Half Immortal Chapter 65

Half Immortal Chapter 65: The School of Death (17)

Li Qing and others are busy coping with the sudden situation at the moment. These people are tangled together. No one immediately finds that there is a Yan Wei who dominates all this around the corner.

Yan Wei glanced back at the situation, took out some wet paper towels from the storage column of the information panel, and carefully wiped some dirt on writing and painting in class in the morning – it will have to wait a little longer.

At the door of the archives, the NPC students guarding the archives are still playing the magic cube with their heads down. Yuemang has been entangled with Qixing, broken sickle and Yan Mingguang.

Li Qing turned the machete in his hand and blocked the attack of a star player. He cursed: “if you break the sickle and break your promise, you’re not afraid of the players in the world inside the building to see the projection and see your ugly eating appearance!?”

He seemed to be really angry, so he threw out a disposable attack prop and blew out a wound in front of the broken sickle.

It is forbidden for players to kill each other. In a struggle like this clue, players will fight together, but they can’t hurt their lives. Therefore, the method often used by players is to hurt their opponents in a way that can’t kill people. As long as the opponent has no combat ability for the time being, as for whether he will be killed by ghosts without combat ability… This is even the result that many players are happy to see.

Li Qing’s technique is obviously a dead hand.

The broken sickle player was stunned and took a look at his wound. Obviously, he didn’t expect Li Qing, who was “acting”, to be so serious. The man’s face sank. He was still playing with some conservative ideas. When he played falton, he changed and played without reservation.

Although the players who broke the sickle have clearly said to defecte, and the leader of Qi Star is still a little confused, this game seems good for them. Originally, they also had to deal with yuemang. It would be better to have broken the sickle. And everyone has been tangled together, and they can only pick up their weapons and fight.

As for Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and others who only play yuemang, no one cares except the players of yuemang – broken sickle and Kai star have no holidays with Yan Mingguang.

As a result, only four people’s moon awns were in a weak position for a moment.

According to Yan Wei’s arrangement, Lin Zhen pushed black arrows all over Li Qing from the rear. Yu Feizhou and Zhou Tian stared at Yue mang. Yan Mingguang seemed to have a whip in his hand, but in fact he inadvertently kept close to the direction Yan Wei hid.

After a few moments of Kung Fu, the remaining four players in yuemang were more or less colorful.

Li Qing’s forehead was hurt in the fight, and the blood slipped from his forehead, adding a bit of cruelty to his already feminine face. He didn’t hold a machete firmly in his hand and was hit by his opponent in the distance.

The man with the broken sickle was surprised.

They had subconsciously acquiesced that Yan Wei had long been the man of yuemang, and were slightly diluted by interests. Only in this way could they not doubt the authenticity of the so-called “Li Qing’s plan”. But this is only a short time. Li Qing is obviously serious. Where can they not notice anything wrong?

Someone was surprised that Li Qing didn’t leave according to the “plan” and said, “why don’t you go yet?”

Li Qingqi smiled: “what do you think will benefit you if you drive us away, Kai Xing and Yan Mingguang? Fool!!”

“Brother Li!” one of yuemang’s players hurriedly held him, “shall we withdraw? We can’t be the opponent of so many of them.”

At this time, Yan Mingguang had completely moved from this side of the stairs to the other side of Yan Wei. Lin Zhen and Lin Zhen also silently retreated under the command of Yan Wei.

Li Qing smiled grimly and said, “now everyone knows who has the lead clue and who is most likely to get the legendary props. Since you want me not to get them, it’s better for everyone not to get them.”

His right hand moved, the palm spread out, and the machete that fell to the ground returned to his hand, emitting a dazzling light in an instant.

The players of Qixing were stunned by this move, and the players who broke the sickle were stunned: “do you want self exploding props? Li Qing, are you crazy? Self exploding props will seriously hurt us and yourself!”

Although this machete prop is certainly not comparable to the legendary prop, it is at least a very rare prop, and there are not any high-level players present. In case of self explosion, the person affected will be seriously injured.

“It’s hard for me, and you can’t think of it.”

Before the voice fell, Li Qingli immediately threw out a machete, and the dazzling light pulled out a long arc.

Yan Wei turned around, walked out of the corner quickly, and quickly said to Yan Mingguang with his perception: [it’s now!]

