Half Immortal Chapter 73

Half Immortal Chapter 73: The School of Death (25)

After Yan Wei asked, he didn’t say much. He was bored playing with coins and waved to Yan Mingguang to sit down.

The man frowned, walked slowly to Yan Wei and sat down.

A moment later, there was another scream. With the passage of time, although players find more death trigger traces, ghosts appear more. Like other copies, the more they go to the back, the faster the dead will be. Yan Wei had expected this for a long time. He counted about how many players remained at this time, and he Luo suddenly opened his mouth.

“You already know about Qian Xuanxuan and me?”

Yan Wei nodded.

In the darkness, he Luo’s all white eyes turned slightly, which made his pale face more terrible.

He said, “come with me.”

He Luo got up, straightened his school uniform again, straightened his school uniform and walked slowly forward. This time he didn’t cover up. He said he was walking. In fact, his feet were floating and moving quietly.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other, kept vigilant, got up one after another and followed Heluo.

Yan Wei is not immortal at the moment. Yan Mingguang walks in front of and behind, and Yan Wei follows at the end.

Not long ago, he Luo took them around the dormitory building and came to the grove behind the dormitory building.

It is said to be a small forest, but the trees here are dense and tall. In addition, they have not been cleaned for many years, and the leaves are all over the ground, mixed with weeds and rotten soil. The branches and leaves blocked the only moonlight. I couldn’t see my fingers in front of me. It seemed that walking forward was stepping into an invisible black.

Yan Wei knows here.

These days, a large number of players are looking around the school. Even this small forest behind the dormitory building is naturally noticed. But in the daytime, there was nothing in the woods. When the people of yuemang were still alive, they also brought Yan Wei here to look for a circle, and there was nothing.

At the moment, standing in front of the small forest late at night, Yan Wei felt the eerie feeling brought by the forest.

It seems that something cool lingers here. The gloomy wind hangs over Yan Wei’s neck. It seems that countless pairs of cold hands have brushed it, and countless pairs of eyes look from the dark place. It makes people tremble for a moment.

They stopped in front of the forest. Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly frozen, staring at the uncomfortable cold feeling, and his perception was slightly scattered.

For a moment, countless familiar feelings came from the dark grove.

——It’s back to fantasy.

In the woods late at night, there are countless backtracking fantasies. However, the retrospective dreamland here is not in the killing intention of Ankang ancient town. It seems that it is just a condensation of ordinary grievances. It will not deliberately attract people, nor will it die without cracking.

He Luo’s cool voice came: “after Qian Xuanxuan and I died, some strange changes took place in Chenxi high school, and the students began to die one after another. After we died, we all became ghosts, and changes were found in several places in the school.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang know this – this is the dramatic change brought by legendary props to this low-level replica. The energy source of ghost hand space, archives, and even the whole campus may be affected by the moon wheel.

“Here, the grievances of all our dead classmates are gathered. Mine is also in it. But I’m just an ordinary ghost wandering here. I can’t get in this forest. I can only catch my own grievances. If you want to know, I can send you in.”

Yan Wei blinked.

[Mr. Yan, I didn’t expect that this is the highlight at night. The backtracking of all the dead students… What would happen if we hit one head?]


[with me, it’s not lost, it’s breaking through.]


He Luo asked them, “would you like to go directly into my complaint and see what happened?”

“All right,” he said.

Yan Mingguang was silent and obviously listened to Yan Wei’s decisions.

He Luo has raised his hand. The darkness in the depths of the forest seems to float slowly towards Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang with He Luo’s action. Yan Wei suddenly said: “But I have to tell you one thing in advance. I’m willing to see your resentment. It doesn’t mean I’m not vigilant towards you or I’m at ease with you. It’s just because I’m not afraid of your tricks. Even if we come out and you’re gone, I have ways to find you out again.”

As the words fell, everything in front of him began to shake. The dark night dispersed, and the sun turned into Yan Wei’s eyes from all directions.

He was a little stunned and found that he was in a hazy day, surrounded by several upper and lower beds, and a desk with books and snacks. The wall clock stood at 6:45 and a calendar was hung on one side.

This is he Luo’s retrospective fantasy. According to the time, it should be the morning when he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan just entered school a few days ago.

As like as two peas, he first sent out the sense of power to find Yan Mingguang’s existence, and his sense of power dropped to no echo. It seems that this retrospective is only a personal perspective. He and Yan Mingguang should have entered the same retrospective.

