Half Immortal Chapter 71

Half Immortal Chapter 71: The School of Death (23)

Lin Zhen was also confused. He paused with his hand holding the ghost’s hair and said, “when did you have a clue? Where? Why didn’t I see it? Why didn’t you say it?”

Yan Wei stretched out, then directly lay down in the lower bunk and replied casually, “because I don’t have it yet, but I’ll have it tonight.”

Gao Ming: “ah?”

“I see,” said the fish flying boat with a faint smile, “we don’t know anything now, but you already know where to get clues.”

Lin Zhen was completely confused: “Oh, no, you say tongue twisters? Can’t you say anything directly?”

The others had already gone to bed one after another, and Yan Mingguang directly climbed onto the upper berth over Yan Wei.

“You’ll know after tonight. Yan Mingguang and I went out to get the clue near 12 o’clock. You should pay attention to safety in the dormitory.” Yan Wei smiled and pulled the quilt.

He specially changed the function of the exchange mall with the invitation letter and washed the quilt in the dormitory. At the moment, the bed still emits a slight smell of soap after cleaning, which makes people sleepy. But Yan Wei thought that Yan Mingguang had just taken a bath. The slight smell of shower gel aroused the fragment of his dream.

Yan Wei knows what kind of person he is.

It seems that he is naturally more rational than others, sees more things, and sees people’s hearts more thoroughly than others. Slowly, he has no sense of dependence on emotion. He will get along with his friends and confide in worthy people, but in fact, he is rational and indifferent from the bottom of his heart. He guards against the last layer of anyone. In fact, there is no problem leaving anyone.

So he always believed that he would not fall in love.

But in his dream, Yan Mingguang slowly lowered his head and kissed him in the bathroom. He didn’t push or hide.

Two men are taking a bath in the bathroom and kissing together. What else can happen later?

If he hadn’t known that he had entered the building three years ago, perhaps Yan Wei would really regard this dream as an inexplicable impulse after spending a long time with Yan Mingguang – after all, Yan Mingguang is really a man who fits his eyes.

But he missed about three years.

Since he came into contact with the split space, this broken dream and sense of familiarity have become more and more serious. Yan Mingguang has inadvertently shown some differences in details since he entered this copy.

And this man doesn’t want him to know.

Just now he asked Lin Zhen about formatting players in front of Yan Mingguang in order to test Yan Mingguang’s reaction. In fact, he didn’t expect to really know anything. He won’t ask Yan Mingguang directly. If he asks someone who doesn’t tell him directly after knowing something, he won’t get the answer and will scare the snake.

Now he was convinced that this man should know more than he did, and that was enough.

Dozens of minutes before midnight, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang got up and walked out of the dormitory.

The campus was quiet and eerie at night. Most of the players who were still alive were afraid to move. The whole dormitory building only heard the footsteps of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

Their goal is the second floor.

Yan Wei walked behind Yan Mingguang, took a pocket in one hand, and said casually with the skill of sensing burst: [you haven’t asked me anything since I said there was a clue at night. Why, you know my plan so well? You know me very well, Mr. Yan.]

In front of him, Yan Mingguang stopped for a while, but his tone could not hear his emotion: [you want to find the cannibal on the second floor.]

The story of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan has been uncovered, but the two borrowed students who must have a lot to do with the current situation of Chenxi high school have not been found. When they come to this step, it seems that the clue has suddenly been interrupted. But it didn’t. From the first day of entering the copy, the cannibalism on the second floor that did not follow the principle of death brought some subtle hints. Other explorers didn’t find it, nor did Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen. Yan Wei noticed the vital information.

Yan Wei said: [do you know how I’m going to find it?]

I don’t know

Yan Wei nodded: [that seems to be a guess, which saves me from telling you from beginning to end. Remember to cooperate with me later.]

Yan Mingguang: […]

They went downstairs. Yan Wei didn’t seem to think the footsteps were obvious enough. He hopped down the steps and hummed some children’s songs that everyone would sing on campus. It doesn’t look like a player looking for ghosts in the cool night, but it looks like a ghost looking for players at night.

In a moment, they reached the second floor.

The cool wind rolled across the corridor and across Yan Wei’s cheeks. The cold touch made people’s skin and bones cool.

