Half Immortal Chapter 74

Half Immortal Chapter 74: The School of Death (26)

He Luo’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

He was a terrible face. With his broken expression, he looked particularly scary in the dark night.

Yan Wei looked at her closely, and her eyes didn’t fluctuate. He just picked his eyebrows lightly and said calmly, “why, is it difficult to uncover?”

The dark clouds in the sky cover the only moonlight, and the boundless darkness is sprinkled on the four sides of heaven and earth. The rustle of leaves came from the grove, accompanied by the faint sound of the cool wind, as if inviting people into the bottomless depths.

Yan Wei stood in front of the small tree forest with his pocket in one hand, his Adam’s apple rolling gently, waiting quietly for the answer.

In a moment of silence, he Luo took a step back quietly.

He was not a human being. He didn’t make any sound during his actions. He was quietly in the darkness of this moment.

But as soon as he turned around, he was about to run away. The rustling sound of the whip breaking the air suddenly sounded. Where did the whip roll up and down? In a moment, he threw him around. His weightless body flew forward and was thrown to the ground by Yan Mingguang.

Just now there was a dark paint room. Not only did he Luo move quietly, but also Yan Mingguang who quickly circled behind him.

Yan Wei chuckled, “I knew you were going to run.”

He Luo slowly stood up, patted the weeds and dust on his body, and straightened the school uniform. He said, “I’ll show you my grievances in my life -”

“Ah!” Yan Wei raised his hand to stop his voice, moved his fingertips, pointed to the pale hand slowly stretched out from the ground behind him, and said, “Are you sure you want to fight with us? If you break your face, it’s just to deal with you and Qian Xuanxuan together. We had planned to fight with all the ghosts here. But for you… You should be able to see that the quality of these freshmen is higher than before? Otherwise you won’t come out and guide us by yourself. Join us Tear your face, you may not be able to wait until we have a group of people with such high quality. ”

Yan Wei’s voice just fell, and he fell behind. The moving ghost paused unexpectedly, and then dissipated into nothingness.

Yan Wei hooked his mouth. In fact, he lied to him, not to mention that they were not sure to deal with all the ghosts in Chenxi high school, that is, the quality and ability of players… You don’t have to think about it. The next batch will only be more powerful than their batch – they have opened the gambling building, and this copy is the well-known legendary prop, as long as he is not in the next batch Before breaking the game, the next time you come in, you must be the master selected after the game in the world inside the building.

The long delay is actually detrimental to them.

But I don’t know.

He Luo struggled for a moment and finally said: “… I don’t know if I was right when I first exposed to you. I… I really lied. Not only Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment list was thrown into the grove, but mine too. I’m afraid what you find me will be destroyed together…”

Hearing the other party’s answer, Yan Wei sneered: “the ghost is really untrustworthy. You lied more than that? Well, since you don’t say it, let me help you. You said Qian Xuanxuan started to kill people from ordinary revenge. In the end, you couldn’t persuade him. Instead, Qian Xuanxuan dragged him off the top floor of the dormitory and fell to death – you’re really innocent.”

“Then I ask you, since Qian Xuanxuan is as cruel and cruel as you showed us, why can she let you watch all the time? She is so relieved of you? It is because you are in sympathy with each other? Why does a girl who no longer believes in human nature believe in human nature when doing evil things? Do you think she is stupid or I am. You -”

Yan Wei’s voice gave a pause, and a cold feeling rose from his back.

At the same time, Yan Mingguang’s cold voice suddenly pierced the night.

“Be careful!”

The man who was still standing behind he Luo jumped forward, swept out the whip, and suddenly pulled Yan Wei aside. At the moment Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei in front of him, a strange dark shadow appeared where he was standing – if Yan Wei was still standing, he would be pierced by the ghost’s bare hands.

In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, he Luo took advantage of Yan Mingguang’s distracted moment, suddenly stepped back and suddenly disappeared in front of them under the cover of several dark shadows.

He luoran away.

