Half Immortal Chapter 72

Half Immortal Chapter 72: The School of Death ((24)

Yan Wei said, raised his hand and directly pulled down the school card with the words “Luo He”.

Luo He, who was held down by Yan Mingguang, looked surprised. Looking at the dagger close to his eyebrow in Yan Wei’s hand, he subconsciously made more effort in panic. Yan Wei raised his hand, gently poked Yan Mingguang’s wrist with his fingertips, and said, “let go. You catch him. His reaction is OK. I said he was afraid to kill him. It seems that he won’t run.”

Yan Mingguang put down his hand.

Sure enough, after Yan Mingguang let go, Luo He — it should be said that he Luo’s first reaction was to step back and try to avoid the dagger that did real harm to the ghosts. After adjusting the collar of the school uniform, he simply sat on the bench on the lawn.

In the early morning of the night, there was still only a cool wind in the high school. The trees blowing the green belt shook and the leaves rubbed.

In the dormitory building, suddenly came a violent scream. The cry was mixed with a slight sound of skin tearing – the hungry ghost found his target and began to eat people like the previous nights.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang raised their eyes to each other at the same time and looked at each other in the dark.

In fact, this is their subconscious habit of several copies. When encountering any situation in the copies, Yan Wei always looks at Yan Mingguang first. In fact, this glance has no clear purpose, but a subconscious action.

But at the moment, he suddenly found that this move that he had not paid extra attention to was actually a signal to seek a sense of security every time a danger broke out. He could not help but first make sure Yan Mingguang was safe and that the man was still on his side.

His expression flashed for such a moment, and Yan Mingguang calmly took back his sight in the scream and stared at Heluo again.

Yan Wei also withdrew his mind.

Two people and a ghost stayed speechless on this dark outdoor lawn, behind them were the screams and rustling wind that pierced the long night.

He Luo, whose identity was revealed, gradually returned to the original appearance of the ghost – his school uniform was still clean and tidy, which should have been changed later, but his head was split, and the solidified blood scattered from there, all over his pale face. His normally normal eyes also changed into a real shape, and the all white eyes with no pupil color were particularly conspicuous in the dark.

However, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang are not surprised at this scene.

He Luo sat on the bench and thought for a moment. When the scream stopped, he said, “how did you guess?” this time, his voice was almost not surprised. On the contrary, he felt that he accepted his life.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

After he Luo asked, he smiled mockingly: “No, actually, I’ve revealed many flaws. It’s easy to guess me. I just turned my name upside down. You’ve found the problem on the second floor in the morning. The warehouse seat on the second floor is the same as that on the first floor. I exposed my understanding of the warehouse seat to your school uniform before. It’s really easy to guess if you think about it together -”

“You’re wrong.” Yan Wei suddenly interrupted He Luo. “It’s not that you showed a lot of flaws for me to guess, but that I let you show a lot of flaws.”

He directly turned around and sat next to He Luo. As if chatting, he casually said, “I didn’t know there was a problem on the second floor. In other words, I didn’t know anything from the beginning. It’s all up to you to tell me.”

He leaned back on the back of the bench, shaking his legs slightly, holding a pocket in one hand and tossing a coin in the other.

The dim moonlight could not clearly illuminate people’s expression. Yan Mingguang stood in the shadow under the tree and looked at Yan Wei from an invisible angle.

Hearing what Yan Wei said, he Luo was stunned. Whether he pretended to be a non-existent Luo he or was exposed and restored to the appearance of a ghost at the moment, he has the words and deeds of a normal player, which is much more vivid than those numb NPCs that only play a little function.

“You are too anxious,” said Yan Wei.

“I invited you to cooperate on the second floor this morning. I was seen?”

Another scream came from the dormitory building. I don’t know which player was attacked by ghosts.

“It’s not that late. I’m too stupid.” Yan Wei chuckled. “It was the first time we saw you – when you brought us our school uniforms.”

In the ghost hand space, in order to break the situation, Yan Wei found the role of the school uniform and threw the school uniform in the ghost hand space with Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and fish flying boat. Chenxi high school stipulated that school uniforms should be worn in class. Although there was no other clear information, everyone knew that no one dared to try to break the rules in such a place.

Yan Wei is not a person who knows that there is a danger and will retain hidden dangers.

But at that time, he said, go back to the dormitory first, wait until you solve other things, and then consider the school uniform when you have class the next day.

At that time, everyone thought there was no problem, but only Yan Wei knew that he had deliberately set the game since then.

Since one party has released friendly ghosts to players, and ghosts are everywhere in dawn high school, the perspective must be much larger than those players who need to explore everywhere. Other players don’t know what they are, but do ghosts who see more don’t know?

Yan Wei is sure that the ghosts of both sides, good or bad, must have some knowledge of their abilities. After the good side knows their strength, won’t it have any ideas? Seeing that these “students” with certain strength don’t have school uniforms, it is likely that something will happen. Won’t the good side want to do something?


Therefore, Yan Wei deliberately delayed looking for school uniforms in order to attract people who want them to live.

So the moment Luo He took Yan Wei and others to find the school uniform, Yan Wei had paid attention to Luo He, who claimed that he was also a freshman.