There is a hidden space on the second floor, which is between the two dormitories. The two dormitories look no different from the outside, but if you look at them together from the inside, you will find that the width of the inside of the dormitory is narrower than that of the outside. The additional width of the walls of the two adjacent dormitories is exactly the size of a small warehouse that can only accommodate one person.

This space is hidden on the second floor in the daytime, and the cannibal can’t be seen. It will not come out until around midnight, and the hidden compartment will appear.

This is the information they knew in the morning.

At the moment, midnight is approaching, and Yan Wei’s immortal state still has 18 minutes.

The cold wind roared, and the branches and leaves blown to the corridor moved forward slightly driven by the wind. The sound of rubbing was introduced into people’s eardrums bit by bit, which seemed to be mixed with subtle ghost crying.

In a row of dormitories, a narrow wooden door suddenly appeared there. Like other dormitory doors, it is embedded in the wall, but the wooden door seems to be pasted on the wall, looming and unreal. The wooden door is full of blood that has accumulated for many years. It is dark and gives off a strange smell.

The rotten wooden door made a bumping sound. It seemed that something was moving inside, but it would come out in a moment.

At the moment of seeing it, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stopped at the same time and turned to look at each other.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “shall I go?”

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly.

“I just exchanged a prop to attract the hatred of ghosts. Where will ghosts mainly attack?” Yan Wei took out a dark red paper and pasted it in his heart. “Not only does it not harm others, but also does not benefit himself, and the effect is only three seconds. This thing is hung in the mall because it is too chicken ribs. As long as an invitation letter with a copy on the first floor, you can’t use points.”

But for him who is immortal, he is a chicken rib that can be used.

In case of any accident when opening the door, it’s better for him to attract a moment of lethality in front than to consume Yan Mingguang, who was born to death only twice in this copy.

Yan Mingguang glanced at the wooden door that was obviously about to open, looked at the props pasted by Yan Wei in his heart, and finally nodded.

Yan Wei chuckled and lowered his voice just now. At this moment, I don’t know why, his volume suddenly increased a little, as if he were talking to someone “Let’s open the door and see what’s in it. Is it related to Chenxi high school? It would be better if we could kill it! We can’t run quickly. After all, we came down to find clues about Heluo and Qian Xuanxuan.”

Then he turned and walked towards the wooden door. Yan Mingguang walked behind, holding a short blade prop suitable for melee.

“Squeak –”

“Squeak –”

The sound of the wooden door shaking.

Yan Wei took a deep breath, raised his hand, slowly rotated the rusty door handle, and suddenly opened the wooden door!

The next moment, something standing by the door suddenly burst into his sight.

At this moment, the thing stretched out its hand full of sharp nails, opened its mouth and rushed to Yan Wei’s heart.

The immortal state was still there, and the action of the ghost suddenly stopped. It was at this moment of stagnation that Yan Wei saw the appearance of the ghost in front of him.

He was also a male student before his death. He was wearing a school uniform, his face and body were dry and thin, and his whole body was covered with sticky blood. The dirt covered most of his face, but his protruding eyes and sharp and bloody teeth were particularly conspicuous.

Yan Wei saw his slightly swollen belly and some gnawing blood holes in his right arm. Judging from the tooth marks, it seemed that he had bitten by himself. The school uniform was scattered on his body, and there was no school card. There were traces of ink painting on the collar of the school uniform. Hidden in the blood, it could be seen that it was some lovely villains and those who liked to paint on the school uniform Students who draw little things are no different.

It’s not a man eater or a man eater, but a hungry ghost formed after the death of a dawn high school student.

In just a few seconds, Yan Wei glanced at them and saw them clearly. The props pasted on his heart dissipated at this moment. The ghost that had tried hard to attack his heart was about to bite Yan Wei’s shoulder.

Yan Wei ran away and shouted, “sun, hungry ghost, teacher Yan, help!!!”

Yan Mingguang rolled Yan Wei with a long whip in one hand and pulled him to his back. The other side raised the short blade with a backhand.

However, when he turned around, the starving ghost jumped to Yan Mingguang with one jump. His sharp teeth bit the short blade. In the blink of an eye, he bit the short blade prop raw.

This hungry ghost is much more powerful than other ghosts on campus!