When Yan Wei confirmed all this, the seconds on the wall clock began to move slowly. It seemed that something was playing with Yan Wei’s body at the moment – where is his current identity? He was just a spectator living in this body, watching what he did.

Back to the fantasy began.

There was a rustling sound in the dormitory. Yan Wei sat up, and the boys in the other beds got up again and again. One by one, with their faces on their shoulders, put on their school uniforms and began to wash.

Anyway, all this had happened. His mind lived in this body and followed. He didn’t bother to pay more attention. He simply threw himself completely into the spectator’s seat.

He Luo went to one of the small desks. There were a lot of textbooks and homework books on the desk, and the school uniforms and trousers were casually draped on the back of the seat. He Luo picked up a suit and walked to the washstand. The washstand in the dormitory had no mirror, and it was so simple that there were only some small shelves for toiletries.

He picked up his toothbrush in his left hand, and his mouth was full of bubbles. The boy in the bedroom came up to his shoulder and said, “Hey, how are we going to have breakfast in the dining hall on building three? I’ve been greedy for several days.”

He Luo smiled, nodded, rinsed, and said, “OK, I won’t pick it anyway. Ah, I’m so sleepy. Fortunately, I didn’t have any homework at the beginning of school.”

Several boys quickly finished washing and half ran to the canteen.

When he was in the canteen, he also met Qian Xuanxuan, who was also standing in line with his roommate for dinner. The girl has long black hair and facial features. Although she is not particularly beautiful, she is also beautiful and clean for girls of this age. When he saw Qian Xuanxuan, he Luo smiled even more.

At the beginning of school, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan seemed to get along well with their classmates.

Most of the scenes of tracing back to the dreamland record the scene before the death, because that scene is the most impressive, and most of the earlier pictures of this occurrence will only flash quickly.

Soon, the picture in front of Yan Wei began to change rapidly. He quickly watched he Luo’s short high school career.

He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan were adopted by Tang Yizhuo’s family when they were in primary school. Although they clearly know that their treatment is certainly not as good as Tang Yizhuo, they have a good temperament under the influence of Tang Yizhuo’s charitable mother. The three of them attended Chenxi high school at the same time. The friendship between young people came quickly. There was no stress among high school students. A group of people finished a group in a short time.

He Luo always knew that Tang Yizhuo was not as elegant as everyone seemed.

And on the contrary, Tang Yizhuo is actually a very hypocritical person. On the surface, he has a good relationship with all his classmates. He is the first student president. It seems that he is excellent in both character and ability. But once there were only three of them in private, Tang Yizhuo would completely expose his original appearance. Where were all kinds of orders? Qian Xuanxuan helped him do things. Finally, in front of others, he counted the credit for these things on his own. He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan have bad grades because they spend a lot of time secretly helping Tang Yizhuo do things or deal with the aftermath every day.

In addition, Tang Yizhuo despises anyone. He always insults the class in front of Heluo and Qian Xuanxuan.

Good family education cultivates a person who is broken in his bones.

He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are grateful from the bottom of their hearts. They have never complained with others and dare not say. They always think that when they grow up, they will be better than now.

Unexpectedly, Tang Yizhuo’s sinister character has intensified since he started studying in Chenxi high school. He began to tease the other students in the class, secretly played some pranks, and then hid in the dark to enjoy the people’s embarrassed and angry reaction. When the incident happened, Tang Yizhuo put all these things on Heluo and Qian Xuanxuan.

Gradually, Tang Yizhuo has always been the student president of excellent gentlemen in the eyes of teachers and all students, but he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are more and more hated by everyone.

Hate gradually degenerated under the time and more excessive things Tang Yizhuo did, and finally turned into bullying and exclusion.

They dare to be angry but dare not speak. Sometimes they even go back to the dormitory and even the quilt is filled with garbage.

Once, when he Luo faced the criticism of his teacher and Tang Yizhuo’s mother at the same time, he finally couldn’t resist saying that Tang Yizhuo did all this. The response was just indifference – everyone thought he was slandering Tang Yizhuo. Only children like him who had bad grades since childhood and lived in the welfare home for a long time could do this.

Looking back, the pictures flashed quickly one after another. The farther back, the sky in the picture began to become gloomy and gray under the guidance of emotion.

Then, the shadows around them began to become blurred, and everything could not be seen clearly. The only thing that could be seen was that Qian Xuanxuan began to retaliate against those who bullied them.