However, this is just speculation and suspicion out of thin air. Luo He may also make mistakes. He is really just an ordinary “student” who can help.

But the next day, Yan Wei came out of the 407 dormitory and saw the traces left by Yue Wenxing who died at the door of 406 that night, so he had further plans and clues.

Yue Wenxing was killed by a ghost at the gate of 406. At that time, there were signs of dragging his limbs on the ground. For example, after killing Yue Wenxing, the hungry ghost dragged some limbs to the second floor to eat. The next morning, when they arrived on the second floor, they did see some remnant limbs of Yue Wenxing.

Then he asked everyone to look for clues separately, combined with the notes written by everyone, and said he found something wrong. Then “Luohe” appeared, checked with Yan Wei and shared the clues, and reached an agreement that they could cooperate to deal with people eating things. In the evening, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang came to the second floor and directly met the hungry ghost. Yan Mingguang was “defeated”, and “Luohe” when they nearly died Show up and tell them to jump off the dormitory building and escape together.

“From your point of view, there should be no problem with all this, right?” Yan Wei grabbed the returned swallow coin, slightly rubbed the uneven lines on the coin with his fingertips, and his voice was calm and rational. “But in fact, we didn’t find any problems on the second floor at all. You told us all the clues about the hungry ghost.”

“When you took us to the warehouse on the first floor to get the school uniform, I just kept an eye on you. But the next day, when I found Yue Wenxing’s stump on the second floor, I knew there must be someone behind it – or a ghost guiding me. A cannibal thing, even if it killed a person, would drag away the stump, but why would he drag the excess and eat it Eating stumps? The corpse will disappear and return to zero every day. It can’t be dragged downstairs as the reserve food for the next day. It’s normal to have drag marks, but there will be Yue Wenxing’s corpse on the second floor. In fact, it shouldn’t be. The starving ghost did drag his limbs downstairs, but he ate all the parts he dragged downstairs. As for the parts we saw that were not eaten, you dragged them Downstairs. ”

“Why did you drag the body downstairs and put it there? It can’t be for ghosts. It can only be for us’ students’. In other words, the place where yuewenxing’s residual limb is located is the place where you want to guide us to find the problem – that is, the door of the small warehouse closed to hungry ghosts.”

He Luo’s all white eyes stared at Yan Wei. He slowly understood: “you said to find a clue in the morning, in fact, you were trying to deceive me out.”

“Yes. I deliberately asked Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen to look for clues separately, and then wrote them on the note to show me. Instead of saying it directly, I was just pretending that we found some clues. In fact, I knew very well that I couldn’t find anything, and Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen couldn’t find anything. Sure enough, we didn’t find anything. There was no information on the note everyone gave me – – we didn’t find anything.

“But I still said that someone on the note found the information and acted as if it was wired. This scene is to show you and make you feel that we have found a clue.”

“The only thing I know is that there is something wrong with the placement of Yue Wenxing’s body parts. So after collecting the notes that everyone didn’t write anything, I said I found a clue, but I said I wouldn’t check – you’re in a hurry.

“You don’t want to be exposed, you don’t want to be in danger, and you want us to find out and let us solve it, so you deliberately drag Yue Wenxing’s body part to the door of the warehouse on the second floor. But I see that I have found clues, but I don’t want to continue to explore. Your efforts will be useless, so you hurry out. Then, I just pointed to the place where Yue Wenxing’s body is Tell me I found it, and you can’t wait to tell me about the small warehouse on the second floor and the hungry ghost. In fact, I don’t know anything. You told me all the information. ”

At the beginning, he pretended to know everything but didn’t want to take risks and gave up action, which led to these clues. After setting the White Wolf empty handed, what he needed to determine was who the “Luo He” who didn’t know whether he was an enemy or a friend.

Yan Wei first looked through the player’s student file and confirmed that he could not find the file of “Luo He”, and confirmed that it was a ghost mixed in the freshman enrollment team. Then, Yu Feizhou and others found the past of he luoqian Xuanxuan, and confirmed that the two suicidal loan students existed differently from other ordinary ghosts.

Just now, he and Yan Mingguang deliberately showed that they were about to be killed by ghosts, leading to the emergence of “Luohe”, and confirmed that “Luohe” knew many rules that were superior to ordinary ghosts, knew that jumping off the dormitory building could temporarily avoid hungry ghosts, or speak in the dark, and confirmed that “Luohe” was also a ghost different from ordinary ghosts.

The two lines confirmed that at the moment of jumping off the dormitory building, it completely affirmed that “Luohe” must be an important ghost related to the past of campus bullying three years ago.

Luo He – He Luo.

It can be traced back to the moment when he found that ghosts may have two sides, Yan Wei quietly woven a net.

He grasped the ghosts behind him, that is, he Luo’s psychology completely exposed to them now. When he Luo thought he was dominant in guiding the “freshmen” and letting the “freshmen” do what he Luo wanted them to do, Yan Wei really grasped the initiative step by step, let he Luo unconsciously and passively enter his network and provided him with clues and information.

At this moment, he Luo clearly understood it completely. He was stunned and said: “… You are really smart.”

“So now, I think it’s time for you to think about how to explain the information I’m satisfied with – what happened to you in those years? What are you going to do now?”


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