Yan Mingguang turned back and threw the whip. The whip mixed with the sound of breaking the air hit the hungry ghost. But the hungry ghost was only slightly shaken back. His stomach, which didn’t know how much meat and bones, shook fiercely, but he didn’t get any harm. Instead, he quickly grabbed the whip thrown by Yan Mingguang and pulled it hard——

Yan Mingguang was pulled to fly, and with the inertia of the whip, he hit one side of the wall.

The clean school uniform just changed was instantly covered with dust. Yan Mingguang seemed to have broken one of his ribs in the huge impact sound. The small and secret sound of bone fragmentation was mixed in it, and Yan Wei, who was still very perceptive, heard it clearly.

Yan Mingguang suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Yan Mingguang!!”

Hungry ghost and Yan Wei Ran to Yan Mingguang who fell to the ground at the same time. Yan Wei even slowed down a step.

At the critical moment, someone suddenly pulled Yan Mingguang and pulled him to the railing opposite the wall.

It’s Luo He.

The ghost jumped into the air and directly hit the wall. Yan Wei’s footsteps were a moment. He only heard Luo He holding Yan Mingguang shouting, “jump down!”

Yan Wei immediately knew that at the moment when the ghosts rushed at them again, the three people all turned over and jumped with the railing and directly jumped into the lawn downstairs of the dormitory.

The ghost chased to the railing, stopped for a moment, turned and walked away, opened his bloody mouth and walked towards the rest of the dormitory, as if to hunt a new target.

Yan Wei gasped and walked to Yan Mingguang and Luo He in three or two steps.

The distance of this layer is nothing for the players who have strengthened their body, but Yan Mingguang was injured before he jumped down. At the moment, he held the seat next to the lawn, his glasses hung slightly, and his face was hidden in the dark. Luo He also rolled several times on the ground, and the zipper of the school uniform was slightly pulled open under a large action, covered with mud and broken grass on the lawn.

Luo he stood up slowly and said with lingering fear, “it’s dangerous. When I heard the news, I saw you against the ghost. Fortunately, you jumped in time.”

Yan Wei glanced at him, stepped forward, picked up Yan Mingguang, took out the flower ball with one treatment left in the dark, and handed it to Yan Mingguang behind him.

He said, “how can you make a sound?”

Luo he smiled gently: “Oh, because I also changed my school status. Don’t I have some information and clues myself? I still know these.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows, nodded and said, “then you know more than us. I didn’t expect to get rid of the hungry ghost by jumping off the dormitory building.”

“I guess, too. I didn’t expect it to be right. Maybe it’s also because it knows that there are many alternative targets in the dormitory building,” Luo He raised his hand, left the weeds on his body, adjusted his school uniform coat, pulled up the zipper again, restored his neat and clear appearance when he just appeared, and then asked, “Didn’t you say it was dangerous in the morning? Why did you come here without preparing anything at night -”

Before he spoke, Yan Mingguang, who had been on Yan Wei’s body, suddenly moved. In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, the man’s bony hand had instantly fastened Luo He’s neck. As soon as he threw it with force, he suddenly pinched each other’s neck and pressed the man next to the bench.

——His injury has completely healed.

Luo he subconsciously raised his hand and grabbed Yan Mingguang’s wrist to pull it away. He looked unbelievable. He was pinched by his throat and said vaguely, “what are you doing…?”

Yan Wei chuckled.

He took out a dagger with the ability to hurt ghosts, shook the blade in the moonlight, and walked quickly to Luo He’s face.

He first patted Yan Mingguang, who pressed Luo He hard, and said, “it’s really hard. Mr. Yan was injured and acted with me just now. What’s the feeling of pretending to be weak?”

Yan Mingguang: ”

Yan Wei’s mouth was hooked, revealing a standard fake smile, and her amber pupils flashed cunning.

“This is not an ordinary dagger, but a knife harmful to the ghost.” he pointed the tip of the knife at Luo He’s eyebrows and said meaningfully, “Oh, yes, you asked me a question just now. Why did we go to find the starving ghost without preparing anything? Didn’t you hear what I said to you so loudly in the corridor just now? I didn’t come down to find the ghost that is not picky about food at all. I’m looking for clues about He Luo and Qian Xuan…”

He said, raised his hand and gently picked the school card with the words “Luo He” hanging on each other’s school uniform.

“If you can’t hold it, I may wonder if I think too much, but you’re too lucky. We’ve just fallen into the disadvantage, and you can’t help it.”

“It’s all for you to see and test you, Ho Luo.”


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