Half Immortal Chapter 70

Half Immortal Chapter 70: The School of Death (22)

The water flows directly down from his forehead and through Yan Wei’s eyes, bringing some slight physiological acidity.

Yan Wei raised his hand, covered his face with both hands, and quite uneasily wiped away the water on his face. In front of me is still the bath compartment in the dormitory building of Chenxi high school. The narrow place is only enough for one person to stand, which is completely different from the bathroom in the dream where two men are clustered together without squeezing.

The picture in the dream just popped up in his mind for a moment, as if it were just his illusion.

He dreamed of Yan Mingguang. How could he dream of such a picture later? Although he likes men, Yan Mingguang does

Yan Wei only felt that the person taking the hot bath was embarrassed and hot.

He washed it whole, used the information panel to exchange the function of the mall, cleaned his clothes in an instant, and put on his school uniform again. Without blowing his hair, he swaggered back to 407 in the very quiet dormitory building at the moment.

Yan Weiyi sat down on the lower berth where he slept with Yan Mingguang last night. The clues of this copy came together with the inexplicable dream. The cool wind outside the window dissipated the slight heat on Yan Wei’s cheek. He turned his head and looked out of the window. His pupils reflected the light of the sky. His chaotic thoughts gradually cleared up under the gradual return of reason.

——He is not the kind of person who can imagine out of thin air.

Moreover, after entering this copy, he is not the only one who is wrong – Yan Mingguang’s words and deeds are slightly different from those before.

Yan Wei lowered his eyes and took out the walkie talkie props he used to contact Yan Mingguang and others. But he did not ask to connect everyone’s walkie talkie, but connected to a clever walkie talkie alone.


“Yan Wei?” Gao Ming was stunned. “What’s the matter? Did you say anything there? I’ll talk to Yan Mingguang immediately -”

“No, I’ve been resting in the dormitory. I’m a little tired these two days. I’ll wait for you directly in the dormitory. I’m just a little worried about your situation. Yan Mingguang and they may be fighting again. I suddenly made a intercom request that might disturb them, so I came to you. How are you now?”

Gao Ming completely followed Yan Wei’s ideas without much thought and replied: “We are going to use the information of he luoqian Xuanxuan to ask some information from the NPC teacher, and then find some senior NPC students who are still alive to ask about the two loan students. The school is too big and the people are scattered, so we have acted separately now. I followed Zhou Tian and Yu Feizhou, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen.”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows.

When he heard that Yan Mingguang was not with Gao Ming, he was still thinking about how to ask Gao Ming to prevent Yan Mingguang from finding out. Now he didn’t find a reason. He deliberately moistened his tone with a layer of worry and directly asked: “I see. Be careful. By the way, I don’t know whether I entered the building for some time these two days. Just now I forgot when I entered the building. When I entered the building, you dropped from the third floor to the first floor. In terms of the number of floors, we should enter the building at the same time. When did you enter the building?”

He said this in a helpless tone, but his expression was exploratory.

Unfortunately, Gao Ming couldn’t see Yan Wei’s expression. No doubt there was him, he blurted out a date, “… I still remember very clearly, that’s the date, because at that time, I looked at the building getting closer and closer to me every day and was very sensitive to the date.”

Yan Wei blinked.

His light brown eyes slipped for a moment. Without a word, he hooked the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t look like laughing.

Gao Ming: “Yan Wei? Are you listening?”

Yan Wei regained his mind. His voice didn’t fluctuate. His tone was normal: “I know. I’m waiting for you in the dormitory.”

He cut off the intercom with Gao Ming, and his straight back leaned slowly against the head of the bed in the conversation just now. He didn’t get up at all, so he just lay down.

The copy of the corridor hotel. He saw Yan Mingguang on the first floor of the hotel lobby and Gao Ming, the player who came down from the third floor. According to the copy interval required by the copy on the ground floor, Gao Ming will only come in a few months earlier than him at most.

But the wise time to enter the building is

——Nearly three years later than him.

But in his memory, he clearly entered the building and started the first copy Corridor Hotel, where he met Yan Mingguang and Gaoming.

It took him three years to enter the building, but it could only be… The copy of entering the corridor hotel was blank for three years.

At sunset.

When Yan Mingguang and others returned to the dormitory, the warm yellow sunset light from the window, Yan Wei slept on the lower berth by the window, and his side face was buried in the shadow.

