still attract the attention of yuemang and Qixing, and you also have to deal with 16 people at the same time. If you go in the direction of Li Qing, you will directly face the people of yuemang Qixing.”

“So we separated.”

“Separate?” Yu Feizhou was stunned. “Isn’t that still the same? Their number is two or three times that of us, and there is also a big gap between them. Our advantage is that the single combat effectiveness is stronger than them, but their overall prop level must be higher than us. After all, Yan Wei is not a fighting type, and Gao Ming is just a low-level accident.”

Yan Wei smiled: “what I said is that I am separated from you.”

Five minutes later, Yan Wei, standing alone under the broken sickle guard ladder, waited for the reply of Yan Mingguang and others – Yan Mingguang and others were ready by the stairs on the other side.

Yan Wei said to Yan Mingguang alone through his perception: [wait for my news, you can take them and let Gao Ming hide.]

Yan Mingguang: [HMM… be careful.]

[I can’t die again today. Isn’t it a pity not to kill these losers? But this time, I have to rely on the new skill you obtained by lifting the building three times.]


Yan Wei withdrew his perception.

In order to make it convenient for him to zip up his school uniform, the sleeve of his coat was also rolled up in a ruffian manner, which was quite like a young man who skipped class.

But at this moment, Yan Wei stood up straight, gathered the hem of the school uniform, zipped up the school uniform again, and put down his sleeves. Those eyes with shrewdness and cunning were more clear in an instant, full of clever temperament.

Yan Wei just walked upstairs.

When he went to the top floor and the next floor of the ladder, he should have met the three players of the broken sickle guarding here.

The three men suddenly turned to look at him, and their weapons were ready to go. When they saw Yan Wei’s face, the three were stunned, slightly relaxed and asked, “is it you?”

Yan Wei blinked, her amber eyes gathering the scattered sky light in the afternoon.

His tone was obedient and said: “brother Li asked me to come. It was too chaotic to get the school card just now. For a moment, he didn’t keep up with others and walked around…”

He took it out of his pocket, took out a walkie talkie with a moon awn logo – Li Qing left it to him on the first day of class, and said, “brother Li just told me here through the walkie talkie, let me come over and sneak up from here.”

Yan Wei paused. It was clear that only four of them were present. He seemed very guilty and deliberately pressed the business down: “let me gather up a number.”

The broken sickle players looked at each other and put their eyes back on Yan Wei.

The sum of moon Mang and broken sickle is just in balance with the number of Kai stars. There is no big difference in props and basic data between the two sides, which is why there is such a stalemate. Whether it’s moon mang or broken sickle, it’s clear that they can solve this impasse as long as they give up each other and cooperate with Qi Star. However, after solving one of them, whether it’s moon mang or broken sickle, their cooperation with Qi Star is weak, so they won’t do so.

That’s why it’s necessary to negotiate.

Although Yan Wei didn’t say it clearly, he also named a little – more people, the possibility of breaking the balance is higher, and the advantage is on the side of more people. Maybe when you enter the archives, you still need to find it manually. It’s good to have more than one person.

The three people who broke the sickle obviously understood the truth. One of them looked at Yan Wei from top to bottom unscrupulously, smiled frivolously and said, “with your timid appearance, you can get together.”

Another man said, “come on, get out of the way. You waste, talk to Li Qing upstairs and ask him to deal with it quickly. What’s going on for so long?”

Yan Wei nodded timidly.

Breaking sickle, the three players made way, and Yan Wei pretended to tiptoe upstairs.

When he reached the top floor and was about to turn to the door of the archives, he suddenly stopped – he didn’t intend to appear at this moment.

Although his body index is only above the middle, he has excellent perception. At the moment, he completely converges his sense of existence and shrinks around the corner. Li Qing and others are confrontation, and no one is aware of Yan Wei’s appearance.

In front of the archives, a student in school uniform sat at the card office on duty. Like other NPC students, he has a very single expression and is not interested in the confrontation of Li Qing and others at the door. He just lowers his head indifferently and plays with the magic cube in his hand.

Yan Wei listened carefully.

Li Qing’s voice was uncertain: “… Although other players were driven away by us, it’s hard to guarantee that no one will kill them. In this way, we’ll take a step back. Yuemang will go in first, and you’ll start the star and go in in in turn. I’ll hold on to the broken sickle and let them last.”

It turned out that this place had been cleared by these three organizations. As a result, after the clearing, they had different opinions, and now it has happened.

Broken sickle also helped Li Qing guard the stairs. I’m afraid I didn’t expect Li Qing to sell them clean long ago.

As soon as Li Qing’s voice fell, there was a humanitarian on Qixing: “then why did yuemang enter first?”

“Who finds out the clues, doesn’t it all add power to the end of this copy?”

“But there is only one legendary prop. Li Qing, do you think we are stupid?”

Without speculation, the two sides began to argue again.

Yan Wei stood at the corner for a while. He didn’t attract the attention of Li Qing and others, so he turned his head and walked back to the stairs when he came.

The three players who broke the sickle were still there. Seeing that he came down after a while, they were quite surprised and said, “why did you come down?”

Yan Wei’s expression at the moment was even more panic. He slowly lowered his head and trembled and said, “after going up just now, brother Li found a chance to quietly tell me that he found that the people who started the star actually cooperated secretly with Yan’s group of people.”

