Half Immortal Chapter 7

Half Immortal Chapter 7: The Promenade Hotel (7)

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang sat up almost at the same time.

The scream was loud and not short. It lasted seven or eight seconds intermittently.

Yan Wei heard it really. It came from the next door. Although the sound line has been distorted by the loud scream, it can still be heard that the owner is the long skirt woman in the daytime.

You don’t have to think about it. There’s an accident next door.

“… I wasn’t the one who stared at the first night?”

As soon as he came in, he was hung with a series of buffs and debuffs. Yan Wei basically accepted the fact that he was a hell difficulty in this copy. But instead of waiting for some inexplicable things to happen in the evening, Yan Wei was stunned by the scream next door.

Yan Mingguang got up and walked outside the room.

The man seemed not to notice how terrible things might exist behind the cry. His eyes fluctuated slightly. He was completely fearless of the danger next door and walked quickly to the door.

“Yan Mingguang!” Yan Wei shouted to him.

The man had opened the door and looked back at him. Yan Mingguang, who did not wear glasses, was very sharp. The dim warm yellow corridor lamp outside the door and the bright incandescent light inside the house intertwined, which clearly illuminated the man’s side face.

In this treacherous light, Yan Mingguang still looked pale and spoke steadily: “there are usually many clues at the first scene of the accident.”

Yan Wei quickly picked up Yan Mingguang’s glasses at the head of the bed, threw them at each other, and said, “do you think I’m going to stop you?”

Yan Mingguang raised his hand at will and easily received his glasses, “huh?”

Yan Wei knew very well that Yan Mingguang was right. No matter what happened next door, when there was an accident, there would be many things that could not be seen in the daytime tomorrow. Even if people can’t be saved, there may be some clues.

After all, today’s him… Half of the immortality is a permanent skill.

No matter whether the skill is a blessing or a curse, and no matter why the skill is on him, the skill state is turned on, why not use it?

Since they are not dead, of course… Waves are rising!

“I’ve got people who drink cold water. Maybe a ghost will kill me the next moment. I can be flexible if I know more about the situation. The longer I stay in this ghost place, the easier it is to die. It’s most important to dig out clues early and find the ladder.” Yan Wei stood up and quickly put on his windbreaker, “let’s go.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression moved slightly, and a moment of surprise flashed in his eyes. He said no more and walked directly to the next room with Yan Wei.

The corridor is still very normal.

On the 14th floor corridor, there is no abnormality near rooms 4 and 5. In the evening, Yan Wei threw the two dolls on the trash can and lay quietly on the trash can. The light was dim but quiet.

In room four, the woman’s scream had stopped.

They hurried to room 4. Yan Mingguang pulled the door handle, but didn’t open the door.

Yan Wei frowned, “is the door locked?”

Yan Mingguang nodded. The man took a step back and raised his foot in an instant. Unexpectedly, he kicked off the anti lock of the room.

The thick wooden door slammed back against the wall. Yan Wei stood behind Yan Mingguang and looked in obliquely from the door. For a moment, he could see the scene in the house.

Blood flowed all over the floor, and a large amount of red flowed on the wooden floor of the hotel room. The white mattress was also stained with blood. The long skirt woman in the daytime was in the middle of the pool of blood. She hung her head and sat on the ground beside the bed. The bathrobe was also stained with blood. It seemed that her face was still dripping with blood, which was obviously lifeless.

Not far from the pool of blood, a portrait lay flat on the ground. When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang reminded each player earlier, they saw this picture in room 4, which was hung on the wall at that time. After they told, the middle-aged man and his wife also said they would throw away the picture. Unexpectedly, the picture was still in the room.

At the moment, the middle-aged man was wrapped in a bathrobe and sat in the corner of the room furthest from the long skirt woman. He bowed his head ruthlessly. The whole man was shaking violently and kept saying, “no, don’t come… Let me go… Don’t come…”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang went in together.