The strange and changeable dormitory gave him a feeling of peace and quiet in the years. The fish flying boat opened the door first, and subconsciously lightened his steps. Lin Zhen was not polite. Then he went directly to Yan Wei’s bed and patted hard: “how sweet sleep!”

Yan Wei opened his eyes.

He was half asleep and half awake just now. It was impossible to completely put down his mind to sleep in such a place. As soon as the fish flying boat pushed the door in, he woke up.

Yan Wei got up slowly and saw Yan Mingguang coming in later.

The dim sky light pulled out a very narrow shadow behind Yan Mingguang. Looking along the light, the man took his pocket with one hand and looked at him with deep eyes.

When Yan Mingguang approached, Yan Wei found that Yan Mingguang was almost covered with blood compared with the slight blood stains on the bodies of fish flying boat and others. The man’s white school uniform had been dyed dark red, which was more serious than when they separated in the archives. Even the man’s silver hair had some traces of blood splashing.

Yan Mingguang seemed to be immersed in killing and had just come out.

Yan Wei suddenly sat up from the bed and frowned: “Yan Mingguang, how do you…?”

Yan Mingguang was speechless.

The man didn’t even walk to him as quickly as before. Instead, he took off his school uniform coat and went directly to the bathroom with his clean clothes.

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows.

Yan Mingguang has no obsession with cleanliness. He is the only one with obsession with cleanliness.

“We just acted separately,” said Yu Feizhou. Seeing Yan Mingguang, he went to take a bath without saying a word, so he had to explain the situation instead of Yan Mingguang, “After you left, we went to the teacher’s office and found the teachers of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s class, but Yan Mingguang said he found the fluctuation of the split space and went with Lin Zhen. They broke a split space alone, and Yan Mingguang contributed the most -”

“Ai Ai, it’s like I can’t fight? I cut the ghosts in that space into pieces one by one…”

Yu Feizhou smiled helplessly: “yes, Lin Zhen also helped. And I took Gao Ming and Zhou Tian and asked him about He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan three years ago with my student files.”

Several people sat down around the lower berth.

The setting sun fell completely, and the star curtain came in time for the bright moon. At this moment, the darkness sprinkled on the momentary silence of the campus. But they were not afraid at all – these basic rules were useless to them.

Yan Wei yawned and said, “come on, tell me.”

The fish flying boat continued: “We got some wrong problem sets and assignments handed in by the two students from the teacher. There were some disgusting traces such as wiped saliva and gum, as well as some malicious graffiti on the two students’ homework. The teacher said that in addition to these, they were often teased and beaten by other students, and almost all kinds of means that those students could use. You’re right. It’s campus bullying, but it’s not just campus bullying. The reason why he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are bullied is because they are not good students. These… ”

The fish took out a stack of paper.

It was still dark at the moment. Yan Wei exchanged an ordinary flashlight in the mall and took it out. The dazzling light shone on the document.

“… punishment sheet? Apply glue on the students’ seats, lock the dormitory door, so that students can’t return to the dormitory on time, cut the total power supply of the dormitory at night, and steal the answers to the final exam…”

“He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan did all this.”

Lin Zhen seemed to think that they didn’t talk loudly enough at night. He whistled and said, “in short, it’s not a good bird.”

Yan Weili ignored him. He continued to look at the fish flying boat and asked, “isn’t that more than that?”

“Lin Zhen is right. Chenxi high school is an aristocratic school. People who come here to study are either rich or expensive, or they are specially recruited to improve school scores. The reason why he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, poor loan students, can come in is because they are another student in their class and adopted by Tang Yizhuo’s parents. Tang Yizhuo is the first in their class and Chen The student president of Xi high school had a very good family. He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan were adopted by their family to accompany Tang Yizhuo’s children. However, they were expelled after the school imposed too many sanctions because of their bad deeds. After they were expelled, according to the old teacher, the two men jumped out of the building and committed suicide. That was the time when the school began to die 。”

Yan Wei weighed the punishment list in his hand.

“Squeak –”

When the dormitory door opened, Yan Mingguang walked in slowly in clean and tidy clothes. Without hesitation, he went directly to Yan Wei and sat down, bringing a refreshing smell of shower gel and diluting the smell of ghosts outside the window.

The man’s temperament is like snow and pine, his hair is dripping with water, and he still has some hot air after taking a bath. In this warm and cold temperature, people want to be close, which is also a clean feeling that Yan Wei will never dislike.

As soon as he sat down, he took out a thing and handed it to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei looked at the fragments of the moon wheel emitting a slight white light, blinked, and the Adam’s apple rolled gently.