At the same time, the player who broke the sickle shouted, “didn’t you secretly tell us to cooperate with Kai star and Yan temporarily? You –”

The machete burst out among them.

Yan Mingguang’s ink pupil moved gently. The skill he got after entering the building this time – short-range group blinking – was opened by him. Yan Wei, who had just come, disappeared together with Lin Zhen and others who had long retreated. At the moment before disappearing, the fish flying boat cut his arm with a dagger and took out the protection of his skills.

——They suddenly appeared at the place where they swiped their card.

The protection of the fish flying boat completely shrouded the five of them. Yan Mingguang took Yan Wei in his arms, took out his school card and directly brushed the card reader!

The machete props burst. The broken sickle had been close to yuemang for acting. At the moment, the broken sickle and yuemang were blown out and hit the railing or the wall on the other side. Blood was flying, and Li Qing was the first to bear the brunt. His internal organs were shocked and spit out a big mouthful of blood.

One player was even blown up next to the ladder. One didn’t stand firm, so he rolled down the ladder to the next floor. Before the man could get up again, a pair of ghost hands suddenly stretched out on the floor and grabbed his throat – the falling stairs triggered death!

For a moment, there was a clear sound of bone fracture, and the ghost hand slowly retracted to the ground. The man’s head hung down and his eyes were still unbelievably staring at the moment before he died.

In front of the archives, several players close to Qi Star were also injured.

Although Yan Wei and others were far away, the fish flying boat supporting the protection also turned pale, which was obviously consumed.

NPC students on duty in the archives and playing magic cube finally raised their heads and looked at Yan Mingguang and others who swiped their cards quickly.

All this had long been expected by Yan Wei. Yan Mingguang swiped all the student cards of the five people as quickly as possible, and took Yan Wei to the archives. The loss of Kai star players was the smallest. They found the abnormality here at the first time and immediately swiped their card to follow up.

But they just followed three people in. When the fourth person wanted to swipe his card, he rushed forward and suddenly hit a hardwood.

——That’s the door of the archives.

Just now, the door of the archives was open, and there was an NPC student sitting at the door, with a machine for swiping school cards. But at the moment, the archives door is suddenly locked.

This archive can only enter eight people at a time.

Several players of Qixing know that they have missed this time. The leader is very decisive. They know that there is no hope in the archives. The most important thing is to use time to find other clues. He took a look at the seriously injured yuemang and broken sickle players, but he didn’t turn his head back. He didn’t miss the players who took Qi Star to leave quickly.

Within a few minutes, the remaining players who had received the news and rushed to the scene immediately took away the people who were seriously injured by the broken sickle.

Only yuemang’s people are still at the door of the closed archives. Li Qingfang was so angry that he hurt the enemy a thousand and lost eight hundred. His wounds were cracked all over his body and he was bleeding all over.

After a long time, he stood up shakily holding the railing.

Recalling the sudden appearance of Yan Wei at the moment when the props exploded, Li Qing suddenly understood something.

He gasped heavily, gritted his teeth and said, “Yan, danger.”

Several other members of yuemang also slowly climbed up.

He looked like this. He had no awe at his afraid and afraid yuemang members and had no good way: “Li Qing, what are you doing with broken sickle to trouble us like this?”

“You have the guts to talk to me like this?” Li Qing said angrily. “I didn’t say anything to the broken sickle. They beat the rake upside down. Are you stupid enough to see that? Don’t you see that the broken sickle and we didn’t go in at last!?”

As soon as these words came out, Yue Mang, the least injured of the remaining three, went directly forward and picked up li Qing’s collar.

“Why did the broken sickle do this? Who knows if you privately talked with the broken sickle and even the Kai star and embezzled the benefits regardless of our life and death?”

Li Qing’s whole body was pulled forward. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and his whole body was dripping with blood.

He is the seed player held by yuemang. When was he so embarrassed? At the moment, he was pushed to the ground by his men. He raised his hand with all his strength and shouted, “question me? I think you’re looking for death! We’re all yuemang people. What am I doing to you?”

The man was already injured. Pushed by Li Qing, he suddenly fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

Someone blurted out: “you haven’t done harm. We can see how yuewenxing died!”

