Half Immortal Chapter 75

Half Immortal Chapter 75: The School of Death (27)

“Let’s go to bed first,” said Yan Wei.

Zhou Tian and Gao Ming nodded and returned to their beds. The fish flying boat was about to turn around. Yan Wei stopped him: “wait a minute.”


“I’ve got three pieces of moon wheel fragments. Others don’t know, but you and Lin Zhen know,” he smiled, his eyebrows and eyes were casual, as if he were saying something insignificant, “Before, someone could use props to spread a word or two to the world inside the building. Now everyone knows that there is a mobile book of legendary props. Major organizations should squeeze out some props that can communicate with the copy and the world inside the building anyway? You come in on behalf of Xuanniao. Now there can’t be no news?”

Yu Feizhou was stunned and then smiled. He was about to answer. Lin Zhen, lying on the bed, suddenly said: “Why did you ask him? I’m the one in charge of contacting. These internal and external contact props are very rare, and can’t really communicate. We did bring one in at most. However, yo, you may not believe it. I didn’t say anything. Then, it’s strange. Xuanniao didn’t say a word to me.”

Lin Zhen’s voice became smaller and smaller, and his last sentence was no different from muttering: “… The guy also said that Xuanniao was bound to win the legendary props. Now he doesn’t feel worried at all. What am I worried about? Just take it to play.”

Yan Wei listened funny and said nothing more. He turned over and lay in bed, kicking Yan Mingguang who was still sitting at the end of the bed.

The man’s dark pupil is looking at him, and the bottom of his eyes is boundless.

Yan Wei suddenly remembered the dream he had remembered before, and Yan Mingguang who was kissing him in the dream.

Is it a conjecture under the confusion of familiarity and confusion, or a fragment of the missing three years excavated and buried in the depths of my mind? But no matter which one, the information buried in it actually points to the same direction.

Unfortunately, the impression of that dream was not deep. He only vaguely remembered the picture of Yan Mingguang bowing his head and kissing down, but did not remember what it felt like.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang who was gently kicked by him.

Under the moonlight, the man’s silvery white hair seems to be moistened with a layer of cold, which makes the angular outline more alienated and indifferent. But it is the silver frame glasses that hide some sharpness and edge, and add a bit of relaxed temperament to the darkness. And the eyes behind the lenses

It was just quiet, but he looked at him attentively.

It was a fascinating feeling, like the green pines that should have been in full bloom in spring standing in the ice and snow for thousands of miles.

Yan Mingguang is really a person… Let him see it and want to get closer to see what expression or emotional changes this person will have. As early as the copy of the Corridor Hotel, he cooperated with Yan Mingguang. In addition to believing in each other’s strength, he also explored this person more or less.

Thinking of this, the picture of Yan Mingguang kissing him in the bathroom in the dream pops up again. Yan Wei suddenly feels a little hot on his cheek.

At the end of the bed, Yan Mingguang pulled the quilt horn for him, turned his head and planned to get up.

Yan Wei, who had been lying down, suddenly sat up, raised his hand and took Yan Mingguang’s arm, suddenly came close to the man’s shoulder and looked at Yan Mingguang’s side face.

Yan Mingguang seemed stunned and looked at him with a puzzled look.

“I……” Yan Wei swallowed his saliva, became upset, moved forward, almost came to Yan Mingguang’s ear and said, “just to say good night to you.”

At the next moment, Yan Mingguang raised his hand and pressed his shoulder. He could not refuse to lay him down. This human power was much bigger than him. With such a gentle press, Yan Wei couldn’t get rid of it.

The other party’s cold voice was low, with some restrained tone: “lie down and sleep.”

early morning.

When the sun shed the first ray of light, Yan Wei and others quickly got up.

“Now that we have started this racing mode, we can’t take a long time,” Yan Wei put on his school uniform and went to the washstand to brush his hair. “Zhou Tian, according to the two things we said yesterday, we’ll go to the archives first, send you in to check the information, and then we’ll do other things.”

