Half Immortal Chapter 69

Half Immortal Chapter 69: The School of Death (21)

“You’re really holding it back,” Lin Zhen stretched. “But I think we’re bad together this time. Hey, little pet, do you want to use these to get the rest of the information about the split space?”

Yan Mingguang was the first to look at Lin Zhen.

The man didn’t look as long as when he just handed the file to Yan Wei. He just glanced at Lin Zhen. The slightly anti light lens weakened the sharpness of his eyes, but added a trace of indifference with unknown meaning.

Lin Zhen’s subconscious movement was stiff.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang for unknown reasons, but the other party immediately took back his sight, as if the unhappiness just now was an illusion.

Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang just seemed to be… Warning Lin Zhen, because Lin Zhen called him.

Although he often told Lin Zhen not to call him “little pet”, he also knew Lin Zhen’s temperament these days. In the final analysis, he didn’t care what others called him, let alone his recognized friend. But Yan Mingguang seems to care more than he does.

But this man always gives Yan Wei a feeling that all this is just his illusion, so that Yan Wei still doesn’t know if he is wrong.

He put away the stack of files and answered what Lin Zhen had just asked him: “You guessed right this time. In terms of the general quality of players entering the split space this time, these people are normal players who can deal with many dangerous situations. There are seeds in them, but the branch line that really deals with the split space is still a little worse. Therefore, in this mobile book, according to my estimation, the average player entering the split space branch line will inevitably have a large number of casualties. That’s good Like the three players who just started the star. ”

“But now, except for the three people who just started the star,” the fish flying boat interface said, “there is no such large-scale casualty of players in the same team.”

Yan Wei snapped his fingers: “so at present, no one has passed the customs except the two split spaces we met, but I don’t think others have no news. They just don’t know that the split space is caused by the fragments of legendary props.”

Lin Zhen “tut tut” twice: “some people will be willing to exchange their student status for information that separates the space. However, how can we divide it? I also want legendary props.”

Zhou Tian immediately said, “exclude me. I’m not the direction related to body index or perception. My ability is biased. According to Yan Wei, the functions that this legendary prop may have have have have nothing to do with me.”

Yan Wei smiled: “Although the final judgment of the reward is based on who contributes the most, in fact, everyone has different degrees of participation. I say frankly, this legendary prop is very consistent with me. I have to, but I also know that everyone contributes. So if you believe me, we will try our best to get all the fragments in the copy. After we go out, we will compensate and exchange with points or other props, We’ll discuss it later. ”

This is actually equivalent to a bad check.

At present, everything is kept in Yan Wei’s hands. If you do so, whether you will perform as promised after you go out depends entirely on Yan Wei’s character.

But the others present had no objection.

Yan Wei nodded, stopped talking, turned to open the door and left the archives.

At the door of the archives room, the bodies of several players in yuemang, including Li Qing, lie on the ground calmly and disorderly. Li Qing’s head falls on his neck in a backward posture, and it can be seen that the bone has been completely broken. The expressions of these people are quite surprised, and Li Qing is unwilling and shocked.

Yan Mingguang and others also came out one after another.

They just came out. In the corridor, the wise man who had been asked to hide by Yan Wei trotted over: “Yan Wei! Just now, I’ve been hiding in the corner waiting for you to come out. I’m afraid I’ll cause you trouble. I haven’t moved, so I haven’t found anything new.”

Yan Wei nodded slightly and said, “it’s all right. You were forced by Li Qing to enter this copy.”

Lin Zhen squatted down in front of Li Qing’s body and sneered: “Oh, dead, this ghost hasn’t done as hard as I did. How did this fool die?”

Yan Wei directly pulled Lin Zhen’s school uniform collar and roughly pulled the man away. There was no good way: “get out of the way and show Gao Ming the scene.”

Needless to say, Yan Wei just pulled Lin Zhen. Yan Mingguang on the other side directly left his hand and took Lin Zhen away by himself.

“Ouch ouch ouch!”

a moment.

Gao Ming stood up slowly and frowned: “did you have any fights before? There was a lot of blood on the ground, but because there were many blood stains, their behavior traces were easy to see. After they were injured, there was a dispute here, and there were obvious pushing and shoving traces on the blood stains on the ground, but there were not many pushing and shoving traces, only a few. It felt like…”

“Did you die just at the beginning of pushing?”


Yan Wei knows.

He took out the coin with one hand and tossed it in his hand.

He thought about all the clues he had got since he entered the copy, from the continuous cycle of death trigger to the clues of he luoqian Xuanxuan

He said: “loan students are at the bottom of the class, and these death triggers, except for some we can’t see signs for the time being, they are pressed into the pool in the bathroom, rolling stairs, pushing and talking at night in the dormitory… All of these have a vague common point, that is, the release of this kind of event is generally bullied by one party and the other. I have some ideas about this copy…”

Yan Wei finished and looked at Yan Mingguang.

Generally speaking, Yan Mingguang can guess the answer and help him make a brief summary.

But this time, Yan Mingguang didn’t speak. The man’s indifferent eyes seemed to flash a trace of slight confusion – yes, Yan Mingguang never told him his identity and origin before entering the building, but he must not have this experience.

Instead, Zhou Tian suddenly realized: “campus bullying!”