When Yan Wei approached, he saw that the beautiful eyes in the daytime had been completely dug out on the dead woman’s face, leaving only two empty blood holes!

The skin around her eyes was very irregular, as if someone had taken out her eyes with their hands. Yan Wei even saw something similar to the brain. Obviously, he dug too deep when digging his eyes and directly dug into her head, killing her. Blood gushed from her head.

They crossed the pool of blood and came to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man shouted more frightened. Yan Wei squatted down in front of him, “Hey, look up. We’re not ghosts.”

The middle-aged man gave a loud voice, and then slowly raised his head. Seeing Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, he hurried up to hold Yan Mingguang’s leg and shouted, “help me!! come on! Throw the picture away!”

Yan Mingguang stepped back with a cold face and didn’t speak. He didn’t even take out the blade he carried this time. He just took the picture frame in his hand and kicked it. In an instant, he kicked the portrait into pieces.

Yan Wei concentrated and asked, “painting? Did the woman in the painting drag her in and dig her eyes?” this was similar to what they met in the studio at the beginning. The people in the painting wanted to dig out the player’s eyes and kill the player.

The middle-aged man shook his head: “No! No! He came out of the painting!! we were afraid of something wrong with the painting. We took it off and buckled it on the ground, but just… Just… My wife and I had just put on our clothes at that time. As soon as I turned my head, I saw that the painting we had buckled on the ground turned over and a man covered with blood – no, he was not a human, he was a ghost! He came out of the painting Come on, dig out my wife’s eyes directly, and then take her eyes and go back to the picture!! ”

“What are you talking about?” Yan Wei was stunned. “Male? Not female? And he came out to move his hand, not drag people in?”

Yan Wei’s pupils contracted in an instant.

This is totally different from the woman in the painting they met who wanted to drag people into the painting and dig their eyes!

The middle-aged man shook his head violently: “it’s not a woman, it’s a man… He’s covered with blood, and his eyes are two blood holes, just like… It’s like someone dug it down!”


Which of the countless paintings in the whole hotel is a man?

Yan Wei: ”

He looked back at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang obviously reacted and took out a piece of paper from his pocket – it was the artist’s self portrait they obtained in the studio.

The self portrait spread out. The self portrait full of footprints looked at the middle-aged man. Yan Wei hurriedly asked, “is it him?”

The middle-aged man subconsciously looked at his self portrait.

Perhaps it was because the ghost who was obviously no longer human had no eyes and was covered with blood. The middle-aged man looked at it for a while, suddenly opened his eyes in horror, tried to shrink back to the corner behind him, and shouted: “don’t come here!!! Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

“Look at his reaction,” Yan Wei slowly stood up and looked at the dead woman again. “It’s this man – no, it’s the ghost. Not only the woman in the painting will bring crisis, but also the painter…” he thought before that the difficulty of this copy could not only lie in the paintings hanging on the wall – it’s too superficial.

“Go back to the room and discuss.” Yan Mingguang slowly put away his self portrait.

Seeing that they seemed to leave, the middle-aged man climbed forward and said, “don’t go! Help me!”

Yan Wei bowed his head, and a trace of irony flashed through his light brown eyes.

“Your wife just died,” he said, patting the middle-aged man on the shoulder. “Aren’t you sad, man?”

The middle-aged man paused with a frightened look.

In the smell of blood in the room, Yan Wei glanced at the terrible shape of the woman’s body again. He gathered his windbreaker coat quite unnaturally. Relying on his impossibility of an accident at the moment, he explored the room and confirmed that there were no missing clues.

He wanted Yan Mingguang to go back to his room first to avoid any dangerous things happening here. On second thought, room 5 was the worst room, and Yan Mingguang got up without hesitation. It was obvious that he had something to rely on. In fact, he didn’t need to worry, so he didn’t say.

Yan Wei carefully confirmed the clue here. Yan Mingguang looked at it for a while and suddenly said, “what are you thinking?”

