Half Immortal Chapter 68

Half Immortal Chapter 68: The School of Death (20)

Yan Wei breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough.

At first, although the ghost transferred a player, this guess was obvious, but there was no trap in it, and their thinking was not wrong. It is precisely because there are no traps in it that they subconsciously assume that all thinking has no traps, so they completely focus on thinking in the wrong direction – who are ghosts among the living people.

Even in the end, Kai star players want people to die more. As long as they live, they can choose more correct probabilities.

All this is based on the subconscious assumption that ghosts are among living people.

And ghosts know that this is an exclusion method. Even if someone will die at the beginning, there will be fewer and fewer people living later. Those who are lucky or strong can easily succeed because there are not many left.

But what if the ghost “died” from the beginning?

Then it was directly excluded from everyone’s sight from the beginning.

The fish flying boat is right. The first attack can be detected and avoided when it is close to the fish flying boat, because ghosts want the fish flying boat to avoid, so as to hit themselves and “kill” themselves.

In this way, the target of attack is the fish flying boat, but the player played by the ghost is dead, which has turned a layer in the middle. Even if players realize that ghosts may attack themselves to clear the suspicion, the first suspect is the attacked fish flying boat, not the player who died indirectly because the fish flying boat avoided.

But this is not the whole answer. This handkerchief throwing game sets a trap for players.

Lou never talks nonsense. The floor’s prompt for this branch line copy is “pay attention behind you”. And this hint, under the influence of the faces of ghost pranks, everyone thought for the first time that this was the so-called “pay attention behind you”.

But it’s not just the player and the face behind him.

There was a handkerchief left behind.

The reason why the star player caught the body was judged wrong, and Yan Wei was right to hold the body with a handkerchief because of the handkerchief.

The corpse is not a complete ghost – because the head of the corpse is the real player’s head, and only the body part belongs to the ghost.

He almost forgot that the body part in the split space was the head. If you start thinking from the head, you will find that there is a slight difference between the first dead and the second dead – the pupil of the first dead player is still tiny, which is not in line with the eye characteristics after death, but more like something deliberately fixed the person’s expression at the moment of surprise.

When he found this difference, Yan Wei suddenly realized it.

As early as the moment when it was dark, the ghost killed a player of Qixing – it should choose the weakest person, so as not to make any movement as much as possible. If the person chosen to deal with is a person with strong perception or Yan Mingguang with strong body index, I’m afraid there will be movement at the beginning of the game. Therefore, it is inevitable that the player of the star is selected and killed, because that player is the weakest.

Before the start of the game, the ghost killed the player of Qixing, cut off the player’s head and put it on its own neck. At the beginning of the game, the player you see is a ghost with a player’s head. What about its own head? There will be no more unnecessary things in the space. The handkerchief suddenly appears after it is dark – the handkerchief is the head of a ghost!

In this way, combined with the appearance of the first dead body, there is a clear logical chain of what the ghost has done from the beginning of the game to now.

The first player to die saw a ghost in the dark and was killed. The ghost suddenly appeared in the dark and killed him. Therefore, when he died, his face was caught off guard. After being frightened, his pupils shrank and looked very shocked. It deliberately uses the same scare method to let the player die suddenly. Then it put on the player’s head and pretended to be the player. Its own head turns into a handkerchief and flows in the hands of players. So every time the handkerchief fell to the ground, when they turned around, they would see the pale faces like pranks.

After the game began, it controlled the broken bones, deliberately attacked the fish flying boat sitting opposite it, and gave the fish flying boat a chance to react. The broken bones naturally “killed” itself sitting opposite the fish flying boat after the fish flying boat avoided. Because it is equipped with the real player’s head, it maintains the player’s last-minute look before death “after death”, and looks like it can confuse the fake with the real.

In this way, its first “death” completely eliminates the situation that players really catch it by mistake in the process of playing the game. In addition, the expression of the first “dead” was really surprised and didn’t want to die. It looked very real, so that everyone had no doubt at the first time.

Ghosts are actually very smart – but they forget that people’s pupils will be lax after death. Just like the second dead player, the second dead player was killed in shock. His pupils shrank before his death, but after his death, his pupils began to relax.

It is this very small detail that reveals that the first dead player is disguised as a ghost.

But just now the star player caught the body, but it was judged that he failed and died, because catching the ghost required a complete ghost. The player didn’t have a handkerchief turned into a ghost head, and the object of catching was an incomplete ghost. It was judged that he had caught the wrong ghost, so he was directly erased.