Yan Mingguang said, “Lin Zhen and I got it in the separated space. We agreed that you should take it first.”

Plus this one, they already have three pieces of moon wheel fragments. According to the division of limbs and head, there should be only two left in this copy.

Yan Wei took it, put it into the black ring and asked him, “why don’t you come back and tell me to go together again? It should be very dangerous according to what you looked like just now.”

Yan Mingguang drooped his eyes and said nothing.

Lin Zhen reversed his handstand and said: “How can we wait for you? We can’t go through the customs with violence when you come. We happen to encounter players discussing the abnormality of spatial fluctuation. We exchange the student status of helping them change their student files according to what you said. They immediately agreed and told us all the information. What if they just told us and we came back to you, they would know that there must be something good going first Isn’t it a great loss? So I went in with Yan Mingguang. It’s great that Yan Mingguang and I killed each other when you weren’t here. I haven’t felt like playing with blood for a long time. At that time, the players of several other organizations who came in with us died. What a tragedy. ”

“No, I said,” Lin Zhen regretted. “What about the seed players on the 18th floor of major organizations? One by one, without beating.”

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Zhen and Yan Mingguang. He lowered his voice and said, “maybe there are some formatted high-level players still hidden in the dark. Don’t you know?”

Although he said it to Lin Zhen, his eyes stayed on Yan Mingguang.

Lin Zhen didn’t hear what he said at all, and didn’t notice Yan Mingguang’s fingers curl up slightly. He just hung his son’s head: “Do you want to format high-level players? There are Chinese cabbage all over the street? Formatting is just a legendary situation. There are few examples. It is said that props and skills can’t be done. Only the building washes out the memory after entering the building. Moreover, the formatted high-level players are not terrible. Memory, experience, props and data are gone, and they start from scratch What’s the difference between the beginning and the end? The only guarantee is not the potential to ascend to the top, cut. ”

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang and said, “Oh, that’s right.”

Refocus attention on the progress of the copy.

He thought for a moment and said: “In other words, we now know about He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan. Today, only we successfully entered the archives and came out alive. Our progress has surpassed a lot of players who are still looking for all kinds of IMPs. We should not be able to expect to exchange useful information with other players. It’s good for us to go ahead, but it’s also a bad thing, because there’s no future Some people take the lead for us, and there is no fool like yuemang to explore the way for us – we need to push ourselves to try and make mistakes. These two people must have something to do with Chenxi high school, and the ladder clue should be here. Remember what I said before? Ghosts may have two sides, one secretly reminding players that the more students who want to die, the better. So our next step is to find the good side and find a way to end all this or deal with the bad side. ”

Zhou Tian sighed: “how can we find it? It seems that the good party can’t communicate with the students casually, and it’s not necessarily completely good, otherwise it will come out and tell us everything at the beginning. There are so many ghosts in this school…”

Zhou Tian’s voice didn’t fall. Outside the window, a ghost with long hair and wearing school uniform suddenly appeared upside down in front of the crowd.

His long hair was shaking and shaking out a thin shadow under the moonlight. He hung upside down, his face was pale, and his pupils looked at them empty, blocking most of the night.

Gao Ming took a step back and sat down on the ground with a “plop”.

Lin Zhen raised his foot and kicked him: “it’s a little promising. We won’t trigger the attack of such ordinary ghosts now.”

He “hummed” a few times, turned and walked to the window, carelessly opened the window, and made a close face with the upside down ghost.

“Good evening, beauty. Your hair looks like fun.” Lin Zhen hooked his mouth and showed a standard grin. He raised his hand and pulled the ghost’s blown hair. The ghost kept shaking, like a wall clock hanging on the bed.

People: ”

Zhou Tian helped her forehead and continued, “there are so many ghosts here. We must determine where these two people hide, who is good and who is bad… There seems to be no clue now.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and smiled: “why not?”

He said, subconsciously turning his head to look at Yan Mingguang beside him, but he just ran into a man looking at him. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were close at hand, vaguely seeing each other’s expression by the light of a flashlight.

At night, the female ghost outside the window swings like a hanging needle in Lin Zhen’s pull. Like a indifferent looking man, she hooks her mouth at Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang smiled.

Yan Wei knew that this man must have the same idea as him at the moment.

Gao Ming wondered, “do we have a clue? No, I remember we haven’t seen anything related to he luoqian Xuanxuan since we got the copy.”

Yan Wei smiled and said, “yes.”


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