The faces of the three players who broke the sickle suddenly changed.

From the angle they couldn’t see, Yan Wei slowly raised the corners of his mouth, but his tone was very frightened and said: “now the people of Kai star are just stabilizing us waiting for Yan. As soon as Yan appears, they will work together to deal with us. At that time, we won’t get anything from yuemang and your broken sickle in the archives. So brother Li thought of a way…”

“What is it?”

“Now that we are doomed to defeat so many of them, we might as well wait for them to appear. After the fight, you pretend to tear your face with us yuemang and turn over to Qi Xing and Yan, and we pretend to give up and retreat as soon as we fight. If you go in with them at that time, if there is really any benefit, you can secretly write down and take away what you can, and I’ll pay it back Brother Li shares it equally with you – anyway, other people in yuemang don’t know the current plan. If fewer people share it equally, won’t everyone get more benefits? ”

His words were extremely smooth, and in the end, his tone was even persuasive.

But these three broken sickle players did not find any flaws for a while, but looked a little happy.

Yan Wei glanced at these people in the remaining light and knew that it had been done.

When they secretly observed downstairs, Yan Wei compared the members who broke the sickle when they first entered the copy with his memory. Get rid of the dead players, there are not only three people left in the broken sickle. It is obviously divided into two groups, and the leader of the broken sickle is not in this team.

In other words, these three broken sickle players are just ordinary eighteen layer players.

It’s easy to cheat – because of the people’s heart.

In the copy, Yan Wei’s previous impression in front of all players has not been overturned, and Li Qing doesn’t have the face to talk everywhere at the throat, so that up to now, these people despise him and think he is still on the side of yuemang.

Therefore, these people will not doubt too much what he said, because they think he is too weak to turn anything.

In addition, the temporary cooperation between Mang and broken sickle last month is completely interest driven. It’s too easy to disintegrate – that’s the same interest driven. Compared with the apparent cooperation with yuemang and hard encounter with Qi Star, isn’t Yan Wei’s fake defection now killing two birds with one stone?

Both sides can eat all, and fewer people share the benefits equally. Why not?

People, subconsciously, believe in what is good for them.

But he can’t delay.

Players who can get to this point are not fools who are easily deceived. If they delay for a while, they may slowly aftertaste something wrong.

Yan Wei made sure that after these people took the bait, they stopped procrastinating and said, “well, I’m going up? Please remember, Yan when they came out, they pretended to turn over to help –”

“Help Qi Xing deal with your moon Mang, and then you moon mang pretends to escape. We go in with Qi Xing to get information. I see, get out.”

Yan Wei’s voice should be good.

He turned and raised his feet up the steps, raised his eyes, and his perception came out.

Answer the phone


Yan Wei stepped up the stairs step by step, came to the corner where he had just covered his figure, looked at the moon mans and Qi star players who were still negotiating, and said to Yan Mingguang: [start work.]

The voice just fell.

“Whew -”

In front of the archives, a black arrow feather suddenly burst into the air and crossed between the player Qixing negotiated with Li Qing and Li Qing.

At the same time, yuemang and Qixing players were surprised, and quickly stepped back on both sides. Several arrow feathers came in a row. Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Zhou Tian ran from the stairs on the other side.

Li Qing responded very quickly, and the machetes in his hand had already come out. The remaining game player of the two organizations took out weapons to go to the direction of Yanming’s coming stairs, and thirteen people stopped directly with Yan Mingguang and others.

Li Qing stared at them in a measured way: “Yan Mingguang! Do you dare to come and die?”

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyelids slightly, just looked at him, and the whip came out, waving back several players who rushed up at once.

At the same time, the broken sickle three players guarding the stairs on the other side looked shocked, and one of them said, “is it Yan them?”

“Go, do as Li Qing says!”

They took out their weapons and ran quickly to the top floor.

Yan Wei still hid at the corner. When the sickle breaker went upstairs, he deliberately shrank back and hid. The broken sickle man walked in a hurry. He didn’t find his trace at all, nor did he find that there was no Yan Wei in the tangled crowd.

On the narrow corridor, Yan Mingguang and the people of the three organizations met at the same time. But when he swings the whip in his hand, the target is only the player of yuemang.

Li Qing’s machete had just been waved back by Yan Mingguang’s whip. Seeing the broken sickle coming up, he smiled proudly: “Yan Mingguang, I think you still –”

His voice gave a sudden.

Behind Li Qing’s back, the sickle breaking player who had just arrived directly attacked him. Li Qing had no defense room, and a half meter long wound was directly drawn on his back by the blade.

He turned back from pain and shouted angrily, “what are you doing?”

Yan Mingguang and others leaned against the star player without trace in his questioning words.

The three players of broken sickle also directly stood on the side of Qi Xing. One of them disdained to say, “what are you doing? Of course you don’t cooperate with you. Qi Xing and Yan should be happy to cooperate with us to make Yue mang out temporarily?”

Lin Zhen immediately agreed: “know current affairs!”

Not far from the corner, Yan Wei took his pocket in one hand and casually rubbed the swallow coins in his pocket with his fingertips.

He saw things develop easily according to his plan, his eyes were slightly bright and silently hooked the corners of his lips.


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