Half Immortal Chapter 67

Half Immortal Chapter 67: The School of Death (19)

The death of a player is like a catalyst, completely tearing apart the last remaining reservation between the other seven people.

The player who just died suddenly shed unstoppable blood. The slight gurgling and bleeding sound is like a clock with sound, “ticking and ticking” indicates that the next possible random death is approaching.

Yan Wei took a deep breath.

The first one to die is the one who opened the star, but what about the next one?

Every second of delay, every minute of break, his friend may die instantly.

Yan Wei forced down the familiarity that this space had brought to him, and his thoughts surged in his mind.

The two players who are still alive look pale. One of them looks at the fish flying boat and says, “you are the one who is transferred?”

Lin Zhen sneered: “why is he?”

“This’ punishment ‘is so fast that my friend didn’t react quickly. Why did he dodge so fast? I think it’s very possible that the ghost deliberately attacked himself with this punishment and then dodged, resulting in the illusion that it was attacked so it’s not a ghost!”

Zhou Tian frowned: “according to your logic, you may also put forward this view for the first time to show that you can’t be a ghost.”

“Oh, hey, your friend doesn’t have that strength. He’ll die if he dies. Looking at the bleeding, tut Tut, it’s really not beautiful.”

The fish flying boat looked gentle and didn’t lose his temper, and sighed: “I did notice when the broken bone attacked me, but from your partner’s reaction, it may be that he received more attacks than me. You’re right, I may be, but I may also be the focus pushed out by ghosts. Positive and negative logic is not useful at this time, because without absolute loopholes, this positive and negative logic can be broken no matter how.”

Yan Mingguang just watched from beginning to end without speaking.

Yan Wei, who walked around the six still alive, raised his hand, rubbed his finger belly across his cheek and wiped the blood off his cheek. He held his handkerchief tightly in his other hand, walked slowly and looked down at the other six people.

When it was just dark, nothing happened on his side.

He didn’t even hear anything except the sound of ghosts and building tips. When he opened his eyes again, eight people had formed a big circle and were arranged to sit down.

He doesn’t know the two people who are still alive, but whether they are Yan Mingguang, who has been silent and calm, Lin Zhen, who is not serious at the moment of life and death, Zhou Tian, who is rational, or Yu Feizhou, who has a gentle and good temper, his words and deeds are no different from his impression. Although he can’t see the expression, from the beginning of the game to now, the pictures that have taken place have been quickly repeated in Yan Wei’s mind After a flash, Yan Wei still didn’t find any loopholes in anyone’s words and deeds.

But the “student” said that he played with everyone.

Lou’s hint was “pay attention behind you”, and at the moment when he was just thrown his handkerchief, the cool feeling sweeping through his body made him react quickly and turn around. What he saw was a flash of a pale, pupil free ghost face.

Even at that moment, he felt that the person who threw him the handkerchief was a ghost. Subconsciously, he chased out and ran a few steps to react. Then the man died.

Fish flying boat is right. At this time, it is useless to look at common experiences, verify the truth, or speculate on positive and negative logic. If ghosts are mixed among them, the check just now is enough to show that ghosts can imitate all behaviors and memories, and positive and negative logic is possible.

Process and logic are impossible. The most important thing to find the truth is the result. Process can deceive people, can be full of tricks, and only the result is the simplest purpose.

Yan Wei walked behind Yan Mingguang and stopped.

The handkerchief was not put down, and he could not turn back. Yan Mingguang turned his back to him.

Yan Wei whispered, “I believe my feeling, and I also believe that your strength will not be transferred. There is no news, not you. Do you believe your feeling?”

His response was a cold Bass: “not you.”

At this time, Zhou Tian suggested: “we can win if we catch ghosts. That’s better. Everyone gets a handkerchief and puts it behind his chosen companion. If you know you’re not a ghost, you can’t run. Only ghosts can run.”

“No,” another player of Qixing shook his head. “Ghosts may also disguise that players don’t run, and no one knows whether the companion they choose is a ghost. If I stand still, the object of my handkerchief is a ghost, and turn around and catch me, who knows what will happen?”

Lin Zhen sneered: “this method is useless. There is no trust between us. Without trust, it is impossible for everyone to cooperate to find ghosts. I think we should let it go. Anyway, it will be clear who is a ghost when there are fewer people behind us.”

“Don’t you care about your partner’s life? You’re not a ghost. You’re the first to throw your handkerchief -”

“Then I say I am. Why don’t you catch me?”

“You –”

Yan Wei did not participate in these temptations. He stood behind Yan Mingguang, bent down, put down his handkerchief behind Yan Mingguang, and quickly ran back to his seat.

The man turned and slowly picked up his handkerchief.

At the same time, he said, “the moment the handkerchief landed, I saw a ghost face.”

All of a sudden.

Yan Wei just ran fast. Now he sat in his seat and gasped. “Sure enough, this ghost is teasing us, making everyone who lost his handkerchief feel that he saw a ghost at the moment he turned around. You must pay attention when you are thrown into your handkerchief and don’t be led away immediately.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Without hesitation, Yan Mingguang ran up with a handkerchief, threw it behind a star player and quickly ran back to his seat.

