Half Immortal Chapter 66

Half Immortal Chapter 66: The School of Death (18)

The sound of this thing, from the ordinary juvenile voice at the beginning to the back, became more and more gloomy and shrill, echoed in this gloomy and space distorted “playground”, pulling people’s nerves bit by bit.

After that, the thing laughed heartlessly.

Everyone at the scene looked at each other, but Yan Wei lowered his head slightly and his eyes were light. At this moment, he was a little distracted.

This is obviously the same split space as ghost hand space. Due to the existence of legendary prop fragments, there are some tears with other parts of the replica, coupled with the instability of the residual energy of the high-level replica, this kind of space exists, and players need to crack it before they can go out.

Then why did he feel familiar with this place several times?

It’s like I’ve been in touch.

He also felt familiar with the fragments of the last moon wheel – but before entering the building, he was just one of the thousands of ordinary people in the world outside the building. Where could he have been exposed to such things beyond common sense as the world inside the building?

Yan Wei thought, his subconscious eyes turned slightly, his eyes moved and looked at Yan Mingguang. Unexpectedly, as soon as he raised his eyes, he hit Yan Mingguang’s line of sight.

This man is also looking at him. It seems that he has been looking at him just now.

Yan Wei just found this, but Yan Mingguang suddenly turned his head and immediately avoided his sight.

At the same time, the prompt sound of the building started and grabbed Yan Wei’s attention.

[congratulations on opening the copy of the death school building and the branch line of Chenxi high school archives. Please comply with the requirements and participate in the game. If the game fails, you will die. If the game succeeds, you will get the right to enter the archives and additional rewards.]

[in case that the branch line affects the inherent mode of the replica due to the legacy of the replica, a prompt is given: this branch line has nothing to do with the main line of the replica. In addition, a prompt in the replica: pay attention behind you.]

As soon as the prompt sound fell, the dim playground immediately became completely dark, and the rolling bloody heads didn’t seem to move.

The “student” smiled darkly and said, “play the game with me… The rules of the game are very simple. Let’s sit in a circle and play… Lose our handkerchiefs.”

Throwing a handkerchief is a multiplayer game suitable for playing on campus. After a group of people sit down in a circle, they choose a person who throws a handkerchief. This person runs outside the circle. He can choose who to stop behind, throw down the handkerchief and run back to his seat. The person who has been thrown a handkerchief behind him should realize that he has been lost as soon as possible, pick up the handkerchief and start chasing the person who threw the handkerchief.

If this person does not catch the handkerchief thrower before he returns to his seat, this person will become a new handkerchief thrower and continue with the steps just taken.

Yan Wei recalled the rules and felt that the power of absolute rules was playing with him. He couldn’t move or speak.

When the light returned to the hazy darkness before, their eight players had passively sat down in a circle, and a pure white handkerchief fell in the middle of them. Yan Wei looked. The three players of Qi Star were basically mixed among the five of them. Lin Zhen and Yan Wei were next to each other. Yan Mingguang was separated from him by a Qi star player and Lin Zhen.

The “student” did not know where he had gone. His voice sounded and floated from somewhere.

“I’ll play with you… We’ll find a way to choose the first person who loses his handkerchief and start the game. If anyone catches me, I’ll win. If no one catches me every other minute, I’ll find someone to punish. If I catch the wrong person, I’ll die.”

In the dark, Yan Mingguang raised his eyelids, and his ink pupil couldn’t see the bottom and feel his emotions.

Yan Wei gave a look, and his eyes immediately swept over the others present.

Other people’s expressions have changed more or less.

The dirty thing clearly said “I’ll play with you”, but although it was dark and couldn’t see anything clearly, the number of people could still be seen clearly. If you add that dirty thing to play games together, there should be nine people sitting in a circle.

There are only eight people.

They came in with eight players.

What’s the meaning of this?

Almost everyone thought of the greatest possibility at this time – at the moment when it was dark, one of them was transferred by a ghost! If so, what about the person who was transferred?

Moreover, the so-called ghost catching not only needs to find the hidden ghost from the eight people as soon as possible, but also has to throw the handkerchief behind the ghost and not be caught. Then, after the ghost becomes the next person to throw the handkerchief and drops the handkerchief, the person who is thrown by the ghost must also catch the ghost in order to win the game.

One of these rings is buckled, and there may be dead every minute.

And there is only one hint to pay attention behind you – this seems to be superfluous nonsense. The most important thing to lose a handkerchief is to pay attention behind you.

Yan Wei’s eyes were light and restrained, trying to put his perception outside, and sure enough, there was no effect. Since what this game wants is suspicion, the rules in the copy naturally can’t make this kind of skills and props that can be connected through perception effective.

In the dim light, they can only see the outline of each other and can’t see everyone’s expression clearly. But the atmosphere condensed at this moment. It was quiet and treacherous. Even the surrounding air was colder.

The cool wind blew, and the low temperature blew Yan Wei’s cheeks and neck. It seemed that someone was blowing on his side, but if you turned your head, there was nothing.

The handkerchief lying on the ground was slightly rolled up by the wind, and a stronger wind suddenly rolled up in all directions. The handkerchief suddenly moved and floated like that. Then, under the action of the wind, it slowly floated to the direction of Yan Wei.

——It’s picking the first person to lose his handkerchief.

Yan Wei didn’t move. He looked at the handkerchief floating closer and closer to him. His hands were subconsciously clenched, but his thoughts were not too tight.