Zhou Tian smiled, slightly curved eyebrows and eyes, and said, “OK, I’m good at this.”

Gao Ming leaned out his head and said, “I’ll go too. I’m just a low-level player now. I can’t help you with anything. It’s better to help you find files in the archives.”

Yan Wei nodded, “OK, please.”

He looked up and habitually wanted to have a whole hair. When he saw the blank wall behind the washstand, he remembered that there was no mirror in the dormitory of Chenxi high school.

He puffed his cheeks, turned around and hit Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang raised his hand to hold him. Yan Wei directly grabbed the other party’s arm with his backhand and raised his head slightly to get closer.

“… what are you doing?”

“There’s no mirror,” Yan Wei blinked. “Borrow the reflection of your glasses.”

Yan Mingguang looked unchanged and speechless. He seemed to be really casual. He stared at Yan Mingguang’s eyes for a while, then took back his eyes and stepped back.

Soon, everyone was ready, but Yan Wei didn’t mean to act.

“Hey, little pet, didn’t you just say you can’t slow down? We haven’t started yet?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “what are the rules of racing mode?”

“Race with another player with the same clue. The two sides can’t share any clues and progress, and can’t cooperate. Who breaks the game first wins. We’re one of them… And then?”

Lin Zhen said, Yan Mingguang looked the same, but Yu Feizhou and Zhou Tian suddenly looked heavy.

“We can’t share any clues and progress, that is, we can’t communicate with the other party at all…” Yu Feizhou frowned and his tone became more and more serious. “We can’t know whether the other party’s direction is right or not.”

Yan Wei nodded heavily.

“Why is it just right? Not long after we just got the key point of punishment list, there were more players who got this information? There was no coincidence in the world in the copy.”

He took out the coin from his pocket and threw it into his hand at random. His thoughts flowed smoothly with the regular tossing. He continued: “I guess he Luo directly exposed himself and came to the door. That is to say, like us, the other party saw he Luo’s retrospective fantasy, knew the one-sided He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s past, and then the racing mode was started.”

“Don’t you think the settlement method of this racing mode is not quite right? The winner has a reward, and the loser doesn’t seem to have any impact. If one party doesn’t do anything and waits for the other party to finish all, it can also take the minimum reward to make capital – how can there be such a good thing?”

Yan Mingguang: “the limitation of clue sharing.”

“Yes, it limits the sharing of clues and progress between the two sides, which means that if we don’t believe he Luo, and they believe he Luo and do exactly what he Luo says… We’re not racing with players, but with players who unconsciously help ghosts.”

Gao Ming didn’t understand: “in this case, the faster the action, the better. Why do we still stay in the dormitory?”

This time, needless to say, the fish and the boat understood. His gentle voice was full of worry: “Yan Wei means let’s wait here and see if the players on the other side will find this dormitory according to the traces of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s actions in the grove last night? After we know the racing mode, our first reaction is to seize the time to solve the punishment list and make up for the things of the year, because we know what lies.”

“But if we don’t think he Luo lied and started the racing mode again, what’s our reaction? We just think it’s a contest of players’ breaking speed. Everyone’s direction is the same. Who’s the fastest and who wins, then we care most about who the opponent is and how the opponent’s progress is. So if someone on the other side comes to us later, instead of getting up immediately Action against time means — ”

The voice of the fish flying boat suddenly stopped.

Before he finished, outside the 407 dormitory, a man’s footsteps came closer and closer, and finally stopped in front of their door.

The fish flew to the boat and sighed.

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows and eyes slightly. He said, “it seems that the other players competing with us… They care about the opponents in the racing mode, not ghosts.”

That means these people believe what he Luo said.

It means that they should not only get the punishment list as soon as possible and make up for what happened that year, but also prevent the other party from helping the ghosts unknowingly.

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang. The other party knew for a moment, walked slowly to the door and opened the door.