The star player also reacted immediately, picked up the handkerchief and ran away.

In this way, several people were rotated quickly, and one minute came again.

Yan Wei instantly felt the danger from the rear!

This time, the person chosen at random… Is him.

He just hesitated for a moment, then didn’t move, and let the killing machine suddenly appear behind him approach quickly – he can’t hide, and his opposite is Zhou Tian.

It seems to be a broken bone too. At the moment of approaching Yan Wei, the broken bone stopped for a moment. It was a passing along death attack, which was completely stopped by Yan Wei’s immortal skill. The broken bone was stopped for a moment, turned a corner, and completely disappeared after passing through Yan Wei’s left arm.

The others couldn’t see Yan Wei behind them. They thought he was seriously injured in the arm.

Yan Mingguang was about to break the rules and got up. Yan Wei quickly shouted, “I’m fine! I’m just injured.”

The pain was delayed for a moment, then swept over and tore his nerves. He clenched his teeth and took a few deep breaths.

The star player holding the handkerchief immediately threw the handkerchief behind him.

The moment the handkerchief fell to the ground, Yan Wei felt the coldness of his back again, as if something cold had touched his neck, and the cool air was blowing in his ears.

He shivered subconsciously, turned around and saw the pale, pupil free face that flashed by.

Yan Wei ignored him, picked up his handkerchief and gave the Kai star player a faint look in his eyes.

Now everyone knows that as long as the person who died is not himself and a few more people die, the probability of being able to catch the right person will be greatly increased. As soon as the person saw that he was injured, he threw his handkerchief to him. In this case, if he threw his handkerchief to the ghost, he could not run faster than the ghost, and there is a great possibility of death.

The handkerchief was soaked with blood from his arm.

On the ground, the first dead Kai star player still stared round and kept an unbelievable look, lying on the ground, covered with blood.

He covered the wound, took the handkerchief, walked slowly behind the star player who threw him the handkerchief, and put down the handkerchief.

But Yan Wei didn’t move.

He just stood behind the man and watched the man turn around and pick up his handkerchief. After being frightened by the faces that everyone will experience, he looked at him more surprised: “why don’t you run?”

“Why don’t you catch it?”

The man choked.

“Try to catch me? I was attacked and didn’t die. It must be a means for ghosts to confuse me. Do you want to try to catch me? The rules don’t say what will happen if I am caught, but it is said that if I catch the wrong person, I will die. You’re afraid I’m not a ghost and don’t dare to catch me?”

The man gritted his teeth and dared not move at all.

Even if he doubted Yan Wei, he might throw Yan Wei down and run, and he would chase him. Now Yan Wei stood in front of him, but he didn’t dare to try.

Yan Wei’s face was slightly white because of his injury and blood loss, but in the dim light, no one could see his weakness at the moment. His voice was filled with disdain: “don’t think I don’t know what you think. The more dead people are, the more likely the living are to win, but if you help the ghosts kill again, I have ways to make you the next attack target.”

With this, Yan Wei walked back to his original seat step by step.

Fortunately, the flower ball, which has nothing to do with perception and body index, can still be used. He took out the flower ball and instantly healed the wound penetrating his arm.

The player who started the star did not dare to contact Yan Wei for the time being. Holding a handkerchief, he threw it behind Lin Zhen and ran away.

Several took turns, and it was another minute. This time, the person attacked was Yan Mingguang. After Yan Mingguang escaped, the broken bone directly pierced the eyebrows of another star player.

Another one died.

At the moment, only the star player who was defeated by Yan Wei is still alive.

Yan Wei swept these people bit by bit.

The cool wind blew across his cheeks and neck, and the cold was poured into his clothes collar. The cold that might die at any time was carried out in everyone’s heart.

The only living star player, isn’t it?

No, after he was defeated just now, the man’s reaction was very real, not like a ghost.

Yan Mingguang, his feeling is OK.

Fish flying boat and Lin Zhen

In fact, the handkerchief floated in front of him at the beginning. Lin Zhen said it was fun and helped him take over the danger. This reaction can not be imitated just by peeping into his memory. He is more inclined to ghosts and ghosts, and can’t play Lin Zhen’s erratic temperament to his bones.

Lin Zhen is unlikely to have a problem.

From the current results, the first person to lose his handkerchief is Lin Zhen. The first person to be attacked is Yu Feizhou. The first player to die is a player of Qixing. The second person to be attacked is himself. He traded the price of injury for his round of no death. The third person to be attacked is Yan Mingguang, and another Qixing player died.

Among them, the fish flying boat is unharmed, and from the first logic, except for the suspicion, but it is also possible to take advantage of this. Ghosts may be fish flying boats.

The character of fish flying boat with warm and good temper is also the best disguise.


Yan Wei looks at the fish flying boat.

The fish flying boat is far away from him. He can’t see the other party’s expression, but he can see the other party sitting cross legged and upright with a straight back. Even in this light, the obscure outline can set off his gentle temperament.

There’s nothing wrong.

Zhou Tian? Among these people, Zhou Tian is the last one he knows. Although he can’t see any flaws, Zhou Tian is the latest one among his teammates. There are many places that haven’t been run in yet. Is it possible——

Yan Wei’s thinking was suddenly interrupted.