At the moment, Li Qing had no intention to cover up his hypocritical face. His face was ferocious. Looking at these fools, he planned to scold. But when he heard the three words “Yuewen star”, he acted, looked stiff, and slowly opened his eyes.

He understands!

He finally understood!

From the beginning, Yan Wei took advantage of his style in the bell net last night, leaving a hidden danger between him and other members of their yuemang.

Maybe the broken sickle was fooled.

This should have been an easy situation to see, but it is because of this hidden danger that they distrust each other and can’t see through the separation.

At the beginning, they always thought that they were a drag and a waste youth following Yan. In fact, they were the new player Yan who constantly attracted the attention of players in the building and constantly broke the copy record.

From the moment he thought he was taking Yan Wei into this mobile book, his every move and possible decision were completely expected by Yan Wei, and he used them without effort. He thought he was smart. In fact, he made wedding clothes for others from beginning to end and gave all his income to others.

From the beginning to the end, Yan Wei did nothing.

Li Qingcang smiled weakly. He was going to explain Yan Wei’s plan to others. From a long-term perspective, a cool wind suddenly blew through the corridor.

The back of Li Qing’s neck was cool, and the gloomy voice suddenly came into his ears from the back.

“… how can you push your classmates?”

“… how can you push your classmates?”

“… how can you push your classmates?…”

The repeated sound was on his ear. Something stood behind him, covered with a cold feeling.

——Pushing and shoving in the corridor is also a death trigger!!

But he has lost his basic fighting ability and has no way to resist. He doesn’t even have the ability to look around.

The feeling of suffocation immediately drowned Li Qing. Something cold grabbed his throat and pressed his head.

He tried to open his mouth and said vaguely and intermittently: “… No, no… ho… Underestimate Yan -”

“Click -”

His body collapsed weakly to the ground.

Gambling area.

Before the projection of the gambling building of the dead school building, in addition to Xuanniao, the players of other organizations finally did not dare to bet on Lin Qing. After yuemang took the first position, they also left the scene one after another.

Even the lone wolf players who watched the projection at the outermost edge and did not participate in the struggle were driven away at the request of Lin Qing.

Now, only Xuanniao players are still here.

Lin Qing still looked the same, his face could not see joy and anger, but looked at the projection.

“Don’t you go back?” the person next to you asked, “I remember you said that there are still many things to deal with. Just come and clear the field and leave.”

Lin Qing still stared at the projection, smiled and said, “I’ve changed my mind.”

He didn’t say much, and his men didn’t dare to ask more. They had to stand aside and silently accompany Lin Qing to continue watching.

On the projection, Li Qing was killed by the pale ghost behind him in the perspective of players in other months.

In the picture, Li Qing tried his best to say the last sentence before his death: “… Don’t, don’t… ho… Underestimate Yan -”

Lin Qing’s eyes flashed a smile. He muttered to himself: “… People like you don’t even underestimate his qualifications.”


Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang rushed into the archives for the first time, but they didn’t see the dense cabinets from the outside, but everything changed.

At present, it is not a file room full of documents, but a playground that can’t see the boundary!

The light is very dark, like the night with a little moonlight, vaguely showing the shape of the playground. It is as like as two peas in the morning high school playground, but it is not big, the boundary is even fuzzy, it is like a fabricated space.

And this sense of familiarity with the smell of space

Like ghost hand space.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang just stood firm, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Zhou Tian also appeared one after another, followed by three star players, a total of eight people.

After all eight players appeared, a burst of blood came fiercely. On the originally empty playground, a head with blood appeared around. Some of their necks are still connected with blood vessels, their faces are pale and bloody, their eyes are wide and prominent, but they are all white.

Yan Mingguang immediately hid Yan Wei behind him, and the whip in his hand was ready to go.

But these heads did not attack them for the first time, and the heads in one direction even slowly gave way to a road.

In the darkness and blood, the student in school uniform and holding a magic cube came slowly from the road towards them – the student on duty. The student seems to be walking forward with his legs. In fact, his legs don’t fluctuate at all, but move towards them.

As he got closer and closer, the student’s face suddenly became very pale, and his eyes were the same as those of these heads, leaving only frightening white eyes.

A gloomy laugh burst out.

The student – no, this thing smiled and said, “if you want to enter the Archives… You have to play a game with me first.”

“If you win, let you in.”

“If you lose… Die.”


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