Half Immortal Chapter 76

Half Immortal Chapter 76: The School of Death (28)

Today’s dawn high school is quieter than ever.

This time, the opening of mobile copies attracted a large number of players specially for legendary props, but it is precisely because players can’t wait to search everywhere. After the gambling building strengthened the difficulty of copies, the number of dead players is doubling almost every day.

By this morning, there were only dozens of players alive.

Wuhua stood at the door of the no one’s 407 dormitory, took over the survival players estimated by his companions, and frowned: “let’s find a few players who have cooperated before, and we can get more people to act, which is more efficient.”

“Wu Hua, you don’t look right. Did Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen say anything just now?”

Wuhua raised his hand and rubbed his forehead: “just now… Do you remember Yan Wei?”

“Isn’t it the waste that falls at both ends?”

“He told me he was Yan, and Yan Mingguang didn’t refute.”

“No! Maybe I just want to be angry with you -”

“No,” Wuhua shook his head, “Before you came back, I stood here and thought for a while. Maybe… We were all cheated. Yuemang had more people coming in this time than other organizations, but now it has been completely destroyed. Do you remember that at the beginning, Yan Wei came in with yuemang. Now all the players in yuemang are dead, but Yan Wei is safe and sound. And when they left just now, I see It is clear that although Yan Wei’s strength is not much higher, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang are known for their high body index, but these three people subconsciously follow him around Yan Wei. ”

“Yan Mingguang diverted his sight from the beginning, hid two copies in the dark, turned yuemang around, and finally came into contact with the clue of the punishment sheet before us…”

A fierce look flashed in Wuhua’s eyes and said, “we either never get in trouble with such people, or we’ll press to death early.”

“You mean…”

“The racing rule is to survive and be the fastest. You have to live first to compete with others. If the other players who compete with us die, can we break the game slowly? We can’t repeat the mistakes of yuemang. If we want to win, we have to fight hard.”

Wu Hua’s eyes became more and more low, and there was no smile in his eyes. His fierce face was engraved with a layer of killing intention at the moment.

“Remember what we found before? There is a small space near the grove where many players haven’t come out. As long as we can introduce Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, there is no evidence that the fish flying boat has a soft temperament. The other two can’t fight at all.”

Then, the other two broken sickle players looked at each other and finally gritted their teeth: “just do it.”

Yan Wei and others went to the archives first.

They were ready to play the game again. Unexpectedly, the “student” guarding the door didn’t stop them at all and put them in directly.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang went upstairs too fast, but they had few props in their hands. Only game player and Lin Zhen took two rare props to defend Zhou and Gaoming. Then, Zhou Tian and Gao Ming stayed in the record room. Yan Wei took three other people out of the office building, and stopped the first player to see him not far away.

The man also didn’t know that Yan Wei was Yan. He just looked at Yan Mingguang with a indifferent look and said, “Yan, I don’t have any hatred with you?”

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei knew it clearly and walked forward with a slight smile. He took out a piece of paper, on which he Luo, Qian Xuanxuan and the punishment list were written. There were dozens of such papers, which Yan Wei printed in the office building just now.

Such a simple description saves them time to repeat.

The stopped player subconsciously took the paper and scanned the contents in his eyes. The prompt sound of the building sounded in the minds of Yan Wei and others.

[it is detected that a new player finds the clue of “disposal order” and triggers the racing mode. The newly triggered player must select one of the two parties in the racing mode to join, and cannot form another team. The current player is selecting.]

Yan Wei’s eyes turned slightly and didn’t speak for the time being.

Such a prompt sound should be heard from the broken sickle. In front of the player who was directly informed of the disposal order clue, he should also hear about the racing mode. At the moment, he looks dignified and seems to be thinking about something.

Lin Zhen impatiently took out his ears: “have you thought about it?”

The player looked at Yan Wei’s four people warily, but said: “originally, you opened the racing mode of mobile book… But the copy suggested that there was another party. Why should I choose you so soon? I want to think again.”