“That’s right. Remember we summarized the patterns that can be found in campus replicas? These replicas are very difficult because of the large number of people, the large or small map and the large range of clues. But from the root, they are simpler than other replicas, because students have so much to do, either interpersonal relationship or learning pressure… Loan students have poor grades, and many of them can be regarded as negative actions on campus All actions are triggered by death. On the whole, they are like bullying. I was wondering why those ghosts died and became murderous ghosts at the beginning of the death cycle. If it is campus bullying, there is a reasonable explanation – revenge. ”

“He Luo, Qian Xuanxuan, they may have been bullied by the campus, and they may have died for some reason. After they died, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan retaliated against those who bullied them, and the students who were retaliated became ghosts after they died. Once someone triggered their behavior track, they would come out and kill the corresponding players. And the two This point of being a loan student also corresponds to my previous guess that there are two ghosts. One wants everyone to die, and the other is even helping us. He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan may be good and bad. ”

“But… I can roughly guess these reasons. We don’t have to worry about these simple death triggers now, but it doesn’t mean that this copy can pass easily. I think our biggest danger is unknown things – those corpses that are eaten casually. We don’t even know what the conditions for that thing to kill, how powerful it is, and what’s behind it Source. I just speculated that there was no place to put this ghost in these logical chains. ”

Yan Wei finished in one breath. Instead of being happy because he found some clues, he was more stressed.

He seems to play with the coins in his hand carelessly, but his amber eyes contain thousands of thoughts.

He muttered to himself, “so we still haven’t come to the last step. I don’t know what the man eating ghost is, and whether it has anything to do with breaking the game. What happened to He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan must have a reason for their good and bad. Finally, the biggest problem is what the way to break the game…”

Lin Zhen said, “Oh,” what are you going to do next? ”

Yan Wei tossed the coin in his hand and drew a perfect parabola in the air.

For a moment, his palm spread out and the coin fell into his hand.

“Positive, I’ll listen to my inner choice. I’m going to go back to the dormitory to take a bath next.”

Gao Ming: “ah?… you deserve it.”

Lin Zhen: ”

Yu Feizhou and Zhou Tian laughed a few times.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand, patted Yan Wei’s dirty shoulder, and said calmly, “go back, let’s check what happened between He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, and meet and discuss at night.”

Anyway, they are not afraid of death trigger now. They can talk at night and have time to discuss.

And Yan Wei is also immortal now. There will be no danger for a person to go back to the dormitory to take a bath.

Yan Wei was not polite either. He nodded and was about to turn around. His eagerness to go back was already very obvious.

Yan Mingguang suddenly grabbed him: “give me the player’s student file.”

“Hmm?” he took out the stack of student files from the black ring and handed them to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang said, “when I meet the right opportunity, I can exchange information with people first.”

Yan Wei thought it was reasonable. He smiled, raised his hand and hit each other’s arm and said, “it’s not easy, dead ice – ah, no, Mr. Yan! You didn’t want to take you to accompany me in a room when we made our first copy. Now you will take the initiative to help me.”

Yan Mingguang collected his eyes and said nothing.

“I’ll go back to the dormitory first and integrate clues in the evening.”

“Crash –”

The shower head suddenly splashed out a water curtain, and the water mist brought by hot water suddenly rose, which put a layer of haziness on the narrow compartment.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and felt the hot water rushing down from his head. The smell of blood and dirt on his body slowly disappeared.

He breathed the hot air and his mind was full of confusion.

He was in a hurry to come back to take a bath, not just because he couldn’t bear to be clean, but because he felt that his state was wrong and wanted to come back alone to adjust.

The first time I entered ghost hand space, I was OK when I got the first moon wheel fragment. At that time, I just had a feeling of deja vu. Some ideas seemed to come out. In the end, I couldn’t think of anything. I pressed it and it passed.

But after entering the split space for the second time and focusing on cracking the handkerchief throwing game, this feeling came out again.

It was a very strange feeling, like his dream that occasionally appeared during this period of time, hazy, familiar and blurred.

Yan Wei closed his eyes. The hot water wet his hair and flowed through his closed eyes. The clattering sound of water not only didn’t play a role of alertness, but stabbed him one by one.

Yan Wei touched his face. In the hazy water vapor, he suddenly remembered the subsequent fragments of his intermittent dream last time.

In that dream, he dreamed that Yan Mingguang was smoking by the window and asked him what the purpose of climbing the top was. The subsequent fragment was so vague that he forgot everything after waking up and didn’t take this messy dream seriously. But at the moment, another fragment after that question suddenly appeared in his mind.

In a dream.

He and Yan Mingguang seem to be in the same copy, but this is not the corridor hotel they have been to, Ankang ancient town, or Chenxi high school. It may be the copy he imagined when he dreamed. The surroundings are much more dangerous than now, and ghosts are more unpredictable.

He and Yan Mingguang are in the bathroom.

The hot water washed down the blood stains on them after the fierce battle, and the heat lingered. He could not see the specific things, but saw Yan Mingguang right in front of him. His silver hair was wet with water and dripping with water, which was not cold.

He seemed to be leaning against the bathroom wall, slightly looking up, behind him was the cold wall, and in front of him was the warm water.

What is Yan Mingguang doing?

In the picture of the dream, the man’s bony hand gently rests on his shoulder and slightly lowers his head

——Yan Mingguang is kissing him.

Yan Wei suddenly opened his eyes.


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