“I wonder why the artist without eyes came out of the painting. According to the previous clues, the danger of this copy is that the people in the paintings without eyes in the studio will hurt people, maybe they just want to dig their eyes. But now, the second of us is dead, not by the hand of the woman in the painting. Moreover, others built on the painting and pushed the ladder In theory, we should all overturn the second thought. ”

“I asked just now.” Yan Mingguang’s voice was cold but low, but very strong. People always subconsciously want to respond to it.

Yan Wei blinked.

He then reacted. Yan Mingguang asked what he had just said to a middle-aged man.

“How dare you care about this? I thought your head was full of ice.”

Yan Mingguang: ”

“I didn’t think about anything. I just felt that human emotions were not worth mentioning in the face of life and death. I was just thinking, what would I do if it were me,” Yan Wei shrugged. “Now I think I’m wasting time thinking about meaningless problems. People like me… Don’t talk about love or get married.”

He stopped talking about this topic: “there are no other clues. The man should not have lied. At present, it seems that only the painting just now has a problem -”

Yan Wei’s voice stopped suddenly.

A very regular but vain sound of footsteps came from the corridor. They heard it in their ears and were very familiar.

Not much, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the thin figure appeared at the door.

It’s a waiter.

The waiter’s tight and thin face was even more gloomy at night. He was still wearing a neat but wide tuxedo and carrying a garbage bag half a person high and cleaning utensils. The garbage bag was light and obviously didn’t contain anything.

“I heard that there is rubbish here. It’s my fault to help guests clean their rooms. I’m sorry I’m late. I’ll serve you now.”

Completely ignoring the blood on the ground and the woman, he went directly to the woman and picked up the woman’s body with one hand!

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stood aside and watched the waiter throw the body into the big black garbage bag. Then, the waiter put the garbage bag aside and began to slowly clean up the blood at the scene.

“Did you find something wrong, Mr. ice?”

“…” Yan Mingguang nodded, “HMM.”

Yan Wei’s eyebrows moved slightly and his voice was low: “not to mention his strange reaction, his cleaning action is not unfamiliar. Whether a person is a ghost, he must have no way to start when dealing with a corpse for the first time, but he is orderly. He even has a set of sequence, and it is definitely not the first time to clean a corpse. This shows that such a thing is definitely not the first time.”

As soon as he finished, the waiter had cleaned everything up, leaving only an indelible blood stain on the ground.

As if he had finished cleaning the “garbage”, the waiter walked steadily towards the door with a garbage bag in one hand and a cleaning tool in the other.

Yan Wei bumped Yan Mingguang’s arm with his elbow and whispered, “I don’t think so.”


“It’s not the first time for the waiter to clean up the body. There’s still a big problem.” he held his elbow, his chin in one hand and narrowed his eyes, “Whether people are ghosts, living people or dead people, doing things has a purpose, which is the basis of everything. Even if we do boring things to kill time, we also have the purpose of ‘killing time’. Do you remember? We were in the lobby of the hotel because we didn’t listen to the player who died.”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

“The waiter didn’t take care of the corpse.” Yan Wei’s eyes moved and took out a one dollar coin from his windbreaker pocket. “But he appeared in time to clean up the corpse of the player whose eyes were dug. When assigning the room, he also specially said not to come out if he had nothing to do, indicating that something could come out, and there were clues.”

But in a few minutes, Yan Wei immediately sorted out the most important idea.

“It’s a clue to clean up the body!” his eyes lit up. “Since he wants to clean up, there is a place to deal with the body. Why does he only deal with the body with his eyes removed? Where does he want to put the body?”

Yan Wei’s knuckles moved, the coin in his hand was tossed up, and fell back to his palm again in a moment.

Face up.

This is his habit – doing it on the positive and not doing it on the negative.

In the bloody smell of the house, Yan Wei hooked the corner of his mouth and pretended to be afraid: “if I am chased and killed by the waiter later, remember to save me, Mr. teammate.”

Then Yan Wei stepped forward quickly and caught up with the waiter who was carrying the body on the corridor.


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