In fact, the star player is not stupid. The reason why he rushed up to answer when he heard Yan Wei say the answer was because he saw through the text trap under the initial rules – the ghost just said to catch it, but didn’t say that he must catch him according to the rules of throwing handkerchiefs. Here is a subconscious text trap: throwing handkerchiefs and catching ghosts appear together, Players will subconsciously think that they must catch ghosts with the rule of throwing handkerchiefs, but in fact, the game does not specify it.

So the man thought that if he caught the ghost directly, even if he won, he completely ignored the handkerchief and caught the wrong person to die.

But this text trap does not refer to handkerchiefs, but to the rules of the game. The person who lost the handkerchief behind him can get up and catch people, but Yan Wei was not the last person who lost the handkerchief behind him just now. He can also catch ghosts, because the game does not stipulate that the person who lost the handkerchief can catch ghosts.

This seemingly simple rule is actually wrapped in two layers.

If you only find a text trap that doesn’t need to abide by the rules to catch ghosts, or just find that the first dead player is actually disguised by ghosts, so as to run up and catch the body directly like the star player just now, it seems to break the game, but you are actually caught in the ghost’s trick.

Only by completely guessing the answer, seemingly smart but bypassing a layer of intelligence, and seeing that there is no necessary connection between losing the handkerchief and catching the ghost, and grasping the handkerchief and the body of the first dead player at the same time, can we catch the complete ghost in this handkerchief losing game.

Among them, there are twists and turns. Even if you catch clues, guess that the handkerchief is a ghost, or guess that the first dead player is a ghost, you will fall into a trap.

Fortunately, Yan Wei didn’t miss any details.

He took the handkerchief made of the ghost’s head in one hand and the ghost’s body in the other hand. Only then did he completely crack the game and successfully break the game.

The hazy playground began to sway, and the broken bones in Yan Mingguang’s hands disappeared. A piece of bright and pure white things slowly fell in front of Yan Wei.

——Fragments of the second moon wheel!

Several people’s eyes were attracted by the fragment, but they already had experience. Lin Zhen and others also knew that Yan Wei contributed the most to the branch line of splitting space this time. I won’t say more.

Yan Wei couldn’t hold back the sense of familiarity. He frowned and immediately took the fragment back.

Then, like the last ghost hand space, the body data and integral rewards after passing the branch line were added to their information panel.

[…… congratulations. Players get rewards: body index + 10, perception + 10, points + 30. Additional rewards: a fragment of the legendary prop moon wheel.]

Maybe it was more difficult this time, and they mainly relied on Yan Mingguang’s doubling of his strength in three minutes and Yan Wei’s final break. They got more points than others.

The next moment, Yan Wei and others appeared in the archives.

The door of the archives is closed at the moment. At the door sits the student playing the Rubik’s cube, still sitting by the card reader, lowering his head and playing the Rubik’s cube quietly. But now, people look at the NPC with different expressions – they already know that the NPC student is actually just a ghost disguised as a student.

After several people stood firm, the NPC student bowed his head and said indifferently, “you have won the reward of the game. Now you can refer to any information in the archives.”

Yan Wei raised her eyebrow: “I want two files – all class seating tables and student files within three years.”

Three years is enough.

Because the background information of the copy has said that after the incident, the students who have not graduated, that is to say, the strange incident of Chenxi high school occurred at most three years ago.

NPC students raised their eyelids, but their voice still didn’t have any ups and downs: “the first bookshelf is row a, three rows, and the fourth bookshelf is all.”

Yan Wei knows.

The first bookshelf, row a and row 3, is a seat list with few contents. The fourth bookshelf is the archives of all students in three years, including those who continue to enter the players, so it has a lot of contents and occupies the whole bookshelf.

Lin Zhen glanced at the fourth bookshelf and drew from the corner of his mouth: “so many! To find the students with problems here, I can’t turn to the file to spit blood? Ah, little pet, otherwise we’d better go to the violence to kill monsters and die.”

Yan Wei: ”

Zhou Tianxun quickly calculated the events that five people needed to read, with a dignified expression: “It takes us about 23 hours to keep looking at things related to these school deaths in so many student files. Either we are in great danger of death and spend the night in this file room, or we come over in three days. It is likely that we will have to play the student’s game twice again. The game may be different… This…”

Yan Wei came to the first bookshelf, row a, row 3. With a smile, he pointed to the seat table: “what about reading these?”

Zhou Tian was stunned: “if we are five together, it will take ten minutes at most.”

Yan Wei took out all the folders – not many, only dozens. After all, there were only dozens of classes in three years. He randomly distributed five of these folders to everyone, leaving the most content for himself.

He continued to ask, “what if we find the names of students with two fixed seats in each class in these seat lists, and then use these dozens of names to find them in the student files?”