——The ordinary ghost who attacked Yan Wei just wanted to attract their attention. Why did he escape and create opportunities.

Yan Mingguang held Yan Wei steady, frowned and raised his feet to chase after the place where the breath disappeared.

Yan Wei took each other’s hand and said calmly, “let him run. He was lying and not those ordinary ghosts. It’s normal for him to control other ghosts. If there is a conflict, I’m afraid there will be more ghosts he can control. We can’t keep watching and will run sooner or later.”

Yan Mingguang took back half his steps.

Yan Wei: “let’s go back first.”

The night hung low.

After Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang left, the grove behind the dormitory returned to dead silence, the cool wind slipped, and the rustling sound of leaves was wrapped by the wind.


In the wind, several players approached back and forth.

The leader is called Wuhua, with dark curly hair and school uniform. Such gentle dress did not weaken the man’s hostility at all. He is the seed player led by broken sickle this time, and the remaining two players are the few members of broken sickle who are still alive.

They walked directly and quickly to the place where Yan Wei and he Luo had confronted each other just now, without paying any attention to whether they would make a sound or not.

When all three stopped, a broken sickle player squatted under the outermost tree, looked at it for a moment and said: “It seems that someone fell here, and the grass was crushed. Judging from the footsteps, there were two people standing here, and there was a kind of footprints looming… Why did they look like ghosts? Two people and a ghost… Wuhua, do we want to follow the direction where the sound disappeared just now? They seem to have returned to the dormitory.”

“No,” Wuhua shook his head without thinking about it. “We can act at night because the props we brought in can be immune to a death trigger. Now we use the rule that we can’t make a sound, and the props have failed. If it’s two people and a ghost, follow up. If we encounter other death triggers, we may not be able to take the move.”

Another humanitarian: “what Wuhua said is reasonable. Let’s get down to business first.”

The three of them raised their eyes at the same time and looked at the grove in front of them.

Wu Hua frowns: “Hurry up. In addition to the copy, people in the organization spent rare props to send in a message – Lin Qing emptied everyone in the gambling area, and only he could get the invitation when it was distributed. The next time the mobile book is opened, only the black bird will come in. Look at the speed of the dead man, it will open soon. We need to find out even a little useful information as soon as possible.”

“The forest is behind the dormitory building. Looking up from here, you can see the whole picture of the dormitory building. We put some video equipment that can record ghosts on the outermost trees. Tomorrow, we can analyze what happened in all the dormitories at the same time, so that we can always know the action track of the cannibal and speculate on some things.”

The other two nodded.

Wuhua also took out the exchanged special props and was ready to turn over to the tree. A cold wind suddenly blew behind him.

He made a sudden move, turned around and took out his weapons. The other two players around him immediately made a defensive posture.

The students in school uniforms, with their heads broken and their faces covered with blood came out.

He didn’t have any footsteps, but his body seemed to be cold around him. His face covered with blood was extremely pale, and his eyes were only white, which was particularly frightening in the dark.

Wuhua and other three people were about to start, and the misty boy’s voice sounded: “do you also want to solve everything in this school? I can tell you something.”

“My name is he Luo. I was a student who died in Chenxi high school three years ago. Everything here was caused by my classmate Qian Xuanxuan. Only by solving her can we end all this and free me.”

“This grove is the resentment of all our dead students. Mine is also in it. I can show you.”

When Yan Wei returned to the dormitory, the others were still awake waiting for them to come back.

Lin Zhen was lying on the bed with a pen in his hand, painting something. Seeing Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang coming back, he didn’t lift his head, “Yo” and said carelessly: “Finally, I’m back. The little sister hanging upside down from the window just now has gone, and here comes the little pet sitting next to the desk last night. I tell you, I painted it again this time, and my painting skills are much better than before. I think you don’t like it this time…”

Yan Wei walked straight past Lin Zhen.

He went back to the bed and sat down. He called the fish flying boat and others to sit around. He made a long story short and described everything just now and his previous layout.