The ethereal ghost voice sounded again: “… Another minute has arrived.”

A broken skull came from nowhere and quickly went to Lin Zhen, who was standing outside the circle with a handkerchief.

Yan Wei listens to the direction of the voice. Lin Zhen turns around to deal with it, but Yan Mingguang suddenly gets up!

He pulled Lin Zhen away, appeared on the track of the broken bone attack, and raised his hand without evasion.

At the next moment, Yan Mingguang held the skull bone with the attack power that could instantly kill the player in his hand. He stood tight, his bony hand clenched his fist, and blood flowed from his fingers. The bone did not penetrate, but he firmly held it in his hand.

Everyone was stunned.

They didn’t expect that Yan Mingguang could directly grasp the attack items of the ghost without fear of death. The player who was still alive was even more surprised: “you’re not dying? You caught it… Aren’t you a ghost?”

Lin Zhen said sarcastically, “why do ghosts help me attack? Taking the opposite logic makes everyone think ghosts can’t save people?”

“Maybe you’re a ghost.”

“OK, I’ll catch you and give you a ride.”


Yan Mingguang ignored them at all. He held the broken bone tightly and walked back to his original seat to sit down.

His voice was calm and calm: “three minutes.”

This is for Yan Wei.

Yan Wei knew immediately.

They have exchanged skill information. One half of his skills are immortal without any upgrade space as soon as he enters the building. There are also three consecutive building lifting reward skills obtained by entering the replica this time, and the perception burst.

Yan Mingguang’s skill is to teleport to death and life and short-range groups.

The man is now living to death. Under the attack of the broken bone, he was stimulated to double his strength for three minutes, and then he firmly grasped the broken bone. Every attack is the same broken bone. Now Yan Mingguang holds it in his hand. No one will continue to be attacked or die within three minutes.

Yan Mingguang is buying time for him. He can concentrate on thinking about breaking the game for three minutes, and even gambled on the risk of skill failure after three minutes.

Yan Wei took a deep breath and took back his eyes from Yan Mingguang. He slowly closed his eyes and, in such an environment of suspicion and doubt when a crisis came at any time, he focused on recalling all the pictures after the beginning of the game.

Lin Zhen has played again with a handkerchief. Zhou Tian and Yu Feizhou seem to believe in Yan Wei and wait for Yan Wei’s break, which is no different from before. The remaining player of Qi Star also looked at Yan Wei. He seemed to see Yan Wei’s position among these people and thought he could find out the answer.

No one can see a particularly obvious problem.

In Yan Wei’s mind, scenes after scenes of the game turned over, from the death of the first player to Yan Mingguang stopping the broken bone

Everyone alive has no logical loopholes in words and deeds.

The ghost said that it also participated in the game. Only by catching it can it successfully break the game.

Thoughts surged, countless details collided and intertwined, and one guess jumped out of his mind. He will recall again, three minutes has passed most of the time.

Yan Wei slowly opened his eyes and looked at Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Zhou Tian, the last living star player

Two star players died, one through the eyebrows and the other through the heart——

Yan Wei’s thoughts suddenly.

He looked at the body of the first player to die.

The man’s expression was very surprised. His eyes were round and his pupils were tiny. It was obvious that he was in an unbelievable state at the last moment before he died. This is normal, because the fish flying boat was attacked. After the fish flying boat escaped, the talent died in surprise and surprise.

The second dead player, because Yan Mingguang reacted too much, his surprised expression was not too exaggerated. The man’s eyebrows were pierced, his eyes were lax, and he fell to the ground with blood on his face.

One is the tiny pupil, the other is the lax eyes

Seeing that time was running out, he suddenly shouted, “it’s the first player to die!!”

As soon as the voice fell, the last player who had been staring at Qixing for a long time immediately got up, turned over and grabbed the body passing through the heart on the ground, proudly said: “thank you for your answer!! the reward is mine -”

His voice stopped abruptly.

A blood mark suddenly appeared on his neck, and the blood flowed out. The blood mark became bigger and bigger, and finally became a gap.

The ghostly and gloomy voice came from all directions.

“… wrong catch.”

“Wrong catch.”

“Wrong catch…”

With the sound of “Dong -” the head of the star player fell to the ground.

The broken bones in Yan Mingguang’s hands moved, and the severed blood in the palm flowed and dropped bit by bit.

Yan Wei got up, ran to Zhou Tian with a handkerchief and said quickly, “give it to me.”

Zhou Tian was stunned for a moment, but he still handed the handkerchief to Yan Wei without saying a word.

Yan Wei grabbed the handkerchief and hurried to the body of the first dead Kai star player.

Lin Zhen was surprised: “didn’t you just say you caught the wrong pet? You want to die!”

Yan Wei shook his head, squatted down in front of the body, grabbed the shoulder of the body in one hand and the handkerchief in the other hand, took a big breath, and said word by word, “I’ve caught it.”

There was a moment of dead silence around.

The rustle of the wind swept through. This time, the prompt sound of the building sounded in everyone’s mind.



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