When the man finished, he turned around and walked away.

Yan Wei silently hooked the corner of his mouth, raised his hand and stopped the man’s way.

His clear voice was now moistened with a layer of condescending Indifference: “you have to choose now.”

The man was stunned and said angrily: “now that the rules have given me a choice, do you still want to force me to choose? You don’t have any confidence and are afraid of being robbed by the other party… Get out of the way.”

Yan Wei frowns.

He took out a student file, shook it in front of the man and said, “do you see your name? This is the student file after your enrollment, which records your registration information.”

“What are you doing with my files?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows. He smiled in his words, casual and casual: “you should hear the prompt sound of the building. Do you know that the progress of the copy is more than half? More than half means that we have now entered the stage of breaking the game, and we have solved the death trigger long ago – this is the student file. You can believe it or not.”

“I’m not here to discuss with you, nor to invite you to join us. I’m here to ask you to join us, and I don’t offer you any other choice.”

“Only the students of Chenxi high school will be killed by ordinary ghosts in this school, and the borrowed students and teachers are not within the scope. On this student file, as long as you change your reading information to borrowed reading, you can also move freely at night, and you don’t have to worry about triggering the death mode all over the campus at any time.”

Seeing that the player in front of him showed a suspicious expression, Yan Wei sped up: “I know what you want to ask – you want to ask me, why do you believe me, right? Fish flying boat, do me a favor?”

The fish flying boat smiled gently, took out a pen from his pocket and turned it in his hand.

The player opened his eyes and said, “it’s okay for you to turn your pen!”

“So you can see that our method of avoiding death trigger is effective. As I said, I only provide you with an option, that is, join us, and I will change your file into a loan student. If you still want to see the other party or join them, I can tear up your file now, so that you will never have a chance to change it again. Wait until tonight , we’ll go to your dormitory – do anything to make you sound. ”

Speaking of this, Yan Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled gently, his hand holding the file was slightly forced, and his fingertips left wrinkles on the paper. He slightly lowered his head and eyes, didn’t look at the player, so people couldn’t see his expression.

Behind him, Yan Mingguang walked forward slowly and patted him on the shoulder silently.

At this moment, Yan Wei suddenly felt that Yan Mingguang didn’t see his eyes and expression, but knew his mood at the moment.

He still hasn’t changed on the surface. Just waiting to speak, Yan Mingguang suddenly took the file from him. He stepped forward and said to the player, “join or not. In a word, we have to find someone else.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

Yan Wei was born with a pair of peach blossom eyes. His face always had a gentle smile. Even if he said these threatening and indifferent words with a straight face, he had no deterrent. But Yan Mingguang weakened a lot of sharpness even with glasses. His cold face can make people tremble.

The player couldn’t hold Yan Mingguang’s momentum. Subconsciously, he took a step back and turned blue and white.

For a moment, the man finally nodded, “OK.”

The prompt tone of the building sounded at the same time, indicating that all players who triggered the racing mode have new players on Yan Wei’s side.

Yan Mingguang took the pen from Yu Feizhou’s hand and changed the student status information into a loan student in front of the new player. At the moment after Yan Mingguang wrote, the player’s expression changed and obviously felt the lightness they had felt before.

In this way, there is no need to make additional proof at all, and the man knows that Yan Wei has not said anything empty just now.

He was surprised: “I really don’t feel that I will be watched at any time!” he looked at Yan Wei and was even more surprised. “I’m still at the stage of looking for the cause of death. You’ve all come to this step… Are you… Are you hiding? It’s too bad…”

At the other end, Wuhua and broken sickle came to the grove again.

During the day, the grove is very normal. It is quiet with the sound of some leaves rubbing. The sun shines through the branches and leaves, with mottled light and shadow. It is like the tranquility in a corner of the campus, but not like the night, like boundless hell.

They stopped at the edge of the grove.