The rules say that if you don’t catch a ghost, you will randomly punish a player every minute, and the wrong person will die. The rules don’t say what happens if the player is caught. The first person to lose his handkerchief is too much unknown and too little information, which is very dangerous.

Fortunately, he is immortal today.

But Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen are not immortal. They account for five people in this game. The pressure of breaking the game has been on Yan Wei.

The handkerchief slowly floated over. The floating place was close to the middle of Yan Wei and Lin Zhen, but it was more inclined to Yan Wei.

He took a deep breath, raised his hand to take the floating handkerchief, but his other hand stretched out faster than him and grabbed the handkerchief neatly.

On his side, Lin Zhen’s expression can’t see clearly. The man quickly got up with a handkerchief and sneered: “it’s exciting to lose the handkerchief first. Let me play.”

Lin Zhen said, directly picked up his handkerchief and trotted around the periphery.

Yan Wei blinked and said nothing for a moment.

The remaining seven people were silent for a few seconds, and the fish flying boat broke the silence: “there are only eight of us.”

Everyone knows what this means.

The chilly wind blew in bursts, the footsteps of Lin Zhen around the circle sounded rhythmically bit by bit, and the players sitting on the ground straightened their backs one after another.

They — including Yan Wei — don’t even know whether this Lin Zhen is true. The meaning of fish flying boat is very obvious, which is also a fact that everyone can react.

Including ghosts and monsters, nine participants in the game, but there were only eight people present.

Anyone can be fake.

A player of Qixing immediately said, “I know I have not been counterfeited. But how do I know other people? You are all together and should know each other better? We Qixing people are right about what only we know, and you are right?”

Yan Wei subconsciously takes a look at Yan Mingguang’s direction – he can’t see each other’s expression clearly, and his perception can’t be used at the moment, but he still feels that Yan Mingguang has no problem.

He looked anxiously at Lin Zhen, who was procrastinating, and said: “If you say you’re not, can we believe it? If ghosts really replace one of us, we can’t believe anyone now. Moreover, if we can find out by our experience alone, the game can be easily ended in less than a minute. If you don’t believe it, you can try. I’m sure that if you switch, everyone present will also have another one All people’s memories. ”

The man was surprised, but he didn’t refute what Yan Wei said.

Seeing that dozens of seconds had passed, Yan Wei quickly continued: “you see, now, all of us have a normal reaction, but it may be false, including me. But we still have to try. Although asking can’t eliminate the suspicion immediately, there must be some flaws in doing more, making more mistakes and talking more.”

A little time has passed.

The sharp blade of death hangs on everyone’s head, but they are not sure whether their companions are true or false.

Another player of Qixing immediately said, “OK, let’s come first.”

He quickly said a question, and the other two star players matched without thinking.

Yan Wei as like as two peas, Zhou Tian, and Lin Zhen, who are walking with a handkerchief, have been able to respond to information similar to that of the star.

Yan Mingguang asked Yan Wei, “first meeting.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

He didn’t expect Yan Mingguang to ask such a simple question that ghosts can easily get information and answer.

He said, “hotel lobby.”

Yan Mingguang nodded slightly on the dark playground.

That means right. Everyone is right.

As Yan Wei said, this kind of inquiry could not find out anything. The atmosphere fell to a low again at this moment. They looked at each other, vigilant and alert.

One minute was coming. Lin Zhen, who was walking, suddenly threw his handkerchief behind a star player and ran quickly to his seat.

As soon as the player’s face changed, he immediately turned back, picked up his handkerchief and ran after Lin Zhen.

These people sitting could not see any problem, and Lin Zhen was the first to throw his handkerchief safely. Up to now, is it likely that it was the ghost who sneaked in?

But at the moment, many of their abilities are completely blocked, and they can only chase and run one by one in the most primitive way. However, for a moment, Lin Zhen sat back before being caught up. The man chased Lin Zhen and threw the handkerchief directly behind Yan Wei under the pressure of life and death!

At the moment when the handkerchief fell behind Yan Wei, Yan Wei finally understood why the star player would suddenly chase Lin Zhen so seriously, and felt that Lin Zhen was most likely a ghost mixed in.

At this moment, a cool feeling swept from the rear, like a cold sight stuck to him. It was a creepy feeling. He suddenly had a cold sweat on his forehead and turned to pick up the handkerchief.

The moment he turned around, the edge of the playground behind him was blurred and dark, but a pale, pupil free ghost face suddenly appeared in front of him!

The face flashed away. Yan Wei picked up his handkerchief and ran away. He subconsciously wanted to catch up with the star player who lost his handkerchief.

As soon as he took a few steps, he slowed down – the ghost not only used the game to make them suspicious of each other, but also teased them. The reason why the player who just started the star wanted to catch up with Lin Zhen in an instant was that he was scared by the ghost’s prank like him.

As soon as he slowed down, the star player quickly returned to his original position.

A faint, shrill voice from all directions suddenly sounded hot, with a smile that is difficult to ignore: “it’s been a minute.”

The next moment, the pupil of the fish flying boat sitting on the ground contracted, suddenly turned over and rolled, and a thing like a skull “whew” passed through the place where his chest was originally located.

But he escaped the “punishment”, but the sharp broken bone did not stop, but with the sound of breaking the air, he suddenly plunged into the chest of the Kai star player who had just sat down opposite the fish flying boat!

The man just sat down and the broken bones passed through his heart. At that moment, he stared wide. Blood splashed from the blood hole, onto Yan Wei’s side face and onto the people’s original white school uniforms.

The man fell to the ground with his eyes wide open and his expression still unconvinced.

The game continues.


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