Zhou Tian suddenly said, “thirty minutes at most!”

Twenty minutes later.

Yan Wei and others sat in a circle on the open space of the archives, with the information of dozens of students specially extracted in front of them.

Yan Wei’s pupils became brighter and brighter.

“Did you find anything wrong?” his voice smiled.

The fish flying boat smiled gently, pointed to two of the student files and said: “Other people’s information is very mediocre or normal, but these two people are very extreme. They entered school three years ago. The enrollment information is class 1 and class 2 of senior high school. The boy sitting in the first column of the fifth row is he Luo, and the girl sitting in the fourth column of the fourth row is Qian Xuanxuan. The girl sitting in the fourth column of the fourth row is the second to last in the entrance examination, and she is also… A loan student.”

Yan Wei chuckled.

Yan Mingguang got up and searched on the fourth bookshelf.

After a while, Yan Mingguang found six student files successively. He was about to come over with the files. Yan Wei suddenly said, “don’t worry, Mr. Yan, how can we only take ours?”

He turned his head and walked to the NPC student. He didn’t seem to remember how the student turned into a ghost to tease the player. He raised his hand and patted the other party on the shoulder and said, “Hey, man.”

The NPC student stopped turning the cube’s hand and looked up at him.

“Can we take things from the archives?”

NPC students looked at him for a few seconds, did not speak, and lowered their heads again.

No denial.

Yan Wei whistled, “Oh, you’re welcome. Everybody, take out the files of all the students in this batch.”

Lin Zhen: “what do you want, little pet?”

Zhou Tian smiled shallowly: “what else can you do? Yan Wei must have a plan in mind.”

Lin Zhen “Yo” said, “it’s really exciting to have a copy with you. You can play every day.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and ignored him.

When he lost his handkerchief, he had soiled his school uniform, and Yan Wei’s cleanliness habit was useless. He copied his pocket with both hands and simply leaned against the wall of the archives. When he looked at Yan Mingguang, he subconsciously showed his proud and confident eyes. The light brown pupils reflected the man’s voice in front of him, and his eyes were as bright as stars.

Yan Mingguang also looked at him with dark pupils.

At such a moment, Yan Wei suddenly felt that Yan Mingguang’s vision did not have any purpose and impurities. He just looked at him, just to look at him.

But this feeling had just emerged. Yan Mingguang took back his sight, went forward, handed the files of the six of them to Yan Wei, and turned back to look for the files of other players.

Yan Wei took out his pen.

The top is his own file. The column of student status information is filled with the words “Chenxi high school”.

——”In recent years, Chenxi high school has been experiencing student deaths, and the death of students is also strange…”

——”The danger buried in Chenxi high school will envelop every student’s head step by step and let them… Step by step, die and die.”

——”Our high school is a key high school. There should be no students with poor grades.”

——”I’ve said it many times. As long as it’s a student of Chenxi high school, he may die at any time. Everyone pay attention to safety. Well, let’s start class.”

Students will face death at any time.

Chenxi high school will not have students with poor grades, but it does not mean that there will be no students with poor grades.

The student status of the borrowed students is not in the borrowed school, but they can take classes in the borrowed school. In some cases, it is not necessary to meet the requirements of the school for admission results. Except that the matters related to the student status will be different, the borrowed students are no different from other students in the school. They still study, attend classes and take exams.

No matter what happened to these two people, their two extreme commonalities – borrowing and countdown are enough to explain the way to avoid the most basic death trigger conditions.

NPC teachers ignore loan students because they are not Chenxi high school students by nature.

Then, in the eyes of ghosts who only keep cycling the same killing techniques, loan students are also ignored.

He looked at his file and without hesitation crossed out the words “Chenxi high school” and filled in the words “loan student” like he luoqian Xuanxuan.

At the moment of writing, Yan Wei felt that after entering the copy, the discomfort of being stared at and the sense of being cool had been weakened a lot.

——Sure enough, it’s right!

Without hesitation, he also made such changes in the archives of Yan Mingguang and others.

After the modification, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen also took out the files of all the living players.

Yan Wei successively took over the player’s student files they found and stacked them together.

“Yan Wei, I suddenly felt light. What did you do on our files?” the fish flying boat asked him, “and what are you looking for the files of all players?”

Yan Wei took the stack of files in his hand and said, “the most basic way to avoid the death trigger is to change the student status information into loan students. I just changed all the student status information in our files. As for these –”

He blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and his amber pupils were clear and bright.

Yan Wei raised the stack of player files with a smile.

“Because only student files can modify student status information, this thing… Is a death free gold medal.”

“- now, we have their death free gold medals.”


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