In several pictures of revenge, he Luo was watching. He seemed to hesitate, took a few steps forward from time to time, and finally returned to the corner to look at it.

Qian Xuanxuan carried a cage containing snakes and secretly put it down at the corner of the stairs. Her beautiful face was now full of haze, and her drooping black hair seemed to grow from hell.

As soon as she squatted down and planned to slightly open the door of the cage, she immediately threw it away. He Luo suddenly came forward and grabbed her: “forget it, what’s the difference between us and them? And this is no longer a simple Prank!”

Qian Xuanxuan shook off his hand and said grimly: “Then do I deserve it? When I go back to the dormitory every day, there is garbage from nowhere on my seat and bed. The hard written homework books are handed in cleanly, but when they are handed out, they are all messy graffiti. The teacher scolds me for not being serious. Even in class, I have to worry about whether someone will suddenly spit out and disgusting garbage on my seat Chewing gum! We told the teacher that in the end, they pretended to apologize in front of the teacher. Nothing else has changed. I have nightmares every day, dreaming that I was maliciously lifted off my skirt and pushed down the stairs, but what about them? No rules will make them pay the same price!! ”

Gradually, the false stigma became true at the beginning, and the wronged things at the beginning gradually became what they really did.

Later, the moment they were informed of their dismissal, they completely collapsed.

The last scene of this retrospective fantasy is on the top floor of the dormitory. The body where Yan Wei is aware has a dispute with Qian Xuanxuan. Qian Xuanxuan looks at him angrily and says that Yan Wei can’t hear clearly – contrary to the general retrospective fantasy, the memory becomes more and more blurred later, and I don’t know if it’s because the person who belongs to the retrospective fantasy doesn’t want to remember.

At the moment when Qian Xuanxuan, who fell from the top floor, pulled her off the roof, Yan Wei suddenly closed her eyes.

Blinking again, there was a dark grove behind the dormitory. On the other side, he Luo, who was covered with blood and white pupils, was still standing in the original place. Yan Mingguang was turning his head to look at him. It was obvious that he had just come out of his back fantasy.

“You see?” He Luo’s voice was wrapped in a layer of mistiness and gloom, “Qian Xuanxuan killed these murderous ghosts at first. She wanted to revenge all the people who bullied her. She not only tit for tat, but also killed the students one by one in the way she was bullied at the beginning. She even cheated Tang Yizhuo into the warehouse on the second floor, locked people in it and starved Tang Yizhuo to death.”

“Is that hungry ghost Tang Yizhuo?”

“Yes. And I always knew that she was killing people, but I didn’t want to expose her, so I looked at her again and again. Finally… I still felt that she was wrong. I told her she couldn’t go on like this, but she didn’t listen to me, but she also felt that I was the same as others and took me down the dormitory building.”

Yan Wei glanced at He Luo’s terrible head.

It turned out that these blood stains and broken skulls were the reasons for the fall.

He blinked, his light brown eyes were like amber with dark light in the dark, and his eyes were full of bright emotion. But his eyes were unclear, and his voice was a little worried: “the murderer is Qian Xuanxuan? You deliberately guide these, just to let us find out Tang Yizhuo, you still have Qian Xuanxuan’s business, so as to deal with Qian Xuanxuan?”

“… yes. As you can see, now, we are trapped here day after day, repeating those tortured deaths. I don’t want to do this again. I want all this to end, but I can’t kill her. She is more powerful than other ghosts, and I can’t hide. I can’t even find her. We all have grievances. She will disappear only when the resentment disappears. This small tree forest hides The last straw that crushed her at that time was the punishment list for dismissal, which she threw into the grove in anger. Only when the punishment list disappeared and her resentment disappeared could it all end. ”

Yan Wei walked slowly to Yan Mingguang’s side, took his pocket in one hand and leaned loosely against Yan Mingguang.

The man’s body seemed stiff for a moment.

As if he hadn’t found it, he continued, “Oh? Then why don’t you go?”

“I can’t get in. This is the resentment of all the dead people. I’m one of them. I’ll be completely absorbed by these grievances as soon as I go in. So… I want to guide you to do this. Other freshmen don’t find much, so I focus on you.”

Yan Wei looked at He Luo.

For a moment, he raised his eyebrows and said word by word, “finished?”

“Eh?… HMM. what else do you want to know? I told you all I can think of.”

Yan Wei chuckled, “it’s my turn.”

“– you, are, lie, lie.”


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