Wuhua’s hand was resting on the door handle. Unexpectedly, the door was opened by the people inside. His posture suddenly stiffened.

Lin Zhen turned his head and said, “Oh, isn’t this the grandson of broken sickle? Why are you alone? Everyone else is going to catch up with the time of racing mode? It’s too urgent. Reincarnation doesn’t bring so much wind and fire.”

Wuhua glanced at Lin Zhen, then looked at Yan Mingguang in front of him and said in a deep voice, “Yan, the other side of the racing mode is you?”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

“I found it from the footprints you left in the grove yesterday. It seems that everyone knows that we are opponents of the racing mode.” Wu Hua’s chin was slightly raised and his tone was quite confident, “We’ll try our best to break this game. My companion is already looking for ways and clues. You and broken sickle have no grievances. At the door of the archives is our broken sickle. We deserve it. We won’t blame you casually like yuemang. We might as well have a discussion – break the sickle to break the game. How about you safely wait for the copy to end and get a reward?”

Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and didn’t look at the three players with broken sickles in front of him.

Yan Wei walked forward slowly with his hands in his pockets and said, “this is too beautiful. But I have a more beautiful idea. Why don’t we change it? How about you eat and drink in the dormitory and pass the customs without injury after we break the game?”

Wu Hua’s face changed. When he looked at Yan Wei, he was surprised at first, and then ignored him. Yan Wei was Yan. On the contrary, the players in the world inside the building saw the projection of the gambling building more clearly. No one else in the copy knew it.

“How did you get back to the moon and return to Yan? Don’t bother me to talk to Yan about it.” uh chuckled, “can we has the final say in the two party negotiations?”

Yan Wei frowned and spread his hand.

Beside him, Yan Mingguang said with a cool voice, “yes, he has the final say.”

Wu Hua was stunned and looked slightly calm. Looking at Yan Mingguang, he said in a low voice: “I didn’t come to conflict with you. I came to discuss with you sincerely. Shouldn’t I give some respect to players outside the moon? Now every minute is very precious, Yan -”

“Stop,” Yan Wei suddenly interrupted him. “Since it’s what he said to me, look at me and say OK?”

“You’re not –”

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “he is Yan, I am not.”

With that, Yan Mingguang walked out of the dormitory, took out a pocket in one hand, took out a cigarette in the other hand, and slowly leaned against the edge of the corridor. He looked not far from the dormitory building and was stunned that he didn’t give Wuhua even a little.

Wuhua’s eyes widened and he obviously didn’t react immediately. In his memory, Yan Wei was clearly a waste player who relied on Yan Mingguang to get here all the way. How could Yan Mingguang say that Yan Wei was Yan in the blink of an eye?

“… what Yan?”

Yan Wei tilted his mouth.

He was waiting in the dormitory to see what happened to the other players. He didn’t really intend to cooperate or chat with these people. Now that he had got the answer – Wuhua, these people must have believed it. He didn’t delay any longer, but just waved his hand and said, “go.”

Leaving a broken sickle, the three were still in place and did not slow down.

Walking out of the dormitory building, Yan Wei walked quickly in the morning sunshine with a rustling voice: “If Wuhua is the first to get the punishment list, it is likely to give it directly to He Luo. We must get the punishment list faster than them. According to the plan, Zhou Tian and Gao Ming go to the archives room. Remember, I only need the files of senior one three years ago, all the files related to Tang Yizhuo, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, even the waste paper with their names on it I dug it out. ”

Zhou Tian nodded: “there are exact classes and time categories. It’s enough to turn out these days.”

Yan Wei then said, “as for the remaining four of us, we have to do one thing before we go to get the punishment list.”

Lin Zhen said, “what are you going to do?”

Yan Wei took out the stack of student files from the archives from the black ring.

This contains the student files of all players.

He shook the file in his hand, chuckled and said calmly: “the rules of racing mode — ‘from now on, if other players find relevant clues, they can only choose one of them to join’. Of course, we take these life-saving gold medals and isolate the broken sickles.”


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