Gao Ming sighed: “no wonder you asked us to write at that time. I didn’t find anything. Everyone’s expression seemed very confused. As a result, you said you found it… It was a lie.”

He scratched his head and said in confusion, “but you have led to this good ghost. Why do you say that the backtracking he showed you is false?”

The fish flying boat also frowned: “backtracking fantasy is the past of the dead, which is generated under a lot of resentment. Players call it backtracking, and ghosts call this kind of thing ‘resentment’. Its biggest feature is that the past can’t be changed, because it is generated by the resentment at the time of death and can’t be fabricated out of thin air. Since you see it, the part you should see can’t be false.”

Yan Wei nodded: “Yes, the part you see can’t be false, but it doesn’t mean that the part you see is the whole truth. You can’t modify the dreamland, but what if he gives me only fragments? Yes, yes, I put in the perspective of Heluo, watched Qian Xuanxuan’s revenge from the beginning to the later killing, and saw that Qian Xuanxuan dragged Heluo down the roof, but what did Qian Xuanxuan argue with Heluo I don’t know. I don’t know what role he Luo played when Qian Xuanxuan killed others. ”

Will a girl who has evil thoughts in her heart let a boy who doesn’t participate in it watch?

Moreover, he Luo kept saying that he was trying to deal with Qian Xuanxuan, but he didn’t have the ability. Then why can he Luo still appear in front of them so far? He is not afraid of Qian Xuanxuan to deal with him?

“The most important point – if what he said is true, why did he Luo bother to dress up as Luo He to guide us, want us to deal with the starving ghost Tang Yizhuo on the second floor, and want us to go into the grove to get Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment list, so as to pay Xuanxuan? This copy does not restrict whether ghosts appear or not. He Luo’s identity is exposed It means that he has not been suppressed by other ghosts in Chenxi high school. Since there is no restriction at all and he is dedicated to us, why doesn’t he appear directly and tell the players directly with strong evidence – that is, the freshmen in their eyes, tell us all this and let us help him solve it. ”

Yan Mingguang, who was smoking by the window, said calmly, “he doesn’t have any.”

“No, he didn’t. He chose to beat around the bush. If he really just wanted to end what Qian Xuanxuan brought, and the way to end was to find a punishment list, it was not necessary to guide us to deal with the hungry ghost, because the hungry ghost had nothing to do with the way to end. From beginning to end, he Luo seemed to have a consistent logic and sufficient position, but what he said was different from what he really said It is contradictory to think of the purpose to achieve. Everything you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears may be false, but only the result is true to reveal the wishes of the executor. ”

“He wants us to deal with Tang Yizhuo and Qian Xuanxuan. He has been helping Tang Yizhuo to take the blame. Tang Yizhuo was locked in the warehouse by Qian Xuanxuan and starved to death. If he doesn’t resent Tang Yizhuo, why should he deal with a hungry ghost who doesn’t have any resentment against him? There is only one possibility that he was also involved in the process of starving to death. And One possibility is that he resents Tang Yizhuo, not to mention, since he resents, why would he want revenge after death? No matter from that point of view, he Luo is definitely involved in starving people. ”

The man standing by the window shook his cigarette butts, his slender fingers moved, and the cigarette butts turned into nothingness in his hands.

The man turned back and walked slowly towards Yan Wei, but when he was about to approach, he moved to the other side and sat in a seat where Yan Wei couldn’t ask about the smell of smoke.

Yan Wei blinked, her eyelashes trembled and looked at the man.

Then he rolled his Adam’s apple, smiled and said: “So there may be only one: He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan did all this together, and they starved to death together. But sometimes he Luo helped prepare, Qian Xuanxuan killed to vent his anger, and sometimes they prepared together, he Luo killed to vent his anger. As long as he Luo showed the player the part of Qian Xuanxuan’s murder, he Luo could forge his victim status, and Let the player feel that the backtracking can’t be false, so he believes everything he says. Even if the last two people push and fall off a building, it’s likely that one party wants the other party to die, so the secret of killing will never be revealed. We don’t know what the specific situation of these two people is, but I’m sure – we’re not just dealing with Qian Xuanxuan, but what else. ”

Yan Wei combed through what happened three years ago.