Wuhua said, “this is it. Last time I passed by here, I saw the seeds of other organizations go in and never come out again.”

As soon as his voice fell, the three suddenly paused – they heard the prompt sound of one more player on Yan Wei’s side.

“How could this be possible? They got allies so soon!”

Wuhua gritted his teeth: “maybe it’s just a player who had a little cooperative relationship before. There are only one player. There are more than a dozen players alive now. Yan’s group doesn’t rely on any organization. How many organizations are willing to cooperate with them? With their scattered sand, you can find one, but you can’t find ten or twenty.”

“Set fire.”

After Yan Mingguang changed the file, he gave the file to the player himself.

Lin Zhen yawned, pulled several student files of other players from Yan Wei’s hand and stuffed them into the “new member”‘s hand. Hanging Erlang said, “ah, it’s all our own people now. Do you remember how we cheated you just now? You’ll be responsible for these people.”

That’s their plan.

Just find a few players who have no organization or few remaining members, first let these people join them, and then let these people take charge of some other players respectively. Use student files to break these players one by one, and pull almost all players to their side at the first time, so as to isolate the broken sickle.

Even if there may be several assassins who know the importance of archives and refuse to cooperate, as long as these people find that most people choose to join them, they will not have a hard time with themselves. In the end, even if it is not for students’ files, but for winning, those who do not agree at the beginning will make a favorable choice for them.

These player files owned by Yan Wei have given him an absolute advantage in this racing mode that seems to have the same starting point.

The player who just joined obviously understood this in an instant. He took over the student files of several players, and his slight anger at not cooperating at the beginning has become an exclamation now.

The man didn’t procrastinate. He took the file and went to find those players.

Lin Zhen looked at the figure of people leaving, “tut” said: “little pet, you are really too Yin. These files are not only death free gold medals, but also free labor. It’s really something you can do.”

This time, Yan Wei rarely met Lin Zhen.

He turned his head and looked at Yan Mingguang.

The man stood beside him, his tall figure blocked some sunshine, and he could vaguely smell some refreshing breath of the man in the shadow.

He said, “you just…” he paused and said, “forget it, let’s go find other players.”

In fact, there is no need to ask.

Yan Mingguang’s behavior just now clearly shows his struggle.

His method is really effective, but when there were few people at the beginning, simple consultation and persuasion could not convince these players who fought all the way. In the world of building, friendliness is never cared about. The best way to cooperate is interest and threat.

What they want now is time. The quickest way is coercion and inducement.

Just now he said that if the player didn’t agree, he would deliberately force the player to make a sound to trigger death at night. This method is actually very insidious, but if they fail at the beginning, he must still make an example.

He can watch people die without changing his face, but he still can’t do something that violates the bottom line.

Yan Mingguang obviously realized that he didn’t want to continue coercion and inducement. Obviously, this man couldn’t see this behavior more than him, but he still helped him finish this step.

If his vague dreams during this period are really related to his missing three years, what kind of relationship does Yan Mingguang have with him to make such a move just now?

Yan Wei slowly shook his head and temporarily pressed these miscellaneous ideas in his mind – what he has to do now is to break the game as soon as possible!

He said, “let’s go and find the next -”

He gave a deep voice.

Yan Wei had the highest perception. He turned and looked at the direction of the grove for the first time.

——There was a puff of black smoke.

“Oh, the grove is on fire?” Lin Zhen picked his eyebrows and flashed his dark red pupils. “The punishment sheet is still hidden inside. Which thing without eyes is looking for death like this?”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated and his face sank.

“No one will burn a place without problems for no reason. Who do you think it is? When such a fire burns up, players who don’t know there are problems in the grove won’t hurry to put out the fire. Who do you think they’re burning for?”

After only a moment, he saw through the clumsy tricks of these people and said with a sneer: “broken sickle… Those who are aboveboard do not choose, but have to take this shortcut…”

Then he let Wuhua see who is the clown in this copy.


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