He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are two children adopted by Tang Yizhuo’s family. They live and grow up with Tang Yizhuo of the same age. In other people’s eyes, Tang Yizhuo is actually a hypocrite. He is excellent and gentle on the surface, and often insults and teases other students behind his back. Finally, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are thrown at those things, which makes these two people suffer from other similar problems Learn to hate and white eyes.

He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan dared to be angry, so they had to endure all this, but the disgust of the students around them gradually deepened. Gradually, no matter what they did, they were wrong, and there were all kinds of mischief and bullying wherever they went.

In this environment, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s psychology finally distorted. They began to retaliate against all those who bullied them. At first, they just teased them, but later they fell in love with the feeling of killing the students one by one with those bullying methods. Not only that, they also tricked Tang Yizhuo into going to the warehouse and locking people in it to starve to death.

Revenge and life repayment made them go farther and farther and gradually lose their nature. Finally, maybe it was he Luo or Qian Xuanxuan. One of them wanted to kill each other and completely bury the secret. But during the argument, the two fell off the roof together.

Then, as like as two peas, the grievances of the dead students, the grievances of the hungry and the dead, the grievances of Xuan Xuan’s two people, they intertwined together and put the high school in the bad old thoughts of three years ago. The death is constantly circulating here. All the students who are studying here once they trigger the death track of the dead students will repeat the same death. Death process.

After Yan Wei finished his current guess, Lin Zhen yawned: “can’t we have a violent crack? Even once? Can we just say how to fight?”

“OK. We’ll go to the grove first and get the punishment list.”

Lin Zhen was stunned: “didn’t you just say that he fell lying!?”

“He can only blur the things in the backtracking, but he can’t modify them. There is a dismissal form in the backtracking, which should be right. The problem is – we need to get Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment form, but we can’t give it to where. The punishment form may even be related to the ladder. But there is not only one punishment form, but also where we need to get it. Besides, I think I We should be able to find out other information, because the current context is all the outline I pushed out based on my current background and a little knowledge. Some places are still very vague, so I can’t be sure. ”

Before the words fell, the prompt sound of the building suddenly sounded in everyone’s mind.

[congratulations to players for pushing the progress of copy clues more than half. Only some players with basic clues can hear the following tips.]

[congratulations to the player for obtaining important information: dismissal punishment sheet. The punishment sheet is related to the ladder. This information must be correct, but other information and clues other than this information still need to be found, identified and mined by the player. Since this information and related background have been mined more than once, it is tested that more than one player in the current copy has this progress, triggering the racing mode. Win the race Mode and successfully climb the stairs, you will receive an additional bonus.]

[description of racing mode: players from two or more parties who have obtained the information of the disposal order will compete for the progress of breaking the game from the current time. The two parties shall not share any clues or cooperate. No “disposal order” is found Other players of the information lose the right to trigger the racing mode. From now on, if other players find relevant clues, they can only choose one of them to join.]

[players who subsequently enter the mobile copy can only choose to join one of them.]

[if the break fails, all players die and fail.]

[if the break is successful, the player who is still alive and breaks the fastest will receive an additional bonus.]

[please try your best to survive and break through.]

The faint and gloomy hint sound dispersed, and the people were silent for a few seconds.

Yan Wei lifted his eyelids, and his amber eyes were still clear and bright without panic.

He then said in a slow voice: “so, the first thing is that we need to get two punishment lists; the second thing is that I need a person to soak in the archives tomorrow, look for all the documents of the first year of Chenxi high school three years ago, and pick up all the files related to the names of Tang Yizhuo, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan.”

“Now that the racing mode is turned on, let’s give them a taste of being suspended -”

Lin Zhen whistled, “what’s the taste of being hung up and beaten!”

Fish flying boat: “… It’s the feeling of being hanged.”

“Oh. Good night.”


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